North of the city to build 2 left behind children’s homes

June 26th, the North District Women’s Federation, North District Education Bureau held a "migrant children’s home listing ceremony in Guangming primary school, which marks the area of the first" migrant children home "was formally established, and the establishment of migrant children’s home" and Mao Sheng Temple community, District Women’s Federation presented the sports items and books to the two "migrant children’s home.
"migrant children’s home is north of the City District Women’s Federation, bureau of education to further strengthen our region migrant children work, to better focus on migrant children’s healthy growth, efforts to solve their physical and mental growth, family education and other aspects of the problem and the establishment of the. This is not only for the migrant children to build an interactive platform, but also meet their extra-curricular learning, cultural life, rights protection, family education and other needs, and promote the healthy development of migrant children warm homes.

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