Wang Jianjun to participate in the CPPCC economic group lianzutaolun stressed that the development o

1 16, deputy secretary of provincial Party committee, acting governor Wang Jianjun attended the eleven session of the five meeting of the provincial CPPCC economic circles and the Federation lianzutaolun.

on the government work report, Wang Li, Bai Yongqiang, Yang Yi, Li Gang, Li Yinhui, Wang Guiyuan, Xie Jing, Tang Weiming, Chen Jiuyu and other members have to strengthen the construction of credit system, guard against financial risks, develop the green industry, consumption of clean energy, enhance the support of science and technology, the ecological environment, introducing talents to speak, suggestions. Wang Jianjun while listening, remember, from time to time to respond to the views and suggestions made by the members of the committee, the atmosphere relaxed.

Wang Jianjun said that the main body of the market is the creator of social wealth, the contribution of Qinghai’s economic and social development and builders. Over the past year, in the face of downtown pressure on the economy of our province, to steady growth, adjusting structure, promoting reform and improve people’s livelihood, anti risk, to achieve a "good start" in 13th Five-Year, which embodies the majority of the CPPCC members for their dedication, thank you for the past contribution, I hope you as in the past to heart development worry about the future of Qinghai, and the heart.

Wang Jianjun pointed out that the central and provincial on this year’s economic situation has a clear understanding and judgments, to achieve development goals this year, to the whole province work together, common struggle, to mobilize all positive factors and difficulties, forge ahead. He pointed out that we should do everything to Qinghai. The majority of entrepreneurs to stand high and see far, think deeply, identify the location, make a difference, correctly handle the relationship between current and long-term, the relationship between resources and capital transfer, relationship between investment and operation of the project, money money, powerful output, a heart to think, an effort to make up the artisan spirit, businessmen play wisdom, patience, confidence, efforts to achieve their own value for others and social services. Two we want to discuss things to do. The government, financial institutions and enterprises to work together to pull together in times of trouble, has something to say, something to do, put the truth, communication, work together to find ways, the real trick, do not do bad things. Three want to do poineering work. Let the glorious labor, entrepreneurship, glorious glorious struggle become the main theme of the times, grasp the opportunities of national policy, based on the advantages of enterprise development and their own conditions, can firmly forward, hard pioneer, in the process of growth of the real economy, strong backbone enterprises, Pei Yuzhong Small and micro businesses, promote employment and entrepreneurship, social wealth to go more robust and more long-term. Four political and business matters to the pro Qing do. Between government and business like relatives, friends, relatives, and clean, clean the path. Leading cadres, to sincerely contact with entrepreneurs, wholeheartedly support the development of the enterprise; the enterprisers should actively take the initiative with the government and the Department of communication, law-abiding business, and make a new contribution to the development of Qinghai.


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