Spring Airlines Qinghai Airport

since September 10th, the largest domestic low-cost airline, Spring Airlines officially joined the Qinghai airport, opened in Xining – Xi’an flights, sail promotion special offer airline ticket lowest rises 99 yuan; and connecting Xining – Xi’an – Shanghai flights, the lowest promotional price of 499 yuan, only about half of the price of similar products.

Spring Airlines

according to the relevant responsible person said, as the company first entered the Qinghai aviation market gift, these two routes / flights opened, not only for the capital of Xining Xi’an, Shanghai connectivity provides travel convenience, but the majority of passengers, but also through the company’s first installment purchase tickets, enjoy more favorable opportunity fare.

Spring Airlines for the upcoming opening of the Xining route to Xi’an and Xining by connecting Xi’an stop flights to Shanghai, used to fly the Airbus A320, every Monday, three or four, six fly 4 class. In addition, all the passengers to buy tickets in Spring Airlines official website www.ch.com, can stand to enjoy ticket 3, 6 and 12 installments, the book is now also enjoy 3 preferential interest free period.


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