Qinghai Armed Police Corps held farewell veterans Conference

9 1, Armed Police Corps in Qinghai, organized by the grand opening ceremony of veterans farewell ceremony, vice governor Han Jianhua, Qinghai Armed Police Corps commander Yang Xiong attended and spoke, the political commissar of the Corps presided over by Lu Guangyong.

, on behalf of Yang Xiong corps of Party committees, Political Commissar Lu to be discharged on behalf of all the old soldiers expressed cordial greetings and good wishes, to express my heartfelt thanks and pay tribute to the old soldiers for the army army construction and contribution to the prosperity and stability of Qinghai. I hope they go back to their hometown, always maintain the quality of the soldiers, carry forward the fine tradition, the courage to forge ahead, in the new position to achieve new and greater achievements.

Han Jianhua pointed out that over the years, the old soldiers are strictly in accordance with the general secretary Xi Jinping command of the party, to win the war, a fine style of work "requirements, and resolutely implement the provincial government’s decision to deploy, to overcome the difficulties, faithfully fulfill their mission, accomplished the tasks entrusted by the party and the people, give full play to the maintenance of Tibetan stability of the" main force ", to achieve social stability" ballast "role, has made outstanding contributions to the harmony and stability of the province’s economic and social development, establish a good image of the armed forces" mighty and civilized ". I hope the old soldiers return home to keep troops in good habits as in the past form and style, the courage to accept new opportunities and new challenges of society, and make new contributions for the development of hometown, motherland rich, strong and prosperous.


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