2016 Happy New Year cultural end of the countryside

January 22nd, in 2016, the joy of the new year’s cultural activities in rural areas in the eastern city of peace held a closing ceremony.

held peace in the ending scene show, attracted a large number of people came to watch, a good program in the course of the performance won the audience’s warm applause. "Each of our performances are very successful, wherever the laughter, won a wide range of social praise, received a warm welcome from the masses of farmers and herdsmen, and achieved good social benefits. At the same time, this event for the construction of a harmonious society, promote the development of local economic and social development to create a good cultural atmosphere." Provincial Cultural Center, the relevant person in charge of the show to reporters.

it is reported that in 2016 the "full of joy celebrated" cultural activities in rural areas officially launched in West Town in Haibei Prefecture since January 7, 2016, which lasted half a month, after 3 city (state) 10 counties, a total of 50 performances. Its activities include "new year spring" literary tour activities, "seize the moment, leave a good" for the village (community) Sishitongtang home free shooting family portrait activities, the province invited some famous calligraphers and calligraphy enthusiasts for the masses of farmers and herdsmen writing couplets "send joy blessing". "I’m happy to participate in" digital culture service culture shelter of the event to become the beautiful landscape and the masses to actively participate in the highlight of   experience;

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