Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics held a monthly labor force survey and the survey of the safety




recently, two provincial and Municipal Statistics Bureau jointly held a monthly labor force survey and public security investigation work conference, the meeting to convey the monthly labor force survey session of the national spirit and the National Bureau of big city telephone interviews, informed the National Bureau of statistics employment division deputy director Peng Yong Tao Ning line to our City Labor Inspection investigation work. The meeting of our city since November 2011 to use the new sample, make a comprehensive and deep analysis gradually exposed the problem, find the crux of the problems and causes, and puts forward specific solutions to these problems: one is as soon as possible to correct the deviation of the survey sample, the sample return to a reasonable parameter standard sampling and its representative; two is a strict control of the new sample, formulated the "exit survey, monthly labor in Xining new sample report", to prevent intentionally selected samples in the sample rotation behavior in three; unemployment is to further clarify the specific definition of standards, good unemployment definition. Municipal Bureau of statistics on 2012 public security investigation were arranged, and the relevant indicators were explained, and the survey data on the quality of selected requests.  

Zhao Yuhua, deputy director of the Provincial Bureau of statistics

attended the meeting and delivered a speech. She pointed out that one should attach great importance to the investigation and the importance of labor security investigation work, enhance the sense of responsibility; two is aimed at the problems that exist in the survey, to take specific measures to solve these problems, and puts forward three requirements for the two survey work in the future: one is to strengthen the management of the sample is two; to strengthen the investigator’s management; the three is to strengthen the grass-roots work inspection guidance.

, deputy director of Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics Zhao Qiurong stressed that to deeply understand the spirit of the Deputy Secretary Zhao Yuhua’s speech, attaches great importance to the monthly labor force survey and investigation work safety of the masses, timely, accurate, high quality completion of the two survey work.

provincial, city related business personnel, four districts and counties in charge of the Secretary and the backbone of the business to attend the meeting of the three.


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