Tough game teams share the championship stage

As of July 13th, thirteenth Lake race has carried out eight stages of the game, although the game is difficult, but the teams play strong, Russia, Japan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other Chinese athletes won the championship stage.

from Qinghai to Gansu, thirteenth Lake race ended all competitions in our province, and athletes in the past seven days of intense competition with passion and speed to conquer the most difficult events since the tournament organized by the lake. Because of difficulties, 8 days time, the number of participants continued to decline. There are some people moving out of the race athletes have no choice but to go home, the team in the game on the road cycling race.

Speed and passion

race around the lake and Gansu lit the Qinghai and Ningxia provinces. The enthusiasm of the people, and more than this year’s match point is never reached the lake race, Datong County, Longhua County, Gansu Province, Gonghe County, Lintao County, Tianshui, where the beauty and culture, honest people describe the most beautiful in the history of the tournament. Qinghai people are proud to have such a unique event in the world, Gansu, Ningxia people look forward to, this passion from the lake of Qinghai race ignited their enthusiasm.

at the same time, compared with the previous race around the lake, Lake race this year although the highest altitude without previous high, but the overall stage of long distance, there are 6 stages of the race distance more than 200 kilometers. In the 13 stage of the game, players have to ride 2194 kilometers, the average daily schedule of 168 kilometers. In addition, outstanding achievements in the previous game in Iran Tabriz Petrochemical team although with its superior climbing ability, saved from the start of the third stage all stage of the climbing stage of the championship, but the king of Asia’s best have not landed in Iran people’s head. Over the past seven games, the performance is more flowering, strong competition.

the next game, the difficulty will decline, what the team’s final performance, to wait until after the battle began to know.


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