With 5 seconds to read why didn’t you rank

don’t think user experience is: website advertising is not a good user experience, for flow station, no advertising can live? I don’t think: website rich products, introduce perfect user experience is excellent! Don’t think: I do a good website of Shanghai dragon ah, the user experience is not the difference may be

what is the user experience, how to make the user experience? For the former, ISO said: "the user experience, the user feels before, the use of a product or system during and after use, including emotions, beliefs, preferences, perceptions, physiological and psychological responses, behavior and achievement etc.." read more

Wikipedia blog Q & a stable source of traffic

a better site, but in the chain.

two, ask ourselves from a


Q & a platform relative to love Shanghai encyclopedia, drainage will be better. I say it is because of love, Shanghai encyclopedia entries are basically simple name, and Q & a platform questions many are long tail keywords, belonging to a user easier to search words, so the question will be more traffic than platform will lead to love Shanghai.

three, Sina blog


blog basically have a rating system, sina is no exception. The higher the level, the weight seems bigger and grade is determined by visitors flow IP blog site, so brush blog traffic and become a lot of things to do. Brush and blog traffic in many places, in Shanghai above the search box input Sina blog each step can find what you need. After the Sina blog brush enough grade, published articles ranking more forward. The title of the article is best with long tail keywords, and in the content in a large number of his title and take site links, so easy to blog traffic to the website. The following is the Sina blog traffic data: read more

8 22 love Shanghai algorithm after the upgrade of the chaos phenomenon

K website is innocent after recoveryThis is my

three: chaotic algorithm is really effective yet, why not fight the fight

snapshot through


: illegal websites are still strong


August 22nd love Shanghai update algorithm, 8.24 new algorithms to awesome, a large number of Web site is down right, there are also many web sites are K, which have a lot of personal blog of Shanghai dragon. The 8.25 day I deleted 2 by K Links, are individuals of Shanghai dragon blog. Love Shanghai new update algorithm in the end what? Is not really as public say, not to say, look at some of these two days of chaos phenomenon: read more

Detailed in the face of different customer groups the staff should be how to deal with

strategy: but for this customer, we also don’t worry, coping strategies is also very simple, we can make the optimization steps themselves say, as will every step out, say these are linked with time, all can be ranked in the ideal position stability if the customer, compression time, then we can only compress workload, save steps, do not say anything else, as long as it comes to this, the other will immediately say do not worry too much, after all, who want to make their money into practice. read more

Keywords love station network tool number ranking query problem

station have a website, the same function called bole, his data is more than 9000, of course because they don’t have complete data display, so we do not know whether he is water, but I believe that because the horses stood out, because love stand the pressure of competition, there may be water, because love stand before displaying the pages, and the horses shows 50 pages, so love station now also shows 50 pages, competition is good, but if because of the competition of others, this is not too good, you may be more than the loss of the user, will be the credibility. Reputation is money can not buy. read more

How to optimize the webmaster website access speed

website mostly used the form, now DIV and CSS style, but not to say that TABLE can not be used, but to optimize, such access speed and search engine optimization is good.

In fact,

English station keyword density more easily added, some Chinese station, want to add a few keywords, it is difficult to increase the density, foreign trade website is generally better than other simple website.

JS script file, some to determine the form, some to do AJAX, such as shopping cart, or view, there are many webmaster will put JS on a page, this opening will be slower, with suggestions. The JS file included in the code in the JS file, so simple and fast. The use of C, the rate of read more

Eight points on the optimization of Shanghai love


(4) frequently updated and important content should be placed on the left side of the page.

(4) to the home page in the chain to add "/" problem to be unified, plus all suggestions. Love Shanghai and default "/", that is to inform the crawler which is the same one.


(2) the first 20 words to words. The crawler to crawl the content, compare the value of the first 20 words, may be appropriate to add the anchor text links.

(1) – original content, included in the stable, gradually choose pseudo original, or even copy other web content, only to change the title and content of the 20 words can. For example, a piece of news, Sina first, Tencent, NetEase, Shanghai love will also be included. read more

Eight features of long tail keywords website details

sixth, conversion rate higher precision: search target determines a higher conversion rate. For example, users search a website where the best and cheapest intelligent mobile phone quality "of the super long term, it could be a plan to buy a mobile phone, or at least is actively looking for information, is a potential customer. And if only search "mobile phone", then it is very difficult to judge his intentions, maybe the user to download mobile phone theme.

second, the search frequency instability: there may be two days the word search time, may also have the word within 1 years only search a larger, especially the long tail word length, even within a few years can only be a search, so it has a great search frequency instability. read more

Do Shanghai Longfeng optimization optimization software necessary confidence and persistence


1. Webmaster execution

eight experience personal summary about Shanghai dragon to use tools and some of the site within the chain, mainly for some of the primary intermediate Shanghai Longfeng newcomers about personal experience, good nonsense not say. (this article in order to quickly through some website links to the end, if you need to change it, this can only say sorry)

also, the corresponding owners also have to pay time, to the right of the site was down like a railway station, don’t complain about a month without weight, two months is enough traffic no improvement, a new station to make what good grades is not easy things in two month. This need is perseverance. read more

From the website was closed to keyword ranking second rookie in only 15 days

then, non-stop, for use by the way down, the inside of the security alliance.

accurately speaking, I am not a webmaster, only the head of the company, only to understand the simple HTML, CSS do not know for what, I do not know how to use FTP. But is this, I put my collection of zero website saved in 15 days, and only 15 days. So pleased to tell you that the site was blocked, be right down, is completely a chance to breathe new life!

!The first step of

but I do not understand what ah!!! No way, first find the site before help me take a look at the master. The master said, our website is used. Do, no patch, being exploited by hanging a horse. Please help me back again, to plug the loopholes. To see the original server, spend thousands of dollars to buy the new VPS network, not use, or hanging in the virtual space, you said I was more confused ah! No way, only to clean up the old mountains and rivers, to rectify. Love Shanghai weight =0 noble baby PR=0 watch how I Quxianjiuguo, 15 days to turn over read more

Horses first diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng macroscopic and microscopic unification

network marketing as a small webmaster and website, has been to class webmaster. Shanghai Longfeng SEO as one of the most important part of network marketing, website and search engine is a game between a battle of wits. From the "content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence circle popular proverbs can be found for the importance of Shanghai Longfeng station. Although the internal factors play a decisive factor, the website operation is the core content to do good business products and services. But the role of external factors to internal factors, plays a key influence on the internal cause. If the air content and products and services, but no display window, it can realize the value of the site. Is not afraid of deep alley, valuable natural site users in a continuous line. But can not deny the role of Shanghai dragon. First of all, do better will be the site of Shanghai dragon show out, in the operation of a good case for more traffic Why not?; secondly, the search engine as the entrance of Internet users on the Internet, even if your site can do "live", but the Internet competition is fierce and cruel, he is likely through the website of Shanghai dragon seize the opportunity, perhaps competitors’sites do without you, but through effective optimization of Shanghai dragon is likely to row in front of you; in the new era of the Internet, increasing the role of Shanghai dragon. read more

Five practical methods of crack love Shanghai Shanghai dragon maze optimization

space group with the most general station from the United States, of course, but also from Hongkong, if the station group of more than 200, then each space can put four or five sites, the stability of the space that is a must, otherwise can not open the site every two or three days, it is difficult to obtain the favor of search engine, of course, for the station group and others as far as possible not to use the same space, if there is a problem, may involve all of your websites, which brought huge losses to their own read more

Common mistakes in using robots txt website

reprinted from the free blog, Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝/1193.html

error of 2.Disallow command and the Allow command not to slash "/" at the beginning.

write robots.txt and introduce rules of misunderstanding and noble love Shanghai baby robots tools, introduces several mistakes in robots.txt file rule, and found it not only that, there are a lot of people do not pay attention to the mistakes.


should be Disallow: /123.html, so as to shield the /123.html file, this rule can take effect. read more

Do the matters need to pay attention to the long tail keywords

to do the long tail keywords for a certain period of time the webmaster friends should have been very familiar with the word, the word around is the page title, Keywords tag and description tag, content page, other pages. Said the popular point is in the website editor to publish content, we have to do the long tail words appear in the title; keywords and description tags to long tail keywords, remember this place don’t pile up, to show the natural phenomenon; then the content page appears long tail words, generally at the beginning and end of each one is the best on average, distributed in the content page, the appropriate time can use the word segmentation skills, such as "celebration" the keywords in the content, the distribution density of etiquette and ceremony is also very important; the other page appears long tail words, the other is the site of the page can be a two directory, and breadcrumb navigation. read more

Do stand growth of the summary of the old and new domain name

station growth regularity of the old and new domain name

text >

in the more than 10 sites, the old domain accounts for most of the old domain, do stand characteristics comparison is BD long, about 2-3 weeks, 2-3 weeks is to examine it, if a good grasp of the website ranking, very easy to do, if not good, like chicken ribs and tasteless gesture. So in this 2-3 weeks, the old domain name do stand should pay attention to what people think there are two points, original + the chain. 1, must be original, pseudo original too; 2, the number one article a day, not much; 3, the chain focus on high quality, quantity can be more, after all, is the old domain, new words in a month outside the chain growth is best not too fast. As long as you pay attention to these three points, then after 2-3 weeks, weight will be the site quickly up, then basically every day snapshot of the day, the day basically will be included. The above is a personal station on the old domain summary of the inadequacies please Paizhuan, will be more about the details of the method and to share with you. read more

Crazy black hat Shanghai dragon with the dark chain loss of search engine ranking


2. the link character reached infinitely small, invisible to the naked eye.

1. by setting the display property to none that links the invisible information.

let the surprise, the.

4. via the link location, which links appear to the visible screen, achieve the dark chain effect.

3. the link character and web page background color of the same or similar to the link is not visible.

said the dark chain, everyone will think of "crush"!, but here we have to say is not "love" but "dark chain". Dark chain called "black chain". Attack behavior hackers implanted in the page dark chain called dark chain attack". read more

The painful transformation of stationmaster’s money makingHang a song easy to earn 100 yuan flying

is the last Limited advertising now filled with hanging is mother Oh nice if not flashy without substance suggest stationmaster advertising money it put some advertising alliance flow so you can grow your own website and is not always to see the foot of the place that a few pence to care for this and lose that

?If hang a song, easily earn one hundred yuan flying advertising alliance

if you have music website

if in your home to hang our designated songs

can according to your website scale,

every song for you to pay the cost of 50-500 yuan read more

Feng Xiaohai founder of the full house network announced his departure from Suning for future vent

sea memory bosom friend, if the world is near. Although there is a difference, but you still. Maybe one day we’ll meet again and ignite each other’s passions. I will cherish the splendid view of climbing the summit together. Thank you all the way.

technology news Le Tian February 18th news, science and technology Tencent was informed today, full network founder, former general manager of Suning life Services Division Feng Xiaohai recently released internal e-mail announcement, did not disclose the reason for leaving and going. read more

nstallment shopping website alliance is still far away from the webmasterThe hardest job in the his

however, the author believes that college students open shop entrepreneurs are not as imagined, we will need to have the "three".

has difficult employment problems for college graduates every year, but it seems particularly sad this year. Ministry of education previously data show that in 2013 the size of the national college graduates will reach 6 million 990 thousand, an increase of 190 thousand people over 2012, once again set records.

e-commerce threshold is low, entrepreneurial survival rate is high, start-up funds less and flexible form, operators do not have too much for goods hoarding, product distribution is not out of distress. Sounds like opening an online business is really a better choice than finding an old college graduate. read more

Li Xiang third start up car and home founded 10 months financing over 2 billion 500 million valued


how did he do it,

what is the search engine search engine? search engines is on the Internet information resource collection system, then for your query, it includes information collection, collation and information query of three parts. The search engine is a "search" to provide information service for your website, the use of certain procedures on the Internet of all classified information to help people in the vast sea to search the needed information.

then, I did one thing in the third quarter of 2015, which was to recruit partners. this is something I a person repairer must be to do. What I need is not a subordinate, but a partner who plays the pillar role like me. We need four pillars to support the business. I can sell the car myself, manage the consumer, and we need a pole to develop the car from start to finish, and someone to start with, and someone to deal with. So I need to find three other partners. read more

Perfect Taobao customers to promote money trick90 boss entrepreneurship is more difficult than work


3, choose a good promotion method of your own. About Taobao customers to promote the online articles and posts can be said everywhere, but not necessarily in the trial of every Taobao guest, I recommend is to promote the optimization of SEO, although the effect is relatively slow, but it is the most practical and stable.

speak with the facts, the following is my www.dg008.net income, we refer to the next station to a little bit of power, Taobao guest promotion master on the detour,

enterprise is not as "simple, good ideas need to get recognized by the market is really good; the perfect scheme may encounter many small problems that can not be predicted, these are all entrepreneurs have not thought of before difficulties." Speaking of the experience of starting a business, He Yuhao, the big boy who graduated in 2011, first heaved a long sigh. "When the first venture did not graduate, when the buy site quickly, with other people to do cooperation to buy, and soon will encounter a large number of closure of buy site." He Yuhao recalls, after the first venture failure, the Spring Festival back to Foshan new year, met Foshan college students incubation base started, so with the students created the present "network screw"". read more

Analysis of the pros and cons of several commonly used advertising alliancesHow can the local talent

3. Asia friendship alliance

, did you hold on until the end,

good idea is to have a good sales team, the only way to sell ideas to achieve the realization of the internet. Take me for example. I’m in SEO, and the website is mine, but I’m not good at sales, so I found two partners

pulled so much and pulled the conversation away. Introduce myself first, I was in Zhumadian talent network address: 463000.cn/ technician, our website in 2010 March began to set up by the end of 2010 August, just over 5 months, the talent pool of more than 3500 people, the recruitment of enterprises reached more than 1500, the VIP of about 100 companies, sales revenue of 30 thousand yuan about. In this article I wrote on our website, and write such detailed data is not propaganda, I just want to give what the upcoming talent network business friends to share what experience, please do not use this article as a soft look, I write and not write our website ranking or whether income is you can not believe, you can check. In view of the operation of local talent networks, I have the following views for your reference: read more

When the webmaster loves shlf1314 AdsenseCheater trick is too arrogant SMS trap case exposure


TV online network www.tvk6.cn feeds

station is "sensitive", at sh419 alimama, said loudly: "GG is the world’s mother", but "there will be a space for one person in your emperor’s harem". The most understand GG, it is easy to find her vulnerability, and most owners do not understand the GG, do not know what she would freak; stationmaster is sweet, sweet when you think you have GG such a bosom friend is happy, not what harder, but GG can be generous; stationmaster is poor, GG when you get rid of her often rely on you, let a person heart". And GG never makes any explanation, because interpretation is cover. read more

Beware of our world alliance irrefutable evidence talk Second closures sharing bikes 3Vbike on t

server owners have installed traffic statistics? In May 6th, golden week Internet climax has passed, my UUSEE income is only 70 yuan, in May 7th only 2.80, "our world" why so shameless, always take the past things? The golden week is over. It’s over. Why?

eighth days: 2.80 tens of thousands of IP…
ninth days: 2.80

: 37.60  the first day; because on the afternoon, so I like this is also quite satisfactory: 178.40 second
fourth days: 81.20 read more

Do sh419 theme promotion experienceWangzhuan experience share several suitable for new Wangzhuan

2 paid publicity information

1.2 what kind of station can apply for sh419 business?

of course, you are applying for sh419 alliance search business currently has search business, theme promotion, Internet cafe business, four software business, search business is the lowest threshold in the sh419 alliance. This is not the search business is not making money, according to my friend and I experience a single click on the price of the search business can reach 0.2RMB but because many web traffic from sh419, so the user will rarely let sh419 search box, so click on the search box is generally very low, but once the user has to click on that, so search ore price is high. What is more important is to let sh419 search box that you stand in a shorter period of time, such as the station of a page B put the sh419 search box, then it box page A more attention than the sh419 block caused no search. This extends for everyone. If your site is full of GG ads, you may not like sh419, read more

Suspend the promotion notice ad4all cool music box productsOn 2016 inventory of nternet community f

Hello! Advertisers koowo decided on 01 2008 08 August Tuesday to suspend the promotion koowo products, by the end of the day before the cost of clearing up, please switch to other products


more League information goes on: top.admin5/u


also, I put the JS code of advertising alliance member such as not to replace the ad code, I will put all the alliance through the background koowo advertising alliance I switched to Windows master system optimization software, the software is divided into customized, priced at 6 yuan / L, I will for you automatically put open permissions this product, you can view our platform next to the day before the product return. read more

Minor mistakes made by novices during the process of making money onlineSince the star interview ser



Yao Junfeng: probably in the 2013 New Year’s day, I decided to enter the Internet until 2009 2003 I left the Internet industry into traditional industries, for four years the industry feel very tired, is a kind of industrial exercise industry, to cope with a large number of people and things every day, you almost don’t have much time to calm down heart to think about this and the Internet industry are very different, and in 2013 the entire mobile phone industry by the impact of the electricity supplier is very large, the traditional store chain life was very difficult, so in 2013 the last day I decided to go back to the Internet industry. read more

Novice to do Amoy two months Chong drilling processHow to analyze the grassroots webmaster Wangzhuan

we want to engage in Wangzhuan.

! So for

at this time, the Internet bigwigs and their immediate disciples have a lot of money, but also in the process of sharing, by many other master, and successful practice, when the master apprentice who will join them, slowly in the Wangzhuan are more and more people, making money effect gradually become weak however, the project of the higher threshold will become increasingly low, resulting in the expansion project of the higher

Wangzhuan project

              this has played a major role in my impact drilling. Since it is a personal website with limited manpower and financial resources, it is impossible to invest money in advertising. Therefore, it is necessary to maximize the stickiness of the website to customers, that is to say, the rate of return. Among them, I think the most important thing is credibility. I have a characteristic, is the recommended types of goods is not much, but in the recommendation before, I will find a lot of information screening, many shops, valuables or even to buy their own trial, in order to ensure that the store is safe and reliable, the quality of the products can be trusted only after customers to recommend, so there are a lot of in the course of contacts repeat, feel good service, with mutual trust. read more

Talk about why the P picture stand within a few days and tens of thousands and why so much revenue

address: ads8.net/

has been for many years in the Internet, this is the truth, but also engage site for many years, this is the truth, but the site’s IP did not engage in more than one thousand, ten thousand. They’re all blind.

picture station? In the promotion of contact more, every kind of, is candid, is self, in fact I also met in college at such sites, only weak have always felt that this picture is definitely belongs to * *, we like this upright man, how could you do this kind of thing. It’s a joke! Remember that a friend in China it, bbs.chinaqing.net posted a three point picture, I was educated for three days and nights, he said we need to flow with the forum, need popularity, but absolutely can not engage in * *.
read more

Network gaming member January up to earn 800 dollarsFrom 3 poor people to 25 billion dollar companie

at that time there was an international designer conference to be held in San Francisco, the hotel supply is in short supply. Joe had an idea, said in the message: Hey bro, I think of a way to earn extra money to our apartment into a bed and breakfast accommodation, in 4 days of meetings, for designers to provide wireless network, small desk, inflatable bed and breakfast! Haha! < / p>

Cui Bowen, a solicitor at Liaoning’s integrity law firm, thinks, ">

with the increase of online game player, called a "gaming" rooting industry development in Shenyang, there was a "game studio" specialized business paid for playing games. read more

Comments on how many domestic alliances can be done at the momentOn how to increase the download spe

                because of the larger PowerWord download package, please Adsense below the download button prompts the user to use the download related connection: http://s.cp.iciba/2007/down_help.html thunder, FlashGet FlashGet Download help.

                                                                                                                      nbsp;                                                         Kingsoft read more

T2c general manager Dan Jun in the third media industry forum on the speechStudy site three profit m

the afternoon of October 17, 2007 by rich media technology provider interaction holding group hosted the third media industry development forum "in Beijing Chinese Hotel ended. The forum has been widespread concern and support China Advertising Association, Chinese Internet association, international and domestic large brand enterprises, major advertising agencies and website, positive response and more than 500 industry professionals, invited guests involved in the industry fields, most of the record. In addition, the forum is based on network advertisement market segmentation, network advertising technology industry chain development of multi-level, multi field, multi structure as a clue, from different angles, advertisers, advertising agents, network media, advertising creative and technology provider, analyzes the current situation and development trend of network advertisement. read more

Will the individual Taobao be a shooting star Who hurt TaobaoQuirky not strange social innovation pl

In fact, Taobao

when many large websites into Taobao customers, for small owners, there are two ways to make their own can still get a decent profit space, it is less a multi station group, through a series of websites to monopolize a product of long tail key words, so as to realize baichuanhui in the sea is magnificent, but it also requires grassroots webmaster has considerable strength, and can be quite a team of operators, the other is the grassroots path, but this method is difficult as can be imagined so those without innovation Taobao!, in the double squeeze large portal and station group, naturally it is difficult to succeed! read more

B2B platform charge mode maintaining the status quo originalJingdong Ali Amazon the world’s large

electricity supplier story is always similar.

the two companies in their respective channels at the same time in addition to electrical appliances product promotion, online and offline prices, logistics strategy also promised to "morning, afternoon to buy", in the promotion of Tmall appliances bought, near Suning stores will be the same day delivery. Tmall and Suning launched a list of 3C appliances based on online consumer data, and also hung Suning stores in major cities such as North, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and hangzhou. read more

Are you still wasting your time doing meaningless business t feels good to see it From e commerce p

you think the Internet business, but the starting point where? With this question on the sh419 search and many programs, teach you how to do, thinking how to think, to see how Taobao vision… Is the fire to do with Taobao, WeChat is the fire to do with WeChat, APP follow the trend to do.. APP… Followed by promotion, knowledgeable sh419 tell you once again, need to learn SEO, you need to spend money to buy PPC, need to write original articles…… congratulations imperceptibly has entered the giants have to give you good cloth in the maze. We look at the news every day, see the listing of Ali, Tencent’s WeChat, millet mobile phone, but can not see the giants behind the plan. Every day you can see the media report analysis of the strategy of developing giants on the Internet, but the news is actually put out to the media giants soft promotion. The Internet is full of exaggeration and falsehood. Everyone in this environment, think you’ve figured out the Internet, but inadvertently be giants led by the nose. read more

To the Webmaster want to succeed man must have vision

the need for men, talent, courage, perseverance, opportunity, and such platitudes have not been discussed. The network game achievement Chen Tianqiao, but if Chen Tianqiao hadn’t hooked on the game, he can also find other business ideas, because the key is not his fancy stuff, but he has a unique vision of penetrating.


has a unique vision, Chen chose the state-owned enterprises. As of 1997, the Department of economics at the Fudan University. He was hot, and no other good students, foreign companies into the envy of everyone. Although no one knows his true thoughts at the time, but he later in the Lujiazui group of the way up, but the fact that the talent concentrated place, also inevitable waste of talent much, the same, the same gift, you in desperate state than in foreign talent together have more opportunities. Chen Tianqiao is a mature and stable is not consistent with the age of the body, in addition to an old head on young shoulders nature, presumably occupies an important position in the large state-owned enterprises has also taught him a lot of people work for proper restraint. read more

CNZZ webmaster statistics understand the user behavior realize website optimization

user behavior analysis is the basis of website optimization. In the acquisition and analysis of user behavior data, with the help of third party professional analysis tools, it can get twice the result with half the effort. Expert analysis CNZZ domestic senior webmaster statistics data "(for personal webmaster) and" panorama statistics "(for businesses and enterprises), to data report, graphic form of multi dimension show visitors behavior characteristics, especially the" page access track "and" hot "two big functions, specifically give direct insight into the visitors trajectory. read more

Social era is still King flow can not bring traffic to three parties must die

two examples

1, last year, 3 and April, Twitter released its own platform plan, @Anywhere, an ambitious plan, where the @ symbols in any web page can dock with Twitter. A year later, @Anywhere died down, and promotion difficult, Retweet and Connect which is like a raging fire button.

2 and Google developed OpenID a long time ago. OpenID’s vision is also ambitious, and on an open, shared platform, the site uses a ID. Unexpectedly, within a short period of time, OpenID was fully replaced by later Facebook and Twitter’s Connect. read more

SNS by what victory

SNS what does



recently landed in the country, found a strange phenomenon, we are desperately buying and selling friends, commonly known as the sale of slaves". This function at home is estimated to be modeled on happy friends’ buying and selling patterns.

from overseas friends trading function, can improve some members of the fun, but also let some members dislike, I still did not understand the sale of friends of the rules of the game, the sale of friends in the real society is not, even if there is a disguised form of betrayal. As if the Internet has created a virtual world for people, that is, ethical relations can be reversed. read more

Structural construction of three steps in website construction

website construction is a very complex project. From the big point of view, it can be called the continuity of biology, and it is the concentrated expression of engineering. Since the emergence of the web, it has been directed toward the evolution of man himself. Like a raging fire Web3.0, all people-oriented, user experience has always been in the first place. Not only the beauty of appearance, but the outer shell. This is the biggest difference between Western websites and Korean websites. Of course, I don’t mean Korean websites have no time to use. Specifically, most foreign websites can cross platform operations, PDA, mobile devices and so on, while South Korea’s Web site is not only that. The website is the best embodiment of Web2.0, so the construction of the website also embodies the variety of web2.0. read more

Talking about several operators

just look at users of several operators in the era of the 3G operation of the views and opinions can be came the interest on this topic, want to share with you, after graduation has been engaged in the work of telecom industry group business, there is no peer discussion, especially in the treasure of a paste.

said the first move, the most powerful mobile enterprise framework construction and human resources team, mature operation, perfect backstage service and support, although it took a card appears to be the most smelly, but we must clearly understand that team and talent is decided to the West and development of the fundamental. The other is not to say, GSM in the foreseeable future will still use a lot, bring cash flow can make fast moving across the TD into LTE, so not to mention the mobile TD technology and introduces the TD support business, telecom Tianyi also quite well, not to mention CDMA, just to mention the Internet mobile phone. read more

Operating flow analysis of local gateways two application flow and activity marketing flow

two, application traffic advantages, disadvantages, errors and ways to obtain


A, through the application channel can be exclusive or unique solution to the user’s problems, so the user viscosity is high, so that the site traffic is more stable,

, B, application channel advertising value is high (industry advertising is very easy to launch),

C, application traffic can enhance the site brand


, A, application traffic has its user base, so the user range is narrow, traffic will reach a certain stage will stop. read more

Do three years of wind and rain our common experience

in 2010, has been in the past month, time is really fast, Qiazhiyisuan, Zhang Ning also passed its three years is gradually to grow, and this growth, cannot do without you, the netizens and the webmaster of Zhang Ning network support


as the saying goes, "everything is difficult at the beginning.". Yes, one day in May 2008, Zhang Ning network (then called Zhang Ning personal network) static version of the page was quietly established, then with the primary and junior high school learning site site building technology began the construction process. I didn’t know anything at that time…… What ASP, PHP, ASP.NET, even the most basic HTML is not clear, do not know how to upload (i.e. FTP upload), do not know the importance of the domain name, yes, I was in some aspects of the technology that is very detailed, but the site is still a novice a green hand. read more

To do a website has a power called persistence

remembers having read a passage, "is it easy to carry a glass of water? Of course, a healthy person can do it.". If you hold the glass for 10 minutes, you must be numb. If you don’t move for a month, then you must be doing art. If it does not move for 10 years, you will become a cultural relic and become a national treasure.

yes, the easiest thing is to succeed as long as you stick to it. On the other hand, if you don’t stick to it, it will definitely fail. Some cadres on the job conscientiously, strict with oneself, never corrupt, when to retire soon because it once did not hold, get the results of wanjiebubao. A star full of wit, DeYiShuangXin, rejected all temptations, but one did not hold on to a certain sex scandal, the ruin. Conversely, some cadres can be promoted by the relationship, a computer that is not too busy, but with decades of corruption rash and too much in haste, getting old to think about their own the doings, felt sorry for the party, I’m sorry people, so they decided to wash her hands, then he left into the classroom of the day is not far away. A star can not sing, not to play, but all kinds of gossip, let him every day into the entertainment headlines, but we certainly don’t hate him, he has his own unique charm, all for him to appear in advertising business is too busy to attend to all. One day, he met the fate of his life, so he changed his style, got married and had children, and his star road expired. The cruel black boss must have died at the moment when he began to be kind, and greedy drug dealers often missed the last time he decided to take his hand. read more

nternet products should not be ten major technical kidnapping

impossible; difficult; you do not understand the technology; this function should be placed in the two phase to do; to do, but need time; stop the project, I’ll do it for you…… If you often hear that technology said, you are likely to have been kidnapped, then you want to function, as long as the technology that can not be that game.

1, the correct selection of

– website development, must be a technology cattle, like a Frankenstein like people, the best for the realization of a function can be two days without sleeping master. Never find an expert such as a senior architect. In fact, such people don’t even have the simplest functions. read more

nternet business success nternet start ups profit model

Internet is known as "the paradise of entrepreneurs". It is very popular for people to set up a website to start a business. At present, because of the requirement of making a website needs to have the technology is not high, the existing website development tools can easily build a website, and also in the process of website promotion, learn a lot of useful knowledge. Many friends want to build a website, but they can’t find a good starting point, so they always stay in the "dream" stage. read more

Discussion on website operation and maintenance of small and medium enterprises

website operation and maintenance, nothing more than do two aspects of work: update and promotion. But the implementation is far from being so easy. Many enterprises in the scaled website site, after Everything will be fine. CEOs seldom ask, is responsible for site management departments, no one know how to maintain the basic knowledge, the main function of this website is probably the name card with a WWW of the "Internet" sign in to the name card customers is almost level, also suddenly arise spontaneously trust italy. It would be nice to have such an effect. read more

Eat a mouthful and stand on each side


, I wrote an article about "eating a mouthful, standing up to do it one by one", and that’s what I remind myself of. Do we do every day there are a lot of ideas, want to do a lot of a lot of websites, their programming is very good, so when do it often is not ready in the first of the two on the line, and then is the third of fourth. In this way, the greater the site, their own energy, even the first one did not do well, to the last one did not do well, they are still very tired. read more

End of the League era grassroots Adsense road where

recently in the webmaster together, a friend called sighed GG advertising revenue to seven thousand or eight thousand January a few months ago, now less than one thousand, IP did not fall, but income fell! There are many webmaster friends is to Mongolia Little League, white people to do a few months advertising, a penny collection no, Ali Baidu also began to adjust the policy, once brilliant grassroots webmaster do not know what


website has no secret, unlike two or three years ago, saw a station that will be very great, now many, the competition is big, many stations have no other sources of income, can only rely on a variety of advertising alliance, but now the alliance business is not good, so also in lower prices below, the webmaster do not, do not do is income not read more

Some ideas about community operations

has recently done a few communities, and basically each is on the right track. It seems promising, but not so clear, so here I want to say what I think of the community. First of all, we have a misunderstanding about the community, one problem is why other people come, and the second question is what others do.

why do people come here? My experience tells me that, first, the visual sense of this community is very good and that members will come in because of visual attraction. The two is that the site is very warm and consistent with his style, and the members will be integrated into the atmosphere because of the good atmosphere of a website. The three is interesting, here we say that the content is necessary, but it is not important and, if a community atmosphere is very good, natural content interesting, but a community of interesting content is not able to draw a good atmosphere. So the content of the web site is an indicator of the atmosphere, but not the content. read more

What is the reason for Google’s huge profits

money easily becomes a target. Just like the recent bustle of the real estate industry: the report of the Academy of Social Sciences and the debate among real estate businessmen. I suddenly want to stand in the real estate trader’s point of view: the report of the Academy of social sciences is too arbitrary.

in the same way, the Internet and knowledge economy also have huge profits, such as Google. So there are paper media people accused Google theft, and experts have established a mathematical formula to explain the "stealing" logic. read more

The difference between pro test independent P and shared P

has been in the online said IP has the advantage of independent richly endowed by nature in the establishment of the time, this advantage can be said to be very obvious, but long always thought is hearsay, but not verified. Therefore, a month ago, in order to verify the authenticity of this legend, my younger brother, I deliberately made a test, and the test results naturally can be said to be very obvious.

, please look at the first two pictures:

please see above a few pictures, these pictures is a shared IP site of Baidu I founded in three months ago included, three full months included although constantly upgrading, but to enhance the speed is too slow, so far, three months included a total of 57 a page, have to say this is too little. read more

Website operation how to build a website with viscosity

users are the highest value, whether the site or product, because it can produce value, do not say first is also paying users free users (for products), as an operation is to free to pay, to pay to the two consumer that is, value-added services, it has a huge user groups for Tencent, QQ is free for users, but the use of a series of additional services to allow users to pay for the purchase, the problem is how to use value-added services to allow users to stick to your website or product, back say improve user viscosity problem. read more

Site optimization of outward first article

what is the outward first, you should also be what the meaning of this proverb, and use our website optimization on how to understand our personal site on the body should be


here refers to the internal and external, definitely refers to the outer link

a site internal optimization often than external optimization will function more, you even more, to attract the search engine spiders to climb up your stand. A look — Summary of garbage sites, the two way is still the same, as well as the contents and structure of messy, after the spiders to your site will slowly lose confidence in. read more

Teach you to build a profitable local factory network Part one

the Jiaxing plant site (http://s.www.jiaxingcfw.cn) knocked out a word, not copy any content in you have seen after, have little talent and less learning, feel in writing is OK, you clap, if you think this is too small for pediatric, then please criticism of one or two

our goal is to create a profitable local factory information website


one. Preparation:

building workshop network, first of all, we need to determine the site program, you can use classification procedures or property type site modifications, basically meet the needs of our factory network. Of course you have money can buy a house or a custom network program. Secondly, looking for information sources, this does not need to say more, Baidu you know. Finally, begin the modification of LOGO design and other related pictures. Such a workshop will be out of the network, and then we began to officially start, read more