Datong County to take effective measures to increase the effectiveness of labor output

Datong County to take effective measures to promote the county’s rural labor output work well, and achieved gratifying results


chase county to take effective measures to promote the county’s rural labor output work well, and achieved gratifying results. Up to now, the county’s rural labor output 89 thousand passengers, of which the province’s output of more than 10 thousand and 600 passengers, the number of labor output accounted for 63.67% of the annual plan.

first, strengthen training, improve skills. First, in-depth understanding of the needs of the township farmers training content, skills training and employment needs of farmers precision. Further improve the rural labor skills training program in 2012, so that targeted training, classification carried out. two is to strengthen the coordination and communication with enterprises. A comprehensive understanding of enterprise employment needs, and strive to find a breakthrough in the order training. At the same time, according to the market demand oriented training electrician, excavator, welding, bricklayer, professional staff, training a total of 1300 people. And through the evaluation of the provincial skills center, get the country issued a skill level certificate. three is County pillar industry and characteristic industry to carry out training, and gradually build the county labor service brand, such as shadow, mining, bricklaying, housekeeping etc..

two, expand the platform, effective docking. One is the organized a "spring action" series of activities, and the organization of job seekers in provincial and Municipal Employment docking recruitment, organize the county recruitment Week activities, effectively promote the work of promoting employment. During the period to provide more than 1950 jobs, reached an agreement of intent of the 670. two is a solid push to send the policy, send information, send jobs campaign. Organize more than 20 cities and counties in the province to carry out the park business park recruitment activities. During a total of more than 2000 jobs, reached an agreement of intent of 981 people. Meanwhile, in Xinjiang, Jiangsu, Lianyungang and other provinces and cities, more than 6000 copies of recruitment information.

three, integration of resources, improve management. to carry out the investigation of rural labor brokers, and give full play to the spirit of labor information service, the situation is ripe, the advantages of a wide range of ways to promote employment, improve the level of rural labor transfer output. is a organized by the representatives of the labor economy, labor service workers in charge of the township, the person in charge of the training institutions to participate in the forum, in a timely manner to understand the recent labor trends, the release of relevant labor information. two is the to enhance the overall quality of labor economy. Organization of more than 300 rural labor brokers training courses to further improve the rural labor economy legal knowledge and professional skills. three is an in-depth investigation of , actively preparing for the work of the County Association of labor brokers, so that the service broker team into the orderly management of the law.




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