Qilian Xining road school can accommodate 1500 students

In order to alleviate the shortage of education resources, solve the difficult problem of children to school, the long-awaited Qilian Road Primary School in new construction, recently in the beautiful construction of Huangshui river. By then, the new school can accommodate primary and junior high school 30 classes, to solve the problem of 1500 students go to school.

, according to preliminary statistics, in the city of Xining Road West of Qilian Road, riverside road to the thirteenth Middle School of Xining city nearly 5 kilometers along the route, more than and 80 residential areas, involving approximately 5000 households, 15000 people, 2000 people of school-age children. In order to meet the demand of compulsory education in the region, according to the Xining two education layout planning, lack of resources to solve the school layout, Xining city planning in 51 on the west side of Luqiao, inner Qilian road and Riverside Road (now Xining City suburb of operation station) 18 acres of land, construction of a new 30 class nine year school, to accommodate 1500 students, the building area of 18000 square meters, a total investment of 228 million yuan, including construction funds 138 million yuan, 90 million yuan of land.

it is understood that the twenty-ninth middle school was founded in Xining in 1958, was originally the Xining Railway Branch of the children’s School of migrant workers in the secondary school third. 2003 overall transfer of Xining, into the unified management of the government. The school covers an area of 36 mu, building area of 9096 square meters. The existing 614 students, class of 15, is a school of the year nine. In accordance with the overall plan for the construction of the Xining Railway Station, the school has been demolished, 77 of which have been built in the garden of the Qinghai Tibet school activity room board transition, the remaining 351 students shunt to the transition of twenty-eight. After the completion of the project, will be moved to the newly built twenty-ninth schools in Qilian, Xining school.

at present, the school project has officially started construction. The overall duration of the project for two years, about 2015 officially put into use. (author: Chen Jun)


Xining three and twelve expansion project started

Qinghai news network in the public focus on the new Qilian road school in Xining, Xining City, the third and twelve expansion project also started. Reporters learned yesterday from the Xining Municipal Bureau of education, after the expansion of these two schools, not only the function will be more perfect, more beautiful environment, truly play the role of environmental education.

December 11th, the third middle school of Xining city standard chemical xiaogai expansion project started successfully. The project is one of the two key projects of Xining education layout adjustment, the total investment of about $34 million 400 thousand, with a total construction area of about 11000 square meters, the main content of the construction of integrated teaching building.

December 10th, Xining twelfth secondary expansion project started construction. The total investment of the project is about 115 million yuan, with a total construction area of about 24 thousand square meters, the main construction content for the comprehensive building, wind and rain playground, underground parking garage and ancillary facilities. In order not to affect the normal teaching order of the school, the construction of the project is divided into two phases, the first phase of the project is the building of the teaching building, the two is the experimental building, the wind and rain;

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