Xining tobacco control tobacco mixed

yesterday was the first day of the implementation of the Xining Tobacco Control Ordinance, the implementation of the six types of regional comprehensive ban on smoking in Xining, the four regional restrictions on smoking. The new provisions of
under the implementation of public places really smoking? Reporters visited some restaurants, cafes, hotels, waiting room, although no smoking signs can be seen everywhere, there are still people who smoke.
– passenger station: a total ban is difficult to see the "smoke shadow"
a smoke in the garden next to the passengers, passenger station after the ban, smokers had to "smoking outside the station".
– dining restaurant owner is very helpless:
12 pm, the reporter went to Fu Kou street snacks, snack street shops are affixed with a new anti smoking signs in a small restaurant, a restaurant while chatting with his companions, while drinking and smoking, the waiter did not come forward to dissuade. "If we persuade our guests not to smoke, the guests will not listen, but have to turn a blind eye." Restaurant Waiter said.
– Internet: smoke-free areas there is still a man smoking
– public transport: bus smoking effect is good
"now a lot of people are still very conscious, will put out in front of the car smoke, if it is found that people who smoke, we will;

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