Severe winter warmth of spring year condolences to Xining people’s Radio Union helping the poor ma

in the traditional festival the Spring Festival is approaching, in order to let the radio helping villagers and the difficulties of the masses have a happy, peaceful, happy Spring Festival, January 11th, Xining people’s broadcasting union organized a sympathy helping activity, the value of nearly 5000 yuan condolences and gifts sent to the radio station helping Huangzhong republic county town jiecun.

since the Republic of Xining people’s broadcasting station and Town Street, a linking point helping village, they do practical, problem-solving things, good things "has been the radio all the staff helping purpose. Radio back to the village for twelve years continued to help, but also by the village committee and all the villagers alike.

at the same time, the radio Party branch and the Union before the Spring Festival this year retired veteran comrades, workers and families of the difficulties of sympathy for them to send the care and warmth of the organization.



  (Radio Union)


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