Xining city procuratorate duty crime prevention legal publicity to the site

  October 23rd, Xining City People’s Procuratorate crime prevention office staff once again entered the Huangzhong county take reservoir project, and the construction side talk about the harm and prevention of job-related crimes, this initiative has become a new way of exploration of crime prevention work of the Municipal People’s procuratorate.


County of Huangzhong reservoir project is a key project of Xining municipal water authority, its purpose is to solve the Nanshan green irrigation water, the project plans to invest 200 million yuan, according to the characteristics of the project investment, long construction period, Xining city procuratorate crime prevention Office Comrades from the initial construction, and project construction of Xining water conservancy and hydropower construction development limited liability company established a crime prevention platform, according to the previous project fund management side and the construction side is not divided, both capital and engineering characteristics, easy funds misappropriated, the prevention of Comrades recommendations will separate engineering management and engineering construction funds, earmarking from the source, to stop the misappropriation of funds. At the same time, to prevent the Comrades firm response to relevant provisions of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate also, work in the participation of intervention, not offside in place the principle of active participation give advice and suggestions for the construction of the project, not only to regular construction along to view the project construction progress, will also be some major recent made model, harm to the construction side to explain in detail the crime the truly jingzhongchangming.


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