Xining Federation of trade unions Qinghai oil field won the national hundreds of millions of worker

China Federation of trade unions recently came the good news, the Xining Federation of trade unions, Qinghai Oilfield Company was the 2010 National hundreds of millions of workers fitness month outstanding organization award.

Xining Federation of trade unions to "I exercise, I am healthy, I am happy," the theme of a series of activities carried out a series of activities. The worker fitness activities rich in content, full of sound and colour. Trade unions at all levels to the ideological and political work and carry out healthy and lively, rich and colorful cultural activities combine to actively explore conducive to promoting the development of advanced culture, active workers’ spiritual and cultural life, the protection of workers health means, according to local conditions, organize walking, climbing, hiking and other simple and convenient more employees to participate in the mass sports fitness project, organization, broad and strong popularity of staff welcome all kinds of single sports competition, held various forms of worker sports, fun games, the Quan Shijian activity reached a wide range, rich in content, more than the number of participants and beneficiaries to guangzhou. According to statistics, the city’s various units in the fitness activities held by the month of fitness, competition activities up to more than and 200 screenings, to participate in staff reached more than 10 thousand passengers.

the past two years, Qinghai Oilfield Company the full implementation of the "quality project", in accordance with the "centralized organization, grassroots based, diverse and pragmatic" approach to fitness and the Olympics "," oil sports and the Olympics "as the theme, to encourage and guide the masses of workers to actively participate in physical exercise, widely to organize various sports fitness activities, continue to carry out the masses of workers loved sports and rich and colorful cultural and sports activities, and actively participate in the Qinghai province and outside the sports competition, strengthening the employee Ke Xuejian consciousness, active cultural life of workers, enhance team cohesion, in the field of forming a fitness advocate, to participate in fitness, good the pursuit of a healthy and civilized lifestyle environment and atmosphere.


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