Xining tobacco control tobacco mixed

yesterday was the first day of the implementation of the Xining Tobacco Control Ordinance, the implementation of the six types of regional comprehensive ban on smoking in Xining, the four regional restrictions on smoking. The new provisions of
under the implementation of public places really smoking? Reporters visited some restaurants, cafes, hotels, waiting room, although no smoking signs can be seen everywhere, there are still people who smoke.
– passenger station: a total ban is difficult to see the "smoke shadow"
a smoke in the garden next to the passengers, passenger station after the ban, smokers had to "smoking outside the station".
– dining restaurant owner is very helpless:
12 pm, the reporter went to Fu Kou street snacks, snack street shops are affixed with a new anti smoking signs in a small restaurant, a restaurant while chatting with his companions, while drinking and smoking, the waiter did not come forward to dissuade. "If we persuade our guests not to smoke, the guests will not listen, but have to turn a blind eye." Restaurant Waiter said.
– Internet: smoke-free areas there is still a man smoking
– public transport: bus smoking effect is good
"now a lot of people are still very conscious, will put out in front of the car smoke, if it is found that people who smoke, we will; read more

The water quality standard of Huangshui River pollution control has made important initial results

October 19th, automatic monitoring station of water quality test results display station and Minhe Hui and Tu Autonomous County small Gorge Bridge water quality automatic monitoring water quality, water quality improved significantly in the Huangshui River section of Xining, reached three above water quality standards, Xining to the Eastern Sea reached four class standard. On the same day, vice governor Ma Shunqing rate provincial departments responsible for the progress of the prevention and control of water pollution investigation in Xining City, check the Huangshui River Basin in Haidong region, arrangements for the next phase of work. At the special meeting, Ma Shunqing said: "the Huangshui River water quality from the original severe pollution to four water now, reach the national water quality standard in the mainstream, marking the significant achievements of the Huangshui River pollution control." read more

Xining city procuratorate duty crime prevention legal publicity to the site

  October 23rd, Xining City People’s Procuratorate crime prevention office staff once again entered the Huangzhong county take reservoir project, and the construction side talk about the harm and prevention of job-related crimes, this initiative has become a new way of exploration of crime prevention work of the Municipal People’s procuratorate.


County of Huangzhong reservoir project is a key project of Xining municipal water authority, its purpose is to solve the Nanshan green irrigation water, the project plans to invest 200 million yuan, according to the characteristics of the project investment, long construction period, Xining city procuratorate crime prevention Office Comrades from the initial construction, and project construction of Xining water conservancy and hydropower construction development limited liability company established a crime prevention platform, according to the previous project fund management side and the construction side is not divided, both capital and engineering characteristics, easy funds misappropriated, the prevention of Comrades recommendations will separate engineering management and engineering construction funds, earmarking from the source, to stop the misappropriation of funds. At the same time, to prevent the Comrades firm response to relevant provisions of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate also, work in the participation of intervention, not offside in place the principle of active participation give advice and suggestions for the construction of the project, not only to regular construction along to view the project construction progress, will also be some major recent made model, harm to the construction side to explain in detail the crime the truly jingzhongchangming. read more

Seismological Bureau in 2012 to carry out the first phase of the seismic safety of rural residence c

according to the Organization Department of CPC Xining Municipal Committee, municipal science and Technology Association "on 2011 – 2012 the city’s science training notice" the focus of the work requirements, to promote the implementation of rural residential security project, enhance staff awareness of seismic fortification of rural buildings in our city, to promote the smooth implementation of the transformation project of dilapidated buildings in rural areas, I combine seismic safety rural residential project for the actual construction work, in February 16th, in the East District of Xining City Yun Jia Kou Zhen Fu Jia Zhai Cun held in 2012 the first phase of the "seismic safety of rural residence construction knowledge" training courses, a total of more than 50 village cadres and craftsmen participated in the training.
the training to the housing collapse in Wenchuan earthquake as an example, combining with our city and the local housing construction practice, focus on the seismic points of brick concrete structure two or three storey building, the importance of anti-seismic structure in the housing construction in the. After class I Bureau to participating in the training staff presented the earthquake knowledge brochure and jointly published by the Municipal Seismological Bureau, Municipal Construction Committee of the "Xining rural residential earthquake safety promotion atlas", to provide theoretical information and better service for the new rural construction and residential security construction, and promote the work of Rural Residential Seismic fortification my city, steady development. read more

The Stomatological Hospital of Xining city held the dedication chuangxianzhengyou speech contest

to promote chuangxianzhengyou activities in depth, consolidate and expand the achievements of study and practice, to promote the party members based on their own, give full play to the exemplary role, enrich the cultural life of staff and workers. Recently, stomatology hospital held a dedication, striving for excellence "as the theme of the speech contest, the more than 50 cadres and workers for the contestants cheer.
by the speech contest, the cadres and workers have said, to work hard in their jobs, and strive to become a learning model, and strive to become a business model, strive to excel, to contribute to the sound and rapid development of the city’s health.
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Thangka painting village building cultural dream

To draw a good Thangka, in addition to the Buddha, the most critical is to meditation. Since childhood, I was attracted by colorful thangka." Qu Xiu Xiu said, from the beginning of the time to see the love of the Thangka to see the shock, drawing Thangka became his dream can not give up. So there will be the venture – the construction of Thangka painting village.

Xining Federation of trade unions Qinghai oil field won the national hundreds of millions of worker

China Federation of trade unions recently came the good news, the Xining Federation of trade unions, Qinghai Oilfield Company was the 2010 National hundreds of millions of workers fitness month outstanding organization award.

Xining Federation of trade unions to "I exercise, I am healthy, I am happy," the theme of a series of activities carried out a series of activities. The worker fitness activities rich in content, full of sound and colour. Trade unions at all levels to the ideological and political work and carry out healthy and lively, rich and colorful cultural activities combine to actively explore conducive to promoting the development of advanced culture, active workers’ spiritual and cultural life, the protection of workers health means, according to local conditions, organize walking, climbing, hiking and other simple and convenient more employees to participate in the mass sports fitness project, organization, broad and strong popularity of staff welcome all kinds of single sports competition, held various forms of worker sports, fun games, the Quan Shijian activity reached a wide range, rich in content, more than the number of participants and beneficiaries to guangzhou. According to statistics, the city’s various units in the fitness activities held by the month of fitness, competition activities up to more than and 200 screenings, to participate in staff reached more than 10 thousand passengers. read more

Qinghai Armed Police Corps held farewell veterans Conference

9 1, Armed Police Corps in Qinghai, organized by the grand opening ceremony of veterans farewell ceremony, vice governor Han Jianhua, Qinghai Armed Police Corps commander Yang Xiong attended and spoke, the political commissar of the Corps presided over by Lu Guangyong.

, on behalf of Yang Xiong corps of Party committees, Political Commissar Lu to be discharged on behalf of all the old soldiers expressed cordial greetings and good wishes, to express my heartfelt thanks and pay tribute to the old soldiers for the army army construction and contribution to the prosperity and stability of Qinghai. I hope they go back to their hometown, always maintain the quality of the soldiers, carry forward the fine tradition, the courage to forge ahead, in the new position to achieve new and greater achievements. read more

Severe winter warmth of spring year condolences to Xining people’s Radio Union helping the poor ma

in the traditional festival the Spring Festival is approaching, in order to let the radio helping villagers and the difficulties of the masses have a happy, peaceful, happy Spring Festival, January 11th, Xining people’s broadcasting union organized a sympathy helping activity, the value of nearly 5000 yuan condolences and gifts sent to the radio station helping Huangzhong republic county town jiecun.

since the Republic of Xining people’s broadcasting station and Town Street, a linking point helping village, they do practical, problem-solving things, good things "has been the radio all the staff helping purpose. Radio back to the village for twelve years continued to help, but also by the village committee and all the villagers alike. read more

Xining city and the masses of five points with respect to the zone with four laps of the four

Qinghai news network innovation is to create a new situation in the party building, the source of living water". In recent years, the municipal Party Committee Organization Department of innovation and design grassroots party building work activities carrier, co-ordinate the promotion of rural areas, communities, non-public areas of Party building work has been upgraded. This year in accordance with the "dry in reality, in the forefront of the job requirements, carry out innovation" four zone five zone "and district party building work, namely" outstanding management service ", to build 4 community building core area; prominent industrial development, build 5 Rural Party demonstration zone; highlight the" win-win ". Party committee established ring sunning Plaza, Chaoyang logistics park in 4 District building, build" district party organization + + merchant of the alliance and the interests of the community party building…… Today, the party building work in Xining highlights the vitality, but also won the praise of the masses and non-public enterprises. read more

Spring Airlines Qinghai Airport

since September 10th, the largest domestic low-cost airline, Spring Airlines officially joined the Qinghai airport, opened in Xining – Xi’an flights, sail promotion special offer airline ticket lowest rises 99 yuan; and connecting Xining – Xi’an – Shanghai flights, the lowest promotional price of 499 yuan, only about half of the price of similar products.

Spring Airlines

according to the relevant responsible person said, as the company first entered the Qinghai aviation market gift, these two routes / flights opened, not only for the capital of Xining Xi’an, Shanghai connectivity provides travel convenience, but the majority of passengers, but also through the company’s first installment purchase tickets, enjoy more favorable opportunity fare. read more

Xining venture capital five science and technology projects of agricultural science and technology a

4 million 50 thousand yuan, used in the development of the secondary industry, three industry, perhaps not too much, but for the city of Xining agricultural science and technology road, is a great magic gold "". With the arrival of the harvest season, the funds will jump ten times, return on investment, but also lead to more jobs.

days ago, reporters from the finance department and the Department of science and technology of Xining city learned that, in order to make Xining agriculture by means of science and technology development, Xining city has issued 4 million 50 thousand yuan of funds for scientific research, 5 for agricultural science and technology project. It is reported that the money will be directly related to invest 20 million 800 thousand yuan, the project of science and technology guidance, promote the development of special advantage industries of agricultural leading enterprises, growth, create jobs, support Xining city agricultural development, increasing farmers’ income, it is expected that the project execution period can increase the income of 48 million yuan, has a "magic" like it. read more

The closing of the second civil cultural festival

September 2nd, the second session of the people’s culture and Arts Festival Closing ceremony held in the provincial capital center plaza, the more than and 40 day series of activities for the Xining people brought a number of cultural feast.

the event organized by the Xining municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, to "good good tutor · · good tradition" as the theme, "I said, I sing, I practice" as the carrier, is required to further cultivate and practice the socialist core values, to enhance the cultural quality of the City, enrich people’s spirit the cultural life of all ethnic groups for the purpose of. The activities carried out during the 13 series of cultural activities, including the opening ceremony of the art festival, square dance contest, family stories, folk songs and opera amateur contest, special, Chinese people’s Anti Japanese War and the world anti fascist war 70 anniversary of choral competitions, children’s books exhibition, closing ceremony and Awards and other cultural activities, to participate in the series of activities of the actors totaling more than a thousand people, the audience watched the performance reach tens of thousands of passengers. read more

Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics held a monthly labor force survey and the survey of the safety

recently, two provincial and Municipal Statistics Bureau jointly held a monthly labor force survey and public security investigation work conference, the meeting to convey the monthly labor force survey session of the national spirit and the National Bureau of big city telephone interviews, informed the National Bureau of statistics employment division deputy director Peng Yong Tao Ning line to our City Labor Inspection investigation work. The meeting of our city since November 2011 to use the new sample, make a comprehensive and deep analysis gradually exposed the problem, find the crux of the problems and causes, and puts forward specific solutions to these problems: one is as soon as possible to correct the deviation of the survey sample, the sample return to a reasonable parameter standard sampling and its representative; two is a strict control of the new sample, formulated the "exit survey, monthly labor in Xining new sample report", to prevent intentionally selected samples in the sample rotation behavior in three; unemployment is to further clarify the specific definition of standards, good unemployment definition. Municipal Bureau of statistics on 2012 public security investigation were arranged, and the relevant indicators were explained, and the survey data on the quality of selected requests.   read more

Qilian Xining road school can accommodate 1500 students

In order to alleviate the shortage of education resources, solve the difficult problem of children to school, the long-awaited Qilian Road Primary School in new construction, recently in the beautiful construction of Huangshui river. By then, the new school can accommodate primary and junior high school 30 classes, to solve the problem of 1500 students go to school.

, according to preliminary statistics, in the city of Xining Road West of Qilian Road, riverside road to the thirteenth Middle School of Xining city nearly 5 kilometers along the route, more than and 80 residential areas, involving approximately 5000 households, 15000 people, 2000 people of school-age children. In order to meet the demand of compulsory education in the region, according to the Xining two education layout planning, lack of resources to solve the school layout, Xining city planning in 51 on the west side of Luqiao, inner Qilian road and Riverside Road (now Xining City suburb of operation station) 18 acres of land, construction of a new 30 class nine year school, to accommodate 1500 students, the building area of 18000 square meters, a total investment of 228 million yuan, including construction funds 138 million yuan, 90 million yuan of land. read more

The support of science and technology five field Cemayangbian

since last year, the province’s science and technology innovation efforts to deepen the reform of science and technology, technological innovation capability and service level, mainly in new energy, new materials and other 5 major areas to make a new contribution to the economic development and the construction of "three areas". Science and technology achievements were achieved 402, an increase of 20%, the cumulative output value of 21 billion 640 million yuan, profit of $3 billion 210 million.

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Wang Jianjun to participate in the CPPCC economic group lianzutaolun stressed that the development o

1 16, deputy secretary of provincial Party committee, acting governor Wang Jianjun attended the eleven session of the five meeting of the provincial CPPCC economic circles and the Federation lianzutaolun.

on the government work report, Wang Li, Bai Yongqiang, Yang Yi, Li Gang, Li Yinhui, Wang Guiyuan, Xie Jing, Tang Weiming, Chen Jiuyu and other members have to strengthen the construction of credit system, guard against financial risks, develop the green industry, consumption of clean energy, enhance the support of science and technology, the ecological environment, introducing talents to speak, suggestions. Wang Jianjun while listening, remember, from time to time to respond to the views and suggestions made by the members of the committee, the atmosphere relaxed. read more

Tough game teams share the championship stage

As of July 13th, thirteenth Lake race has carried out eight stages of the game, although the game is difficult, but the teams play strong, Russia, Japan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other Chinese athletes won the championship stage.

from Qinghai to Gansu, thirteenth Lake race ended all competitions in our province, and athletes in the past seven days of intense competition with passion and speed to conquer the most difficult events since the tournament organized by the lake. Because of difficulties, 8 days time, the number of participants continued to decline. There are some people moving out of the race athletes have no choice but to go home, the team in the game on the road cycling race. read more

Xining urban and rural planning and Construction Bureau in the construction project dragnet inspecti

was founded in May 15th, Xining city planning and Construction Bureau of the 4 construction site inspection group and 2 municipal facilities inspection group, 127 in urban construction projects in the construction site, 555 single building, 16 roads, 30 bridges and more than 6.3 streetlights launched a dragnet inspection and maintenance activities.

at present, Xining city in large construction projects, many construction sites, pollution prevention measures of site access management and site management is not in place, all kinds of building materials, equipment and facilities with stacking, canteen, dormitory and toilet sanitation standard, site dust removal system is not implemented and other anti fouling. In view of this situation, city planning and Construction Bureau to take effective measures to play a functional role, on the part of the road pavement, pavement, damage and other steps to maintenance and repair timely, on some sections of the landscape and incomplete street lights are not bright and timely replacement. read more

Qaidam Province China has become a national agricultural demonstration model of geographical indica

11 5, the second National Agricultural Geographical Indications brand promotion will be held in Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center in Yunnan. The promotion will be organized by the fourteenth China International Agricultural Products Fair Organizing Committee, the Ministry of agriculture, agricultural products quality and safety center, is one of the major activities of the fourteenth China International Agricultural fair. Promote the meeting, our province and Beijing Jingxi medlar rice, mango, Baise Yunnan 6 Dengs ham through the acceptance of agricultural products of national geographical indication has become a demonstration model. read more

Xining rural commercial banks to actively fulfill their social responsibility to serve the local eco

bathed in the rural financial system reform, shouldering the mission of building a new socialist countryside, carrying the majority shareholders of the trust and the community’s expectations, Xining rural commercial bank since reform since the end of 2011 to thrive, along the path of development to create high-quality joint-stock commercial bank to step forward.

Xining rural commercial bank, is the first province by the restructuring of rural credit cooperatives and rural commercial bank, founded in November 29, 2011, by a natural person, a domestic non-financial institution approved by the CBRC and other promoters in composition of the joint-stock commercial banks, the registered capital of 520 million yuan, mainly for Xining City agriculture and small and micro enterprises, urban and rural residents and the local economic construction to provide financial services. Since its inception, adhere to market-oriented, according to law, compliance, prudent operation, fully into the service of rural economic construction and service development of small and micro enterprises, to serve the local economic and social development, to provide quality and efficient financial services for customers, the business has achieved great development. As of 11 at the end of 2012, the balance of deposits reached 6 billion 922 million yuan, compared with the beginning of the new 2 billion 828 million yuan; the loan balance of 2 billion 855 million yuan, an increase of 426 million yuan, the issuance of the "three rural" loans 1 billion 433 million yuan, issuing small micro enterprise loans 2 billion 144 million yuan, four yuan a loan of 656 million yuan; 840 million yuan to buy local trust products. Buy local low-income housing construction of private debt 700 million yuan, will always support the development of local economy as the foothold, adhere to fulfill the social responsibility of local banks. read more

All kinds of lanterns adorn the residential district

no, not Longmen, the biggest large-scale lantern show no traffic control, instead of the residential area of the lamps and candles of a myriad families. In 2014, east area to change the traditional form of the former, a change held 30 sessions of the Lantern Festival, the "small scattered, thrifty and cultural Huimin" principle, in the area of 17 large scale residential organized economy, appearance, features, convenience, dispersion, exquisite, safe and novel lightshows, to create a festive atmosphere. read more

Chase public train set up the cadres and the heart bridge

this year, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Commission for Discipline Inspection of the spirit of "sooner, take the initiative to solve the problem at the grassroots level" principle, innovation content and carrier, strengthen propaganda, the opening of the Datong discipline inspection site, the public to report complaints telephone, email, and strong communication and collaboration with the provincial and municipal discipline inspection commission, jointly set up the province, city, county and township level four linkage mechanism under the real opening a public reception, "through train", set up a cadre "lianxinqiao". read more

2016 Happy New Year cultural end of the countryside

January 22nd, in 2016, the joy of the new year’s cultural activities in rural areas in the eastern city of peace held a closing ceremony.

held peace in the ending scene show, attracted a large number of people came to watch, a good program in the course of the performance won the audience’s warm applause. "Each of our performances are very successful, wherever the laughter, won a wide range of social praise, received a warm welcome from the masses of farmers and herdsmen, and achieved good social benefits. At the same time, this event for the construction of a harmonious society, promote the development of local economic and social development to create a good cultural atmosphere." Provincial Cultural Center, the relevant person in charge of the show to reporters.

it is reported that in 2016 the "full of joy celebrated" cultural activities in rural areas officially launched in West Town in Haibei Prefecture since January 7, 2016, which lasted half a month, after 3 city (state) 10 counties, a total of 50 performances. Its activities include "new year spring" literary tour activities, "seize the moment, leave a good" for the village (community) Sishitongtang home free shooting family portrait activities, the province invited some famous calligraphers and calligraphy enthusiasts for the masses of farmers and herdsmen writing couplets "send joy blessing". "I’m happy to participate in" digital culture service culture shelter of the event to become the beautiful landscape and the masses to actively participate in the highlight of   experience;
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Datong County to take effective measures to increase the effectiveness of labor output

Datong County to take effective measures to promote the county’s rural labor output work well, and achieved gratifying results

chase county to take effective measures to promote the county’s rural labor output work well, and achieved gratifying results. Up to now, the county’s rural labor output 89 thousand passengers, of which the province’s output of more than 10 thousand and 600 passengers, the number of labor output accounted for 63.67% of the annual plan.

first, strengthen training, improve skills. First, in-depth understanding of the needs of the township farmers training content, skills training and employment needs of farmers precision. Further improve the rural labor skills training program in 2012, so that targeted training, classification carried out. two is to strengthen the coordination and communication with enterprises. A comprehensive understanding of enterprise employment needs, and strive to find a breakthrough in the order training. At the same time, according to the market demand oriented training electrician, excavator, welding, bricklayer, professional staff, training a total of 1300 people. And through the evaluation of the provincial skills center, get the country issued a skill level certificate. three is County pillar industry and characteristic industry to carry out training, and gradually build the county labor service brand, such as shadow, mining, bricklaying, housekeeping etc.. read more

North of the city to build 2 left behind children’s homes

June 26th, the North District Women’s Federation, North District Education Bureau held a "migrant children’s home listing ceremony in Guangming primary school, which marks the area of the first" migrant children home "was formally established, and the establishment of migrant children’s home" and Mao Sheng Temple community, District Women’s Federation presented the sports items and books to the two "migrant children’s home.
"migrant children’s home is north of the City District Women’s Federation, bureau of education to further strengthen our region migrant children work, to better focus on migrant children’s healthy growth, efforts to solve their physical and mental growth, family education and other aspects of the problem and the establishment of the. This is not only for the migrant children to build an interactive platform, but also meet their extra-curricular learning, cultural life, rights protection, family education and other needs, and promote the healthy development of migrant children warm homes.
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13009 sets of affordable housing will be built

Reporters from the East District was informed that this year, the district will continue to increase the shantytowns, gradually established in shantytowns, housing security system supplemented by low rent housing and public rental housing merged operation, the district this year plans to start the construction of affordable housing 13009 units, a total area of 1 million 108 thousand and 400 square meters, a total investment of about for 3 billion 785 million yuan.

North city innovation mechanism to solve the problem of urban management

in order to further improve the city management and service level, establish a good image of law enforcement, Chengbei District continue to strengthen and explore the innovation of social management, supervision of the masses, play the role of public opinion, and gradually establish a new mechanism of city management and service, the law enforcement publicity in place, strong law enforcement, effectively solve road management, shop management and other law enforcement the problem, city management and make new progress.  

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Central to build long term mechanism of illegal pornography

Recently, the reporter learned from the City Construction Bureau, the District adhere to the "check out, control is maintained, the demolition of the net" principle, to establish long-term mechanism of illegal pornography.

steering active working attitude. Executed in late 7 to early 7 when the working mechanism, the formation of "everyone has something, everything was" the inspection mechanism, the focus of the inspection at night carrying building materials, construction, construction of key construction built to steal illegal acts of illegally built, set 40 warning signs on the main road, building materials transport vehicle inspection point 6, set in the the main focus of the village road and at present, inspection of transport vehicles 230. At the same time, to resolve conflicts and disputes, illegal policy propaganda work, the establishment of ad hoc group of illegal pornography. Rectification action normalization. The establishment of accounting, do building registration, clean Lane build, 16 Village Lane Sidaluanjian conduct clean-up. Up to now, a total of 4 illegal demolition of village, village, Xin’an Zhuang and other construction of 57 thousand square meters. To strengthen the normalization of illegal pornography efforts deployed 40 staff, set up a special law enforcement inspection group, take the wrong time, the jurisdiction of the 16 villages were daily inspections, during weekends and holidays, the formation of all-weather uninterrupted patrol monitoring mechanism.   read more

Chase kite drifting into a ditch of choice for tourists

3 days of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday is a good time for short distance travel. Small holiday period, people have to chase kite ditch the new fashion rafting experience, have a fulfilling and memorable Festival Dragon Boat festival.

"Dragon Boat Festival holiday, ready to go to play?" Before the holiday, in the provincial capital to work on the discussion of the young lady and a small holiday travel arrangements. No, Ms. Yang said, several colleagues by common consent beside her and shouted "to chase kite ditch to play drift."

in his colleagues’s advice, June 20th, Ms. Yang and his family to chase kite ditch. Let the young lady is pleasantly surprised, chase kite ditch not only drifting can enjoy the scenery along the way, but also a healthy and strong body, one a double. Ms. Yang said that several of her colleagues saw the Western Metropolis Daily reported and after the experience, it was recommended to her to play. I did not expect to experience, only to find the happiness.According to JP Kangle

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Chase 8 sports events activated ditch ecological tourism kite

in May this year, the beautiful Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County will become the kite ditch sports lovers paradise. The forest Karting Club elite contest, the International University road cycling race, mountain motorcycle race 8 sports events will have to carry out in the East gap kite valley area, for the county’s natural scenery ecological tourism inject new vitality.

spring, Datong County by natural scenery unique kite ditch, the successful launch of the first ice festival, opened up to the good situation of sports activities to boost the winter tourism. In just 3 months, the ice and snow festival led to the 32 thousand (Times) to chase tourism experience tourism, tourism revenue of $3 million 800 thousand, driven by the surrounding farmhouse income of $830 thousand. (author: Su Jianping Zhao Tongyun)
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County Housing Security and Construction Bureau to carry out the construction site canteen food safe

to further strengthen the construction site canteen food safety management, prevention and control of collective food poisoning incidents. County Housing and Construction Bureau in a timely manner to the construction, construction, supervision unit, forwarding the "notice" Committee of the Xining Municipal Food Safety Office on Further Strengthening the supervision to prevent bean poisoning 70, requires all construction units to carry out the construction of food safety self-examination and rectification work, through the spirit of the document to carry out publicity, improve food safety awareness of construction personnel the guide site canteen and staff pay attention to food safety, eliminate food safety hazards. Based on the construction unit self correction, to carry out the construction site canteen food safety special rectification work, food safety inspection of the 30 construction site canteen. From the inspection situation, the construction of the basic canteen food safety conditions, kitchen settings and health conditions in line with the requirements. But there is still some individual site canteen food safety and hygiene, ventilation problems: dining room settings, the use of bad bamboo cutting boards, panels and other phenomena do. In view of the existing problems, the inspection group made to the unit: food hygiene and safety to strengthen the management of construction site canteen, the establishment of food safety responsibility system and food safety management system, with a full-time (Part-time) professional food safety management personnel, carefully identify and rectify the existing food safety problems. At the same time, strengthen the propaganda and education of food safety knowledge, improve the construction workers’ awareness of food safety, prevent the occurrence of food poisoning incidents, to ensure the safety of food safety. read more

Dorje Geltan stressed that the study and implement the regulations of the party to strengthen the pa

8 month 3 days to 4 days, the provincial Party committee, provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Dorje Geltan in Menyuan Hui Autonomous County Rural Research and the anti-corruption work. In the meantime, Dorje Geltan deep into the countryside, visited the masses, grassroots party members and cadres exchange talk.

Dorje Geltan stressed that further promote clean government and anti-corruption work, both rely on the ideological education, supervision and discipline, but also rely on the system construction, should seriously study and implement a series of laws and regulations within the party since the central eighteen formulated, the formation of normal system of party party control. One should study and implement the system to study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speeches together, a profound understanding of new ideas and new concepts of the new comprehensive requirements strictly, accurately grasp the core essence of the inner-party laws and regulations, strengthen the "Four Consciousness", enhance the implementation of the system of conscious thoughts and actions of consciousness. Two to study and implement the system and "two responsibilities" to combine the basic conduction layers, strengthen the sense of responsibility, to stimulate the spirit of play, strengthen the system of executive power, the party organizations and Party members and leading cadres to effectively assume political responsibility of managing party. Three to study and implement the system with the use of the "four form" and strengthen supervision and discipline of accountability together. To strengthen education management at the same time, in violation of Party discipline behavior, strict supervision and discipline of accountability, and accountability, a warning education piece, strengthen party members and cadres in awe of power, obeying the laws consciousness, strengthen the binding system, the formation of long-term mechanism. read more

ndustrial development as the main theme of the construction of new Chase

January 16th, reporters from Datong county the fourteen session of the nine plenary meeting was informed that in 2014, the economic transformation of the Datong direction more clearly, ability of innovation work increased, improve the lives of the masses. 2015, Datong County will correctly grasp the situation and tasks faced by the new efforts under the new normalization as the new achievements in economic work.

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Kunlun jade in the Expo show the market is very promising

by the Xining city service industry to promote the development of the 2013 China · led by the International Bureau of Qinghai; Kunlun jade (jewelry) Expo, all kinds of jade jewelry from all over the country and even abroad contests, especially a superb collection of beautiful things, the public attention of the Qinghai Kunlun jade throughout the Expo show, although the price is not cheap, it attracted a lot of appreciation eye. The industry believes that Kunlun jade has a unique resource, texture advantages, market prospects are very promising. read more

2014 Green Fair signed project compliance rate of 96 87% operating rate of 71 8%

This year, the provincial Commission by letter, the provincial SASAC to accelerate key investment projects landing as a priority among priorities of the work, clear objectives, the implementation of the relevant areas, the main responsibility, strengthen the project tracking service and supervision and coordination efforts, as of May 20th, 178 billion yuan in 383 projects in 2014 Performance Green Fair signing rate 96.87%, the operating rate of 71.8%.

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North District Finance Bureau to hire 17 Financial Comprehensive Performance Management Supervisor

in order to further improve the comprehensive performance of the financial management, in August 23rd, the North District Finance Bureau in the four floor conference room held the district district government finance comprehensive performance management supervisor forum, Yang Degang, Liu Jun, Tian Xiaohong and other 17 to the basic units of self district personnel hired as a financial performance management supervisor, accept public supervision and media supervision and to provide a theoretical basis for the comprehensive performance of the financial management and government decision to give advice and suggestions.
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Artificial rainfall for 10 years to help the Sanjiang source of ecological trends benign development

reporter recently learned from the Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Bureau weather office, Sanjiang rainfall operations carried out since 10 years, has been transformed from drought resistant single rainfall operations to increase reservoir storage and improve the ecological environment type.

Sanjiang is the birthplace of the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, the Lancang River, a total area of 363 thousand square kilometers, accounting for more than half of the land area of Qinghai Province, have very important influence on climate change the ecological environment of Chinese and asia. read more

National innovation enterprises add new members of Qinghai

Recently, the State Ministry of science and technology of the State Council, the SASAC, the ACFTU jointly announced the fifth batch of 126 pilot innovative enterprises list, Qinghai Qinghua Bozone Biological Technology Co., Ltd. and Qinghai Kangpu biological Polytron Technologies Inc on the list. So far, the province has 11 national innovative pilot enterprises, including western mining, Jinhe Tibetan medicine, Saline Lake group, Xining Steel 4 enterprises was officially named the national innovative enterprises. read more

Municipal Population and Family Planning Commission to seriously study and implement the general sec

Recently, the Xining Municipal Population and Family Planning Commission held a special study, to seriously study the important speech of general secretary Hu Jintao to celebrate the 90 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party in the Chinese meeting, Committee Party Secretary and director Liu Ping will implement the spirit of the speech of general secretary Hu Jintao put forward specific opinions

recently, the Xining Municipal Population and Family Planning Commission held a special study, to seriously study the important speech of general secretary Hu Jintao to celebrate the 90 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party in the Chinese meeting, Committee Party Secretary and director Liu Ping will implement the spirit of the speech of general secretary Hu Jintao put forward specific opinions. read more

Foster the city’s registered trademark breakthrough 700

Reporters from the city in July 22nd Industrial and Commercial Bureau was informed that this year the Council to implement brand strategy as a focal point for the local economy, strengthened the cultivation of trademarks, as of now our city has grown 760 registered trademarks, a formal application for 481, an increase of 68%.

it is reported that the City Administration for Industry and commerce through the efforts of the trademark cultivation work into the city’s economic and social development planning and target assessment system, in order to foster the development of registered trademarks to create a good environment. On the one hand "3· 15" theme activities into the community, enterprises, rural areas to promote the "trademark law", to mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises registered trademark; on the other hand the use of a variety of media publicity channels, forming a "no brand awareness, product is not competitive" consensus for some enterprises; lack of brand awareness in the new set up, leading to their enterprise name and logo products by others as registered trademark issues, city Industrial and Commercial Bureau still provide the registration window to inform service, encourage enterprises registered in the name of the query, it is consistent with the enterprise brand trademark, registered trademark of their own as soon as possible, to achieve "products listed first, trademark, enhance brand awareness; to improve and perfect the" regional trademark, well-known trademarks, famous trademarks, well-known trademarks "The four level recognition system, city Industrial and Commercial Bureau also through in-depth enterprise publicity, selection has a certain conditions, the development potential of the enterprise as the focus on the implementation of brand strategy, timely start and recommendation; in addition, the Council also to grass-roots business as the main force, within the jurisdiction of the trademark registration in accordance with the conditions of cultural tourism products agricultural and livestock products, services were completely from the census area distribution, cultivation and other aspects, and establish a comprehensive database of trademark, trademark registration regulation that set up QQ group, through a series of efforts, the city a total of 5307 registered trademarks, including 10 well-known trademarks, famous trademarks 36, 54 well-known trademarks, area 112 trademarks. read more

Xining police handling 80% cases of public security cases caused by drinking

The city of

occur every month more than 2900 fights, destruction of public or private property, disturb other security cases, while the vast majority of alcohol caused the police accepted the 80% Department of public security case caused by drunk drinking more, causing many criminal cases, this is the October 26th reporter learned from Xining City Public Security Bureau.

drunk trouble both sides suffer

August 2009 28 day and night, Wu and other people take a taxi driving in Lee, Wu and other 4 people have to drink wine, and so on, and so on. To the destination, the fare for 4 people and Lee dispute, in the dispute, Wu will be in the hands of the beer bottles at Lee, Lee from Moutou facial suture needle more than and 40. October 14, 2009, Qinmou drunk taxi to find a way of Nanchuan Road, carrying their cash may not be enough to pay for the taxi, and the driver, the taxi driver Xu is very fast, two people quarreled. To the destination, the money is indeed a poor Qin 2.5 yuan, Xu is not promised, Qin had to call his family sent money to the door. The family sent 100 yuan, Xu could not open, the two sides once again unpleasant, pulling, Xu Qin made a fist, the Qinmou for alarm and hospital treatment, not to present a hospital, has spent more than 5000 yuan for medical expenses. read more

Xining Seismological Bureau to commemorate the 7 28 Tangshan earthquake series of promotional activi

July 28th is the 35 anniversary of the Tangshan earthquake anniversary, to carry forward the spirit of earthquake relief, earthquake prevention awareness, enhance the ability of the cadres and workers of the popularization of knowledge of disaster prevention and mitigation and shock hedging, self-help and mutual aid. Good knowledge of disaster prevention and mitigation "into five", since July 20th I Bureau to the three counties of Xining city and four district four class leaders launched the "earthquake disaster prevention and self-help manual" free activities, mini manual reading more than 1000 books.

read more

Xining City Court for 18 migrant workers to recover the arrears of wages for 2 years of 130 thousand

thank you, Dean, thanks to the judges in the city, without you, we will not be able to get 2 years of unpaid sweat." The day before, when Liao Xiaobing and other 18 migrant workers in the city from the district court judge took over unpaid wages, excited, in succession to the judges expressed a sense of gratitude.

it is understood that the Sichuan born Liao Xiaobing, 18 migrant workers, in March 4, 2008 signed a labor contract with Shaanxi Hengyu building services limited liability company, agreed upon by Liao Xiaobing and other 18 people responsible for the completion of the construction of Xining Li Jinyuan, 4, 3 and 5 floor pouring concrete work, after the completion of the project, Shaanxi Hengyu building labor limited liability company to pay service liaomou as the 18 part of the costs, wages owed 137189 yuan, the plaintiff to recover, the defendant does not pay. Helpless, 18 migrant workers in Shaanxi Hengyu building services limited liability company sued the city service to the district court, after the court decision, Shaanxi Hengyu building services limited liability company service does not perform within the time stipulated in the judgment, the court presided over the mediation between the parties, the defendant still fails to fulfill the statutory obligations, the 18 plaintiffs for enforcement. City District Court Executive Board of judges to carry out various efforts, the company owed 137189 yuan deducted to the court account, and ultimately allow them to receive the arrears of up to 2 years of hard-earned money. read more

Xining customs six initiatives to welcome first international tourism charter

from May 25th, Korean Airlines charter flights will fly to Xining airport, this is China summer ushered in the first foreign tourist charter flights. In order to ensure the smooth and peaceful Korean tourist charter flights into the country, show a new image of great beauty Qinghai, Xining customs from the development plan, strengthen training, civilized service, innovation and cooperation, actively preparing for the coordination of emergency treatment and other aspects, earnestly charter supervision service for customs clearance. read more

The number of insured four increased significantly

In February 20th, the latest news from Xining City, the relevant departments said that at the end of 2012, the basic unit of pension insurance in Xining city 4394, a year-on-year increase of 425, at the end of the insured 446 thousand and 100 employees (including retired), an increase of 16 thousand and 400 over the previous year. In addition, the basic medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance units and the insured number has increased significantly over the previous year. read more

The province’s existing kindergarten 1525

March 1st, the city’s primary and secondary school students return to school, enter the new semester. Reporters learned from the Provincial Bureau of statistics, in 12th Five-Year, the province’s continuing expansion of pre-school education, compulsory education results have been consolidated and improved, high school education development.

children in the park reached 184 thousand


12th Five-Year" period, the province launched the action plan for pre-school education for three years, construction and reconstruction of public kindergarten more than 120, a total area of over 120 thousand square meters, while the more than and 300 private kindergartens to implement the integrated premium, to further expand the scale of preschool education. 2015, the province reached 1525 kindergartens, is in 2010 of 2.5 times the number of children in the park reached 184 thousand people, an increase of more than 72 thousand people in 2010, an increase of 64.3%. read more

Provincial Federation of poverty alleviation and cooperation support forum held

12 9, 2009, the Provincial Federation of poverty alleviation and cooperation counterpart support forum held in Xining, the meeting to discuss the organization and mobilization of the eastern part of the private enterprises to participate in poverty alleviation and cooperation in the province to achieve the path, the key tasks and specific initiatives. Vice governor, chairman of the Provincial Federation of industry and Commerce Kuang Kuang presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Provincial Youth assistance office, municipalities (States) to support the green command, provinces and cities (state) and the provincial chamber of Commerce and industry associations in charge of the meeting. read more

The key issue of party work conference held in Xining

in October 31st, the province’s focus on the issue of Party newspapers and journals work conference held in Xining. Recognition of the 2013 annual meeting of Party newspapers and journals issued work advanced unit, comprehensive arrangements for the deployment of the "people’s Daily", "Qinghai daily" on the issue of Party newspapers and journals work. Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, deputy minister Wang Xiangming attended the meeting and delivered a speech. read more

Unemployment insurance steady employment policy will benefit all enterprises

In August 24th, Qinghai province human resources and social security department, Qinghai Provincial Department of Finance jointly issued the "notice" on the expansion of enterprise support post steady policy implementation issues related to unemployment insurance, the "notice" provisions of the unemployment insurance fund to support post steady policy extended to the province of all eligible enterprises. Post steady subsidy execution time since September 2015 to the end of December 2020 ended.

"notice" requirements at all levels of human resources and social security departments to further improve the unemployment dynamic monitoring, will enjoy a steady job subsidies enterprises into the scope of dynamic monitoring, policy interpretation, do publicity work, urge to implement, and make the expansion of unemployment insurance work, to meet the conditions of the enterprise are able to know and enjoy the policy; encourage, support and guide the enterprises to overcome difficulties, stable jobs, timely understanding of enterprise workforce stability, to ensure maximum stability of policy to stabilize the post performance, and will aid to stabilize the post policy implement.  
read more

Wang Xiao visited Xining Garrison

June 1st, the Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiao and city leaders, Su Rong, visited the Xining garrison condolences and discussion exchange.

after listening to the work report, Wang Xiao pointed out that the Xining garrison is a strong command of the party, to win the war, the work style of the team, is a home, such as depending on the resident people such as parents, as the local development and stability mission team. He hoped that the Xining garrison continue to carry forward the fine tradition and style, to further strengthen the ideological and political construction, adhere to the party’s theoretical innovation, especially the important speech President Xi series of education officers and men, soldiers lay a solid ideological foundation, temper loyal to the party’s political character; party and self construction of the party’s political and organizational advantage transformation as a powerful force to promote the development of army construction. read more

Enhance the charm of these shops will undoubtedly earn

entrepreneurship shop, first of all to learn business skills, follow certain principles, so as not to mess up the shop. Want to open investment, follow the following rules let you shop, I will make it up.

a maintenance store Charm: shop, entrepreneurs have to do a lot of planning for the store, to show the most attractive style, however, shop, can not let down on the one hand, should always maintain it, adhering to the "3S rule" – Something  special, Something  different, Somethingnew in order to make your store, always grasp the customer’s line of sight. read more

How to join and cold noodle snack shop

new era, delicious may also not pay attention, the consumer is not a good fool, what kind of delicious to win consumers, of course, only the fashion taste, is popular in the catering market will. Adhere to provide a green and healthy diet, and now in the market for hot investment to join, to provide more entrepreneurs to provide a good platform for entrepreneurship. Helen and cold noodle symbiotic, win-win cooperation.

smiled and delving into the ancestors spread cold noodle founder cheats, will combine the ancestral and modern diet delicacy perfection, made popular, delicious Shuangjue to food, won the favor of the consumers. So smile cold noodle join, will lead the trendy restaurant. read more

China Funi dry how to create wealth for you

business success, success, soon to choose to join the Chinese Funi dry cleaning? The quality of the project, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very powerful choice. How China Funi cleaning? To meet the different needs of consumers, into a venture worthy of trust!

China Funi dry cleaning can create wealth for you. The pace of life today, there is a dry laundry is a good thing in the vicinity, let you enjoy at any time to enjoy the imperial concubine like China, Funi dry cleaning for consumers is washing clothes protection experts intimate and convenient, for investors to make money is a rare good project. read more

n Xiamen city won the eighth ranked supplier Pokka

electricity supplier’s hot development in the country has long been widespread flowering. But the electricity supplier in the development process, the performance of various cities out of the situation. Here in Xiamen city ranked in electricity supplier Pokka won the eighth case, we look at the specific reports.

reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Ali Institute recently released the "2015 Chinese City e-commerce development index report", published in 2015 Chinese electricity supplier Pokka city rankings, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are the top three, a total of 8 Fujian City finalists "PARKnSHOP", Xiamen ranked eighth in the country. read more

Five collection uneven Shandong girl is the nternet to buy money pit

years ago, we are holding a mobile phone by Alipay gathering Wufu, happily waiting for on the thirty night of the lottery, so, "Wu Fu" collection uneven how to do? Shandong sister online buy pit money. With the New Year approaching, mobile phone sets five "is also the hot moment" came back last year. As long as the use of mobile phone around Alipay scan "Fu", collected five "can Fu" after taking 200 million users and cash. One of the most difficult to raise the professional blessing, but also to a lot of crooks eyeing this hot spot. read more

315 exposure brush single online brush credit amazing shady

online shopping annoying and worrying, simple and easy to let the office workers can easily shopping, but the quality and consistency of the product is always unsatisfactory, which is a lot of Taobao brush produced illusion. During the 315 period, 315 exposure to a single brush, let us work together to understand the "online brush credit" shady!

read more

How to carry out the early stage of new product development

no matter which industry, can not always be conservative, in the current new era, the natural need for continuous innovation. Thus, almost every industry will have a new birth. However, if you want to come in after a new and natural sound, also need to do development work of the pre-market. After all, the quality of new products will have a direct impact on the level of economic development. The author focuses on the early work of new products listed on several views.

Problems in

new product cultivation read more

Dalian city procuratorate set up innovation and entrepreneurship service station service providers

in the process of our business, in such a society under the rule of law, dealing with legal matters very much, however, for many entrepreneurs, legal knowledge is often lacking. As a result, all over the country have begun to provide relevant institutions to provide legal services for entrepreneurs. Liaoning City, Dalian Province set up such a service station, so as to provide better service for more entrepreneurs.

following the establishment of the first Liaoning Provincial Intellectual Property Rights case handling center, the Dalian municipal procuratorate recently announced the establishment of the Dalian hi tech Zone talent innovation and entrepreneurship service station". read more

What are the secrets of Liu Xiujuan’s running cigarettes

because of the fierce competition, and now the retail business is not good to do, it is the fact that many shops are indeed subject to such distress. However, does not mean that the industry is not good business shop to do, in fact, also has a very hot business shops, such as the owner of this article Liu Xiujuan shop.

show Juan cigarette and liquor vendor "is located in Tanghe County of Henan province Qi for township hospitals 100 meters, the geographical position is superior. Shop boss Liu Xiujuan has been nearly 20 years, because Liu boss in place to customers publicity in the daily operation, expert in business, and the neighbors get along, the store business is very prosperous, so the neighbors praise. So what is the secret of Liu Xiujuan’s business? Let me talk to the boss liu! read more

What conditions need to meet the needs of AKE Burger

if you want to do catering business, but do not know what brand is good, Xiao Bian here is how odd you recommend you see Aike hamburg. Aike odd hamburger not only welcomed by consumers, but also by many relevant units of recognition, has been in the country has more than and 300 chain stores, a good brand is very worthy of joining. So what is the condition of odd Aike Hamburg to join


investment AIKE odd burger needs to meet what conditions

AIKE burger franchise conditions:

1, the franchisee must agree with the concept of brand identity, all brands, and receive a full set of operating together Aike odd Hamburg model; read more

Valuation of 25 billion Watsons is how to do

brand development, need to be recognized by the market, in order to further sublimation, which naturally can not be separated from consumers. Recently, Hongkong’s Ming Pao reported, Li Jiacheng’s Hutchison Whampoa  group (hereinafter referred to as and yellow)’s Watsons is listed on the stock market, the valuation of up to $25 billion (about $195 billion).

the first trump card: the strategic acquisition of

2000, Watsons Western Europe, the acquisition of British Savers chain; 2002 to the East, the acquisition of Holland Kruidvat group; in 2004, the successful acquisition of Drogas company in Latvia, marking the Watsons to enter the Baltic country market and the victory of
; read more

Landie Philippines Yong joined the women’s fashion personality women’s worth joining

brand women’s choice is to build our quality of life. With the continuous improvement of our living standards, our demand for women’s clothing, not only beautiful, fashion, but also pay attention to the quality of women’s reasonable choice. How Yong landie Philippines dress? Quality projects, worry free business, worthy of trust!

moment, of course is the pursuit of fashion and personality girls more, because all their informal arrangements, emphasize their individuality and out of the ordinary, show their own unique charm. Seen in this light, the fashion personality of the women believe that it will be more worthy of the future will be more broad. read more

Small capital needs more consideration

a lot of people with entrepreneurial ideas, but the funds are insufficient, this time, you should use the head to think, how to create a business with a small capital, here Xiaobian to introduce some ideas, see if applicable to you. Remember, many small business, not wasteful, be very careful in reckoning.

1: first of all to do what they are familiar with:

this is very important, any project in any industry is not three days two days can be figured out, don’t want to be too simple an industry, relevant industry experience is very important, if you are not familiar with the field, no matter how much money people not to follow suit, you may be a stepping stone to the wind others. read more

Open milk tea shop to pay attention to what problems

delicious tea not only has a good taste, nutritional value is relatively high, has been very popular products, but also entrepreneurs often choose the tea industry, the more common, in everyone’s life in the high streets and back lanes, everyone can see the figure of the tea shop. For many want to do small business entrepreneurs, to open a tea shop is also good, the investment cost is not high, the development prospects are good. Here to give you a look at the tea shop to pay attention to what issues? read more

The diversionary trick to get rich


, we have heard the word, know what it means, is the art of war, in common, often the word, as the saying goes, shopping malls such as the battlefield, the method commonly used in business field whether soldiers can use? May wish to understand.

diversion is East West, which is made from illusion, luring the enemy to make the wrong decision, and then took the opportunity to wipe out. Three, Zhu Geliang spent the war time and manpower, material and financial resources and a large number of battle, Meng Huo Zhi, only one purpose, to make it good. Because want to pacify the southwest, must first be so desire so must first longitudinal so only repeated longitudinal Menghuo, he will be convinced. Here, in order to capture the longitudinal, is to take, this is the dialectics. read more

The retail business to achieve the three

retail business is also a full of competitive business, if you want to do in place, the same pressure, therefore, only the relevant work to do in place, can guarantee the success of the retail business. So, how can we make the retail business success? Here Xiaobian to emphasize the point that needs to be done, "" phantom "propaganda to be real, hospitality to real, to be real service."

(1) publicity to be real.

I think the retail business in the daily operation, can not be separated from the effective means of advertising promotion. In fact, it is necessary to advertise themselves to attract customers. As the saying goes: "wine is also afraid of deep alley." It should be said that in today’s information society, advertising is more and more important for retail households, the role of self-evident. But some retailers in order to promote sales, often quackish in advertising so exaggerated, oversell their output of how good, how excellent quality, low prices to attract customers, in order to fully. Once the customer purchase after the quality problem is to find all kinds of excuses, or simply ignore. read more

To highlight the advantages of exquisite wonton

exquisite wonton to join the brand in the fast food industry gradually show business advantage, flagship store products and other distinctive features, rich Chinese delicacy of your choice, business is very worry! The headquarters continue to develop business advantage, hoping to attract more franchisees, do more convenient investment business.

exquisite wonton, dedicated to the inheritance and development of Chinese style restaurant, inherited and developed more than 30 kinds of wonton, as well as more than 40 kinds of rice, fried rice, cover code boutique dish and other specialty products, and exquisite products, exquisite collocation porridge tea, pure cold drinks, successfully created a delicious, fashion, characteristic professional, exquisite delicacy kingdom"! read more

The doctor Doctor venture studio to early adopters

of all walks of life are daring innovation and entrepreneurship, the medical industry is no exception. There are such a group of doctors out of the hospital, out of the system, the establishment of a private doctor studio. There is no problem in the actual operation of such a new doctor entrepreneurial projects.

has been open for half a year in Guangzhou doctor studio, joined peers only in about 100, patients are not many.

however this rhythm is within the founder Xie Rushi was not expected, medical business fast business! What really makes him feel tangled is the difference between the interests of doctors and the market. read more

Manicure stores to ensure that the service quality is the foundation

Manicure industry in recent years is a new industry, said the people’s attention, many consumers pay more attention to the development of Manicure brand, start Manicure franchise is very good, the service quality directly affects the survival of Manicure stores, this is not alarmist, operators do good shop service and quality management is essential to avoid security out of the competition, the great wealth of the long-term development of enterprises in the form of goodwill.

1, quality management is the Manicure industry because the quality of ivy consumer awareness, will put money in the hands of reason to invest in good quality, excellent service Manicure stores, therefore, Manicure franchise service quality directly affects the survival of enterprises, investment managers and quality management is the fundamental guarantee to avoid out of the competition in the long-term development of enterprises, the great wealth in the form of goodwill. read more

Slow recovery in the food and beverage industry

In the first half of

2013, the catering industry continued in 2012 at the end of the down trend, the growth rate continued to decline, facing serious challenges of declining profits, 3, April H7N9 flu epidemic is so weak growth of the catering industry one disaster after another.

Association Chinese before cooking released "analysis of catering market in the first half of 2013 and the second half of the forecast report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report"), the "report" pointed out that the first half of 2013, the development of the catering industry showing a growth rate fell sharply, picking up the emerging situation, catering enterprises showed a warm and cold business transformation upgrade accelerated situation.

959 says: the current situation of catering industry is mainly high-end food and beverage industry decline, has little effect on ordinary food and beverage industry, and now many catering industry increased the diversity in the excavation, innovation and quality have gradually strengthened, a conservative estimate of the catering market will gradually improve.

> read more

Potato snack bar to join a strong magic potatoes

snack bar, in our side has been very common delicious. For business with a small capital entrepreneur, entrepreneurial choice has the very high popularity of snacks, always have the advantage of the choice to join. How about magic potatoes? In the food and beverage market, not only has a high popularity, but also joined the magic potatoes project, or a very good choice!

magic potatoes?

Chengdu potato snack shop franchise which generally requires investment? How many money? There is no doubt that magic is the best snack potato, potato salad dressing, independent research and development of magic magic potato salad sauce, sesame sauce, potato magic sand sauce spicy sauce, potato potato magic magic desktop sweet chili sauce, tomato sauce and other characteristics of magic potato sauce French fries, potato chips, and collocation edible varieties, good taste, easy to gain more profit read more

Should you choose to repeat after the failure in the college entrance examination

said that each candidate would like to two days time to learn all of their own to play out, so that the two day to change their lives. However, in reality many times is very cruel, candidates failed in the college entrance examination is too many to count under a background, so many candidates will choose to repeat. Then, after the college exam should choose to repeat?

two days of examination, the examination of the four papers, not just a summer farewell, as well as the past ten years of youth. College entrance examination, as an important turning point in every student’s life journey, affects the hearts of generations. From the evening of July 31st, 8 points, Gansu Province, the first batch of undergraduate admission into the first batch of voluntary reporting phase, the enrollment has also started at 11 on August 1st at the beginning of two. read more

Spicy taste five pot investment

familiar with the catering industry knows, in many catering to join in the project, spicy hot pot has been more popular investment projects, of course, this one does not bother many characteristics of incense pot brand. Hot pot is outstanding five taste a spicy pot of spicy hot pot to join the brand of choice. A hot pot smell five jiamengfei? Day grain group the main push of the hot pot shop taste Youdao five projects, investment of 2-4 million yuan, three shops available, provide an excellent opportunity for the public entrepreneurship. read more

The market trend of home textile industry in 2014

with the improvement of the quality of life, people’s demand for home textiles is getting higher and higher, as the people’s quality of life of the most solid protection, the market hot. The following small series will bring you to analyze the market of home textile industry, we hope to help the entrepreneurial process.

Market Review

read more

What kind of people can open shop to make money

now with the accelerated pace of life, shopping mostly take online shopping, but not everyone is suitable for open shop, some people can not make money online shop. Online shop, really avant-garde fashion, many friends asked me, I can not shop online! I am not suitable for online shop! In fact, it is not everyone is suitable for online shop! After all, the online shop as their first career, or second career! Also according to the specific circumstances of the bar!

read more

Shop also need to have a good mentality

opened a shop, but a few customers, which for many operators could turn into something very worried, and beverages. Chairman Mao said: "the body is the capital of revolution". In the material life has been greatly improved today, concerned about health has been a common understanding of the people, as a retail household, we strive to make money, but also concerned about their physical and mental health. Only physical and mental health, we can continue to earn more money.

in the past there is a shop opposite my shop, the owner is a 62 year old father, he opened the store is at work, then reform he opened a small store, while holding a retirement pay, while running this shop. Because not too many years before the shop, his shop around and no other shops compete, he is "sell goods to the edge of death" of the "hegemony", as long as the goods sold are not returned. With flowers market relocation, near several shops, in their "replaceable and adjustable quality problems on the integrity of business competition, his shop business is bad. read more

What are some of the ways to evaluate the franchisee

a franchise in the end is not worthy of our trust, which also requires us to assess from more aspects, and then can know the answer. In short, in the venture to join, choose to join the Lord is a very important thing. In the selection of franchisees, to join the main assessment work must not be less, because only to join the main correct evaluation, in order to obtain an important basis for the choice of joining, a basis can really choose the right to join the lord. Here to introduce how to evaluate the franchisee. read more

Wonderful pie Golden delicious can not resist

catering market update quickly, there is no innovation lack of new products will soon be eliminated by the market, the wonderful volume sent as a characteristic of the burrito products, the food industry has become the evergreen tree. This not only from Chinese nostalgia of rolls, but because the attribute class rolls convenient and delicacy. It is a classic pasta pie roll rolls brand, wonderful volume fashion school rolls, subversion of traditional and Western fusion technology.

wonderful pie   Golden delicious can not resist read more

Puff times chain investment agency

How can the

food and beverage market be so much less than the dessert brand? Dessert as a development time is not long food items, with the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more popular. Time series of many varieties of puffs, delicacy almost encompasses the world’s classic Western series delicious puffs, authentic Egg Tart, American doughnuts, Hong Kong Style desserts, desktop tea, Korean meal package…… The main products are 100% of the international raw materials refined, more green, healthy, diverse taste and other prominent features. Join the puff times help you to create exclusive sweet dessert, read more

What are the current situation of online pharmacies

pharmacies can be seen everywhere, but there are still a lot of friends to develop a lot of drugs can not buy in the store, they feel that online pharmacies are relatively wide range of resources, you can better buy. So, what is the current situation of online pharmacies now? Xiaobian for everyone in detail.

, a prescription drug business cannot let online pharmacies lost the biggest cake

first blocked the development of online pharmacies is unable to operate prescription drugs.

What are the current status of read more

The successful operation of washing shop

This huge

with more and more people into the ranks of entrepreneurs to start on the road, the competition intensified, many people complain that entrepreneurship is more and more difficult, and failed, in fact, as long as you find the right approach, more learning, more practice, entrepreneurship is not so difficult to imagine, today Xiaobian for you with business the road to success washing shop, in order to bring more inspiration to you!

read more

Wuhan city will implement the 2 year flood action focus on two

heavy rain this year, not only to make the city of Wuhan suffered heavy losses, but also to the relevant departments of Wuhan recognize the lack of drainage capacity. Therefore, the relevant departments decided to carry out flood control operations. Yesterday from the Wuhan Municipal Development and Reform Commission, this year flood disasters caused direct economic losses of 1 billion 874 million yuan in Wuhan city infrastructure, the city in addition to repair the damaged facilities, will also be synchronized to start a series of flood control operations, system, enhance the city flood control and drainage capacity. read more

Obama to the best choice Hanpai meals is good without business

fast food is very popular in our life. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose to join the venture project well, is our best choice of entrepreneurial success. Obama to how Hanpai meals? Good quality, the best choice for entrepreneurship!

How to join the

Obama Hanpai meals?

now people attach great importance to the health of the food, so unique health products will win their trust. Obama to Hanpai meals is good? The subversion of the traditional, fully meet the needs of the people for the delicious and healthy, so that consumers can not only enjoy delicious, but also enjoy the delicious, nutritious and healthy! Fine, sanitary, convenient and fast to the extreme, consumers get the recognition and praise. Obama to Hanpai meals to consumers as the center, according to the different needs of consumers of continuous innovation, to bring consumers a hitherto unknown experience by consumers. read more

Yu Quangen turned to sell meat from farmers create millions of annual income

if you have a vegetable shed in the case, let you grow. So, you are all kinds of vegetables are closely related with people’s choice of life, or in the current market is very popular succulents? In this paper, the protagonist Yu Quangen made his own choice, but also created a low profit.

into the greenhouse, Yu Quangen is finishing a layer of plastic film on the ground. When the winter need to add a layer of membrane heating, to resist the cold." He pointed to the soil in the tens of thousands of trees succulents said, "meat is not afraid of low temperature, but the frost, cold, cold air can easily penetrate in at least one meter distance, and the film is a must." read more

Jiangxi college students to start business institutions 882

now there are many places in the establishment of a series of business organizations actively, the purpose is to further promote people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, give people a good entrepreneurial learning environment, but also by the whole society welcome.

10 9, learned from the Provincial Department of education, innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities in Jiangxi province has made new breakthroughs, the specialized teaching of colleges and universities to establish innovative institutions across the province reached 167, the province’s colleges and universities have 2800 Community College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial College Students founded the machine reached 882, the first half of this year to create economic benefits 160 million yuan. read more

What are the basic health care reform measures in Fujian


now good benefits, the elderly in the future to a certain age, every month can enjoy the benefits, but the difficulty is always a difficult problem, for deepening the grass-roots reform this phenomenon in Fujian province and big moves. Recently, our province issued "on the further deepening of the comprehensive primary medical and health system reform (Trial)", including "on strengthening integrated management of rural health services implementation plan" and "on chronic diseases in the city to carry out family doctor service pilot program" two accessories. Yesterday, Deputy Secretary General of the provincial government Lai Bitao, deputy director of the Provincial Health Planning Commission, the Provincial Health Planning Commission, director of the Ministry of health at the grassroots level of the above interpretation of the policy of Lai Yigang on the. read more

How to join the pie

As one of the most popular snack products,

pie is one of the most popular snack products in china. Which is the Di Di pie is a good brand to join, then Di Di pie join the need to have what conditions? What are his strengths?

is Di Di pie join condition:

1, at least 18 years of age, who will venture to Chinese legal citizens.

2, accept "Di Di pie" business philosophy, management model, comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the state.

3, with the market strain and competitiveness, can consciously safeguard the "Di Di pie" brand image. read more

Electric guitar ten brands list

With the development of

technology, the market of musical instruments is also developing. Therefore, on the basis of traditional guitar, the electric guitar is very high. Of course, as a classification of the instrument market, the market also has a lot of brands. Here, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of electric guitar list.

electric guitar ten brands list NO.1, Fanta Fender, Guangzhou fashida Instrument Co. Ltd.:

began in 1946, the United States, the ten largest guitar brand, large multinational companies, professional commitment to the production of guitar electric guitar business, the United States Fanta (Fender) musical instrument company. read more

Business needs to do a good job to buy a small ticket

now do whatever you need a small ticket, naturally there will be a small ticket purchase. Some careless boss character, a small ticket may be lost. In fact, if you want to do business, reduce losses, these small ticket can not be lost. Yesterday, a brand of sausage business salesman to my store delivery. At that time, as long as I have a box of goods, the salesman obviously unhappy: "a box?"

I said, "yes. I have already called you, let you to the delivery and transfer of goods, but you have not come, I have entered the goods from other salesman. I have here some goods have the future, can you give me change?" Originally goods will be less, but also to exchange! The salesman was a little angry: "your goods are not in our here, I can not give you change!" read more

Breakfast shop to choose the local business

for the office workers now, there is no time to do breakfast, so breakfast is generally on the road to solve the breakfast shop business is also very prosperous, unlimited potential, many people want to enter this line. Breakfast shop location is the most critical. Breakfast shop location rules, generally need to follow the following 5 site rules, so breakfast shop business is generally not bad.

1, traffic points

read more

Auto supplies stores how to spend the off season

some industries are in the off-season season said, for example, automotive supplies industry. So for auto supplies store operators, how to do a good job in the off-season? Many franchisees are not very familiar with this issue, today Xiaobian to tell you some methods, I hope to help you.

first learn to take the initiative to do propaganda. Automotive supplies store in the off-season, when the customer is relatively small, do a few pages can be distributed for a long time, please a few college students part-time, not much cost. Don’t think about how to get a quick return. Do not fight the battle without preparation, do not fight the war without propaganda, auto supplies shop only do publicity work, in order to have a good return. read more

Beauty pig raising wealth good life

in the eyes of most people, such a thing never pig and a beauty together, but this small series this is a beauty to pig, and make a real example of "rich", let countless people envy.

Li Jihong filed in Da Wo Zhen, Gao county, eight in neighbors know this capable girl.

1999 years, after graduating from high school in Li Jihong, to his father wanted to engage in large-scale breeding. After repeated investigation and study, the father and daughter decided to build pond fish. Three months later, the investment of $forty thousand or fifty thousand ponds built. After careful care of Li Jihong, six months in the past, the fish has grown to two or three pounds. read more

Bone soup pot joined the bright spot full venture capital investment

in today’s society, many people love to taste the delicious soup bones, the nutritional value of bone soup by modern people is very good, is the hot pot head of modern project, now choose to burn the bones can open up new opportunities to join the delicacy, choose to burn the bones to join, can open the infinite wealth.

health nutrition is not enough, but also pay attention to the development of the characteristics of taste, with the best taste to protect people’s needs, deeply loved. Delicious soup pot head with the simple method of instant hot, hot dishes to the world wide selection, Feng Jian optional economic benefits, not only reflects the characteristics of time saving, saving pot head, delicious, nutrition ", and also covers the China dishes mainly to taste characteristics," Feng Jian, can can be fast or slow ". read more

How to choose a location for breakfast

breakfast is essential to people every day, if you want to open a breakfast shop, where to open a better? How to choose the location of the shop? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, you want to join the shop, then come to a detailed understanding of the Advisory bar!

do a good breakfast business? How to choose the location of breakfast franchise? How much does tourist and store location, since the location is very important, so everyone in the location of what investors should pay attention to what? The first concern now family income and family status, are the main factors influencing consumer demand, purchasing power is the location must be investigated! read more

How to choose the software to start the business at home

now people want to start making money, you can choose to do at home. Can not make money out of the house, such a project area where good? What do you do at home? In fact, you can choose to recharge software agents, only needs small investment, the investment threshold is very low, entrepreneurship is very convenient.

network to facilitate people’s lives, also created a variety of possible for many people in the small business. Take charge of the software itself, because it is a virtual software, it does not need to worry about inventory backlog, the operating costs are relatively low, the most important thing is that it is very open user market. Every Internet user, is its potential customers. Therefore, with the development of the network, automatic recharge software market there are many agents and franchisees, in case it is, because of its small business cost, less investment and quick advantage, many novice entrepreneurs who agreed to become the most suitable entrepreneurial projects. read more

How to choose development project to join the broad market a good choice

actually, for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the investment development project? In this industry, the market demand of large amount of project development, and to choose a lot of advantages. Early education programs? The best choice for entrepreneurship!

joined the project early?

1, strong market demand. The reason why early childhood education can develop so fast is the strong demand of parents. Especially after 70, 80 parents, children’s education has never been stingy, and even in some areas will appear in short supply a good situation. read more

The winter scenery is no longer popular crayfish Hot pot shop

at the moment, the cold weather, crayfish is not people’s loved ones, recently, Hot pot become a new bright spot in the catering market, many of the original crayfish are changed to Hot pot shop now many businesses choose to join, Hot pot, full of business opportunities.

shops generally make only superficial changes in crayfish

to blame the lobster Drum Tower shop, for example, recently changed to do the sheep scorpion hot pot. Yesterday, strange lobster Gulou shop supervisor Ms. Chen told reporters, "the weather turns cool, Crawfish Meat thicker, flexibility is poor, so every year from March to early October to operate for several months, the rest are in sheep, fish based scorpion Hot pot." read more

Zhengzhou Airlines how to build cross border electricity supplier

With the continuous strengthening of economic globalization, the rapid development of the Internet, the electricity supplier is also in full swing in the development of

. In order to go out of the electricity supplier is very good, so many places began to build cross-border electricity supplier. So, Zhengzhou Airlines how to build cross-border electricity supplier? The following and small series of specific understanding.

as an important component of China (Zhengzhou) cross-border e-commerce integrated test area, the development of Zhengzhou airport road? July 19th, the region held a mobilization meeting of the region, 2 years to achieve cross-border electricity supplier annual turnover of $6 billion target. read more