Xining rural commercial banks to actively fulfill their social responsibility to serve the local eco

bathed in the rural financial system reform, shouldering the mission of building a new socialist countryside, carrying the majority shareholders of the trust and the community’s expectations, Xining rural commercial bank since reform since the end of 2011 to thrive, along the path of development to create high-quality joint-stock commercial bank to step forward.

Xining rural commercial bank, is the first province by the restructuring of rural credit cooperatives and rural commercial bank, founded in November 29, 2011, by a natural person, a domestic non-financial institution approved by the CBRC and other promoters in composition of the joint-stock commercial banks, the registered capital of 520 million yuan, mainly for Xining City agriculture and small and micro enterprises, urban and rural residents and the local economic construction to provide financial services. Since its inception, adhere to market-oriented, according to law, compliance, prudent operation, fully into the service of rural economic construction and service development of small and micro enterprises, to serve the local economic and social development, to provide quality and efficient financial services for customers, the business has achieved great development. As of 11 at the end of 2012, the balance of deposits reached 6 billion 922 million yuan, compared with the beginning of the new 2 billion 828 million yuan; the loan balance of 2 billion 855 million yuan, an increase of 426 million yuan, the issuance of the "three rural" loans 1 billion 433 million yuan, issuing small micro enterprise loans 2 billion 144 million yuan, four yuan a loan of 656 million yuan; 840 million yuan to buy local trust products. Buy local low-income housing construction of private debt 700 million yuan, will always support the development of local economy as the foothold, adhere to fulfill the social responsibility of local banks.

2012, the challenge of Xining rural commercial bank to actively respond to the complicated economic and financial situation and management system after the transformation, has always been to support the "three rural" service small and micro enterprises, promote local economic development as a fundamental, adhering to the "market orientation of the local service, farmers, community service and services for small and medium-sized enterprises", a hand to reform, on the one hand, to further increase the "three rural" economy, provincial key construction projects as well as small and micro enterprises credit support, accelerate financial innovation, and strive to improve the level of financial services, in promoting local economic development has played an important role in. As of the end of 2012 11, total assets reached $8 billion 200 million, representing an increase of 48% in 2011, total liabilities reached $7 billion 400 million, compared with an increase of 53% in 2011, the core regulatory indicators have reached excellent levels. Currently has 50 branches, covering all the villages and towns of the city, employing more than 560 people.

bear in mind, help develop the three rural". With the integration of urban and rural construction in Xining city to promote the Xining rural commercial bank situation, timely adjustment of ideas, the credit services from traditional "small farmers", simple farmers and narrow agricultural production circulation to serve the agricultural industry chain, chain, chain product property "big agriculture extension service to agriculture the upgrading of the industry and the landless peasants entrepreneurship and labor economic growth, and actively support the leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization, the vigorous development of the strong support of the agricultural and rural economy in Xining city;

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