How to analyze whether a site was hung black chain attack

site was hung black chain attack, indicating that the site safety coefficient is low, generally for more bugs on site we often say that the BUG, or the site admin password is too simple to.

built in today’s Web site, usually using some open source CMS system, such as: PHPCMS system and DEDECMS system, imperial CMS system and so on, open source systems shall be in the website building is simple, convenient and fast, but if it is not good for the two time development, there will be a lot of BUG. Behind the site in the process of operation is likely to be some grey industry the attack site get in by every opening hung black chain. read more

Love Shanghai to search the deep degree of communication within Shanghai site into the dry cargo sec

at the event, Li Jian made a deep introduction of second-hand car industry Li Jian said: in the era of rapid development of second-hand car, second-hand car electricity supplier industry C2C model is more suitable for entrepreneurs to model, but the need for a long time of accumulation, and service to achieve the ultimate brand can be accepted by the user trust everyone, the car is an example of this in C2C mode, by selecting a series of "shielding" pit car traders, and the vehicle strict quality supervision read more

Liu Dan change the title will not be right down to a Nirvana

of course, if the site weight is high enough, then the revision brings is lower, this method is more for the site weight is not very stable, and that complaints do not be too frequent, to finish all complaints, and this cycle is generally not more than one day.


based on this consideration, in the new test, two sites at the same time the title changes, and greater efforts to first revision. After the change, immediately to the Shanghai love Complaint Center snapshot complaints website, because love Shanghai provides snapshot complaints function immediately makes you a snapshot of the update to the current state of the new. If no accident, after the revision of the home long after the complaint can be directly over the natural included love Shanghai or drop right, and direct capture included and release. read more

To improve the user experience of the site let more users love you stand

in today’s society, no matter what the industry, pay attention to a "service", we must not only their own products, better service, so that it can be recognized by the user by consumers love.

page of the website should be beautiful

!The authenticity of the

is also very important.

like Taobao, Taobao compared to some other shopping sites more comprehensive, which settled a lot of businesses, industries involved in a wider, more comprehensive, and the drawback of poor management, how to ensure that businesses are able to tens of thousands of enthusiastic service for customers! So Taobao introduced the function of the user the evaluation scoring, is the credibility of the shop, I believe there is a certain understanding of Taobao’s reputation of the shop to know the importance of it, some time ago, Taobao executives in order to eliminate private interests and sentenced to prison Taobao credibility tainted things you should have heard of this, I do not have to say, Taobao is so important to the credibility of the main the reason is the value of "service" two words, only good service, in order to develop for a long time. read more

Little brother webmaster in 2009 using SEO 11 kinds of methods to make moneyMa Huateng if start my

black brother summed up the use of SEO to make money three modes.


CE: what’s the slogan of "connecting everything"? What’s your background? How do you think about the prospect of WeChat’s connection?

2. high-end training

why is Ma Huateng so low-key? In the "know almost", this is the "pony brother" related to the most popular topic, the answer is 90. But the best answer is not here, but from Yu Liang, President of Vanke, "he’s a engineering guy and he speaks very quietly.". A really powerful person can make little noise." read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform VP Forum Mobile Web site optimization of dry cargo sharing

5, on the optimization of mobile site:

A5 station network April 30th news, April 28th, Shanghai love Webmaster Platform "VIP Forum – Mobile Website Optimization practical tutorial" lecture in Beijing, full understanding of love for Shanghai mobile search included, database building and related content adaptation. People贵族宝贝.cn, A5 nets, chain home network, eLong nearly 50 people from all walks of life quality site technical responsible person to participate, have said very fruitful, solve the doubts and problems encountered in the work of many. read more

Love Shanghai website is changing all the time and walk the road of the brand is the best choice

first "navigation type search" at least second "Q type search" 4 to 5 times.


overall, real data is:

3, product search. Is the search for a specific product or something. As the search for "Lenovo G460", "free mailbox", "Benz 500" etc..

The following is the

this question, I asked a lot of people, but so far no one answer is that I mentioned above. On the 1, 2, 3, three kinds of search, search by size sorting, most row order is: 3> 2> 1, but the actual situation is: 1> 2> 3. read more

Liu Jun the construction of the chain twelve must see practical rules

is the best links to other sites to give you your vote, you don’t have to go back to the link, link. Such heartfelt sure your website link is the real high quality links.

website ranking will be found, ranked number before the anti chain is often not behind the number, it can be seen, and there is no direct relationship between the number and site ranking. Keywords link is often better quality from a web site ranking. It seems that we webmaster do in the chain not to do high quality anti chain, patient. So what kind of link is a good link? Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun on this issue on the quality of the link judgment standard. read more

Love on Shanghai on 2013 website operation suggestions

two, the structure of the station to the attention of the

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform recently published on the Internet market analysis report, China’s 2012 PC end website showed steady growth, and the rapid development of the mobile terminal, but from the current market volume, the market is far greater than the PC end mobile terminal. Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform shows the development status of China’s Internet through detailed market data, in 2012 are summarized, and a detailed plan for the 2013 plan, we can according to the latest changes in love in Shanghai so as to develop a user experience and help us improve the site’s behavior, and to make it more in line with love Shanghai requirements, so that our website ranking is better, more show to the user. Then love Shanghai in 2013 what is dynamic, and can bring us what inspired? Look at the first, and then analysis. read more

Love Shanghai thrown out a few blocks in the opponent to identify key words correlation

relevance judgment between the quality of a search engine is extremely important, the judgment standard of several search engines is completely different, I compare the market several mainstream search engines, found that the difference is very large. Only love in this area in Shanghai to do the best, Sogou do not, 360 is the worst, this can not blame people, because people still started relatively late, we should give it some time. Google from the point of technology is to understand Chinese lost to love Shanghai, people is foreign Chinese, can understand. This study can be a keyword when several words, of course in the keywords characteristics in such a similar word, we should find the word, I make a website at present, will encounter this situation, to share with you the following. read more

The chain construction site Shanghai why my love skills change the page title

today site website domain name, found an interesting thing, that is love Shanghai in the search list to change a "my" title (title), in fact, this is not the first time to see the impression, in the last two weeks have seen the situation, then felt a little strange. Due to see again, so I can study how this is going on, and hope to get some inspiration from the Shanghai dragon.



in this case to see, Shanghai love think a page’s title (title), and the source link description are closely related, so we all know that allow all doubt, the chain is very important link text. read more

Chicken a Shanghai dragon interview how wonderful a problem

he is a resume in 51job, then the other company message about him to the interview, in place of Changsha. The other is a portal site classification, and people network similar to the 58, a team in the operation, this is the recruitment of ordinary Shanghai Longfeng Commissioner, after several weeks, finally arrived at the company, from 2 in the afternoon into the company, the call waiting in the Rest Area, until 4:30 in the afternoon, there has been no friend asked during the interview arrangement, two times. read more

Shanghai dragon core operation details 1 page optimization settings

every webmaster all know, a web site in order to get a good ranking in love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon web page optimization plays a decisive role. So, how are we going to do about the optimization of the website of Shanghai dragon skill set, to comply with the Shanghai dragon optimization of very good state? Take this opportunity, with their years of experience in Shanghai Longfeng, exchange and share.

home page title (Title)


if we make love Shanghai’s ranking, the page title (Title) is very important, now Shanghai Longfeng community popular with such a sentence: "wrote the title page, your ranking is half done." of course, this sentence is a bit exaggerated, because of love, the sea ranking algorithm is very complex. Don’t just write a simple page title can get good rankings. However, this sentence is really love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the "marrow", because the love of Shanghai and Google search engine, love Shanghai for each web page title (Title) very seriously and sensitive, Google on this label is not very care about. It can be said that now, so love Shanghai for each web site keywords ranking according to appear in the title page is one of the keywords to decide, and often heard that some owners in the modified title page (Title) after Shanghai, love is not included, or loved Shanghai down the right, or is love sea K station this kind of thing, is entirely possible, because love Shanghai on this label is too sensitive, if we modify the frequent home page title (Title), will seriously affect our ranking, love Shanghai will have it that our website is still not stable enough is not mature enough, can not provide long-term and stable service and demand. As users may also make love, Shanghai search engine mistakenly believe that your website is intended to cheat the user’s behavior, so Shanghai will love your site to give the corresponding drop right. Fine, love Shanghai will be better ranking position for more mature and stable development of our website, this website is very unfavorable. For these, a new station is more obvious, the relative weight of some high station is not so serious. So, how are we going to write the title of the page (Title)? In the 32 characters (32 characters in the title of the title only to love Shanghai, as far as possible recognition) to optimize the core keywords, you remember, make good use of these 32 characters, each character as much as possible not to appear repeat the words, there may also use word segmentation (the word segmentation technology due to limited space, this is not too much, you can in the A5 search related articles to refer to word segmentation), when the title (Title) written, we may not go to change, to illustrate a point here, not all of the site a site’s home page title is written perfect in every respect. Of course, if the website to on-line, the direction of development without a good location site, that is to say the line core keywords when the title (Title) will write off, " read more

5 points of a new optimization easily overlooked

often see someone on the Internet asking why his new station has been on the line for a long time is not included? When asked this question, have you considered the quality of their own? For the new station, the need to fill a lot of content to enrich the layout, if rely on the original or false original so the workload is too big, so many webmaster can only copy and paste, which resulted in a low degree of original web content, so that love has not been included in Shanghai. Although the copy paste can save you a lot of things, but the long term is not desirable, we should learn a lesson. read more

The face is full of bidding of the search results page of Shanghai dragon how to play an effective v

Shanghai Longfeng value is certainly there, but, as our Shanghai dragon industry practitioners, we must change the way of thinking.

2. to improve the web site overall amount of

web site overall amount = amount * page quality of search engines. The search engines crawler volume = total residence time / single page retention time. The site operation and maintenance aspects involved, the residence time of a single page less, which requires the site access speed had enough, enough code standardization, high efficiency of the site program. While the total residence time is determined by the crawler search engine gives active site (weight) and passive (link) of the guide. There are many reasons for the decline, grasping such as firewall, HTTP returns the status code and system upgrade server, continuous operation efficiency, operation efficiency and so on. read more

Talk about the promotion of soft value promotion tool

second, the proliferation of visibility

take an example of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel generally will go to A5 and search outside, a push and other well-known network owners to browse. If you have Shanghai dragon service, you can publish your own experience in these well-known platform, spread their visibility. When one day, you see the people need Shanghai Longfeng services, you will certainly be in he (she) under consideration. If things go on like this, your awareness in the industry does not spread? read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques how fast was collected

I engaged in e-commerce is almost more than 2 years, but seldom to write their own experience and feelings. Today, with the help of the station to write a few simple. Guangzhou also has a period of time, feel Guangzhou is a good place, Guangzhou is a metropolis of e-commerce, very competitive. Recently received a new station, do women clothing, called Han Yige dress actually feminine products very competitive, there is no way to work. Not much to say. Here speak the way, how I do love Shanghai the next day included my station. read more

Shanghai Longfeng orders need to be cautious and not all of the list can be connected

in Shanghai dragon industry has received quite a list of around two years, also really appreciate a lot of trouble to customers. After dealing with these customers, the more vast hairy roots in Shanghai Longfeng orders when not all of the list can be connected, because then you will find that many problems, make you work hard. Shanghai Longfeng market is a big market, we don’t need for this part of "trouble" customers and their grievances. The author will organize several types of customers, I suggest you meet these customers to withdraw it from. read more

The site is how to do K

Before the new sites included

home page keyword density is too high. General single page station often appears the question, the solution is to lengthen the title of the words can be.

Prohibit the use of

pages best not to optimize the long tail word. The optimization of the long tail is a very deliberate optimization approach keywords Shanghai dragon. Optimization of the long tail, you must increase the number of articles within the chain, will inevitably lead to the optimization of transition. Low weight of the new station is not suitable for this operation. I think that in the new ball in Bo network appeared this situation, I have to do the long tail layout, not updated snapshot and included drop that is down right. read more

Through the analysis of Web logs to understand the search engine changes

FTP in a folder called logs, different server log file name is not the same, but some will contain the keywords, logs as follows:

download, after decompression can be used to open a text editor, if open garbled words can be used to open Editplus or Dreamweaver page editor.

in the log name search spiders can clearly understand the above spiders have come to your site, and know spiders crawl your site page.

two, how to find the web log



five: dismantling the – [19/Apr/2013:00:47:39 +0800] " GET /page/contact/contact.php HTTP/1.1" 20021978 " -" " Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Baiduspider/2.0; +http> read more

n 2011 a large medical group hospital of Shanghai Longfeng site planning books

3, to "lose weight; Network >

PR: 0

D, the rational use of the relative strength of the way and the absolute path.

according to each keyword needs to be optimized to analyze the situation of competitors. Keywords love Shanghai search number chain, the top ten websites or web pages included the number, ranking page (home page, column page or content page), ranking page number of the chain, the chain anchor text, the source of the chain page type, update frequency, the source of the opponent. read more

How to do well in the station optimization from the business ranking

reasonable layoutThe

1: design simple, clear

this morning the business circle the word love Shanghai is ranked 37, it can be said that this is the fastest one of these years I such website ranking. The analysis of the top 30 websites, mostly in 4.8 and 4.9, and most of the website home page title repeat "electric business circle" for more than two times. The description of the website is well written, repeated 3 times, and have been successfully grabbed the search engine. Analysis of this website is how to do a good station optimization: read more

Hu Peibin analysis of four decisive factors in Web site keywords ranking

, I believe many of my friends have encountered this problem every day to do optimization work done for a period of time ranking is not up, following by the IDSEM member Hu Peibin to resolve some

: first update website contentI believe we all know the

, here is the Shanghai dragon practitioners on issues of concern, the chain is an important part of decision one of our web site keywords ranking, must not be ignored, in this kind of detail about the construction of the chain, because a friend told me today he operation method of external links. I want to correct what is in accordance with the method of operation of people, there is a lot of, the chain of B2B, BBS, blog, independent blog, and so many places, a lot of friends should be outside the chain is a web site on the matter, this is wrong, the chain has become Internet resources the less, many are not connected, even with this is invalid, I suggest less hair, because he is not to play the role of ranking optimization. In addition to the forum we Shanghai Longfeng practitioners should also often see some BBS signature many are not click invalid outside the chain, these things don’t get any effect on the optimization. I’m here to tell Shanghai Longfeng practitioners must find a hyperlink can do a website to release information, so as to improve the quality of the chain. read more

Let the station out of Shanghai Longfeng Mountain Sickness Trilogy

is the best way to wire net, is to learn the knowledge of Shanghai dragon subtly and reasonably connected, become a root of the wire, and then the related wire connected into network, the purpose of doing so is to ensure whether to find known existing Shanghai Longfeng knowledge or skills are through the dense network channel easily find, and then to each point as the base, this network extends continuously, also is no matter how to extend this net is not isolated but related to the knot, collocation connection, thus continuously from the extension point or line of wire to the outside constantly, so this net is more big and not too repetitive and stale, losing power struggle. For example, we started learning the concept of Shanghai dragon, then leave a mark, in the mind as a point, then they have to learn to do for Shanghai dragon, then methods as nodes, learning specific methods, from the specific methods of learning steps, then…… the cycle of playing net. Little connected trace phase, net net are connected. This > read more

Love the sea called the low quality site flood will support the original quality web site

Wang Tao pointed out China website operation problems: low quality site flood, unfriendly and serious security problems on the search engine. By the end of 2012, only 25% of the domestic high-quality website, make quick money into the mainstream trend of Web site operators, 75% low quality site squeeze quality web site development space. 72% website to the search engine friendly degree is low, the degree of search engine optimization failed nearly 40% sites, nearly 30% of the lack of understanding of user needs. read more

The enterprise website optimization Shanghai sex we should follow what strategies

The last one is the author

second, the long tail word long tail word long tail word 2.

first, a large number of products superimposed repeated, such as product 1| product 2| 3 products etc..

is currently for the enterprise to optimize their operating station, is also very recommend, I think this style is the best effect, through the above way of writing we can clearly feel the title covers to the optimization of the main products and auxiliary products to ensure the first keyword later if word flow is ranked no problem for the name of the enterprise and brand value into natural is also very beneficial to love Shanghai optimization and user experience. The website title is > CK read more

Search engine optimization how to do inside and outside the chain chain


a lot of people in the transfer chain is the PR value as a major reference, in fact this is not scientific. Sometimes Links exchange will see each other PR value is very high, that can not change the quality of the chain, in fact, this is not necessarily high, give a simple example, as shown in figure

, a hyperlink analysis is mainly the search engine algorithm

PR (A) = (1-D) +d[PR (T1)) /C (+ T1)… +PR (TN) /C (TN)]


and C represent the number of outbound links on the page. C (T1) is the number of outbound links on the T1 page. read more

The chain weight has come to the user in charge time

not to answer this question, first to tell you something about why the computation time of the general weight link is probably around the time. Of course there are technology inside, the reason is that the search engine technology for the general calculation of the weights of the links do not immediately to carry on the analysis, it has a calculation cycle, the link is divided into various grades and ranks, only those high priority calculation weight of chain. For example, if Sina gives you a link, this authoritative website link to it will be considered to be of high quality, it will take effect immediately, if you are a just a link to the near Sina blog, it extracts the URL to the index of it, and then calculate the. This is the reason why the search engine technology I said. read more

The essence of that friendship connection

now we the webmaster, many of which are valued Links bring mutual benefit effect! But now Links effect is much worse than before, after all the love of Shanghai in recent years, it is not stupid; so many webmaster selling links and buy links, already will fall in love with the sea to reduce the weight of Links! But you can see, now Links has been different in nature above, has not been so loyal, no friendship to say, I think there is only love in Shanghai, so we webmaster with love in Shanghai, in a more realistic read more

Shanghai Dragon leaves on the network marketing blog marketing


for the site to bring traffic

in marketing a >

blog is not only a platform, but also a way of information transmission. Then the status of bloggers determines this mode of transmission speed. If you want to experts in a platform or a particular industry become, then you have more authority than other BLOG. If you will integrate these resources application and unremittingly to do so, then it will bring you more objective flow. In these blog resources you need to provide good help for you to unremittingly create more and better articles can be collected all kinds of valuable articles, links, etc. the utility of these resources is very objective and its report. read more

Experience sharing using free blog to enhance their website ranking

              believe that as long as the website, the chain webmaster have chain free blog, such as love, Sina, Sohu, Shanghai space and so on some large free blog, their weight is very high, it is very good so we can say that the advantage, clever use of these free blog on our website weight and ranking a promotion, so as to how to make better use of it? Listen to the author and carefully to you.

            (a) blog to a reasonable position.
read more

Check the web site is included 10 reasons

Hello, I was fat. In the newly built blog at the beginning of the optimization principle is: every day to write a blog with three the chain, our target is to let the spider through this chain can come to my site, and as the originator of Chinese search engine – love Shanghai, have their own algorithms more perfect, to the railway station to seeking more and often included, our website, but it is difficult to put up the amount collected today, inventory of the web site is included 10 reasons: read more

Friends still Shanghai dragon still

chat over, into the theme. This article is to share some friends feelings, June 6th Wui road Zhu Weikun, Li Jinlong to visit Shenzhen, therefore as a member of the real name network marketing, as a good friend should do the honors, so that night dinner, because I have something to go so than late, but does not affect the atmosphere and passion exchange the.

we Kan Kan Kan day life, rarely talk about the Internet, but did not pull the mobile internet. Because the line of the party’s value is far greater than the Internet communication. But our communication process is not the same thing, that is the Shanghai dragon. From the origin of the Shanghai dragon, it is very hard to get the Shanghai dragon, even if you are not engaged in the work of Shanghai dragon, and ultimately will use thinking and look to sweep all Shanghai dragon. This is the Shanghai dragon life. (I scare everyone) read more

Black Friday grassroots webmaster nightmare

reduced the weight – news site


products has always been the love of Shanghai is relatively high, it is obvious to people, this is no way, after all they love with a Shanghai, these products like love love Shanghai Shanghai children, can not give special care? Is the so-called fertilizer does not flow outside the field, it is this truth, this black Friday on other sites although not friendly, so many grassroots webmaster has been punished, but for the love of Shanghai pay more attention to their own products, but also has been lifting weight. read more

Another way to improve the weights of the website using the web site navigation

third: complete the accurate information website. In such a free platform to promote their own websites, not only because to do a site outside the chain, I think the most important thing is that this platform can bring you flow, all the information in the website was very important. The keyword of the website, the website of the label, description of the website, need you fill in the form. Sometimes users in the search site, submit keywords, or website title, may also be a simple description of the site. If your keyword retrieval system to write a good, will be very easy to be retrieved, so to bring website traffic is very optimistic. read more

Three communication enterprises in Shanghai on the Dragon

this is also I want to say, has been a very important point of communication, it is the enterprise website construction company and the space of all companies, may be in general is the same company, in themselves, they have to optimize the website, a website with Links, the results of the second day. Link all is the site deleted, made me depressed; there is a return to the enterprise server without breaking, one day does not open, it is also possible to reflect, some companies do not understand this, so long must be a lot of communication, only a lot of communication. read more

The search engines don’t care if we care about junk

has great influence on this site of the Shanghai dragon master thinking. To understand the characteristics of search engine can solve many problems on the myth of Shanghai dragon, though the truth looks very simple. Take a look at the most common example: a lot of effort webmaster often complain that they spend a lot of time and experience to manage their own website, no cheating, the content is very comprehensive, but the ranking is not, why? Standing in the search engine’s position to understand we can easily understand. Whether to give your search engine ranking doesn’t care, it is only concerned with its users whether to find the required information, if found, no matter from which it is this website, indifferent. read more

The site was k after a week to return to normal

two, view the site log

now love Shanghai there is a webmaster reminder, as long as your site after certification, the dynamic can easily control their own website.


of these measures are each at the site, many webmaster and I take the same situation, many people have no new discovery. The following small from the technical level to explore the new website why haven’t returned to normal after a week.

read an article "understand the search engine changes" through the analysis of the web log, if you don’t know how to view the site log you can see this article, believe that can help you. read more

The most common love Shanghai snapshot snapshot back cause analysis

about love Shanghai snapshot have times in the Shanghai dragon N said, for the love of Shanghai snapshot back has a lot of problems caused by factors, there is a Huizhou buddy website snapshot these days is always one or two days correction correction, and update, is not serious. Every webmaster about your website is not a problem, more anxious about this problem. Today Huizhou Shanghai dragon blog first to simply talk about the common problems of snapshot backward:

Since algorithm to adjust the love of Shanghai read more

Three major problems that need to be considered before the network marketing

this problem is essential to marketing planners to think. Clear your target customers ages after you can determine your these customer preferences on the Internet, according to their preferences specified targeted marketing program.


4: respect the needs of

before carrying out network marketing, we must first ask yourself, who is our target customers? When thinking about this problem, there are several strong relationship problems:


: first determine the target customer

second: why do we need read more

Love is really just the role of Shanghai index to query keyword index

and web search function of love in Shanghai, the webmaster can mining long tail keywords by keyword index related search terms, the only difference is related to the word search related words rise made a significant mark of course and selected web search words like "

first look at the "love Shanghai index:

index is more effective compared to select the keyword

today a whim, "Shanghai index" in search of love love Shanghai, see the following definition: love Shanghai index is used to trend of change of corresponding word reaction every day; it can react to words in the past 30 days the network exposure rate; and the degree of attention reflect users. Simply speaking, a response of love Shanghai index is the web site in a specific time period the number of attention. However, I believe that this view is too shallow, love Shanghai index should have a more profound effect. read more

Pay only four steps on how to optimize the new harvest

four, persevere can have the harvest

and the new Shanghai love like a stranger with her, when a stranger with their relationship, heart may have many distrust ideas, such as how the quality of the people, what do, when we exchange for a period of time, will have a certain understanding of him, if it is found that the these people are good, then we have to trust him. In fact the railway station is also so, beginning may love Shanghai in all aspects of the situation continue to inspect the site, if every day we can adhere to the optimization, and regularly to publish and update the chain and content, so the website trust will improve with time and with. This is why some friends of the site can achieve the effect, in fact, does not mean that his website weight is very high, but the love of Shanghai trust in the site is very high. read more

Optimization analysis of several points in the website construction site

?Lack of We treat the

many sites in the site construction in order to more dynamic effects, add too much JS code, which gives the search engines has brought many problems, because the search engines tend to website construction in some simple HTML code, because this information is easy to identify, can improve the efficiency of web search engines.

4 Links

Shanghai dragon, know the effect of Links website weight, but many of our customers do not love their website links to others, "empty chain website" is also to love Shanghai friendly performance, because no single site weight, in the absence of other people on the basis of the link, the opportunity to attract spider is greatly diminished, not conducive to the website optimization of late, so it should be in the construction site must pay attention to the problem. read more

Love Shanghai share in the end is angel or devil

is here with you first make it clear that it is love Shanghai to share ranking is certainly helpful. Because now the social ranking for increasing influence, this is a clear description of the Google. We all know that Google is a global search giant, love Shanghai has been in imitation of Google. I love Shanghai share for ranking has a positive impact is no County read. But if the use is not good, may cause side effects, why do you say that, if a site has a large share, but not outside the chain, this is the love of Shanghai can not accept. Because if people share more, believe that the chain will produce more. In fact, this is all from the common sense, so that Shanghai people share love brush if you do not cooperate with the chain is good, love is likely to be Shanghai that is a brush. Here please brush those love Shanghai people pay attention to share. Simple brush love Shanghai share is meaningless. read more

Predict Taobao’s next windfall productsTo finance success you must see four key steps in the financ

so, this product currently has no guest already doing

do Taobao off most of the time, if we can predict some profits, then you will step faster than others to profit the end point, but there are too many friends will not use this technique, always to these profits to the surface of the water, just follow suit to do this when you actually have a lag behind others a lot of, the number of competitors is rising sharply!!! Today, I give this product to share with you, personally think that Taobao will be off profits products next, because of various signs show that this is a worthy of our guests to Taobao for a piece of cake! read more

Shanghai Longfeng new station outside the chain construction strategy optimization

login category

railway station, the construction of the chain, from the beginning of

here are, don’t rush to a day 100 articles a day, or all the search engines to landing. Be steady. Work steadily。 Even if tomorrow you first again? The day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow the day after tomorrow?

site opened for three months, and then began to look for a link to

although the new site is not easy to get links, but in accordance with the above methods do, singular network marketing company that still can easily get the external links, not every webmaster very stingy! read more

Site optimization problems need to be combined with the demand of the user

first, to the core position in the website to add about slimming products, slimming products, the effect of knowledge in this area, and the content is placed on the homepage of the column top, or featured on the site’s home page, when users enter the site can in a very short period of time to be able to see you concerned about the content. Of course, the content of Title should also be very eye-catching, it not only has a good user experience, but for the love of spiders in Shanghai, also has a good affinity. Because the love from the Shanghai perspective, grasp the user cares content is the first element of the first level, then the content on the site, but also very beneficial to love Shanghai spider crawl, which contributes to the website content page rankings. read more

Sina second hand housing that Shanghai dragon day

for a week, the feeling is not very effective. The ranking has not changed too much, a bit downhearted feeling, supervisor threw me a love Shanghai ranked the first page of the website, let me to do the analysis, I look for a long time not found there, PR lower than ours, the content was not updated for a long time, why is ranked higher than us. The director told me that the reason is even, look at the YAHOO chain more than 1900, a chain of more than 1000 more than us. They see the chain, found some of the station Links, also is the site of several updates a news, give him a whole chain. Contact with these sites immediately, in total to a Links. This time the website ranking is awesome, Changchun second-hand housing up to 15 keywords love Shanghai, has further strengthened my confidence. To change the Links every day, for a PR link that is grey often happy. read more

Since some mall service advantage of Jingdong

Internet discussion O2O will be the future of the electricity supplier of the road, can be seen that the Jingdong is also in the development of O2O, and the Jingdong to beat the wolf Butch, become business crested, the layout of the line must be carried out. Since the question seems just a small warehouse, is actually a >

sure this way greatly reduces the cost, we all know that Jingdong are deliveryman, but the workload is great, if you have such a self off point, will greatly reduce the manual workload, but also reduce expenditure. Chinese what is the most expensive, the most expensive is artificial. read more

Site construction and Optimization double P and a single server selection

  CND; but although the accelerating effect is better, but expensive funds are not small owners to accept the. So popular online double or single line IP is only DNS intelligent analysis. The telecom speed more than other Internet service providers, choose a bandwidth guaranteed server even if cross network service providers to access the site still does not feel very slow, so in the choice of service providers do not be deceived by the illusion of eyes. In general, a single IP server above. read more

The lawyer said the website optimization development path

The chain of

has been "the chain for emperor" era, the chain site role >

a website mainly determines the quality of this website, the content of the original, is very important for search engines. Because of the big data era, the Internet is filled with a lot of topics, most of the information is of no value to the information users. Therefore, lawyers and friends from the perspective of the user experience, write some more with the value of the original content. A good content to users of your point of view and the ability to see more recognition, improve personal ranking visibility, it is possible to improve performance. read more

Virtual son rain do systematic external site optimization in two aspects

Hello, I am virtual son rain. The front wrote an article "do the systematic" website internal optimization in four aspects, this article if you read the certainly know which specific about the website internal optimization aspects, because the only way to make the system of internal site optimization. As everyone knows, only for internal web site optimization is not enough, the overall site optimization requires a combination of internal and external, while the external optimization is the priority among priorities, if do external optimization system and the optimization of the site work will be easy. Today I am here to introduce how to make the external website optimization system. read more

The website of Shanghai dragon core optimization focus on people to do

so, how the site around the people of Shanghai Longfeng optimization? We can be divided into four kinds of Internet, these four kinds of relationships including the relationship between people and people, people and information, people and applications, people and services, the relationship between the four, be targeted in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process in the full understanding to the user experience of the website, he is on the face of the user who what they give, for what, in order to establish a clear goal. read more

The website to win at the starting line the good website


said the good website, a lot of buddy to Tucao kitten, hey, who doesn’t know, update the good article good user experience! Then the cat would say you know only one second. A good website not only to do original articles and user experience, there are other factors inside. Buddy is not convinced? Well, to give you the cat slowly road.

The primary premise is to set up the

site to site selection and layout of good keywords considered before the line, once the website will not frequent changes to the site of these things, the website keyword is to express the theme of the site as a whole, these words to the right show website theme and keynote. Keywords home is best to use a single theme, or with a long tail keywords to other soft words, too much optimization keywords on the front page of the site is not recommended, it is easy to lead to the theme of the site is not centralized, it is difficult to obtain a good rankings and weight in a short period of time. Although the stack keywords can let site has good rankings, but this is the black approach, within a short time the ranking is good, but it is easy to Baidu to drop right, even in the dark room. To optimize the keyword in the main keywords derived we can be placed at the site of the column page and channel page, so that you can make the whole site architecture and reasonable weight, the Baidu is still very love this site, get good rankings and weight is very fast. read more

The rain in Shanghai dragon revelation it is worth learning but to clear understanding


do not always say that others are not good, but you have not reached the height of his, you are in fact envy; don’t always feel that God worship than people, not too much, he is not a legend. In fact, you are not confident enough, they can not have general courage, sometimes some things are really "Everything is nothing", as long as you do, and continue to do, you must be successful.

1, I do not worship the rain, but he is worth learning

black hat techniques are not subject to the white hat Shanghai dragon tooth, but its effect is indeed the white hat Shanghai dragon fall far behind. It is like a drug, all know drugs, all know smoking is not easy to quit, but there are still people who want to try to see what effect, I tell the truth of some black hat technology eyebrows. Imagine, if we can a month to optimize a website. read more