BA pension fund offloads Glaswegian property to German investors

first_imgThe Capella office building in Glasgow has been purchased by Invesco Real Estate (IRE) for German institutional investors.The 11-storey building with a rental space of 10,710sqm has been sold by the pension fund of British Airways for around £43m (€52m) in an off-market transaction.The property was bought for closed-end Invesco Real Estate-UK III fund, which is closed for further investments.Tobias Simon, director of fund management at IRE, said Glasgow was “a strong regional office market in Great Britain”, and that Capella was “one of the best grade-A office buildings” in the city. The steel and glass tower has long-term tenants including Glasgow City Council, CapQuest, ATOS and MacRoberts.According to Ernst & Young’s latest real estate barometer, the risk appetite among investors across Europe is on the rise.The researchers expect cross-border transactions to increase and deal volumes on the whole to rise.In a statement, it said: “In Central and Eastern Europe, investors are looking mainly into residential properties, while in Western and Southern Europe they show higher interest in office properties.”Retail properties are less sought after, as European investors believe in a strengthening of the e-commerce trend, Ernst & Young said.last_img read more

NEST to replace cash, money market funds with short-dated Gilts

first_imgThe National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) is tendering for 10 single-year maturity Gilt funds as it looks to boost returns while maintain risk for two segments of its default fund.NEST, the auto-enrolment vehicle backed by the UK government, operates three segments in its target-date default funds of which 99% of its 1.7m members are invested.This includes a low-risk ‘foundation phase’ meant to protect savings’ value for newer and younger members, a ‘growth phase’ and a ‘consolidation phase’ for members approaching retirement.The foundation phase currently has a high cash exposure through the fund’s belief other asset classes are nearing full-value. However, NEST said it was looking to replace its cash holdings with UK Gilts, providing a yield of around 1 percentage point higher than one-month Treasuries.Mark Fawcett, CIO at NEST, said it would now use a range of short and medium-dated Gilts but focus primarily on the short end.“[This is to] match when cash [in the foundation phase] would convert into growth assets,” he said.“[The decision] is a function of the fact yields are so low on cash – we are trying to eke out extra return without taking on additional risk.“We will be a little more cautious when we move into the medium-term (6-10 year) Gilts because they will be somewhat more volatile.”In the consolidation phase, NEST currently has all target-date funds up to and including 2017 targeting cash but de-risks into money market funds.Fawcett said NEST thought it could improve returns by switching into Gilts with maturities that match the target-date of the fund.“[An extra yield of 30 basis points] is not a massive improvement but a reasonable one without risking capital,” he said.“It follows similar principles to liability-driven investment management where you match fixed income maturities with the cash outflows of a fund.”The 10 single-year maturity Gilt funds requested by NEST will be added to its building block of funds used in the default strategy.“Gilt funds will be replaced on a rolling basis – when the 2016 Gilts mature, a 2026 maturity Gilt fund will be added,” it said.The tender process will run until 9 January 2015, with a contract expected to be awarded in the spring.NEST also recently launched its consultation on the future of the fund in relation to changes to the defined contribution market announced in the Budget.The consultation will look at the role of annuities and the possibilities of providing a combination of annuities and income-drawdown products.last_img read more

Netherlands must learn from others ahead of DC reforms, experts say

first_imgThe Netherlands must learn from countries with experience in defined contribution (DC) pension provision as it looks to reform its pension system, PGGM has argued.Actuary Dick Boeijen and Niels Kortleve, innovation manager at the Dutch pension provider, said the industry accepted DC was the “less popular” starting point for reform over the continued use of defined benefit (DB) or the defined ambition (DA) system.“The advantage of this approach is that a new solution will be much more in line with DC schemes prevailing in most other European countries,” they said in a Guest Viewpoint written for the current issue of IPE.“The Dutch pension sector can learn much from countries with more experience with DC schemes and the way they have structured these.” They cited the practice of forced annuitisation, lump-sum payments and restrictions on higher-risk investment options after retirement as areas of concern.“For other countries, the outcome of this [thinking] could be useful as well,” they argued. “If we can succeed in our aim to find a sustainable DC system with risk sharing, this could be the starting point to improve DC in other countries.”Boeijen and Kortleve pointed to the potential benefits of a more responsible approach to risk sharing netting an additional 1% return per annum, and how the interest of such a gain would compound over the lifetime of a scheme member.They suggested launching a collective buffer for DC funds to draw on in years of underperformance, to be boosted in years of overperformance.“In this way, members will receive stabilised capital accrual on their individual accounts, and the fund smooths the difference between pension outcomes of good and bad luck generations,” they said.“This improves the options for all members and beneficiaries to search for higher yields at an acceptable risk.”Healthcare scheme PFZW, PGGM’s largest single client, has previously said it supported the notion of DC with collective risk-sharing. To read the full Guest Viewpoint, see the current issue of IPElast_img read more

CMU to back market initiatives over further regulation, Hill says

first_imgThe Capital Markets Union (CMU) will initially back private market initiatives rather than introduce new regulation, with financial stability commissioner Jonathan Hill reiterating that further regulation should not always be regarded as the answer.Speaking at a public hearing on the CMU, Hill said he welcomed the more than 700 consultation responses the European Commission had received since launching its green paper earlier this year.Discussing one area he hoped would soon bear fruit, Hill said the initiative to stimulate the debt market would build on the success of previous private placements to increase the amount of capital in circulation.“Most respondents to our consultation said we should give time to recent market-led initiatives by the industry to allow them to bear fruit rather than regulating,” he said. “I very much welcome the steps taken by the industry and will be following their progress closely. And I agree legislation is not always the answer.”Hill previously told IPE he hoped the market would create the solutions needed to launch a CMU, rather than rely too heavily on legislation.The commissioner also signalled that changes would be made to Solvency II to allow for greater investment in infrastructure, as soon as he had received the report from the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) later this month.He also highlighted the pensions sector as one of the largest potential sources for equity and infrastructure.“The IORP II proposal currently being discussed would give pension funds the freedom to invest in assets with a long-term economic profile on unregulated markets,” he said.“EU member states have already agreed their position on IORP II, and I hope that work in the European Parliament can move forward quickly, too.”However, a final report by the European Parliament on the revised IORP Directive is still some months away, with Irish MEP Brian Hayes, appointed rapporteur for the Directive, only concluding the first public hearing late last month.last_img read more

Improving equity markets softening impact of Brexit, consultants say

first_imgBoth consultants, however, agreed that ‘policy funding’ – the average coverage over the 12 months previous, and the main criterion for rights cuts – had fallen by 1 percentage point, to 100% (Mercer) or 99% (Aon Hewitt), over the period.Frank Driessen, chief commercial officer for Retirement & Financial Management at Aon Hewitt, argued that the current economic climate demanded a revaluation of pensions.“Either pensions need to be cut back, or contributions need to increase,” he said. Mercer’s Van Ek said recovering equity markets had almost made up for the initial post-Brexit losses, with developed-market equities losing 0.9% on balance but emerging-market equities returning 4.3%.He attributed the further drop in Dutch funding to falling interest rates, noting that the 30-year swap rate had fallen by 24 basis points to 0.86%.Mercer noted that yields on AAA-rated government bonds had fallen by nearly 40bps and that German 30-year bonds, for example, now generated 0.38%.“As a consequence,” Van Ek said, “some pension funds had decided to replace their long-term German bonds with interest swaps, as well as other fixed income investments, such as credit and residential mortgages.”Aon Hewitt said falling interest rates had increased pension funds’ liabilities by 4%, while their investment portfolios had also grown by 4% on balance.It added that a 1% loss on global equity had been offset by a 6% increase in bond holdings for Dutch portfolios.Last Monday, Mercer estimated that pension funds were heading for a funding drop of 5 percentage points as of the end of June, attributing 4 percentage points of that loss to the Brexit decision.At the time, equity markets were significantly down, while 30-year swap rates stood at 0.82%. Improving equity markets have largely offset the initially negative impact on Dutch pension funds of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union (EU), Mercer and Aon Hewitt have said.According to the former, one week after the referendum, the average funding of Dutch schemes has fallen by about 1 percentage point.Dennis van Ek, actuary at Mercer, estimated that, because the average Dutch coverage ratio had already dropped by 1 percentage point before the referendum, funding had fallen by 2 percentage points in total – to 96% – over the month of June.Aon Hewitt, which employs a slightly different methodology, suggested funding even remained stable – at 97% on balance – over the course of the month.last_img read more

KLM wrangles with union in court over additional contribution

first_imgPilot union VNV and Dutch airline KLM are at loggerheads after the latter unilaterally cancelled an agreement to grant full pensions indexation by covering any funding shortfalls.The airline argued at the Amsterdam court that, under the Netherlands’ new financial assessment framework (nFTK), it would have to come up with an additional €600m.It said this would jeopardise the very existence of the business, as its cash reserves would drop to just €500m.Jaap van Slooten, KLM’s lawyer, described the VNV’s approach as “reckless” and warned that any future disaster, such as a volcano eruption, could trigger redundancies and the cancellation of new plane orders. The VNV, however – citing estimates produced by the €8.2bn pension fund for pilots – claimed the airline would need to set aside no more than €115m by the end of this year.It accused KLM of exaggerating and said the company should have waited to see how much its additional contribution would have been, or whether the pension fund would have forced KLM to pay up.The Pensioenfonds Vliegend Personeel previously argued that KLM lacked an important reason to cancel the agreement.During the summary proceedings, KLM’s lawyer said the airline had been generous on pensions, having granted 10% additional indexation on top of the salary index since 2000, as well as monthly pension benefits of €10,000 on average.According to the judge hearing the case, however, the key question is whether the additional contribution falls under the collective-labour agreement (CAO) between KLM and the union.The current CAO also applies to next year and cannot be cancelled unilaterally.Because the VNV rejected the magistrate’s call for fresh negotiations, the judge will reach a verdict on the case on 27 September.last_img read more

Danish pension fund forced to resolve Espirito Santo lawsuit in Portugal

first_imgAssets and senior debt were transferred to Novo Banco (NB), the successor to BES and the designated ‘good bank’, leaving other items in BES, now the ‘bad bank’, to be liquidated.However, on 22 December 2014, the BDP announced it was reversing the transfer of the loan, since it regarded the original deal as a related-party transaction because of GS’s small shareholding in BES.Related-party assets and liabilities are being kept within the ‘bad bank’, with little chance of repayment.The loan had been arranged under a facility agreement between BES and Oak Finance, which contained an express choice of English law and English jurisdiction. NZSF’s own exposure to the loan is $150m.The group of investors, led by NZSF and including investment funds such as Silver Point Capital and FFI Fund, filed debt-recovery proceedings against NB in the English courts in February 2015.In August that year, the High Court dismissed an attempt by NB to have the case heard in Portugal.But the Court of Appeal has now reversed that ruling.When BES collapsed, the BDP bailed it out using its own resolution powers under the EU Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (EBRRD). The English courts were asked to rule on how the directive, and therefore the BDP’s decisions, should be construed.Also in play was the directive that covers the reorganisation and winding-up of credit institutions – the Reorganisation Directive.This generally requires that measures that may affect third parties’ existing rights be given effect by every other member state.In its ruling, the court said the decisions of the BDP should be given the effect they have under Portuguese law and that the correct place to challenge those decisions was in Portugal. Lord Justice Moore-Bick, one of three judges hearing the appeal, said: “To do otherwise would undermine the scheme of universal recognition of measures taken by the home member state to deal with failing financial institutions, which is fundamental to the scheme of European law in this field.”Stuart McNeill, partner at Pinsent Masons, who represented NB, said: “The EBRRD is intended to provide a pan-European approach to rescuing banks and other financial institutions in difficulty, requiring member states to respect the decisions of the resolution authorities, many of which are central banks.”He continued: “The Court of Appeal’s judgment highlights the obvious danger – indeed, potential chaos – of different courts interpreting the same decision of a single resolution authority in different ways. This decision will be warmly welcomed by resolution authorities across Europe and support their attempts to preserve financial stability while rescuing institutions.”The investors have also filed a similar action against BDP in the Portuguese courts, while GS has filed proceedings against NB in the English courts.A spokeswoman for the NZSF said: “We are currently considering the judgment and our ongoing action in [the UK]. We expect the legal process to be a long one, and our related legal actions in Portugal are also ongoing.” The British Court of Appeal has told investors including TDC Pension, the Danish telecommunications pension scheme, and the New Zealand Superannuation Fund (NZSF) that their legal action to reclaim a $785m (€711m) loan against a failed Portuguese bank should be resolved in Portugal.The loan was made to Banco Espirito Santo (BES) in July 2014 to finance a refinery project for the Venezuelan state oil company.The money was lent by Oak Finance Luxembourg, a special purposes vehicle set up by Goldman Sachs (GS), which raised funds from investors, issuing them with fixed rate notes.In August 2014, BES collapsed and was bailed out by the Banco de Portugal (BDP), the country’s central bank.last_img read more

Netspar: Risk-sharing beneficial but could jeopardise Dutch schemes

first_imgInter-generational risk-sharing at Dutch pension funds is likely to improve payouts, but it also runs the risk that participants will abandon the more poorly funded schemes, Netspar has warned. Theo Nijman, scientific director and lead researcher at the Dutch think tank, said: “Participants could desert a pension fund with a low coverage ratio if they are no longer willing to pay a high contribution for recovery, which would mainly benefit pensioners.”He warned that “discontinuity risk” could also occur if a poorly funded scheme’s sponsor goes bust, or if the government, with the new pensions system, introduces the option of freely choosing a fund.Nijman, who is also Prof of pensions and risk management at Tilburg University, attributed the benefits of inter-generational risk-sharing to the fact that risk decreases as the number of participants increases. “This, for example, could be used to increase investment risk, which leads to higher returns over time,” he said. Nijman said the boost from risk-sharing could be as high as 4 percentage points, where profits are allocated to participants in a well-funded pension scheme.He added that the benefit of risk-sharing decreased when it had to be shared among all future participants and current participants had to make extra contributions to build a financial buffer.If the benefit were shared among all participants, including pensioners, it would account for at least a 1-percentage-point increase of the additional pensions income, Nijman said.He said it was up to a pension fund’s board and the social partners to determine how the benefits should be shared among participants and pensioners.Nijman added that the outcome of risk-sharing among various generations would depend on a pension fund’s financial position, and that a board should also take discontinuity risk into account.He warned, however, that discontinuity risk would be difficult to assess and would differ for each pension fund.“Pension funds should therefore not focus solely on the benefits of risk-sharing,” he said. He added that the “prosperity boost” would be greater in many case for individuals who had considered personal preferences and circumstances and had made “sensible choices”.A dozen Netspar researchers – including Lans Bovenberg, Eduard Ponds and Bas Werker – analysed the possible effects of inter-generational risk-sharing on behalf of the Dutch pensions sector and politicians involved in the creation of a new pensions system.One of the two options for a new set-up comprises individual pensions accrual with collective risk-sharing – on investments and longevity, for example.The other option is a pension contract – the “target contract” – in real terms, combined with degressive, rather than average, pensions accrual.last_img read more

Netherlands roundup: BPL Pensioen sells retail portfolio to PMT

first_imgAVH, the €1.3bn Dutch pension scheme for the agricultural and food provision trade, has selected asset manager Robeco as its fiduciary manager. It said the decision was meant to strengthen pensions provision, board support as well as governance.It added that its pensions provider AGH, which had carried out the executive asset management tasks so far, as well as consultancy Oyens & Van Eeghen, would keep an advisory role to act as a check. According to AVH, Robeco would also take over management of the pension fund’s €350m liability-driven investment (LDI) portfolio. It made clear it expected the LDI portfolio to become more transparent and controllable as well as “EMIR-proof”. Until now, AVH invested in an LDI fund of asset manager BMO and a government bonds mandate with Candriam.DNB retains pensions advisorDutch pensions regulator De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) has re-appointed Rijswijk-based consultancy Montae as advisor on pension issues for DNB as an employer, following a tender under European legislation.Montae’s advisory role involves “new pension arrangements, reconnaissance for co-operation with other employers and pension funds as well as advice about and during the social dialogue about a new pensions system”, according to the tender notice. The new contract is for two years, with DNB having the option of extending this to four or six years.SBZ Pensioen, the €5.3bn Dutch industry-wide scheme for care insurers, has also chosen Montae, but for board support. This task had been carried out by pensions provider Syntrus Achmea. SBZ indicated it had opted for independent support because of its plans for digital service, the acquisition of employers from the financial sector, and new pension products. The €68bn Dutch metal scheme PMT has taken over a €125m retail real estate portfolio from the €16.6bn agricultural sector pension fund BPL Pensioen. The purchase was carried out by PMT’s asset manager MN. The portfolio was sold by Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance on behalf of BPL.BPL Pensioen said it had divested its retail portfolio as it was “too limited to contribute effectively to diversification within its real estate holdings”. The proceeds would in part be re-invested in residential property, it said.According to MN, the investment matched PMT’s property portfolio. It added that it believed in a real estate portfolio of both residential property, offices and retail assets.Food provision sector scheme hires Robeco for fiduciary managementlast_img read more

WTW: Netherlands ‘a conservative investor’ among large pension markets

first_imgThe Dutch pensions sector invests conservatively compared with the 22 largest pension markets worldwide, which could come at the expense of pensioners’ purchasing power, a survey by Willis Towers Watson (WTW) has suggested.Dutch pension funds’ average bond allocation of 50% was significantly above average, according to the annual global pension assets study of WTW’s Thinking Ahead Institute.In the seven largest pension markets, which included the UK, Japan, the US and Australia, and comprised 91% of the pensions assets of the 22 largest markets, the average was 27%, it said.Only Japan, with an allocation of 56%, invested more conservatively, according to the organisation. It also found that the equity allocation of Dutch pension funds – 33% on average – was relatively low, as the seven largest pension markets had invested 41% on average in this asset class.It said the percentages for the US and Japan were 50% and 30%, respectively.According to the survey, the Netherlands also lagged with regard to alternative investments, such as property, private equity, mortgages and infrastructure.Whereas amongst the 22 largest pension markets alternative investments’ share of the investment portfolio had risen to 20% during the past twenty years, the share in Dutch pension investors’ portfolio did not exceed 17% last year.Moreover, this reflected a decrease of one percentage point since 2007, said the Thinking Ahead Institute.Dutch pension funds are, however, expected to expand their investments in residential mortgages for the next few years. The €4bn Dutch sector scheme for the merchant navy recently said it would start investing in private residential mortgages, and that this would come at the expense of its bond allocation.Commenting on the survey results, Jacco Heemskerk, head of investments at Willis Towers Watson Netherlands, underlined that investing conservatively would provide “a more certain pension indeed, but also a lower one”.“Investing is become increasingly complex and requires a better search for yield,” he added.The researchers found that combined Dutch pension assets had increased 4.2% on average during the past 10 years to a record amount of $1.6trn (€1.3trn). This equates to 194% of GDP, an increase of approximately 25 percentage points relative to 2016 and 68 percentage points during the past 10 years.This keeps the Netherlands far ahead of other large pension markets, with Australia (138% of GDP) and Switzerland (133%) coming closest followed by UK, where pension assets represent 121% of GDP.The percentage for France and Italy was no more than 6.5% and 9.6%, respectively, with Spain scoring merely 3.3%.According to WTW, the growth of Dutch pension assets was in line with worldwide growth on average and largely equated returns on equities and bonds.WTW further noted that, despite the worldwide trend to defined contribution arrangements, defined benefit (DB) plans still reflected a very large (94%) majority of pension arrangements in the Netherlands.It said that this proportion was only exceeded by Japan (96%) and Canada (95%). In Australia, no more than 13% of pension schemes were based on DB.The report also made clear that globally, pension funds had increasingly invested abroad during the past 20 years as a result of diversification and index investment.In this period, the proportion of assets invested in local currency dropped from 69% to 41%, with pension institutions in particular in the UK, Switzerland and Canada investing abroad.last_img read more

​Seven more Danish pension players back tax code of conduct

first_img“We expect our collaboration on responsible tax practices to strengthen our dialogue with external managers and thereby contribute to avoiding aggressive tax planning and at the same time promote fiscal transparency in investments,” they added.The need for a set of common principles on tax, for external managers within unlisted investments, became clear to many in the Danish pension industry after pension funds ATP, PFA and PKA moved to distance themselves from scandal-hit Australian bank Macquarie in autumn 2018.The CEOs of the seven pension funds now joining the tax protocol made their own joint statement, saying: “By highlighting a fair distribution of values and supporting the intentions underlying the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we can thereby control tax avoidance and aggressive tax planning.”They added that they hoped banding together would give the firms more influence with which to combat improper tax practices, and ensure a coordinated approach in conveying the funds’ expectations to external managers.Last month, while in talks with the four creators of the Danish Tax Code of Conduct, Velliv said it was introducing new tax practices for its investments, which would mean running more checks on its unlisted investments and participating in schemes such as the United Nations’ (UN) Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), which works to promote fair taxation. Seven large Danish pension funds have agreed to abide by a set of common tax principles aimed at stamping out aggressive tax planning by external managers, adding to the original four funds signing the code in August last year.PensionDenmark and ATP – two of the first signatories of the Danish Tax Code of Conduct alongside Industriens Pension and PFA Pension – announced today they are being joined by AP Pension, Lægernes Pension, MP Pension, PenSam, Pædagogernes Pension, P+ and Velliv.This brings the total number of signatory firms to 11, which together have DKK2.5trn (€335bn) in assets under external management, according to ATP and PensionDanmark.The chief executive officers of the four pension funds who originated the code of conduct said in a joint statement: “By joining forces, we naturally increase our influence.last_img read more

Call for early withdrawals from Austrian long-term savings accounts

first_imgProviders must offer a guarantee equal to the gross amount of contributions made and a maximum of 40% can be invested in equities.Andreas Csurda, chair of the occupational severance pay funds umbrella group, Plattform der Betrieblichen Vorsorgekassen, said the ÖGB’s proposal could be acceptable on the basis of a compromise that would include the extension of the time the money remains in the accounts.“We propose withdrawing the money in principle at the beginning of the retirement period, except in cases of difficult situations, if the person dies or is suddenly heavily ill, or in case of unemployment for a long period of time,” Csurda told IPE, adding that in the event of an early withdrawal the guarantee falls aside.“I cannot invest and at the same time offer a permanent withdrawal option, and the possibility to take the money after two or three months is counterproductive for us given the capital guarantee,” he said.“I cannot invest and at the same time offer a permanent withdrawal option, and the possibility to take the money after two or three months is counterproductive”Andreas Csurda, chair of Plattform der Betrieblichen VorsorgekassenCsurda said reform would be complex, although he understood the proposal of the union, particularly at a time of crisis when unemployment is rising.“I would be very optimistic that we would manage to find a compromise if we had a bit of time for intense discussions on how to reform the Abfertigung Neu, but because of the crisis now it is too late to find a compromise,” he said. Nevertheless, he added that this could be the starting point for a future solution.Csurda added that Abfertigung Neu should in any case be reformed by extending the investment period on average longer than 36 months, as well as by adding the option to withdraw the money without guarantees in emergency situations.Abfertigung Neu reform is not currently an important political issue. “Politics perceives this issue as marginal. Only for the unions is it important, but I believe it makes sense the proposal of the unions,” Csurda said.The average contribution to severance pay accounts is €25 per month, or 1.53% of the mean salary.Andreas Zakostelsky, chair of the Association of Austrian Occupational Pension Funds and general director of the VBV-Group, said the ÖGB’s approach is “more than understandable” in times of high unemployment, although it is important to reinforce the fundamental idea of retirement provisions for everyone.“From our point of view, it would be important that the money should remain in the fund until retirement to ensure long-term provision for employees,” he said, adding that Vorsorgekassen can significantly increase annual returns.It is too early to say whether the current crisis could accelerate the path towards reform of the severance pay system.“If the social partners propose a good solution for Austrians it will definitely be possible to talk to the government about it,” Zakostelsky said.Looking for IPE’s latest magazine? Read the digital edition here. The COVID-19 crisis has reignited a debate in Austria over the long-term severance pay saving system, with a call for early withdrawals.Wolfgang Katzian, president of the country’s Trade Union Federation (ÖGB), has proposed allowing the withdrawal of assets before the 36 month minimum period that applies under the current rule in cases of employment termination.Under the so-called Abfertigung Neu severance pay system, employers pay 1.53% of the gross salary from the second month of  employment to a dedicated account.At the end of 2018, some 3.5 million Austrians had saved €11.5bn in severance pay accounts with eight providers of so-called betriebliche Vorsorgekassen.last_img read more

How a conditional sale can help nab a dream home

first_imgFile imageHAVE you ever found yourself stumbling across the perfect property at the most imperfect time? It may be that you’re out walking the dog and you suddenly find yourself spotting your dream house even though you had no intention of buying/moving. Alternatively, you may have just started your property search and you have unexpectedly found ‘the one’ much sooner than planned. In most circumstances, it is preferable for buyers to sell their existing property first. This allows buyers to get the best possible price for their existing property and to move on to negotiate the best price for the next property. More from news01:21Buyer demand explodes in Townsville’s 2019 flood-affected suburbs12 Sep 202001:21‘Giant surge’ in new home sales lifts Townsville property market10 Sep 2020But sometimes you don’t want to miss out on your dream property by waiting to sell your existing property.In these circumstances, an option may be to offer a conditional contract on the property subject to the sale of your home (or some other property). This is called a ‘subject to sale’ and allows a buyer to enter into a contract to purchase the property in question subject to the sale of the buyer’s existing property. Usually, the contract allows the buyer to ‘secure’ the property for a period of time while they are selling their own property. Of course a seller will not permit the buyer to ‘lock up’ the property for an indefinite period and the buyer will generally be required to meet the special condition – the sale of their own property – within a stipulated time limit. Although this option can provide buyers with some breathing space to sell their property, a possible risk is that the buyer may not achieve a sale at a certain minimum price within the time limited in the contract. Although buyers can attempt to negotiate an extension to the time limit, a seller may not be prepared to extend this particularly if there is an alternative buyer or strong demand for the property. Sellers may be reluctant to accept ‘subject to sale’ contracts due to the uncertainty and reluctance to suspend the sale while the buyer attempts to sell their own property. In such cases, another option may be to include a provision that allows the seller to continue to market their property for sale after entering into the contract with the buyer which is subject to the buyer being able to obtain a contract for another property. This allows the buyer an opportunity to sell their property but allows the seller to keep seeking potential buyers for their property. As a general rule, this means that if a seller receives another contract of sale for their property on the same or more favourable terms than the buyer’s original contract, the seller may require the buyer to make the contract unconditional within a certain time frame.last_img read more

The castle that needs a royal touch

first_imgFrom here you can look out over Westeros, umm, I mean the Sunshine Coast hinterland.The Duke and Duchess of Sussex touched down in Australia this morning ahead of the Invictus Games, and while house hunting may not be on their itinerary, we are sure the king of this castle would be happy to give Harry and Meghan the royal tour.Also on the market is The Abbey, a 14 bedroom property being marketed as ‘Australia’s cheapest castle’. Ridgewood Palace is on the market for offers over $850,000 making it a greater starter castle for the young royals.It is on the market for offers over $850,000, leaving plenty of gold bullion in reserve for a royal reno. This suburban castle is located at 2 Lunar Place, Bridgeman DownsThe six bedroom residence has soaring ceilings, imported materials and ornate features, a grand staircase and a palatial floorplan. Hello down there loyal subjects.Inside you are greeted by soaring 20ft ceilings and a stunning two metre imported crystal chandelier encased by a circular butterfly staircase and exquisite Traveston tiles. This castle comes with its own dry moatIT is no Kensington Palace but this gothic castle is just crying out for the royal touch. And it comes with its own moat. The Ridgewood castle sits on 3.4 hectares and has its own entrance bridge, soaring archways and even turrets.And it won’t cost the crown jewels. The royal suite is pretty sweet!One could call this home for an offer over $2.2 million.In Gilston, a grand manor on riverfront acreage is on the market at 392 Gilston Road.With the feel of a Spanish castle, the manor is set on five acres and has solid limestone walls, soaring ceilings and expansive living areas.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus16 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market16 hours agoThe dining room is more like a banquet hall or culinary cathedral, with its atrium ceiling, water fountain and chandelier. Coooooeeeee!And after a hard day serving your subjects, there is a poolside summerhouse with sauna, spa and outdoor annex adjoining the tennis court, a freestanding golf room, a bar and billiards game room, and a step up bath befitting a regal rump.At Bridgeman Downs, there is 2 Lunar Place — a suburban castle that could be Brisbane’s Buckingham Palace. Jaw hits floor …There are seven individually designed bedrooms including a master suite with a raised bed platform, crystal chandelier and an extensive ensuite. That ensuite includes a spa bath, double shower, toilet, bidet and floor to ceiling marble tiles. Outside there is a resort style saltwater infinity edge pool and entertaining pavilion, horse paddocks, a dam, underground water tanks and a designated area for a tennis court. *** And here it is from the backSplit over four levels, there is also enough parking for 12 vehicles. And in Southport, an “inner city country manor” can be located at 2 Charlton Street. That chandelier probably cost more than your car, seriously!Each room exhibits an individual decor theme using ornate ceiling and wall treatments, decorative panelling and exquisite wallpapers by Designers Guild and Ralph Lauren. Antique mirrors, imported high-gloss tiles and Perrin Rowe tapware are just some of the regal touches. Blingy!There are seven kingsize bedrooms, a Porte Cochre entrance with circular driveway, a pool, sauna, outdoor kitchen, all within the poolside cabana area and billiards room.Finally, if the couple are more in favour of an escape to the country, Mountain Lake Manor at Clear Mountain could be the bee’s knees. All offers over $2.2 million will be presented to the owners of The Abbey in Warwick — a bargains hen you consider the amount being spent to renovate Buckingham Palace.The three storey sandstone masterpiece has 50 rooms including a chapel, a grand dining room and function rooms.It was designed by the same architect behind the Breakfast Creek Hotel, has stained glass from the Munich Royal Bavarian Art Institute for Stained Glass, who also made glass for the Vatican, a statue designed by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, who designed the Statue of Liberty, and Wunderlich pressed metal ceilings. One thinks this must be the throne roomIn the lobby a double staircase with carved cherry wood balustrades is illuminated by an impressive crystal chandelier. last_img read more

Homes designed to reduce energy bills during summer and winter

first_imgMore from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus12 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market12 hours agoTempo Living homes at Brentwood Forest are designed to cut energy bills. Tempo Living homes at Brentwood Forest range from $320,500 to $359,900.A new range of thermally efficient homes have been developed to help residents cut their energy bills in summer and winter.AVID Property Group has developed the Tempo Living range which are designed for optimal solar orientation and built with extensive insulation for exceptional passive heating and cooling. AVID development manager Queensland Peter Macleod said with energy prices rising, good thermal design was a priority for both cost-conscious home buyers and those looking to reduce their carbon footprints.“Buyers across Queensland are becoming more energy-conscious, which is why developers and builders are innovating to meet the demand for sustainable housing,” Mr Macleod said.“While many buyers don’t think of cold winters in Queensland, the temperatures in our Brentwood Forest community, where our Tempo Living homes are located, have been as low as 8 degrees this year already.“That’s why these homes have been built with north-facing living areas, as much as possible, and with extensive insulation.“They have a 6-star energy rating and all of them come with energy-efficient gas instantaneous hot water systems.”A cost of living report from the RACQ found Queenslanders spend 26 per cent of their energy bills on heating and cooling.“We have designed and constructed our Tempo Homes to help homeowners save on their energy bills,” Mr Macleod said.“They are also affordable homes, great for cost-conscious first home buyers, and downsizers looking for a home they can just lock up and leave when they need.”last_img read more

Sydney prices hitting SEQ market

first_img Surrounded by multimillion-dollar homes.The two-bedroom, two-bathroom, two-car-garage home, which went under the hammer on Saturday, was the ultimate “renovate or detonate” property, sitting in one of the most coveted spots in Mooloolaba.The home at 49 Carwoola Crescent was on a 726sq m block “nestled within one of the coast’s most prized neighbourhoods” with 22.7m Mooloolaba River frontage and deep water ocean access. Video Player is loading.Play VideoPlayNext playlist itemMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 0:58Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -0:58 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedQuality Levels720p720pHD432p432p216p216p180p180pAutoA, selectedAudio Tracken (Main), selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.This is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.PlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 0:00Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -0:00 Playback Rate1xFullscreenHow much do I need to retire?00:58 MORE: Country home for under $400K How much would you pay for this view and water access?Mr Ohmsen expected 2020 to be strong for the area.“I think this year will be a good year,” he said. “It might slow towards the back quarter but in the interim it will still be strong. I’ve got four properties going to auction at the moment and have got interest on all of them.” FOLLOW SOPHIE FOSTER ON FACEBOOK 49 Carwoola Crescent, Mooloolaba, sold under the hammer for $3.1m.SYDNEY prices may have finally arrived in southeast Queensland, with a brick two-bedroom house selling for $3.1 million on the Sunshine Coast at the weekend. More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus10 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market10 hours agoThe open plan living room and kitchen of the $3.1m home.The home was listed as having “limitless potential as is or a superb foundation to update and transform into the ultimate waterfront masterpiece”. The current home has open plan living spaces, with a master bedroom looking over the river, and a spare queen sized bedroom with bathroom access.center_img The bidders were all local.“They know something,” he said. “It’s a very rare property. There was a sale of a finished and done home at 41 Carwoola Crescent for $5.13m only two or three weeks ago and that’s probably what encouraged the buyers to spend. They can knock it down and start again if they want.” The home is in original condition.Agent Geoff Ohmsen of McGrath Mooloolaba listed it as “an exceptional opportunity in a world class waterfront position”.“I had five registered bidders, only three participated, but all bidders were local apart from one from Brisbane. There was interstate interest but no registrations.,” he told The Courier-Mail. “They were mostly the empty nester range, no young families involved.”The fact that the bidders were all local spoke volumes, he said. Richlister Tony Quinn’s apartment for sale How to push through the ‘goat’s cheese curtain’last_img read more

Medvedev congratulates Shell on 125 years in Russia

first_imgRussian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev has sent a letter to Shell, congratulating the oil giant’s 125th anniversary in Russia. You can read the full letter below.Dear friends,2017 is a special year for your company, as it marks 125 years since Shell first came to Russia. Please accept my sincere congratulations on this remarkable anniversary.It was in this country that the Samuel family company essentially first decided to go into the oil business. It achieved incredible success, becoming one of the world’s biggest oil companies. Shell has never lost touch with Russia. During World War II it played an active role in supplying oil products and food to the USSR. War veterans remember this and are grateful to all those who brought victory closer.Today Shell is firmly integrated into our national economy and is one of our biggest foreign investors. Its companies and joint ventures are involved in various business areas: from exploration and production of mineral resources to the manufacture of fuel and lubricants and their sale at filling stations. The construction of Russia’s first LNG plant on Sakhalin, which uses cutting-edge technology, became one of your company’s largest projects. Shell’s support helped open the door to Russian energy resources in the Asia-Pacific Region, which substantially strengthened energy security in the Far East and overall in the Asia-Pacific Region.Friends, our partnership has stood the test of time. I am confident that this remarkable anniversary of our successful, mutually beneficial cooperation will give a fresh impetus to take it even further and foster new ideas for joint progress.I wish the many thousands who make up the Shell team good health and the best of luck in business.Sincerely,Dmitry Medvedevlast_img read more

Forum, BluHaptics Team Up on ROV Training

first_imgForum Subsea Technologies and BluHaptics have entered a joint agreement enabling technologies from both companies to be combined to provide solutions for ROV and subsea engineering applications.The VMAX Software is a 3D ROV simulation product, which is used for training and evaluation of ROV pilots as well as by subsea engineering teams for modelling and verification of procedures involving intervention tasks related to installing and maintaining subsea equipment. For ROV operators who are interested in implementing BluHaptics Dex-OS technology into their ROV fleet, VMAX and BluHaptics can now offer a simulated environment as a platform for demonstration and transition training to ROV pilots.VMAX product director, Andy McAra, stated: “We have seen a real increase of the use of 3D simulation products by engineers for evaluating subsea system designs and the way in which underwater vehicles interact with them. For those engineers who are a not accustomed to piloting an ROV let alone controlling a 7-function manipulator, we can now offer a very cost-effective and intuitive alternative to the legacy controller.“We are very pleased to have this agreement in place which allows us to maximise the synergies between VMAX and Dex-OS.”Luke Wissmann, BluHaptics VP of business development, added: “Forum’s portable VMAX simulator has made it possible to demonstrate our new Dex-OS system in conference rooms around the world for offshore energy stakeholders, which allows us to show how the system functions in real-world scenarios. So demonstrations become very credible and the value proposition of Dex-OS becomes even more apparent.”last_img read more

INFRA Grant for PhilaPort

first_imgThe U.S. Department of Transportation has awarded the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority a $25.5 million Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) grant to complete the second phase of a multi-phase improvement plan at the Packer Avenue Marine Terminal.According to the official PhilaPort’s announcement, the INFRA grant program provides dedicated, discretionary funding for projects that address critical issues facing the nation’s aging infrastructure.Among the 26 grant winners, PhilaPort is one of only two ports to receive funding and the only maritime-related project to receive funding in Pennsylvania.The investment will add capacity to modernize the terminal, including deeper berth (45 feet) to match the depth of the Delaware River’s main channel; two crane conversions from diesel to electric; and demolition and relocation/construction of a new temperature-controlled warehouse.last_img read more

Ukraine New on Paris MoU Black List

first_imgThe Paris MoU Committee has adopted new performance lists for flags and recognized organizations (ROs), moving Ukraine to the Black List from the Grey List. In addition, the Republic of Korea has been moved back to the White List after one year on the Grey List. Poland has entered the White List as well.New on the Grey List are the Islamic Republic of Iran, Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation and the United States of America, which were on the White List last year. From being a non-listed flag last year, Tuvalu is now on the Grey List.The lists, approved last month at Paris MoU 51st meeting, will take effect from July 1, 2018.The White, Grey and Black (WGB) List is based on the total number of inspections and detentions over a three-year rolling period for flags with at least 30 inspections in the period. On the list to be used for the calculation of the Ship Risk Profile, a total number of 73 flags are listed — 40 on the White List, 20 on the Grey List and 13 on the Black list.The White List represents flags with a consistently high-performance record. Compared to last year’s list, the number of flags on the list has decreased by two, with France ranking the first.Flags with an average performance are shown on the Grey List. On this year’s Grey List, the number of flags increased by one, with Kazakhstan topping the list.last_img read more

West Coast of Demerara Gets New Sea Defenses

first_imgOver 800 meters of riprap sea-defense works have been completed on the West Coast of Demerara, Guyana, reports the Department of Public Information.According to the DPI, the project, which commenced in November 2017, was completed in three phases. BK International has executed 300 and 260 meters respectively of riprap sea-defense in two phases and Toolsie Persaud Construction completed another 300 meters.Speaking with the Department of Public Information (DPI) Ministry of Public Infrastructure’s Project Coordinator, Dennis Ramsingh said that the works were critical due to the rapid degradation of the mangrove trees over the years.“Had government not taken the intervention to construct riprap sea-defenses then there would have been lots of damage and breaches of the embankment. That would have caused inundation to immediate residential agricultural land. But because we were monitoring the area over some time, we had seen the need to take this intervention early,” Ramsingh explained.The project entailed excavation of the seaward slope to construct the slope and toe and the riprap structures which involved excavation, sand filling, placement of geotextile fabric, underlayer and the armor stone which is the finished structure. Ramsingh also pointed out that similar works were also completed at Windsor Forest.The project was completed ahead of schedule and entailed excavation of the foreshore, to construct the toe and lower slope, sand filling to construct the upper slope, crest and embankment works were also included.According to Ramsingh, the areas in Den Amstel, Uitvlugt and Leonora that were flooded earlier in the year due to severe overtopping will also see improvement. Ramsingh indicated that the ministry has already prepared the designs, contracts have been awarded and physical work will commence shortly. These will also be executed in phases.last_img read more

BAM Ready for Wharf-Building Project in Antarctica

first_imgA huge cargo ship loaded with 4,500 tonnes of steel and construction equipment required to build a new Antarctic wharf has arrived at British Antarctic Survey’s Rothera Research Station, reports BAM Nuttall.Work began immediately on the huge task of unloading the cargo, which is likely to take around two weeks.The ship, containing plant, 83 containers, permanent and temporary materials and 1,000 tonnes of steelwork, departed the UK in late November for her month-long journey.Her arrival at Rothera is a major milestone in the modernization of the UK’s Antarctic infrastructure, as once the ship is unloaded construction partner BAM Nuttall can begin deconstructing the old wharf and building a new one big enough to safely berth the new polar research vessel, the RRS Sir David Attenborough.BAM Project Manager, Martha McGowan, added: “It was a major logistical undertaking to get every single thing needed to build a wharf in freezing Antarctic waters loaded onto one ship. One month and 11,000km later, it is very good to see all that hard work paying off.”An additional 50 members of the construction team are present at Rothera this season in order to deliver the first phase of wharf work. This includes deconstruction the old wharf, and building the rear section of the new one. Completion of the project is scheduled for April 2020.last_img read more

Two North Sea contract renewals for Petrofac

first_imgPetrofac’s Engineering and Production Services (EPS) business has been awarded two Operations and Maintenance (O&M) contract extensions for long-standing clients worth a combined value of approximately $32 million.Petrofac said on Tuesday it had secured a 12-month renewal from Total E&P UK for the supply of O&M support to its Alwyn and Dunbar platforms in the Northern North Sea – a role it has held for 14 years.The company has also been awarded a 12-month extension from a major International Oil Company (IOC), under which it will continue to provide offshore and onshore O&M support to one of its platforms in the Central North Sea.Both contracts will be managed via Petrofac’s dedicated 24/7 Operations Hub, through which all its labor supply contracts are managed.Nick Shorten, Managing Director for Petrofac’s Engineering and Production Services business in the Western Hemisphere, commented: “These contract renewals reflect the strength and collaborative nature of our long-standing relationships with both IOCs and are testament to the knowledge our teams have gained our clients’ assets.”Petrofac currently supports 45 assets in the North Sea, and 80% of these contracts have been held for a decade or more.Located 440km north east of Aberdeen, Total’s Northern North Sub hub has been a linchpin of the company’s portfolio since first oil was achieved in 1987.Total E&P UK Limited owns 100% equity of their Northern North Sea hub centered on the Alwyn Area which consists of the Alwyn North platforms (NAA and NAB linked by a bridge), the Dunbar platform and a series of subsea fields tied back to these installations.Spotted a typo? Have something more to add to the story? Maybe a nice photo? Contact our editorial team via email. Offshore Energy Today, established in 2010, is read by over 10,000 industry professionals daily. We had nearly 9 million page views in 2018, with 2.4 million new users. This makes us one of the world’s most attractive online platforms in the space of offshore oil and gas and allows our partners to get maximum exposure for their online campaigns. If you’re interested in showcasing your company, product or technology on Offshore Energy Today contact our marketing manager Mirza Duran for advertising options.last_img read more

Free school meals are no healthier – UK

first_imgMailOnline 23 Sept 2013Nick Clegg’S £600 million free school meals  plan has suffered a blow after a Government pilot scheme showed that children  who switch from ‘unhealthy’ packed lunches to cooked meals are no  healthier.Supporters of the initiative to give free  school meals to all pupils in the first three years of primary school say  fattening food in packed lunches is fuelling rising levels of obesity among  children.But a two-year scheme to test the school  meals initiative, in which tens of thousands of children had cooked meals  instead of packed lunches, has found there was no change in their health or body  mass index, a measure of a person’s healthy weight based on height and  gender.A report for the Department for Education  found that although children ate fewer of the fatty and sugary items often found  in lunch boxes, such as crisps, sandwiches, sweets and fizzy drinks, they made  up for it by eating more roast potatoes and chips in the cooked school  meals.Moreover, children who previously had a  packed lunch and a hot meal  at home in the evening were eating extra  because they had two cooked meals a day. read more

Police paying for child abuse tipoff leaves them open to ‘trumped up complaints’

first_imgChildren’s Commissioner cautions that police paying for child abuse tipoffs leaves them open to ‘trumped up complaints’ TVNZ One News 25 July 2016Family First Comment: Hallelujah! A Children’s Commissioner with some common sense!!!!“Complaints could be made for money. They could be trumped up complaints, they could be half truths used to further the interests of a party. So it would have to be for serious alleged instances where no other information is available,” Mr Beecroft said.”      Children’s Commissioner Andrew Beecroft is cautiously supporting a police proposal to pay people to dob in child abusers.The plan has been revealed as another shocking and horrendous story of neglect has come to light, after a landlord found faeces and maggots in a Nelson house where two children under nine had been living.Other child abuse cases have ended fatally and Detective Superintendent Tim Anderson says people had known abuse was going on.“When we look and debrief cases like Nia Glassie, Kahui twins, we know that within the family environment there are people there that know the offending or abuse is taking place,” he said.Mr Beecroft supports the idea of paying informants.“With proper safeguards to those serious situations who could be against it if it saves the life of a child?” he said.But the former Youth Court judge concedes people could abuse the system.“Complaints could be made for money. They could be trumped up complaints, they could be half truths used to further the interests of a party. So it would have to be for serious alleged instances where no other information is available,” Mr Beecroft said.READ MORE: read more

Lifelike baby dolls actually RAISE pregnancy rates

first_imgDaily Mail 26 August 2016Family First Comment: Moral of the story: Let teenagers focus on what they should be focusing on at their age – and promote making good decisions and delaying sexual activity. Throwing condoms and pretend-babies at teens is failing! Big time.Lifelike baby dolls designed to deter teenage girls from having children actually raise pregnancy rates, a major study suggests.The teenage pregnancy prevention programme, which is used in schools around the world, does not seem to work, according to the first proper trial to test it.Girls who took part were more, not less, likely to become pregnant compared to those who did not take part.The Virtual Infant Parenting programme, and others like it, involve a £1,000 ($1,300) doll which cries when it needs to be fed, burped, rocked or changed.It measures and reports if the doll is mishandled, left to cry, or left unchanged.The theory was that looking after the baby for a few days would expose girls to the reality of teenage parenthood.READ MORE: read more

Hugh Hefner Leaves Behind a Legacy of Sexual Exploitation, and a Public Health Crisis

first_imgMedia Release – National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) 28 September 2017Family First Comment: A good summary of a disturbing legacy…“Hugh Hefner leaves behind a legacy of sexual exploitation and public health harms. Hugh Hefner was not a champion of free speech. He was a pioneer in the sexual objectification and use of women.. It’s time to acknowledge the reality that Playboy is actually just another brand for old-fashioned misogyny.”Following Hugh Hefner’s death, the media has erupted in praise for his alleged championing of free speech through the pornographic magazine, Playboy. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation provides a stark contrasting perspective on the damage Hugh Hefner left in his wake.“Hugh Hefner leaves behind a legacy of sexual exploitation and public health harms,” said Patrick Trueman, President of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. “Playboy popularized the commodification of the female body in soft-core pornographic magazines in the 1960s, and it laid the groundwork for the public health crisis of Internet pornography that America is experiencing today. Reams of research show that Internet pornography is linked to neurological harms, sexual dysfunctions and increases in rates of sexual violence.”“Hugh Hefner was not a champion of free speech. He was a pioneer in the sexual objectification and use of women,” Trueman continued. “Research shows that Playboy historically portrays female sexuality as subordination and universal availability to the male gaze. How can our society accept, let alone applaud, these messages about the value of women when we are simultaneously struggling with campus sexual assault, military sexual assault, and the culture of sexual harassment in Silicon Valley?”“It’s time to acknowledge the reality that Playboy is actually just another brand for old-fashioned misogyny.”Learn more about the public health harms of pornography at read more

BREAKING: HHS Reports Heavy Marijuana Use Skyrocketing

first_imgSAM 14 September 2018Family First Comment:  There are now twice as many daily or near daily marijuana users in the US than just a decade ago, according to the most comprehensive survey on drug use released today by the federal government. There are also now 8,300 new marijuana users each day, and 22% of 18 to 25 year olds are currently using the drug–the highest number for all three stats in recent memory. “Big Marijuana – just like Big Tobacco years ago – continues to glorify marijuana as a cure-all that can do little or no harm. If it wasn’t for marijuana, overall drug use in this country would be going down. Rising mental health issues, drugged driving crashes, and an increasingly stoned workforce won’t help us get ahead. We should put the brakes on marijuana legalization and start a national science-based marijuana awareness campaign similar to successful anti-tobacco campaigns.”www.SayNopeToDope.nzThere are now twice as many daily or near daily marijuana users in the US than just a decade ago, according to the most comprehensive survey on drug use released today by the federal government. There are also now 8,300 new marijuana users each day, and 22% of 18 to 25 year olds are currently using the drug–the highest number for all three stats in recent memory.“The marijuana industry is getting their wish,” said Kevin A. Sabet, Ph.D., president of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) and a former White House drug policy adviser. “More people are using highly potent pot edibles and other items much more often, and the perception of harm for these products is plummeting. It is time we woke up as a country and put science above ideology.”The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) also found that 42% of marijuana users use the drug daily or almost daily, and that marijuana was used by more than 8 in 10 substance users. Marijuana use rose significantly among age groups 12 and up, 18 and up, and 26 and up. Use among 12 to 17 year olds was stable versus last year, though in legalized states NSDUH data show marijuana use higher on average in legalized states.“Big Marijuana – just like Big Tobacco years ago – continues to glorify marijuana as a cure-all that can do little or no harm,” said Sabet. “If it wasn’t for marijuana, overall drug use in this country would be going down. Rising mental health issues, drugged driving crashes, and an increasingly stoned workforce won’t help us get ahead. We should put the brakes on marijuana legalization and start a national science-based marijuana awareness campaign similar to successful anti-tobacco campaigns.”READ MORE: read more

Should parents lose custody of super-obese kids?.

first_img Share Should parents of extremely obese children lose custody for not controlling their kids’ weight? A provocative commentary in one of the nation’s most distinguished medical journals argues yes, and its authors are joining a quiet chorus of advocates who say the government should be allowed to intervene in extreme cases.It has happened a few times in the U.S., and the opinion piece in Wednesday’s Journal of the American Medical Association says putting children temporarily in foster care is in some cases more ethical than obesity surgery.Dr. David Ludwig, an obesity specialist at Harvard-affiliated Children’s Hospital Boston, said the point isn’t to blame parents, but rather to act in children’s best interest and get them help that for whatever reason their parents can’t provide.State intervention “ideally will support not just the child but the whole family, with the goal of reuniting child and family as soon as possible. That may require instruction on parenting,” said Ludwig, who wrote the article with Lindsey Murtagh, a lawyer and a researcher at Harvard’s School of Public Health.“Despite the discomfort posed by state intervention, it may sometimes be necessary to protect a child,” Murtagh said.But University of Pennsylvania bioethicist Art Caplan said he worries that the debate risks putting too much blame on parents. Obese children are victims of advertising, marketing, peer pressure and bullying — things a parent can’t control, he said.“If you’re going to change a child’s weight, you’re going to have to change all of them,” Caplan said.Roughly 2 million U.S. children are extremely obese. Most are not in imminent danger, Ludwig said. But some have obesity-related conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, breathing difficulties and liver problems that could kill them by age 30. It is these kids for whom state intervention, including education, parent training, and temporary protective custody in the most extreme cases, should be considered, Ludwig said.While some doctors promote weight-loss surgery for severely obese teens, Ludwig said it hasn’t been used for very long in adolescents and can have serious, sometimes life-threatening complications.“We don’t know the long-term safety and effectiveness of these procedures done at an early age,” he said.Ludwig said he starting thinking about the issue after a 90-pound 3-year-old girl came to his obesity clinic several years ago. Her parents had physical disabilities, little money and difficulty controlling her weight. Last year, at age 12, she weighed 400 pounds and had developed diabetes, cholesterol problems, high blood pressure and sleep apnea.“Out of medical concern, the state placed this girl in foster care, where she simply received three balanced meals a day and a snack or two and moderate physical activity,” he said. After a year, she lost 130 pounds. Though she is still obese, her diabetes and apnea disappeared; she remains in foster care, he said.In a commentary in the medical journal BMJ last year, London pediatrician Dr. Russell Viner and colleagues said obesity was a factor in several child protection cases in Britain. They argued that child protection services should be considered if parents are neglectful or actively reject efforts to control an extremely obese child’s weight.A 2009 opinion article in Pediatrics made similar arguments. Its authors said temporary removal from the home would be warranted “when all reasonable alternative options have been exhausted.”That piece discussed a 440-pound 16-year-old girl who developed breathing problems from excess weight and nearly died at a University of Wisconsin hospital. Doctors discussed whether to report her family for neglect. But they didn’t need to, because her medical crisis “was a wake-up call” for her family, and the girl ended up losing about 100 pounds, said co-author Dr. Norman Fost, a medical ethicist at the university’s Madison campus.How to tell if your child is at risk for obesityState intervention in obesity “doesn’t necessarily involve new legal requirements,” Ludwig said. Health care providers are required to report children who are at immediate risk, and that can be for a variety of reasons, including neglect, abuse and what doctors call “failure to thrive.” That’s when children are severely underweight.Jerri Gray, a Greenville, S.C., single mother who lost custody of her 555-pound 14-year-old son two years ago, said authorities don’t understand the challenges families may face in trying to control their kids’ weight.“I was always working two jobs so we wouldn’t end up living in ghettos,” Gray said. She said she often didn’t have time to cook, so she would buy her son fast food. She said she asked doctors for help for her son’s big appetite but was accused of neglect.Her sister has custody of the boy, now 16. The sister has the money to help him with a special diet and exercise, and the boy has lost more than 200 pounds, Gray said.“Even though good has come out of this as far as him losing weight, he told me just last week, ‘Mommy, I want to be back with you so bad.’ They’ve done damage by pulling us apart,” Gray said.Stormy Bradley, an Atlanta mother whose overweight 14-year-old daughter is participating in a Georgia advocacy group’s “Stop Childhood Obesity” campaign, said she sympathizes with families facing legal action because of their kids’ weight.Healthier food often costs more, and trying to monitor kids’ weight can be difficult, especially when they reach their teens and shun parental control, Bradley said. But taking youngsters away from their parents “definitely seems too extreme,” she said.Dr. Lainie Ross, a medical ethicist at the University of Chicago, said: “There’s a stigma with state intervention. We just have to do it with caution and humility and make sure we really can say that our interventions are going to do more good than harm.”By:  Lindsey TannerYahoo Shine 12 Views   no discussions HealthLifestyle Should parents lose custody of super-obese kids?. by: – July 19, 2011 Tweetcenter_img Share Share Sharing is caring!last_img read more

CAUTIOUS RESPONSE: Regional leaders give measured response to death of al-Qaeda leader

first_img Share Share Sharing is caring! Share BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, CMC – Caribbean governments have been giving a cautious response to the death of Osama bin laden, the leader of the terrorist group al-Qaeda, who was killed by a special United States military unit in Pakistan on Sunday.While the 15-member Caribbean Community (CARICOM) grouping is yet to issue a joint statement on the matter, individual regional countries have been making their position known on the issue.Grenada’s Prime Minister Tillman Thomas, who is also the CARICOM Chairman, said “one thing that is for sure, his death will demorallise the group and there is the likelihood of different fractions emerging because the person they looked on as a leader is no more.“He was the person who guided the members and he will not be replaced very easily”.Barbados Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart is quoted in the DAILY NATION newspaper as saying that his country, like all other countries worldwide would be interested in Bin laden’s death.“Barbados does not get itself involved in disputes of this kind. Our foreign policy is still what it always used to be: ‘friends of all, satellites of none’. But we cannot bury our heads in the sand. We are a tourist economy and if a terrorist element anywhere in the world feels offended by something that another country has done and the residents of that country come to Barbados, we have to face the reality to take all the necessary precautions,” he said.The Prime Minister said the best Barbados could do in the present circumstance was to hope the situation quickly settled itself and that the fallout was not too great.“Let’s be frank about it. The relationship between the extremists and the United States, Britain and Australia is not a very good relationship at the moment, and we just have to factor in that there could be could be reprisals,” Stuart said.He warned that “none of us is insulated from any of this and we just have to take all the precautions that we can to protect ourselves from the worst possible effects of the events of the last 24 hours”.Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar told reporters that bin Laden’s killing created a complicated scenario for the world.“Half the world is rejoicing and there are others who are not rejoicing. It is a very complicated issue but for the free world there is rejoicing,” she said.Trinidad and Tobago has indicated that it is likely to beef up security at its embassies in the United States and Britain.“At the moment, there is no indication that there is any threat to Trinidad and Tobago, none whatsoever,” she said.Fourteen Trinidadians died in the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington on September 11, 2001.Earlier, Jamaica said it welcomed the death bin Laden, saying it is satisfied that justice had been served.“For many years the world has had to live with the threat of international terrorism and to suffer the wanton assaults on innocent men, women, and children that have destroyed countless lives, wounded thousands, and left a legacy of pain and hurt that abide in our individual and collective memories,” Foreign Minister Dr Ken Baugh said in a statement.“The Government of Jamaica is satisfied that justice has indeed been served by the execution of Osama bin Laden by US Special Forces and commends the US Government and military for their resolve and tenacity in the fight against international terrorism.”The Dominica government is warning against complacency by the international community in the aftermath of the killing bin Laden.Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office, Alvin Bernard said the Roosevelt Skerrit led administration was pleased with the recent development but said the fight against terrorist activity should continue unabated.“From the Dominica perspective, the government of Dominica has always taken a stance against terrorism and has taken the initiative to implement legislation to deal with acts of terrorism.“However, while the events over the last 72 hrs would have provided relief and consolation for all concerned it is no cause for complacency. This is because ten years have elapsed since the events of 9/11 and during that interval a lot has happened as the movement of al Qaeda has become more entrenched and more pervasive,” Bernard said.But the Dominica government is urging the international community not to sit back and think the fight against international terrorism has ended.“I think in fact we have to become even more resolved against this phenomenon,” Bernard said, adding that he expects security to be increased at ports of entries as a necessary precaution against increased terrorist activity.“I expect the inconveniences of travel but I recognize it is a necessary inconvenience for all concerned and we ought not to let our guard down because I believe the whole phenomenon of terrorism is immoral,” he said.center_img Tweet NewsRegional CAUTIOUS RESPONSE: Regional leaders give measured response to death of al-Qaeda leader by: – May 4, 2011 34 Views   one commentlast_img read more

Fifa questions Blazer after letter of complaint

first_img Tweet Sharing is caring! Share Share NewsSports Fifa questions Blazer after letter of complaint by: – June 15, 2011center_img Share 20 Views   no discussions Blazer’s bribery claims have engulfed football’s governing body Concacaf general secretary Chuck Blazer has been questioned by Fifa’s ethics committee after complaints were made against him by Caribbean associations.Blazer sparked the investigation that led to the suspension of fellow Fifa members Jack Warner and Mohamed Bin Hammam on bribery charges.The complaint is related to remarks Blazer is alleged to have made in a meeting in Zurich in May.“I am confident of a positive resolution,” said Blazer.The official complaint was made in a letter to the committee signed by 11 heads of Caribbean federations.The complaint is related to Blazer’s behaviour at a Concacaf meeting before last month’s Fifa Congress and does not refer in any way to the bribery issues currently under investigation by world football’s governing body.The letter said Blazer made “statements of contempt and slander that served to impugn the integrity, discriminate against and infringe upon the personal rights” of Concacaf members.The meeting came after Blazer gave a dossier to the ethics committee containing allegations of bribery relating to a meeting in Port of Spain, Trinidad, between Caribbean federations and Asian soccer chief Bin Hammam.A Caribbean football source told Reuters the meeting spilled over into a row over who should take over as acting president after Warner was suspended, during which Blazer told some Caribbean officials they faced investigation.The letter of complaint continues: “The statement of Mr Blazer flouts the principle of a person being innocent before being proven guilty.”It says Blazer “violated the personal rights” of Captain Horace Burrell, the president of the Jamaican Football Federation – Blazer blocked him becoming active vice-president of Concacaf.It also alleges Blazer “discriminated against Capt Burrell and certain members of the Concacaf through his contemptuous and denigratory words since all the persons who were singled out were of a specific race”.Bin Hammam and then Concacaf president Warner were subsequently suspended by the ethics committee pending a full investigation.Blazer claims that Warner and Bin Hammam paid Caribbean delegates $40,000 (£24,250) each to vote for Bin Hammam in his failed bid for the Fifa presidency.The Fifa investigation gets under way on Wednesday, with Caribbean representatives being interviewed by Fifa investigators in the Bahamas.BBC Newslast_img read more

Dominica records decline in HIV/AIDS related deaths

first_imgPhoto credit: nwso.netHead of the HIV/AIDS Response Unit Julie Frampton has announced that there has been a decline in HIV/AIDS related deaths in Dominica for 2012.Nurse Frampton who attributed that success to the availability of drugs noted that this is a major plus for the country in its fight against the disease.One of the other highlights in the 2012 report is that the Response Unit was able to increase the number of persons tested for the disease.“We also saw a decrease in deaths and one of the main contributing factors is the availability of antiretrovirals; the medications used to treat people living with HIV and AIDS, so this has shown to work. Once persons adhere to their treatment regime it will work. We’ve had a couple deaths; these are people who have not accessed care at all, or if they do come for care by the time they come it’s too late to treat them”.Dominica reported its first HIV/AIDS case in 1987 and since then the number of persons infected with the disease has been increasing steadily.Nurse Julie Frampton“Our cumulative numbers stands at 376 at the end of 2011. Those who we have documented have died from the disease is about 143 so we know that there are other persons who may have died and not documented as related deaths but those are what we have documented”. Nurse Frampton noted however that the fight against the disease can only be successful if infected persons come forward for the treatment which they require.“We encourage persons to come if you know you are HIV positive; come and get the care, support and treatment that you need”. It’s available at no cost to you, there is a cost but it is no cost to the client,” she emphasized.She warned however that every citizen must take responsibility for their health, particularly their sexual lifestyles.“Your sexual health is your responsibility and it is your business; we can give you the information, you may have the information but you must use it to change your behaviour. People are sexual beings and we all know that HIV is a sexually transmitted infection and if people do not change their behaviour then we can look down the road ten years time and say we’ve lost the battle”.According to Nurse Frampton, to effectively address the issue of HIV/AIDS it must be a “multi-sectoral approach, it’s got to be everybody; it’s got to be all of us doing what we have to do to ensure that we stay negative”. Dominica Vibes News Sharing is caring! Share LocalNews Dominica records decline in HIV/AIDS related deaths by: – May 19, 2012 29 Views   no discussionscenter_img Tweet Share Sharelast_img read more

Government to spend $130 million on public works projects island wide

first_imgLocalNews Government to spend $130 million on public works projects island wide by: – July 9, 2012 Share Public Works Minister, Rayburn Blackmoore.At a recent site visit to the Pointe Michel Sea Defence Wall and Road Rehabilitation Project, Minister for Public Works, Hon. Rayburn Blackmoore revealed his ministry’s plans to spend approximately 130 million dollars in infrastructural upgrades around the island.Hon. Blackmoore said the funds will be spent in enhancing roads, building retaining walls and addressing drainage issues in [specific] communities. Some work has already begun for Boetica and Delices.The Minister said, “We have just started doing some work in Grand Fond. The people of Grand Fond are happy about that. Also, we are hoping, very shortly to start work in Eggleston, Wallhouse and Lalay Coco. But we are starting with Delices going into Boetica. We are also looking at Campbell, Despor, Canefield and Massacre. [Additionally] the river walls in St. Joseph are [being considered]. We are just about to start improving the drains in Lagoon and Portsmouth. That area has a drainage problem and when we are finished with that we would have spent over $400, 000 to improve the drains. When we are finished doing that we’re going to redo the roadwork from Lagoon to Purple Turtle [Beach] to the tune of 1.1 million dollars.”Minister Blackmoore further explained that some of the work is to mitigate hurricane damage. He also said that his ministry will be delegating projects to village councils.He noted, “Really and truly it’s a national effort, we are in the hurricane season so we have to start clearing out our drains, culverts and doing our brush-cutting. We’ll provide the resources in areas where the Village Councils are competent and efficient so the people in those communities can have a form of attachment and demonstrate that sense of ownership of the project. We believe that the Village Council can be a good partner in the process of trying to keep our environment clean…and [by so-doing] we can engage the communities.”According to the Public Works Minister, the roads from Portsmouth to Purple Turtle Beach and from Vieille Case to Penville will also receive attention.Government Information Service Tweet Sharecenter_img Share Sharing is caring! 26 Views   6 commentslast_img read more

Messi reveals how he honed his free-kick technique

first_imgLionel Messi has revealed how he’s changed his free-kick technique to experience more success from dead-ball situations, saying he now studies opposing goalkeepers more than he used to. Loading… “I watch free-kick takers,” the 32-year-old said. “But I think that each player has their own way of taking them and it’s very difficult to copy someone else. “I think that each player has to do it their way, and try what they feel is best. It’s very difficult to look and copy. You have to train to see what is best for each  player.” Messi has been the go-to penalty taker for Barcelona and Argentina during his career and though he’s been generally successful, he has experienced some notable misses over the years. His miss in the 2016 Copa America final caused him to retire from international duty, though he returned to the Argentina national team just weeks later. Messi has admitted that those misses from the spot bother him and motivate him to get better from set-pieces. “I missed a lot of penalties and that bothers me; I want to improve it, and the way to do that is by training and also looking at the opposition – just like I’m sure  they study me,” Messi said. “Knowing things about the opposition helps you to gain an advantage. Read Also:Sarri: Messi having more Ballons d’Or than Ronaldo is ‘really annoying’ “It bothers me but doesn’t worry me. I also understand that it’s part of the game, and sometimes it’s even more difficult when you take a lot of them in a row, because  everybody studies everything. “Goalkeepers are much faster than before, much better prepared, have much more strength in their legs, and that means that it is more difficult to take penalties.” FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Promoted ContentWho Earns More Than Ronaldo?Beautiful Mutations: 15 Staggering Photos Of HeterochromiaCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way10 Risky Jobs Some Women Do5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme ParksThese TV Characters Proved That Any 2 People Can Bury The HatchetThe 10 Best Secondary Education Systems In The WorldWhich Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?Top 10 Most Romantic Nations In The World13 kids at weddings who just don’t give a hoot7 Reasons Why You Might Want To Become A VegetarianBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For Them The Barcelona star scored six goals from 41 set-piece attempts last season, a respectable return, but has already scored four times from free-kicks in La Liga alone  this term. Messi has been prolific on set-pieces throughout his career, reaching 50 career free-kick goals in October 2019, but explained that his approach has changed as he’s  gotten older. “Before, I got comfortable and took them for the sake of it. I tried, of course, to get it over the wall and put it into the net, but I did it without thinking,” Messi  told La Liga on DAZN . “That was until I practiced them, picking up habits with my positioning, my steps, how I hit the ball, and trying to use my foot in different ways and seeing how it worked out.” The Argentine has said that one of the biggest changes in his approach to free-kicks is his new habit of studying the opposing goalkeeper, which he did not do earlier  in his career. “Before I didn’t [study the goalkeeper]. I was hindered when it came to have to shoot or a one-on-one situation. “There were situations in which things you’ve seen come to mind, and it makes you have doubts. Doubts make you go wrong. “Recently I’ve looked at it again, above all looking at free-kicks to see if there is movement before, if I should take a step or not, how to react, how the wall  blocks. Now I study it a little more.” Though Messi said he also studies other free-kick takers, he believes that he is limited in what he is able to learn.last_img read more

2020 AWCON: Oshoala drums support for Nigeria’s bid

first_img Loading… Promoted ContentThis Guy Photoshopped Himself Into Celeb Pics And It’s HystericalWho Earns More Than Ronaldo?Best & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever Made6 Interesting Ways To Make Money With A Drone2020 Tattoo Trends: Here’s What You’ll See This Year10 Stargazing Locations To ‘Connect With Nature’7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend Better5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme ParksWhy Go Veg? 7 Reasons To Do This7 Famous And Incredibly Unique Places In Thailand15 Photos Of Amazingly Beautiful Mutations10 Irresistibly Gorgeous Asian Actresses Read Also: Barca coach celebrates Oshoala’s best player’s award“If they can get the rights to host the African Women’s Cup of Nations this year, it will be good for our country’s football.“It will also prepare the country ahead of the U17 Women’s World Cup and U20 Women’s World Cup tournaments. I believe if we can host one of these events for us to prepare for the bigger stage.”FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has expressed interest to host this year’s women’s continental showpiece after Congo Brazzaville pulled out last year over lack of funds.center_img Super Falcons captain Asisat Oshoala believes it will be beneficial for the country to stage the 2020 African Women’s Cup of Nations.Advertisement With CAF racing against time to name a new host for the 12-team event slated to kick off in November, Equatorial Guinea are also intensifying effort to win the hosting right.Oshoala insists hosting the women’s continental event will prepare the country ahead of the upcoming Women’s U-17 and U-20 World Cup tournaments.“I think it is a very good move by the country and the Nigeria Football Federation,” Oshoala told Goal.“We really need this because Nigeria lost out in the bid to secure the hosting rights for the U20 Women’s World Cup this year. We have what it takes to host the continent.”last_img read more

Barcelona in ‘danger of economic bankruptcy’

first_img “And all this had to be done while preserving the ownership of the club in the hands of the members and its competitive capacity both in football and in all sections. “If the risks were great, they have now become gigantic. We are in the midst of a pandemic that has brought the planet to a halt and will have effects in all walks of life, also in sport, that today we cannot yet foresee. “Likewise, for months we have witnessed a shameful escalation of chapters in the club’s institutional behaviour in which the latest event hides the seriousness of the previous one, a process that culminated in recent days with accusations and serious reproaches among board members, and six abrupt resignations. “And just as the only priority should be to get the club out of the crisis, the presidency announces a new remodelling of the board of directors in order to stay in power. What is at risk now is Barca as a whole. “This is not a recent problem – we have experienced the sentencing of the club in the Neymar case, the disagreements made public between employees and players with executives and managers, and the audit of the case on social networks, which seems will confirm the scandal. “Let’s add an erratic sports policy, the breaking up of the board of directors and the significant reduction in income due to the pandemic, and the result is the danger of economic bankruptcy and moral decay in which the club has settled. Game over.” read also:Barcelona, Man City could swap Semedo and Cancelo Font reiterated his assertion from earlier this month that Si al futur had put themselves at Bartomeu’s disposal to assist during the COVID-19 crisis and build a “common front”, only to be frustrated in those efforts. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Barcelona are in danger of economic bankruptcy and moral decay, according to presidential candidate Victor Font. Loading… Promoted ContentTop 10 Tiniest Phones Ever MadeWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?7 Universities In The World Where Education Costs Too MuchWhat Is A Black Hole In Simple Terms?Who Earns More Than Ronaldo?Laugh, Cry, Or Just Relax With The Best Series Streaming On HBO10 Risky Jobs Some Women DoThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read More10 Actors That Started Their Careers On Soaps8 Most Interesting Sylvester Stallone MoviesCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable WayA Hurricane Can Be As Powerful As 10 Atomic Bombs In an open letter to Barca members and the media, Font – the leader of the Si al futur group seeking to take control of the Camp Nou boardroom – offered a scathing assessment of the current behind-the-scenes turmoil at the La Liga champions. The unvarnished criticism arrives at the end of a turbulent week, with six of Josep Maria Bartomeu’s board resigning from their posts. Outgoing vice-president Emili Rousaud then made the explosive claim that “someone had the hand in the till” at the club – an accusation strongly rebuffed by Barcelona. Rousaud also suggested possible impropriety regarding Barca’s alleged agreement with 13 Ventures, a PR company claimed by a report on Spanish radio programme Que t’hi jugues in Feburary to have been hired to clean up Bartomeu’s image on social media and disparage current and former players critical of his regime. Both Barcelona and 13 Ventures denied the allegations but that episode, along with the controversial signing of Neymar in 2013, were both referenced by Font in his critique. The letter read: “For some time now the project Si al futur has been warning Barca members that the club was heading towards the ‘perfect storm’ – it had to replace the best generation of footballers in history, build and finance the Espai Barca development project and compete against corporations with almost unlimited financial resources.last_img read more

DENR chief pushes for int’l collab on wetlands conservation

first_imgIt is habitat to around 72 species ofwaterbirds, including the globally-threatened Far Eastern Curlew, theNordmann’s Greenshank and the critically-endangered Spoonbilled Piper.  BACOLOD City – Participants fromvarious countries visited the Negros Occidental Coastal Wetlands ConservationArea (NOCWCA) – the seventh Ramsar site of the Philippines located in southernNegros – as part of the 2nd East Asian-Australasian Flyway (EAAF) Congress onResearch and Development for Wetlands and Migratory Waterbirds.                                  The 2nd EAAF Congress drew around 200delegates from countries such as Russia, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, theUnited States of America, Cambodia, Japan, and Pakistan.             “The Philippines, as part of the EAAF,believes in the importance of international collaboration as impetus forconservation of migratory birds,” Environment secretary Roy Cimatu said in hismessage delivered by assistant secretary for field operations Jim Sampulna hereon Tuesday.              The three-day gathering, which was ledby the Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau of the Department ofEnvironment and Natural Resources, ended on Thursday. The NOCWCA spans an almost 110-km.stretch of coastline along nine municipalities and a city. Cimatu said over 70 other wetlands inthe country continuously serve as a haven to more than 300,000 birds during thesouthward bird migration season.    Cimatu has pushed for an internationalcollaboration on the conservation of migratory waterbirds in the Philippineswhich has seven sites designated as “wetlands of international importance” orRamsar sites – a habitat to thousands of migratory birds from over 80 species,which visit the country every year.       Six other sites declared as “wetlandsof international importance” in the country are the Tubattaha Reefs NaturalPark and Puerto Princesa Subterranean River Natural Park, both in Palawan;Agusan Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary in Agusan del Norte; Naujan Lake National Parkin Oriental Mindoro; Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary in Cebu; and the LasPiñas-Parañaque Critical Habitat and Ecotourism Area. The critically-endangered spoon-billed sandpiper Calidris pygmaea is distinct in having a spatulate bill. It is one of the species that inhabits the Negros Occidental Coastal Wetlands Conservation Area during migration. SAVINGSPOONBILLEDSANDPIPER.COM The EAAF, a route that supportsmigratory birds, is home to more than 50-million waterbirds from over 250different populations, including 32 globally threatened and 19 near-threatenedspecies.(With a report from PNA/PN)last_img read more

Homicide suspect arrested

first_imgThe court recommended a P24,000 bailbond for Lumaquin’s temporary liberty./PN He was detained and set to betransferred to the Banga municipal police station. Police nabbed Lumaquin – a resident ofBarangay Cupang, Banga – at his hiding place on Bonifacio Street, Blumintrit,Manila. ILOILO City – A man facing homicidecharges in Banga, Aklan was caught. The 38-year-old Arnold Lumaquin wasarrested on the strength of an arrest warrant around 6:30 a.m. on Monday, apolice report showed. last_img read more

Laborer hurt in hit-and-run

first_imgILOILO City – A laborer was hurt in ahit-and-run accident in Barangay Hacienda Conchita, San Dionisio, Iloilo. Azucena was walking along the road when unidentifiedvehicle hit him around 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, the report added. Resident Edwardo Azucena sustainedbruises on the body. He received treatment at the district hospital of Sara,Iloilo,  a police report showed. center_img Officers of the San Dionisio policestation have yet to identify the driver of the vehicle, who fled after theincident./PNlast_img read more

Ceres buses resume Negros trips May 18; VTI mulls stricter bus protocols

first_imgAlso, the company would be making it a protocol to do a thermal scanner of passengers. Among others, there would be a reorientation of their bus drivers and conductors. Health safety protocols would be discussed with them, said Seballos. The number of passengers that buses could accommodate would be trimmed – only 50 percent of their normal passenger capacity – for social distancing purposes. Passengers, too, would be obliged to write their names and pertinent information in the bus manifesto at the terminals before boarding buses. VTI plans to pick up passengers only from “terminal to terminal” where footbaths could be easily carried out. The information provided would be used for contracting tracing if there would be a need for such, said Seballos. But in areas where there are no Ceres bus terminals, Seballos said VTI would be coordinating with local government units concerned for the identification of pick-up points or bus stops. Yes, all passengers would be required to wear facemasks, said Seballos. Jade Seballos, media relations officer of VTI, cited several considerations that must first be implemented at their various bus terminals throughout Negros Occidental. While this city and Negros Occidental would begin observing a general community quarantine tomorrow allowing the resumption of public transport, VTI’s buses would not immediately return to the streets. VTI was also still finalizing new policies for the riding public to protect their health from the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), Seballos added. BACOLOD City – The Ceres buses of Vallacar Transit, Inc. (VTI) will resume operation on May 18. Seballos said VTI was also waiting for the new fare matrix from the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board./PNlast_img read more

Police: Arrest may solve recent string of thefts

first_imgDaniel Smith (Image: Decatur County Sheriff’s Department)BATESVILLE, Ind. – A traffic stop in Batesville has investigators saying they may be one step closer to solving a string of recent theft cases around the area.The Batesville Police Department received numerous reports Saturday morning of vehicles and garages broken into on Friday.These cases were similar to reports taken a week prior in Versailles.Batesville officers were also notified by the Ripley County Sheriff’s Office regarding the theft of guns, computers and ammunition from vehicles in the Millhousen area.Batesville Sgt. Danny Hamilton stopped a vehicle for a minor traffic violation near the intersection of State Routes 46 and 229 around 4:10 a.m. Saturday.The officer suspected illegal drugs were in the vehicle and a search allegedly revealed drug paraphernalia.“Sgt. Hamilton also noticed firearms, ammunition, and computers along with an unusual amount of change in the vehicle,” Batesville Police Chief Stan Holt said in a statement.The driver was identified as Paul Smith, 20, and the passenger as 25-year-old Daniel Smith, both from Westport. Neither occupant was arrested at that time.Investigators later obtained a search warrant for the Smith’s home and vehicle in Westport.A team of officers from multiple agencies raided the home late Saturday night.Officers say the search turned up the stolen firearms, computers, ammunition and heroin.Daniel Smith was arrested on suspicion of Possession of a Narcotic Drug (Level 6 Felony) and Possession of a Firearm by a Felon (Level 5 Felony).He is currently being held without bond at the Decatur County Jail.Investigators are working with prosecutors on potential charges in Ripley County.The Batesville Police Department was assisted by officers from the Ripley and Decatur County Sheriff’s Offices, Indiana State Police, along with the Versailles, Westport and Greensburg Police Departments.last_img read more

Bulldogs Tame Tigers In Girls Tennis

first_imgThe Batesville Girl’s Varsity Tennis team defeated Lawrenceburg 5-0 on Friday.#1 Singles- Lydia Olsen defeated Sydney Romines 6-1, 6-0#2 Singles- Erin Longstreth defeated Kerri Collins 6-0 6-3#3 Singles- Julia Hunter defeated Cera Hutchinson 6-0, 6-0#1 Doubles- Brooke Bradford and Kelli Hartman defeated Sari Frizzell and Cheyenne Younger 6-0, 6-0#2 Doubles- Macy Simon and Karsen Worthington defeated Amber Richetts and Macey Morgan 6-2, 6-0In JV action, Batesville won 3-1. Audrey Weigel won in singles while the doubles teams of Maggie Schwettman/Audrey Amberger and Baylee Rohlfring/Jill Hartman were winners.The Varsity is now 8-1 on the season while the JV is 9-0. The varsity will play in the Franklin Invitational on Saturday.Courtesy of Bulldogs Coach Mike McKinney.last_img read more

Velma Stickelman

first_imgEarly Wednesday morning at the Manderley Health Care Center of Osgood, June 15, 2016, Holton, Indiana lost a very prominent and loved lady, Velma Stickelman, age 86. She was born January 6, 1930 in Holton to the parents of Virgil E. and Anna Bell Grinstead Beach. On March 21, 1951, she married her beloved Samuel W. Stickelman and they were happily married for nearly 55 years before he preceded her in death on November 25, 2005.In Velma’s early years, she first began working as a bookkeeper for Jefferson Proving Grounds from 1950 to 1952. Later she began working for Neal’s Ford Garage in Osgood as a bookkeeper and remained with them up to the 1970’s. Following this employment, from the late 1970’s through the middle 1980’s she worked for Muscatatuck State Hospital, of Madison, Indiana. Baptized at the age of 12, she became a member of Holton Christian Church. Over the years in the church, she played the piano, was Sunday School teacher, member of the “Mother’s Class” and certainly helped willingly with many church meals! She was a member of the Ripley County Democrats , Ripley County “Red Hatter’s,” Napoleon, Indiana VFW Ladies Auxiliary and was always involved for many years helping with the Holton alumni.Velma loved Holton! She served as the town clerk from 1986 to the early 2000’s when she finally retired. She was instrumental in developing the Community Center. One thing that she was very proud of, when she served as clerk, she personally received $5,000.00 from the state of Indiana as an award for keeping perfect records! She took this money, not for herself but paid for putting in the basketball court at the Town Park! People loved her and respected her, and if Holton would have had a mayor, she most certainly would have been selected!SURVIVORS: Daughter: Cynthia Stickelman Melton of Holton Granddaughter: Rachael (Bob) Curl of Holton Grandson: Samuel (Amy) Melton of Lawrenceburg, Indiana Great Grandchildren: Samantha and Hayden Curl; Carter and Elizabeth MeltonShe was preceded death by, one brother, Leslie Beach.VISITATION: Friday, June 17, 2016/ 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m./ Neal’s FUNERAL: Saturday, June 18, 2016/ 11:00 a.m./ Holton Christian Church/ Doors open at 10:00 a.m.BURIAL: Holton Cemetery MEMORIALS: Holton Fire Department or “Catch A Dream” Manderley Health Care Center or Holton Christian Church Youth Group.Arrangements by: Neal’s Funeral Home www.nealsfuneralhome.netlast_img read more

Raiders Middle School Teams Win Games Over Mohawks At Hoosier Gym

first_imgWaldron vs. South Ripley at Hoosier Gym in Knightstown.Grade 7-SR 46, Waldron 43In a game that came down to the final possession, the Raiders were able to hold off the Mohawks 46-43. South Ripley led at the end of the first, second, and third quarters, but Waldron mounted comebacks each time, including cutting the lead to one late in the 4th. A bucket by Dalton Smith with a few seconds remaining gave the Raiders a three point lead, and the Mohawks narrowly missed a three at the buzzer. Zach Gentile led SR with 18 points, while Clinton Patrick scored 12, Dalton Smith finished with 5, Ryan Miller and Bryce Wrightsman each added 4, and Nick Schwarte had 3.Grade 8-SR 54, Waldron 44The Raiders led from start to finish in a 54-44 victory. Waldron did manage to outscore SR 23-12 in the 4th, but could get no closer than ten. Cody Samples and Lane Sparks topped SR with 20 points each, while Bryce Franklin scored 11, Dillon Binion chipped in 2, and Kaden Rinear added one point and two charges defensively.The Seventh graders end the season with a 9-12 record, while the eighth graders concluded a 16-6 season.Courtesy of Raiders Coach Jeff Greiwe.last_img read more

Women’s golf outing planned in Decatur County

first_imgGreensburg, In. — The call is out to Decatur County women to “Tee Off FORE Ta-Tas.” The all-female “Goofy Golf Tournament” will be held at North Branch Golf Club on September 15 from 4 to 9 p.m.The event provides support for local women battling breast cancer and promotes women’s health. The proceeds will go to the hospital foundation and the Mammogram Assistance Program.Registration and cocktail hour begins at 4 p.m. with dinner, the tournament and awards ceremony to follow. For more information call 812-663-1220.last_img read more

Girls Golf Sectional Results-Lady Cats Win At Richmond

first_imgGolf ball about to fall into the cup at sunsetColumbus North wins The Greensburg Girls Golf Sectionals at Greensburg on Saturday, September 16th.Greensburg and Columbus East qualified for The Regionals.Meredith McCreary-Batesville, Sydney Parmer-North Decatur, and Madyson Carmony-Rushville individually move on to The Regionals.Franklin County captures The Richmond Girls Golf Sectionals.Dana Brandstetter of The Lady Wildcats was the individual medalist with a score of 78.The Regionals will be taking place on Saturday, September 23rd at Lapel at The Edgewood Golf Course starting at 9 AM.last_img read more

Decatur County park budget squeezed, residents brace for tax hike

first_imgGreensburg, In. — Decatur County council members have passed an ordinance on the first reading that would add a special jail tax, public safety local income tax and increase the certified shares(CAGIT, COIT & CEDIT or EDIT).By a 4-2 vote council members approved a .5 percent increase for the new jail tax. Representatives from jail architect, Umbaugh & Associates say the tax will support a jail project of just over $20 million on the existing site. It’s estimated the impact on the average taxpayer would be about $280 per year. Twenty-two of 92 counties in Indiana have a jail tax. Council members did point out the tax could be lowered in the future.Council members unanimously approved a .25 percent public safety tax. The tax would be used for courthouse security, EMS, fire and a full-time Decatur County Emergency Management Agency director. The council also approved an increase in certified shares from 1.33 percent to 2.35 percent. Both taxes take effect January 1, 2018.The Decatur County Parks and Recreation Board briefly considered a food and beverage tax to fill a budget hole in 2018. Decatur County council members have asked the department to cut $30,000 from the budget and department leaders say they are unable to. After discussion, council members restored the 2018 budget figure to $579,000 from the original figure of $537,000.last_img read more

Mr. Edward Joseph “Smokey Joe” Abrams

first_imgMr. Edward Joseph “Smokey Joe” Abrams, age 53, of Hanover, Indiana, entered this life on April 26, 1964 in Cincinnati, Ohio to Edward Joseph Abrams and Roberta (Cox) Moore. He was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio where he attended high school. Smokey Joe was united in marriage on May 24, 1997 in Vevay, Indiana to Shannon Minch and they shared nearly 21 years of marriage together until his death. Smokey Joe was employed as a welder for Marlin Barge in Madison, Indiana for 10 years. He was also employed for Levi in Florence, Kentucky, for three years. Smokey Joe will be remembered for his love of fishing. Smokey Joe passed away at 3:21 a.m., Friday, April 6, 2018, at his residence in Hanover, Indiana. Smokey Joe will be deeply missed by his loving wife of nearly 21 years, Shannan (Minch) Abrams of Hanover, IN; his son, Jon Lunsford of Cincinnati, OH; his step-son, Cordel Minch of Hanover, IN; his grandchildren, Elijah Alexander, Carter Paul, Addilyne Christine, Serenity Grace, Nicholas Ryder and Hayden Ella; his step father, Thomas Moore of Cincinnati, OH; his mother-in-law and father-in-law, Lynda and Robert “Hardly” McKenzie of Vevay, IN; his brothers, Jesse Abrams and his wife, Tammy of Hammersville, OH, Robert Lunsford and his wife, Brenda of Wilder, KY and Thomas Moore and his wife, Lisa of Hebron, KY and his nieces and nephews.He was preceded in death by his parents, Edward Joseph Abrams and Roberta (Cox) Moore.Memorial Services will be conducted Tuesday, April 10, 2018, at 1:00 p.m., by Ryan Leach at the Haskell & Morrison Funeral Home, 208 Ferry Street Vevay, Indiana 47043.Memorial Gathering will be held from 12:30 p.m. – 1:00 p.m., Tuesday, April 10, 2018, at the Haskell & Morrison Funeral Home, 208 Ferry Street Vevay, Indiana 47043. Memorial contributions may be made to the Mr. Edward Joseph “Smokey Joe” Abrams Memorial Fund % Haskell & Morrison Funeral Home. Cards are available at the funeral home.last_img read more

Duke Energy Foundation fuels youth literacy

first_imgGreensburg, In. — The Duke Energy Foundation plans to invest $14,150 in the Decatur County summer reading program. The program is designed to combat the “summer brain drain” many educators have described.“Summer programs not only help kids retain what they’ve learned, but they can also help close achievement gaps,” said Duke Energy Community Relations Manager Chip Orben. “Developing young, good readers is fundamental to success in school and later in life.”This grant is one of 24 that total a $400,000 investment in school literacy program.last_img read more

Wisconsin crash kills World of Outlaws driver

first_imgPhoto: World of OutlawsBeaver Dam, Wi. — World of Outlaws driver, Jason Johnson, 41, was killed during the Jim Boyd Memorial at the Beaver Dam Raceway in Wisconsin Saturday. Witness accounts say Johnson’s car flipped and went through the track billboard.Johnson has been racing in the series since 1998 and has raced full-time since 2015.NASCAR drivers Kyle Larson and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. expressed condolences to the family.last_img

Indiana unemployment rises slightly for June

first_imgIndianapolis, In. — Unemployment in Indiana inched up to 3.3 percent for the month of June. The state rate has remained below the national figure of 4 percent since October of 2014.Indiana’s labor force had a net increase of 14,948 over the previous month. This was a result of a 3,785 increase in unemployed residents and an increase of 11,163 employed residents. Indiana’s total labor force, which includes both Hoosiers employed and those seeking employment, stands at 3.36 million, and the state’s 64.6 percent labor force participation rate remains above the national rate of 62.9 percent (through June 2018) and the BLS Midwest States’ average rate of 62.6 percent (through May 2018).In addition, Indiana’s initial unemployment insurance claims continue to be at historical lows.last_img read more

New survey ranks bullying problems by state

first_imgBatesville, In. — Statistics from the CDC say every seven minutes in America a child is bullied and new survey by WalletHub ranks the problem in each state. Indiana ranked 36th, Kentucky was 30th and Ohio entered the list at 35.The top five states in the country are Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Idaho and Alaska.  A link to the full study is here.last_img

Batesville Boys Youth League Scores

first_img3rd/4th Grade League Presented by Bruns-Gutzwiller, Inc.New Point Stone Company 34      Daffodilly’s Flowers and Gifts 10KFC/Taco Bell 29      Enhanced Telecommunications Corporation 24Cook’s Performances 31     Batesville Lions Club 105th/6th Grade League Presented by Skyline Chili Batesville and Ison’s Family Pizza.Voldico Insurance- Shannon Tekulve 40      Knights of Columbus #1461 26Gilman’s Hardware 18     Enneking’s Auto Body 17FCN Bank 32      Margaret Mary Health 18Courtesy of  Bulldogs Coach Jay Gerkin.last_img read more

Juventus supremacy under threat as Serie A returns

first_imgJuventus’s Serie A supremacy faces a stiff test with the champions just one point ahead of Lazio as the Italian league kicks off again this weekend following a three-month shutdown. Lazio, powered by Serie A top scorer Ciro Immobile, are on a 21-match unbeaten run A return had looked unthinkable back in April as Italy counted their daily coronavirus deaths in the hundreds for nearly 35,000 victims in the country. But the situation has improved with strict health protocols in place and all matches being played behind closed doors. Four postponed games will take place first this weekend involving teams at the epicentre of the COVID-19 outbreak. Atalanta host Sassuolo in Bergamo on Sunday, and Inter Milan are at home against Sampdoria. On Saturday, Torino host Parma and Cagliari travel to Hellas Verona. Next week all teams will have 12 games left to play with Juventus at Bologna on Monday, and Lazio travelling to Atalanta on Wednesday. Maurizio Sarri’s Juventus fell in the Italian Cup final to Napoli on penalties midweek, having also lost the Italian SuperCup to Lazio in December. “Ronaldo, (Paulo) Dybala and our great soloists lack that little bit of brilliance, but I consider it quite normal in this period,” said Sarri. “I didn’t say anything to the players, we were all very angry and disappointed and I think it’s better to be silent right now.” Sarri’s woes have been compounded with Brazilian defender Alex Sandro tearing a knee ligament against Napoli and Sami Khedira picking up a potentially serious tendon problem. Argentine forward Gonzalo Higuain and captain Giorgio Chiellini are also not yet at full fitness. – Ronaldo effect – Juventus will be counting on their top scorer Cristiano Ronaldo to react after suffering two defeats in a final for the first time in his career, and missing a penalty in the Italian Cup semi-final. Lazio’s Ciro Immobile has scored 27 goals this season, six more than Ronaldo, as the in-form Romans target their third Scudetto and first in two decades. Loading… At a loss: Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo’s Italian Cup defeat was the first time he has lost two finals in a row. Simone Inzaghi’s side have already beaten Juventus twice this season, in the Italian SuperCup final and 3-1 in the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. The top two teams will meet in Turin on July 20. Inter Milan are third, nine points behind Juventus. Inter lost to Lazio (2-1) and Juventus (2-0) just before the suspension. “If I have to find a positive part of this crisis, it’s that I’ve had time to focus and try to find different areas in which the team can improve,” said coach Antonio Conte. Atalanta occupy the final Champions League berth, three points ahead of Roma, with Napoli sixth a further six points back. – Maths madness – While the championship resumes the question remains of what happens in the case of another suspension. Plan B provides for play-offs, the format of which remains to be defined. A final decision could open the way to use a complicated algorithm devised by the federation to establish the final ranking. Who would qualify for the Champions League or the Europa League? Who would go to Serie B? Very simple: PF = PT + (MPc x NPc) + (MPt x NPt)!center_img Read Also: Video: Chelsea new signing Werner speaks to fans after massive deal The squad and staff will be closely monitored and a quick test performed on the whole team on match day, boosting hopes that the championship will be concluded. Fixtures (all times GMT): Saturday Torino v Parma (1730), Verona v Cagliari (1945) Sunday Atalanta v Sassuolo (1730), Inter Milan v Sampdoria (1945) Monday Lecce v AC Milan (1730), Fiorentina v Brescia (1730), Bologna v Juventus (1945) Tuesday SPAL v Cagliari (1730), Verona v Napoli (1730), Torino v Udinese (1845), Genoa v Parma (1945) Wednesday Inter Milan v Sassuolo (1730), Atalanta v Lazio (1945), Rome v Sampdoria (1945) FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Serie A returns to action this weekend after a three-month shutdown. This formula means that the total points will be calculated taking into account those obtained at the time of the interruption, plus a simulation based on the average points taken at home and away multiplied by the number of matches still to play. Got it? It was even considered at one point to take into account the number of goals scored home and away, for an even more intimidating formula: PF = PT + 0,90 x [(MPc x NPc ) + (MPt x NPt)] + 0,10 x (iag x Δr). “This is madness. We are at the ‘Normale’ of Pisa,” said FIGC president Gabriele Gravina, referring to the prestigious Tuscan university, which has given Italy three Nobel Prize winners and two Presidents. But one sticking point was cleared up Thursday with the Italian government agreeing to ease quarantine restrictions in the case of a positive test with only the infected person isolated.last_img read more

Bremen snatch play-off survival chance, champions Bayern rout Wolfsburg

first_img “I have experienced a few derbies, but I don’t care who we face. I just want to appeal to the fans to stay home to watch it,” added Kohfeldt, with games still behind closed doors due to the coronavirus pandemic. A burst of goals from Osako, Milot Rashica and Niclas Fuellkrug – all in the space of eight minutes – had Werder 3-0 up at the break against Cologne at the Weserstadion. Former Everton midfielder Davy Klaassen then fired home a rebound just after the break before Osako, facing his old side, added his second and USA international Josh Sargent completed the rout. Dominick Drexler pulled a goal back for Cologne. Four-time Bundesliga champions Werder also needed a favour from Berlin and got one as Union beat Fortuna 3-0 with goals from Nigerian duo Anthony Ujah and Suleiman Abdullahi either side of veteran midfielder Christian Gentner’s effort. Bremen will find out their opponents on Sunday, with Heidenheim currently in the play-off place ahead of the final round of matches in the second division. – Hundred up for Bayern – At Wolfsburg, Bayern striker Robert Lewandowski scored a penalty for his 34th league goal of the season, finishing as the top scorer for the fifth time. Robert Lewandowski in action for champions Bayern Munich in their 4-0 win at Wolfsburg on SaturdayKingsley Coman, Michael Cuisance and Thomas Mueller also got on the scoresheet as Bayern, champions for the eighth straight season, finished 13 points clear of second-placed Borussia Dortmund following a 4-0 win.Mueller set up Coman for Bayern’s opening goal to finish the campaign with a league record 21 assists, and his goal that rounded out the win was also Bayern’s 100th league goal this season – one short of the Bundesliga record.“I am proud of the way we have played over the past few months,” said Bayern coach Hansi Flick, who has won 28 of his first 31 games in charge.Flick also hailed the efforts made to ensure the Bundesliga became the first top European league to resume following the coronavirus lockdown.“The Bundesliga has led the way in Europe, which was an outstanding achievement,” added Flick. “In this respect, this is a very special championship for us.”– Gladbach into Champions League –Gladbach celebrate clinching the fourth and final Champions League placeMeanwhile, Borussia Moenchengladbach and RB Leipzig secured qualification for next season’s Champions League after 2-1 wins over Hertha Berlin and Augsburg respectively, as fifth-placed Bayer Leverkusen missed out by two points despite beating Mainz 1-0.Dortmund, who had already wrapped up second place, crashed to a 4-0 home defeat by Hoffenheim, for whom Croatia striker Andrej Kramaric scored all four goals, including a no-look penalty.That result allowed Hoffenheim to leapfrog Wolfsburg and take sixth place, although both sides will go into the Europa League next season along with Leverkusen.Before kick-off in Dortmund, Mario Goetze, who scored Germany’s winning goal in the 2014 World Cup final, was given a send-off by the club with his contract expiring this month.Elsewhere, Timo Werner signed off with a brace in RB Leipzig’s 2-1 win at Augsburg in what was his final appearance for the club before moving to Chelsea.Read Also: Video: Liverpool stars wildly celebrate first ever EPL title winSchalke’s disastrous second half of the season was completed with a 4-0 thrashing at the hands of Freiburg as they finished the season 12th, having been third in December.Eintracht Frankfurt beat bottom side Paderborn 3-2 in Saturday’s other game.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Loading… Promoted ContentThis Guy Photoshopped Himself Into Celeb Pics And It’s Hysterical10 Hyper-Realistic 3D Street Art By OdeithMind-Bending Technology That Was Predicted Before It AppearedHere Are The Best Movies Since 1982 You Should Definitely SeeThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read MoreWill You Recognize Celebs In Their Kid Photos?Best & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever Made8 Scenes That Prove TV Has Gone Too FarThe Best Cars Of All Time10 Extremely Dirty Seas In The World7 Of The Wealthiest Universities In The WorldThe Most Exciting Cities In The World To Visit Werder Bremen gave themselves hope of avoiding relegation from the German Bundesliga by thrashing Cologne 6-1 to grab a play-off place on the last day of the season, while champions Bayern Munich routed Wolfsburg before lifting the trophy on Saturday. Sargent (R) and Rashica both scored as Bremen took the playoff place from Duesseldorf Japan striker Yuya Osako scored twice as Bremen stole the lifeline of the relegation/promotion play-off place from Fortuna Duesseldorf, who lost 3-0 at Union Berlin and were relegated with Paderborn, finishing one point behind Bremen. “We put in a great performance under pressure,” said Bremen coach Florian Kohfeldt after the club’s 1,900th Bundesliga game. “But we are aware that we haven’t achieved anything – in the relegation play-off, the emotions will be even greater.” Bremen have spent more seasons than any other team in the Bundesliga, having only spent one term in the second tier, in 1980-81. Bremen will face second-tier opponents in either Heidenheim or possibly neighbours, rivals and fellow struggling giants Hamburg in the play-off first leg on Thursday.last_img read more

US athletes, Carlos call on IOC to end protest ban

first_img Read Also: La Liga: Barca now relying on Real Madrid dropping points – Suarez “The Olympic and Paralympic movement simultaneously honors athletes like John Carlos and Tommie Smith, displaying them in museums and praising their Olympic values, while prohibiting current athletes from following in their footsteps,” the letter read. “Carlos and Smith risked everything to stand for human rights and what they believed in, and they continue to inspire generation after generation to do the same. It is time for the Olympic and Paralympic movement to honor their bravery rather than denounce their actions.” FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 In the weeks since the protests over George Floyd’s death erupted, the USOPC has said it will review rules regarding athlete protests, saying officials had “failed to listen and tolerated racism and inequality.” The IOC, which in January issued an updated set of guidelines regarding athlete activism, outlawing any kind of demonstration on the medal podium or field of play, has hinted it may be willing to soften its stance. The IOC is backing discussions led by the Olympic Athletes Commission to consider ways of allowing “dignified” shows of support for anti-racism initiatives. – ‘fundamental human right’ – The USOPC athlete council and Carlos had requested abolishing the rule against protests during a conference call with the IOC’s Athletes Commission on Thursday. In its letter to the IOC released Saturday, the US Olympians said freedom of expression was a “fundamental human right.” United States athletes and 1968 Mexico Games icon John Carlos on Saturday called for the International Olympic Committee to scrap rules barring athletes from protesting at the Olympics. John Carlos has joined calls from US Olympians to end rules banning athletes from protesting at the Olympics In a letter sent to the IOC, the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee’s athlete council requested that Olympic chiefs abolish its anti-protest regulation. The letter was sent in partnership with former US sprinter Carlos, who was famously kicked out of the Mexico City games in 1968 for raising his fist on the medal podium in a black power salute along with compatriot Tommie Smith. “Athletes will no longer be silenced,” the US athlete council wrote in the letter. “The IOC and International Paralympic Committee cannot continue on the path of punishing or removing athletes who speak up for what they believe in, especially when those beliefs exemplify the goals of Olympism,” the letter reads. “Instead, sports administrators must begin the responsible task of transparent collaboration with athletes and athlete groups to reshape the future of athlete expression at the Olympic and Paralympic Games.” The issue of athlete protests at the Olympics came under renewed scrutiny following the wave of protests which erupted across the United States and around the world following the death of unarmed black man George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis on May 25. The USOPC had been criticised after issuing reprimands to US hammer thrower Gwen Berry and fencer Race Imboden, who both protested on the podium during last year’s Pan-American Games in Lima to draw attention to social injustice. Berry, who raised a clenched fist on the podium, and Imboden, who knelt down, were given a year’s probation by the USOPC and warned they could face severe sanctions if they carried out similar protests again. International Olympic Committee rules bar any “demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda” at the Games.center_img Loading…last_img read more

IMCA state champions crowned in Midwest earn $100 Sybesma Graphics gift certificates

first_imgSANBORN, Iowa – IMCA drivers winning state championships in six Midwest states earn $100 Sybesma Graphics gift certificates again in 2020. An eight-year sponsor and long-time supporter of IMCA competitors, Sybesma gives those certifi­cates to Modified, Late Model, RaceSaver Sprint Car, Stock Car, Hobby Stock, Northern SportMod and Sport Compact drivers earning KMJ Performance State crowns in Illinois, Iowa, Minne­sota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.  Along with motorsports and commercial wraps and decals, the One Stop Sign Shop owned by Stock Car driver Stefan Sybesma and his wife Ashley is located in Sanborn, Iowa and also does apparel screen printing and embroidery. “State Championships will really be coveted awards in 2020 as each state hosting IMCA racing will see unique seasons,” noted IMCA Marketing Director Kevin Yoder. “Sybesma Graphics has been a great supporter of these champions in the past and will continue to shine a light on those drivers this year as well.”center_img Sybesma Graphics awards will be presented during the national banquet in November or mailed beginning the following week from the IMCA home office.  More information about Sybesma-made wraps and graphics is available by calling 712 729-7446, on Facebook and at the website. last_img read more

Dailey delivers IMCA Modified win at Algona

first_imgBy Greg GrabianowskiALGONA, Iowa (May 21) – Eric Dailey sped to the IMCA Xtreme Motor Sports Modified victory his se­cond of the season and career 65th, Thursday at Kossuth County SpeedwayDailey drew the pole and took the win ahead of hard charger Jeremy Mills and Jesse Hoeft. Rob Hughes was the cash dash winner.Craig Berhow topped the IMCA Sunoco Stock Car feature, holding off Kevin Opheim and Chad Palmer.Nick Meyer’s early season success continued as he captured the Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMod victory. Meyer held off a hard charging Jared Boemeister and Cody Knecht.Brandon Nielsen sped from ninth starting to first finishing in the IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stocks. Se­cond was Shannon Anderson and Chanse Hollatz was third.Nate Coopman weaved his way through the field from eighth starting to take Mach-1 Sport Com­pact honors. Kaytee DeVries was second, just in front of her husband Jay.30last_img read more

Track championship and Super Nationals awards highlight Fast Shaft’s IMCA program

first_imgDES MOINES, Iowa – Axle Exchange, the parent company of Fast Shafts, enjoys another high visibility season of IMCA partnership, comple­menting track championship awards with a title sponsor role at the biggest dirt track racing event in the nation.The 400 local track champions crowned in the Xtreme Motor Sports IMCA Modified, IMCA Late Model, IMCA Sunoco Stock Car, IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stock, Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMod and Scoggin-Dicky Parts Center Southern SportMod all receive two $25 product certificates from the Des Moines, Iowa, manufacturer of the Fast Shafts brand of drive shafts.Fast Shafts returns to national decal programs for the Stock Cars, Northern SportMods and Southern SportMods. Drivers in all three divisions must display two Fast Shafts decals on their race car to be eligible for point fund shares.Track champion product certificates and point fund checks will be presented during the national banquet in November, or be mailed beginning the following week from the IMCA home office.Axle Exchange, now in its 14th season as a marketing partner with IMCA, also returns as sponsor of the Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational and furnishes a portion of the purse paid to the 30 Modified starters in the Sept. 9 special during the IMCA Speedway Motors Su­per Nationals fueled by Casey’s.Each of those drivers will receive a free custom Velocita fire suit and mini replica driveshaft from Axle Ex­change.“The exciting development with the Fast Shafts program revolves around the fire suits that will be provided to the drivers voted into the All-Star Invitational,” noted IMCA Marketing Director Kevin Yoder. “Axle Exchange has teamed up with Velocita to pull this off once we find out who the participants will be, and it will be a one-of-a-kind experience for those drivers.”“Brad Smith from Velocita Race Suits and I are very excited about the upcoming Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational for 2016. Partnering with Velocita is a perfect fit for this event,” said Pat Fagen, Fast Shafts founder and president. “We have been giving a free 2” Moly driveshaft since the beginning and just thought it was time to change it up. The mini driveshaft with the IMCA Fast Shafts logo and the driver’s name on it was a big hit last year. I can’t wait.”One hundred and ten different drivers from 25 states and two Canadian provinces have taken the green flag in the All-Star main event since the inaugural invi­tational in 2004.Information about Axle Exchange products and services is available by calling 800 622-6617, on Facebook and at the website.last_img read more

Top-Ranked Argonauts Fall Short at Regionals

first_imgTop-Ranked Argonauts Fall Short at Regionals May 9, 2007MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. – Top-ranked West Florida fell short on Wednesday in their quest for a berth in the national championships. The Argonauts finished tied for seventh overall at the NCAA Division II South/South Central Super Regional at the Robert Trent Jones at the Shoals Course. The top six teams: North Alabama, Florida Southern, Barry, Florida Gulf Coast, Cameron and Abilene Christian will advance to next week’s national championships.After shooting a second round 301 yesterday, West Florida shot their best round of the tournament on Wednesday with a one-under 287. The Argonauts ended the tournament with a 21-over 885 total (297, 301, 287). West Florida finished four strokes behind Abilene Christian (+17), who earned the sixth and final team qualifying spot for nationals.Matthew Galloway (Valrico, Fla.) just missed qualifying for nationals as an individual. He shot his second round 71 on Wednesday to finish the tournament tied for fourth with a two-under 214 (71, 72, 72). However, Mitch Boles of Central Oklahoma qualified for nationals as an individual with a seven-under 209. The golfer with the lowest total who is not on one of the six qualifying teams advances to nationals as an individual.David Lingmerth (Tranas, Sweden) shot his lowest round of the tournament on Wednesday to finish tied for 15th with a six-over 222 (75-75-72). Leonardo Di Marino (Laferrere, Argentina), who was playing in his final round in his West Florida career, shaved three strokes off of his second round total and finished tied for 25th with an eight-over 224 (73-77-74).Federico Damus (Posadas, Argentina) shot an Argonaut-best third round 70 to finish tied for 35th with a 14-over 230 (83-77-70). Matthew Berzovich (Longwood, Fla.) finished his West Florida career by placing tied for 41st with a 16-over 232 (78-79-75)Print Friendly Version Sharelast_img read more

The Fort Golf Course named one of the top in the nation

first_imgBy Frank Oliver/DNR — State park inns in Indiana in 2010.Indianapolis, In. — According to, The Fort Golf Course at Fort Harrison State Park in Indianapolis is tops in the U.S. for layout, as voted upon by its readers. Ranked No. 2, by the way, is the Black Course at Bethpage State Park in New York, which has hosted two U.S. Opens in the last 20 years. The Fort hosted The Big Ten Conference women’s golf championship in 2015 and 2016.The complete list is online here.The Fort’s 18-hole, par-72 course is noted for its rolling terrain and tree-lined fairways, and is consistently ranked among the top public golf courses in Indiana.The original golf course was built in the 1930s when it was part of Fort Benjamin Harrison, a U.S. Army post. The course was later redesigned by Indianapolis golf architect W.H. Diddle. After the DNR acquired 1,700 acres of the decommissioned military operation in the 1990s to develop a state park, famed golf course designer Pete Dye was hired to create the current award-winning layout.Just nine miles from downtown Indianapolis, The Fort course is adjacent to the Fort Harrison State Park Inn Resort at Fort Harrison State Park, which offers convenient stay and play options.The Fort Golf Course is at 6002 North Post Road Indianapolis.More information about Fort Harrison State Park is online here.last_img read more

Wildcats EIAC Golf Results-Pirates Win Team Title

first_imgFC Golf finishes 5th at EIAC Tournament on Saturday at South Dearborn Country Club. The winner of the EIAC championship goes to Greensburg with a score of 320 edging out the home team of South Dearborn with a score of 327. Scores for the Wildcats were Evan McKinney 93, Austin Hill 97, Cole Erfman 101, Zach Jewell 102, and Trent Meyer 119. Next up is Centerville at home on Monday 5/13.Courtesy of Wildcats Coach Dustin Riley.last_img

Donald Stillabower,

first_imgDonald Stillabower, 88, of Greensburg, passed away on July 20, 2019 surrounded by his family.  He was born on May 27, 1931 in Shelby County, Indiana, the only son of Ross and Delcie (Spicer) Stillabower.  He married his wife of 63 years, Mary (Thompson) Stillabower on July 20, 1956.Donald is survived by his wife, 2 daughters, Melanie (Bob) Lane of Woodridge, IL, and Lynda (John) Lane of Shelbyville, IN; son, Duane (Helen) Stillabower of Columbus, IN, 10 grandchildren; 13 great grandchildren; sister- Betty Jean Rainbolt of Connersville.He was preceded in death by his parents and daughters, Vivian and Julie Stillabower.Don was a member of the Liberty Baptist Church in Greensburg, Indiana.He was a veteran of the United States Army, having served in the Korean War. He also worked at Cummins, retiring in 1993. He enjoyed being outside, gardening and collecting John Deere tractors. Don was a jokester and loved giving people a hard time!Military Graveside Honors will be Wednesday, July 24, 2019 at 10:00 am at South Park Cemetery. Rev. David Blazier will be officiating.  In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions can be made to the funeral home in care of Marianne Lane, Don’s 3 year old great-granddaughter who is awaiting a heart transplant. Online condolences can be made to the family at www.gilliland-howe.comlast_img read more

Police Blotter 02-03-2020

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Indiana GOP plan to continue convention

first_imgStatewide—A unanimous recommendation by the Indiana Republican State Committee Rules Committee was made regarding the upcoming 2020 Indiana Republican State Convention. Currently, the Indiana Republican Party’s first goal is to continue to host an in-person state convention as planned on June 20th. According to their press release, if the situation on the ground does not allow for some form of in-person voting on June 20th, the Indiana Republican Party is committed to offering a voting option to ensure our state convention delegates are given the best opportunity possible to select our party’s nominees for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General.It is absolutely critical to our process that the delegates are heard and allowed to be engaged, and the party will do everything in its power to protect the right to select the Republican party nominees for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General.last_img read more

Christine Callahan, age 57, Brookville

first_imgChristine Callahan, age 57, of Brookville, Indiana died Thursday July 2, 2020 at IU Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana.Born May 3, 1963, in Batesville, Indiana she was the daughter of the late Miles & Virginia (Copley) Sturgell.  She was united in marriage to Rick Callahan on October 10, 1981, and he survives.Christine worked at the former J & J Packaging and then at VALEO in Greensburg.  In her leisure time she enjoyed painting and cherished time spent with her grandchildren.Besides Rick, her husband of 39 years, survivors include two children, Amy (Daniel Marshall) Callahan and Andy Callahan both of Brookville, Indiana, four grandchildren, Austin Callahan, Jayla Callahan, Olivia Marshall and Caleb Marshall; two brothers, Olus (Sharon) Sturgell of Laurel, Indiana and Tony (Sheila) Sturgell of Metamora, Indiana, as well as many nieces & nephews and great nieces & nephews.In addition to her parents she was preceded in death by a sister, Kathryn Allen, two brothers, Claude Sturgell and Frank Sturgell.Philip Johnson will officiate the Funeral Services on Saturday, July 11, 2020; 10:30 A.M., at Phillips & Meyers Funeral Home, 1025 Franklin Avenue, Brookville.  Burial will follow in St. Peters United Church of Christ Cemetery in Klemmes Corner.Family & friends may visit from 5 till 8:00 P.M. on Friday, July 10, 2020 at Phillips & Meyers Funeral Home in Brookville.The staff of Phillips & Meyers Funeral Home are honored to serve the Callahan family, everyone is encouraged to sign the online guest book or send personal condolences to the family via .last_img read more

Iheanacho looked like Zidane — Ex-Leicester star

first_imgRelatedPosts EPL: Foxes attack Burnley Bale completes Tottenham return from Real Madrid EPL: Underdogs tackle Leicester City Leicester City striker, Kelechi Iheanacho, looked like Zinedine Zidane when he came on against Everton, according to ex-Foxes star Matt Piper.Piper told Love Sport Radio that Iheanacho lit up the King Power Stadium when he came on, grabbing the winner with seconds to go.He said: “Ihenacho, he comes on, he’s been really struggling and he’s even been getting booed by some of his own crowd, the Leicester fans, and it was such a brilliant finish, the way he took it.“Because it was last second everyone went crazy but the actual technique and how he manufactured the chance for himself was absolutely awesome.“He’s one of the only guys to fully celebrate twice (after the VAR decision).“Have we signed Zidane? He came on and his touches suburb.“He was doing touches, little flicks, that only confident players do. He came on and was worth that full £25 million that we payed for him.”One of main concerns for Leicester fans, whose club is currently second in the Premier League, is the possibility of losing manager Brendan Rodgers – who is being linked with a whole host of clubs, most notably Arsenal.But Piper believes the project at Leicester, the strength of the squad and the calibre of ownership will be enough to make Rodgers stay.Piper told Love Sport: “It will always be a slight concern for Leicester City fans as fans this is one of the downfalls of success.“He comes in and makes a real impact since coming in.“He’s taken the team two or three levels higher than where we were at the end of last season.“I believe Leicester will go top four and I’ve been proven right so far.“You look at the football club, the chairman, the King Power group looking to spend money.“I can’t see Brendan Rodgers jumping ship and going across to Arsenal when I think something really special is happening at Leicester City.” Tags: Kelechi IheanachoLeicester CityZinedine Zidanelast_img read more

Liverpool power past Man U, go 16 points clear

first_imgRelatedPosts Lampard: I still have confidence in Tomori Ighalo: My best moment as ‘Red Devil’ Mane double eases Liverpool to win over 10-man Chelsea Liverpool stretched their commanding lead at the top of the Premier League to 16 points and advantage over Manchester United to 30 as goals from Virgil van Dijk and Mohamed Salah earned a 2-0 win over their historic rivals at Anfield. A 13th straight league win since the sides last met at Old Trafford in October continues Liverpool’s relentless run towards a first league title in 30 years, while United remain five points off the top four in fifth. Liverpool also have a game in hand to come on closest challengers Manchester City and could have been more comfortable winners after seeing two first half goals ruled out and a host of clear chances go astray. United are the only team to take Premier League points off the European champions this season, but it rarely looked like lightning would strike twice once the hosts went in front on 14 minutes. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s game plan was undone by a simple set-piece as Van Dijk rose highest to power home Trent Alexander-Arnold’s corner. The Norwegian had set up with a back five, with Luke Shaw forced to deputise out of position as a third centre-back, and only a great challenge from the former Southampton left-back denied Sadio Mane a certain second as he burst onto Roberto Firmino’s pass. Jurgen Klopp’s men did have the ball in the net twice more before the break, but VAR and the offside flag came to United’s rescue to keep the score down. Firstly, Firmino’s brilliant strike was ruled out as Van Dijk was penalised for an aerial challenge with David de Gea after a VAR review. Georginio Wijnaldum then slotted past the Spaniard after a brilliant through ball from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, but the Dutchman had strayed marginally offside. Shorn of injured top scorer Marcus Rashford, United failed to even muster a shot in anger for the first 40 minutes until Anthony Martial pulled his effort wide of the near post. However, they could easily have been level against the run of play moments later when Andreas Pereira could not stretch to turn home Aaron Wan-Bissaka’s ball across the face of the goal. At the other end, De Gea had one more key intervention before the break as he saved with his feet from Mane’s driven effort. Just like in the 1-0 win at Tottenham last weekend Liverpool tired in the final 20 minutes, with Klopp forced to withdraw Mane and Firmino to bolster the midfield. However, the hosts held out for a seventh consecutive clean sheet in all competitions and took another giant step towards the title as Salah secured the three points with virtually the last kick of the game. The Egyptian was picked out by goalkeeper Alisson Becker and ran from inside his own half before slotting under De Gea.Tags: AnfieldCapital One Cup win against Manchester UnitedLiverpoolManchester CityManchester UnitedMohamed SalahOld TraffordPremier LeagueVan DijkVirgil van Dijklast_img read more

Carragher: The time is right

first_img “It’s nice that I’m in the side and people are saying I’m doing well and why not stay for another year? “It’s better than them saying you should have gone a year ago. I prefer it to be like that and get out while it’s going well because it can easily change.” He will make his 737th and final appearance when he leads out the Reds out at Anfield against QPR on the last day of the season at Anfield. But there will be no tears from the centre-back when the match is over – and no thoughts about a u-turn. Asked when he made his decision to quit Carragher added: “About 12 months ago, the end of the season. I was in and out of the side with Kenny. I was thinking about it in the summer but I had a year to go and a new manager coming in. I knew then it was always going to be my last season.” Carragher’s departure will leave captain Steven Gerrard, who misses the final match of the season after a shoulder operation, as the one remaining half of Liverpool’s ‘Scouse heartbeat’. However, the defender believes the club is in a healthy position at all levels. “It’s always good to have a few local lads in the side. That’s the aim of everyone,” he said. “Every club will say they want to bring players through from the academy, that’s why you have academies and put so much time and money into it. But the players have got to be good enough. If they’re good enough, brilliant – get them in there. “I’m always positive about the club. The last few years haven’t been great for us, with league positions and missing out on the Champions League. But with the new manager coming in and the run we’ve been on in the second half of the season it gives us a lot to look forward to for next season.” Press Association Retiring Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher insists his recent extended run in the side has only convinced him this is the right time to bow out.center_img The 35-year-old effectively made his decision a year ago when he was struggling for a first-team place under former manager Kenny Dalglish. That situation did not change under new boss Brendan Rodgers as he made just one league start up until mid-January, since when he has started 14 of Liverpool’s 16 in the Premier League. “It’s made me go the other way, to be honest. It’s made me think it is the right time,” he said. last_img read more

Suarez surprised by Arsenal bid

first_img Press Association The Reds rejected the Gunners’ offer last week but agent Pere Guardiola told managing director Ian Ayre and manager Brendan Rodgers at a meeting on Monday that his client wanted Champions League football. “One has to value that despite everything that’s happened one is still in the market… that clubs still value players for what they can do on the field,” he said about Arsenal’s bid. Liverpool striker Luis Suarez admits he was surprised by Arsenal’s £30million bid for him but took it as a sign that opinion on his talent has not been lost among all the controversy.center_img “That makes me think that I can come back and do things well over there. They (the press) have given it to me in England but, like we say, I’ve given them stuff to eat because if I hadn’t done anything then probably they wouldn’t have been as bad. “But football is like that and you have to be accustomed to all that and it’s good that the English clubs still want me.” Real Madrid, whom Suarez expressed an interest in last month during a series of interviews which put his future at Anfield in serious doubt, remain favourites although they have yet to make any approach. After Monday’s talks it appears Guardiola will have to find clubs willing to bid over £40million and then take those offers to Liverpool. But Suarez claims he has a number of avenues to explore. “There are a few options and the club knows that. Are there any concrete options? No, so far there hasn’t been any,” he told Uruguayan radio station Sport 890. “There are two or three clubs who I think are willing and the club knows that. My agent is in charge, he knows what I want. “I have to present myself on July 21 to Liverpool for their tour of Australia but no one knows what could happen. I’ve already said what I have to say and initially I have to be there on the 21 but a maybe a phone call one day can change all your plans.” last_img read more

Dalman relishing new Bluebirds role

first_img Press Association Investment banker Dalman takes over from Simon Lim, who had been acting chairman following Dato Chan Tien Ghee’s decision to step down in March. Lim will continue as the Bluebirds’ chief executive. Cypriot Dalman, who has previously worked with Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse, told the club’s official website: “I am honoured to take up the role of club chairman at Cardiff City Football Club. “I have enjoyed my time at the club since joining the board of directors in January 2012 and now relish the opportunity to contribute further in my additional role as chairman with Cardiff City in the Barclays Premier League.” Club owner Vincent Tan, who last week reached agreement with finance company Langston over the club’s long-standing debt, added: “I am delighted to welcome Mehmet Dalman into his new and additional role at Cardiff City Football Club and look forward to many successful years ahead. “Mehmet has had many years of experience in business across the world which he has brought to this great club since becoming a non-executive director in January last year. “This is more great news for the football club following last week’s amicable resolution with the Langston Corporation in which Mehmet played a big role. I wish him the best of luck in his additional role at Cardiff City.” center_img Cardiff director Mehmet Dalman has taken over as the club’s chairman with immediate effect.last_img read more

Boss: Lescott not going on loan

first_imgManchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini has played down claims that defender Joleon Lescott is set to join struggling West Ham on loan. Press Association Reports on Sunday suggested Sam Allardyce could land the England defender as the Hammers attempt to fight their way out of relegation trouble. However, Pellegrini insisted Lescott would be staying put, for now at least. center_img Speaking after City’s 2-0 Barclays Premier League victory at Newcastle, he said: “No, no. I am not talking about any loan at the moment. “I repeat, when this transfer window is over at the end of January, we will see what happens. At the moment, Joleon will stay here with the team.” Meanwhile, Newcastle manager Alan Pardew was equally adamant that he was unaware of any bid from an unnamed Qatari club for the services of Senegal international striker Papiss Cisse. He said: “Not that I’m aware of, no. I can’t confirm any bid from any club.” Cisse, a £9million signing from Freiburg in January 2012, has found himself on the periphery at St James’ Park since Loic Remy’s arrival on loan from QPR. He scored 13 goals in his first 14 games for the club and 13 more last season, but has fallen in the pecking order in recent months. last_img read more

Ireland to host big guns in ODIs

first_imgCricket Ireland chief executive Warren Deutrom is looking forward to welcoming England and Australia as part of the 2015 Ashes summer. Details of the full itinerary for Australia’s tour were released on Monday and two fixtures jumped off the page at fans of Irish cricket. Australia will visit the Emerald Isle on August 27 to kick off the limited-overs portion of their trip, while England will also take on Ireland in a 50-over match on a date to be confirmed. ”We are thrilled to welcome both England and Australia to Ireland once again,” said Deutrom . ”Although opportunities to find space in the Future Tours Programme are rare against the world’s leading teams, it is apparent that Cricket Australia and the ECB are committed to ensuring that the top Associates, like Scotland and Ireland, have a chance to test themselves against the best and to help us to improve.” Next year will also see Ireland co-host the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifiers and compete in the Cricket World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. center_img Press Associationlast_img read more

West Brom part company with Mel

first_img Press Association Mel, who replaced the sacked Steve Clarke in January, succeeded in his mission to save the club from relegation but never appeared to win the wholesale support of the Baggies’ hierarchy. Former Norwich boss Chris Hughton and Malky Mackay, who ended his legal battle with former club Cardiff last week, were immediately installed as two of the bookmakers’ favourites to replace Mel. West Brom sporting and technical director, Richard Garlick, said: “We would like to thank Pepe for his efforts over the past four months in helping to keep the club in the Premier League and wish him well for the future. “Both Pepe and the club set out with the best intentions of making the appointment work. However, having reflected on events both on and off the field during our talks, it became apparent that it was in the best interests of both parties for there to be an amicable parting. “We are grateful for the manner in which the existing coaching staff and players have rallied behind Pepe to get the club over the line in what has proved an extremely competitive division.” Mel signed an 18-month deal when he took charge of the club but initially struggled and did not claim his maiden victory until his eighth game in charge. Assistant head coach Keith Downing and goalkeeper coach Dean Kiely will remain in their current roles with the club although first-team coach David Gomez has left his post. Despite the team’s steady slide down the Premier League table Mel appeared to retain the trust of the majority of the club’s supporters, who gave him a standing ovation after the club’s final game of the season against Stoke on Sunday. But the extent of the differences between the 51-year-old and the club’s hierarchy became apparent at what turned out to be Mel’s final post-match press conference, when he made it clear his imminent talks with club bosses would be far from a one-way process. Although he confirmed he wished to remain at The Hawthorns, he said he would require assurances that some of the off-field mistakes made by the club this season would be rectified. Pepe Mel’s five-month reign as West Brom boss was brought to an end on Monday when the Barclays Premier League club confirmed the Spaniard had departed by mutual consent. Mel said: “I am going to listen to the chairman to find out what he wants for the future. Ten players are out of contract and we need eight or nine players to come in. “West Brom still have time to decide whether or not they want next season to be one as full of as many problems as this one.” Mel’s future had been in increasing doubt over the last two months and he has been strongly linked with a return to the Primera Division with Malaga, where Bernd Schuster’s future is in doubt. Apart from Hughton and Mackay, other names in the frame for the post include Celtic boss Neil Lennon, Tottenham’s Tim Sherwood, and former Baggies midfielder Derek McInnes, who is currently in charge of Aberdeen. last_img read more

Lampard hoping to bow out in style

first_img Given Ecuadorian journalists called him Frankie throughout the pre-match press conference, one reporter suggested perhaps it was not a case of ‘Frankie Goes to Hollywood’ but New York instead. “You’re very quick,” Lampard said with a laugh. “I’ve seen the headline before. “They were very familiar with me in there. Frankie sounds nice but I can’t comment on the other end of that.” However, Lampard was less coy when it came to his international future ahead of captaining England for the seventh occasion. Just two weeks away from his 36th birthday and with 103 caps under his belt, it was put to him that this summer could be his international swansong. “It looks that way,” Lampard said. “It is hard. I find it hard to get the words out to say that it is because I am very proud to play for my country and I’ve loved every minute. “So who knows what will happens and I’d rather comment on that after, to be honest. We’ll see. “Let’s hope we have a big, successful World Cup and then I will comment on that afterwards.” That focus on the World Cup has taken England to Miami, where the squad is this week acclimatising to the hot and humid conditions expected in Brazil and, in particular, their Group D opener against Italy in Manaus on June 14. “It is a step up again,” Lampard said. “Portugal we tried to recreate it even though the weather wasn’t quite what we thought it would be. “We wore a lot of clothes, trained under a bit of pressure and the same back in England. “It’s a step up today. This was the first time we really opened up our lungs with the humidity. “You feel it, there’s no mistaking it. You do feel the difference but we have to get used to that as quick we can. “Maybe tomorrow will be tough for us and hopefully the days after that you get a bit better with it.” After 13 years, 11 major trophies and 211 goals, the 35-year-old midfielder confirmed in a statement on Monday evening his exit from Chelsea. Lampard leaves as one of the Blues’ all-time greats and was clearly emotional when speaking about his time in west London at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami, where he will captain England against Ecuador on Wednesday. Press Association Frank Lampard may not know where his club future lies but accepts this summer’s World Cup is likely to bring the curtain down on his England career. “It was strange to hear the statement down the phone, talking to people back home yesterday,” he said. “It is quite strange when it is said out of loud, I have to say, because it has been such a huge part of my life. “That is kind of tough to an extent, but I am a big boy and I understand things move on. “Yes, I’m proud. I’m proud to have been at a fantastic club, a club I went to quite wet behind the ears from West Ham and the club completely took me in. “I am proud of nights like Munich. They will stay with me forever and, like I said in the statement, I will always have a lot of Chelsea in me. I’ll be back at games. “I had a bundle of texts last night from people I’ve met along the way – Chelsea fans, friends, my family – and that made me feel very proud, I have to say.” While keen to reflect on his Chelsea career, Lampard – much like in his statement – gave little indication as to what the future might hold. A move away from top-level European football has been mooted, with New York City FC, fresh from signing David Villa, the apparent frontrunners. last_img read more

Giggs receives honorary doctorate

first_img Giggs, the most decorated player in English football history, won 13 Premier League titles and two Champions Leagues during his 24-year professional playing career, which was spent entirely with Manchester United and ended with his retirement this summer. And speaking as he picked up his latest accolade, the 40-year-old – now United’s assistant manager – said to the assembled audience also donning gowns at Bolton’s Victoria Hall: “I’d like to congratulate all you graduands for your achievements. “I was lucky enough to be blessed with a little bit of football talent, but what got me through over 20 years playing for Manchester United was hard work. “So if I was going to give you one bit of advice, it would be – whatever field, whatever occupation you go into – that that is the main thing; work hard. And of course, try to enjoy it.” The former Wales and Great Britain midfielder added: “I would like to say just how proud I am to receive this. “As a football player you start out to win football matches, trophies and medals. “But you never think in your wildest dreams that you are going to be stood up here, wearing this cap and being honoured by a university.” Giggs, who was named honorary doctor of science for outstanding contribution to sport, admitted his mind was still on United’s preparations for the 2014/15 season, when he will be working alongside incoming Red Devils manager Louis van Gaal. “Now I’ve retired and I’m going fully into the coaching, it’s time to try to develop that,” Giggs said. “I’m still thinking about pre-season training right now! But obviously this is a special day and one that I can enjoy.” Press Associationcenter_img Ryan Giggs credited his success to working hard and urged graduands to keep doing the same as he received an honorary doctorate from the University of Bolton on Friday.last_img read more

Redknapp expects QPR to beat drop

first_img Rangers have taken four points from their opening five Barclays Premier League games but are still winless on their travels after two 4-0 thumpings by Tottenham and Manchester United either side of a 1-0 loss at Burton in the Capital One Cup. QPR face a tough trip on Saturday to high-flying Southampton, who sit second in the table after an excellent start to the campaign under new boss Ronald Koeman. “He told me that’s not when he did it but I saw him and I thought that’s when he did it when he slid on his knees celebrating,” Redknapp said. “It shouldn’t happen too often anyway because he’s not a goalscorer. “I was worried when he first did it, you fear the worst, but it looks like he’s okay so that’s good.” Another bizarre off-the-field incident saw Rangers defender Steven Caulker wrongfully arrested for stealing cheese from a supermarket this week but Redknapp said he was in the dark over the issue. Caulker looks set to start on Saturday and he will need to be at his best to contain a Saints side that has scored eight goals in their last three league matches. “We’re only five games in but at the moment they’re looking the real deal,” Redknapp said. “It’s been fantastic what they’ve done, amazing really. “When they lost all those players in the summer I think people thought that was the end of Southampton and that they’d be on the slide but Ronald Koeman has done an amazing job there. “They play some good football, they’ve got good players – good young players coming through again as usual.” Redknapp, who left Southampton to return to their bitter rivals Portsmouth in December 2005, added: “I always get a bit of grief down there. “I think we went there and won last time and it was on my birthday so that was a good birthday present – let’s hope we go and get a win there this time.” Harry Redknapp remains confident QPR will avoid relegation this season but admits his side must urgently improve their form away from home. “We’ve played well at home, our home form has been decent,” Redknapp said. “I thought we played well against Hull in the first game, we had a good win against Sunderland and then we got a point against a good Stoke team – I think they’ll be in the top half again this year. “So that’s encouraging but we have to take that away from home now, our two away performances haven’t been good enough and we need to improve.” Redknapp added: “We have had two tough away games – we’ll play worse teams than Man United and Tottenham away that’s for sure. “We’ll be okay, it’s going to be tough, it’s going to be tight but I’m still confident we’ll be okay come the end of the season.” Redknapp is short of midfield options this weekend with Joey Barton and Jordon Mutch both unavailable with hamstring injuries and Niko Kranjcar also doubtful after picking up a knock against Stoke. There may be better news, however, regarding the fitness of Sandro who appeared to injure his knee while celebrating a goal in training. The Brazilian has endured a series of knee problems in the past but the midfielder could be back for the trip to St Mary’s. Press Associationlast_img read more

Leinster edge brave Cardiff

first_imgLeinster were made to fight all the way for their second Guinness Pro 12 win at the RDS Arena with a late bonus point try sealing a 37-23 triumph over the Cardiff Blues. Replacement Luke McGrath sniped through under the posts to ensure a five-point return for Matt O’Connor’s men and rob Cardiff of their losing bonus point. Rhys Ruddock’s storming solo try had Leinster leading 13-9 at half-time, with Ian Madigan kicking eight points and Rhys Patchell contributing all nine for Cardiff. Mick McGrath, who was playing All-Ireland League rugby with Clontarf last season, and man-of-the-match Gordon D’Arcy both touched down during a clinical five-minute spell after the break. Converted efforts from Cory Allen and Sam Warburton put the Blues back in the hunt at 27-23, b ut the defending champions made certain of victory with Madigan’s third penalty and Luke McGrath’s late try. A Rob Kearney raid on the right set up good field position for Leinster early on, with Madigan’s subsequent penalty punishing an Allen offside. A binding offence by Adam Jones allowed Madigan to double Leinster’s lead from further out, but the centre was narrowly wide with a 14th minute penalty attempt. Patchell, the league’s current top scorer, lofted over a left-sided penalty to open Cardiff’s account by the end of the opening quarter. The Blues full-back missed an easier kick as referee Ian Davies’ whistle continued to dominate proceedings, with neither try-line coming under threat. Patchell made the most of his third effort on goal, bring the visitors level at 6-6 after captain Josh Navidi was first in to win a ruck decision. Individual errors prevented Leinster from making much progress, while Cardiff centre Dafydd Hewitt had to be replaced after coming off worse in a clash of heads with Madigan. The game finally burst into life in the 37th minute when Jimmy Gopperth’s short pass sent Ruddock hurtling through a gap and two crunching hand-offs later, the fast-paced flanker powered over in the right corner. Madigan added a terrific conversion but Patchell nailed an injury-time penalty from wide out, just reward for a late attacking flurry from the Welshmen. The second half was only six minutes old when D’Arcy’s pinpoint pass put Madigan dashing away up the left wing and he fed replacement winger Mick McGrath, who impressively bumped off George Watkins’ tackle, regained his feet and stretched over for his first Pro 12 try. Madigan added the extras for a 20-9 advantage and Cardiff soon fell further behind, as Gopperth cut through midfield and had D’Arcy on his shoulder to finish off under the posts. D’Arcy’s 60th try in Leinster colours was converted by Madigan, who soon blundered when attempting to retrieve a kick and the loose ball was pounced upon by Allen for a soft converted score. That was Cardiff’s first try in 235 minutes of rugby and they had a second soon after as Dan Fish’s floated pass put Warburton over to the left of the posts. Patchell’s conversion suddenly made it a four-point game. But Leinster showed the greater composure in a frantic finish though, with Madigan clipping over a close range penalty and Bryan Byrne used a last-gasp turnover to put Luke McGrath through for try number four. Press Associationlast_img read more

Concorde takes flight at Navan

first_img Rightdownthemiddle proved a persistent threat in the latter stages of the two-mile contest and Smullen had to resort to his whip, but Silver Concorde was ultimately well on top as he passed the post with three-quarters of a length in hand. Weld’s son and assistant, Kris, said: “He enjoyed his summer break, and this was a nice race to get him started again. “He probably won’t reappear over hurdles until around Christmas time. “He’s a spring horse and wouldn’t want real heavy ground.” Bocca Baciata confirmed previous promise with a comprehensive victory in the Irish Stallion Farms EBF Fillies Maiden. Not beaten far by Sunday’s Prix Marcel Boussac winner Found on her racecourse debut at the Curragh in August, Bocca Baciata was favourite for her next appearance at Leopardstown last month and ran a fine race to finish third. Sent off the 9-4 market leader to make it third time lucky, Jessica Harrington’s filly showed a smart change of gear and a good attitude to seal a two-length success over Aidan O’Brien’s newcomer Easter. Pour Deux, third on her only previous outing, gives the form a solid look in third. Dermot Weld’s six-year-old clinched Cheltenham Festival glory in March, but had to make do with the runner-up spot when chasing the Champion Bumper double at Punchestown as Cheltenham second Shaneshill reversed the placings. Sent off the 2-5 favourite on his first start in a little over five months in the Win A Ski Holiday Racecard Competition Maiden, Silver Concorde travelled powerfully throughout in the hands of Pat Smullen. Harrington’s daughter, Emma Galway, said: “The form of her two previous runs has been working out well. “She will definitely be stronger next year and will be a lovely filly over a mile and a quarter or a mile and a half.” O’Brien’s Giovanni Canaletto could manage only third on his debut in the Irish Stallion Farms EBF Maiden as Mohaayed caused a 20-1 upset. As a full sibling to last year’s Derby winner Ruler Of The World and a half-brother to brilliant racehorse and sire Duke Of Marmalade, Giovanni Canaletto is certainly bred for the job and there was plenty of confidence behind him as the 8-11 favourite. Although the writing was on the wall for his supporters before the home turn, with the trainer’s son Joseph rowing along in the saddle, Giovanni Canaletto did come home to good effect to offer plenty of hope for the future. The Kevin Prendergast-trained Mohaayed, fifth on his only previous start at Leopardstown, moved smoothly into contention on the outside of the field and picked up well for Chris Hayes to score by an impressive four and a half lengths. Lesser fancied O’Brien runner Jinsha Lake, also making his debut, split Mohaayed and his stablemate in second. Despite the reverse, Boylesports introduced Giovanni Canaletto into the betting for next year’s Derby at 33-1. Hayes said of the winner: “He’s a nice horse and we have always thought a lot of him. “He was very green the first day at Leopardstown, and the penny dropped very late. “We fancied him today because of the ground and the only negative was the draw. “The Eyrefield and the Killavullan Stakes are options or he may be put away. “I’d be looking forward to him over a mile and a quarter next year.” Champion Bumper hero Silver Concorde made a winning return to action with a workmanlike display on the Flat at Navan. Press Associationlast_img read more

McIlroy has Masters on his mind

first_img “Of course I’m annoyed that it’s still going on, but it is what it is,” said McIlroy, who secured a second Race to Dubai title in three years on Sunday when none of his nearest rivals – Jamie Donaldson, Sergio Garcia and Marcel Siem – were able to win the Turkish Airlines Open. “I’ve been saying that a lot recently. I can’t do anything about it. We tried our best a few weeks ago to come to some sort of resolution and it didn’t work. “It’s not the best thing to be going through, but at the end of the day it will be over and done with a good bit before I have to go down Magnolia Lane in April and that’s fine by me. As long as I’ve got a clear head going there, I’m happy with that. I’m not missing anything that I would normally play anyway.” Asked why he was so confident his preparation for the Masters would not be affected by off-course events, McIlroy joked: “I’ve got used to it. That’s what it is. I’m better at compartmentalising between stuff that’s happening off the course and then being able to focus on what’s going on on the course. “It’s just something that it’s been a part of my life for the last couple years, so that’s how and that’s why I handle it better now. All that stuff, it’s experience, and it gets ingrained in there. I always try and learn from experiences, from mistakes and from success. Life in general is a big learning curve. I just try and learn from everything and move on. I feel I’ve learnt a lot in that regard this year. ” I feel like I have a clear path going forward. I feel much more comfortable sitting here this year than I did in 2012 because there was a lot of things up in the air at that point in 2012, changing equipment and there was a lot of stuff going on in my life, but there’s much more stability now and I know exactly what I need to do.” McIlroy also said he is not concerned about personal or financial details being made public in court, adding: ” It’s not like I’m worried in any way, because I definitely don’t feel like I’ve done anything wrong. But it’s not ideal of course.” The four-time major winner revealed his preparation for the court case lasted until two days before the start of the HSBC Champions event in Shanghai, but saw no point in making a last-minute dash to China. Press Association Ahead of last year’s DP World Tour Championship, McIlroy said he had seen “more lawyers this year than I care to see in my entire life” due to his legal dispute with a former management company. But 12 months on, the 25-year-old arrived in Dubai having missed the first two events of the Final Series to prepare for a scheduled February court date in that exact same dispute with Horizon Sports. The Open and US PGA champion spent the last 10 days in Dubai and was fittingly on the practice range when he discovered he had won the Race to Dubai with an event to spare, an outcome which has prompted debate over the format of the Final Series. Extra points are on offer in the four events, but that does not play as significant a role as the re-setting of points which takes place in the comparable FedEx Cup play-offs on the PGA Tour. ” It works just fine for me,” McIlroy joked. “I’m happy to spoil the party. Whenever one of the three guys last week didn’t win, I’m reading things like ‘Rory’s just won the Race to Dubai sitting on the couch this weekend.’ You’ve got to remember the first 10 months of the season where I actually did play and I played very well. “Whether they look at it again, that’s completely up to the European Tour. Whether they want to go more FedEx Cup style or whether they want to keep it like this. Either way works for me.” Sixty miles away in Abu Dhabi the Formula One season comes to an end this weekend with double points on offer for the final race, a contrivance which means Nico Rosberg could deny Lewis Hamilton the title despite winning far fewer races. “I don’t think their whole season should be decided on one race with the double points,” McIlroy said. ” It makes it exciting for the fans but I’m sure Lewis doesn’t think it’s that exciting right now. “Hopefully for him it all works out and he does come out on top because he’s definitely the deserving champion of this year.” World number one Rory McIlroy admits he is annoyed to still be spending time on legal battles rather than the golf course, but insists it will have no impact on his bid to complete the career grand slam. last_img read more

Lambert: We will rise again

first_img Villa have battled relegation for the past four seasons, two under Lambert, but the manager insisted they can revive themselves. “You have to earn the right to get up there. Teams and clubs will always go through difficult spells,” he said. “If you look at Borussia Dortmund for example they beat Monchengladbach to come out of the bottom three. “Nobody would believe that, how has that happened because if you look at the Champions League and they are absolutely flying. “Teams have little ropey times they will come through. “I think every football management job is hard, you don’t have success all the time, it is like a bubble which appears now and again, then it goes away and you don’t see it for a few years.” They are winless in seven games in the Barclays Premier League ahead of the Saints’ visit and Lambert knows Villa must improve after years of struggle. “We have to do a lot better, this club is too big a club and too good a club to keep doing what it has been doing,” he said. “It has to get up there, it is too big this football club. “You have to earn the right to get there and work your backside off to get there. “It is not just going to come to you. You have to earn the right to get it. “You want this place to be really vibrant every single week when you play home and away and you want to compete with everybody. “It doesn’t matter if you are playing top six you want to keep going high.” Lambert is without defenders Ron Vlaar and Philippe Senderos (both calf) and Nathan Baker (knee) while Christian Benteke is suspended and Fabian Delph (shoulder) is out until the New Year. And while facing the Saints, who have won 11 of their last 12 games, is a marker for Lambert he insisted he will not dwell on it. He said: “I never look back on football or my own career or what I have done. I don’t live in the past of it – whether it has been successful or not successful. “If it is 100 games, it is 100, if you are lucky enough to get 101, 102 or 103 you take it. It’s a great thing being manager of this club I don’t think anyone should underestimate it. “It’s a magical football club.” Press Association Paul Lambert vowed Aston Villa will rise again as he prepares to mark his 100th game in charge. The Scot will reach his milestone against in-form Southampton on Monday with Villa in desperate need of a win. He has won just 30 of his 99 games so far, losing 48 and drawing 21 since joining from Norwich in 2012. last_img read more

Bruce hits out at fixtures

first_img “We saw the other day that the intensity goes out of the game, there are a lot of tired players and it increases the risk of them getting injuries. “It also affects the spectacle – you cannot ask a footballer to play day in day out with the same intensity. You can see it in the statistics of how much they run. It is a ridiculous time of year and I hope we do change and catch up with rest of Europe. “We should have a winter break or when players go to play in big tournaments in the summer, when they get there they are physically shattered because the Premier League is so demanding. “I know it’s steeped in tradition that we play on Boxing Day but I do think to have two or three weeks off now would be the right way.” Bruce’s side are only a point off the relegation zone and entertain Everton on New Years Day, with Roberto Martinez’s team also struggling for form. He added: “Everton, with the expectation from last year, have had a different season and I believe that’s down to the demands of Europe. And when you seem to be up against it their injury list is as long as ours, with key players missing. “The one thing you want for the new year – and I’m sure Roberto Martinez is the same – is to stay injury-free because it has been cruel over the last couple of months.” Bruce, a boyhood Newcastle fan, said he was “flattered” to be linked with the position but is committed to Hull and has already turned down three offers from other clubs during his time at the Tigers. Bruce – who has ruled himself out of replacing Alan Pardew as Newcastle manager – believes the quality of the football is suffering because players are unable to maintain the same intensity with matches coming thick and fast. He said: “Its ridiculous to ask players to play three or four games in a week. Hull City boss Steve Bruce has called for the hectic Christmas programme of club football to be scrapped claiming the demands on players are “ridiculous”. He added: “I have a job to do here and it would be wrong for me to think of anything else other than get this club out of the position we are in and that’s all I am focused on. “It would be wrong for the speculation to keep carrying on for the club, for the supporters, for the players, I am determined to see this through and make sure we stay in the Premier League and build on the good work we have done in the last two hand a half years.” Liam Rosenior is a doubt for the game with an Achilles problem but f ellow defender James Chester is available again after suspension. Midfielder Mohamed Diame (knee) and centre-back Michael Dawson (hamstring) are still out. Meanwhile, Martinez admits that Everton must tighten up defensively at the KC Stadium in order to halt a run of poor away form stretching back over two months. The Toffees have not won a Premier League match away from home since beating Burnley on October 26 and have picked up just a single point at Sunderland since then. Martinez however is refusing to compromise on the club’s tradition of entertaining possession football. “Knowing what your philosophy is as a club is important and ours is one that I think fits very well,” Martinez said at his press conference ahead of the Hull clash. “It represents Everton from the Thirties to the great years in the Sixties, to winning titles in the Eighties and as a team we want to control the ball and as a team we are great in possession but in any team you need to be able to defend. “At the moment we are suffering, sometimes through individual errors, sometimes you get three or four major decisions that don’t go in your favour and they go against you and you have to cope with that. “I think it’s going to make us a stronger unit and there’ll be a real fight to show who’s ready to cope with our expectations. “It’s a bit of a negative run of results at the moment and we need to stop it but there’s never a question mark over the style and how we want to play. “What’s a question mark is whether we’ve been good in the way we want to play and at the moment we’ve conceded too many goals for one reason or another and that’s quite easy to rectify,” the Spaniard added. Martinez admits he and Bruce could both do to sign off 2014 with a win. “It’s vital for both teams for no reason other than getting a positive result,” he said. Press Associationlast_img read more

Carver set top-half challenge

first_img Press Association John Carver must secure the minimum target of a top-10 finish if he is to stand any chance of extending his role as Newcastle’s new head coach beyond the end of the season. The 50-year-old has been given the job for the rest of the current campaign after the Magpies admitted frustration in their bid to appoint a permanent successor to Alan Pardew. Carver has made no secret of the fact he wants the job on a long-term basis but needs a top-half finish to improve his already slim hopes of convincing club officials he is up to the task. center_img Newcastle chief executive Lee Charnley said: “At the beginning of this process it was my desire and intention to appoint an individual to the position of head coach who would be available to start immediately. “Having now explored at some length the options available to us at this time, the decision has been taken to defer the appointment of a permanent head coach until the end of the season. “The head coach will be a long-term appointment that will play a major role in shaping the future on-field progression of Newcastle United and it is vitally important that we get the right individual. “John has a long history with the club and has the full support of the board. Our goal for the season of a minimum top-10 finish remains unchanged and we are confident that John, supported by the backroom staff, will be able to deliver this.” Carver is yet to win a match in charge after three wins and a draw since he took over from Pardew in a caretaker capacity on New Year’s Day. And despite a lukewarm reaction from many Magpies fans to his appointment, Carver insists he intends to seize the opportunity. Carver said: “This is a proud day for me. I have worked with, and learnt from, the best manager that this football club has had in Sir Bobby Robson. “I am confident that we can deliver exciting, successful football and look forward with relish to my role as head coach of this great football club.” In reality the delay may have more to do with the unavailability of several key candidates rather than the desire to give Carver time to prove himself. Steve McClaren, Christophe Galtier and Remi Garde have all indicated they would be unable to take the job at St James’ Park until summer at the earliest. last_img read more

Morrison leaves West Ham

first_img “West Ham United can confirm that the club have reached agreement with Ravel Morrison to terminate his contract with immediate effect,” a statement on the club’s website,, read. Morrison signed a three-and-a-half-year deal with West Ham in February 2012 and made his debut for the club six weeks later in a Championship clash against Leeds. He spent the 2012-13 season on loan at Birmingham before breaking into Allardyce’s first team in the 2013-14 season. Morrison made his Premier League debut in a goalless draw at Newcastle in August 2013 and scored his first goal for the club in a Capital One Cup victory over Cheltenham three days later. His first Premier League goal followed in September 2013 in a narrow defeat against Everton and the following month he played a starring role in West Ham’s 3-0 league victory at Tottenham, capping off a fine display with an exquisite solo goal. But Morrison has not figured in Allardyce’s plans of late and his only two appearances for West Ham this season came in August and he was on the losing side on both occasions. The England Under-21 midfielder was part of the Hammers side knocked out of the Capital One Cup by Sheffield United at Upton Park on January 26, and four days later he featured in the 3-1 Premier League defeat at home to Southampton. He joined Cardiff in September on a three-month loan but his spell with the Bluebirds was largely unsuccessful and he returned to east London after playing seven times for the Sky Bet Championship side. Ravel Morrison has left West Ham with immediate effect after the Barclays Premier League club announced the termination of his contract on Sunday. Press Association Morrison’s West Ham contract had been due to expire in the summer and he was linked with a move to Serie A side Lazio during the winter transfer window. In January, Morrison was cleared of all charges of assaulting his former girlfriend and her mother. Morrison was accused of hitting his ex Reah Mansoor and her mother, Parveen Mansoor, after a night out at a nightclub in his home city of Manchester last July 24. He was due to go on trial at Manchester Crown Court in January but the charges were dropped by the prosecution and Morrison was found not guilty. Allardyce refused to take questions on Morrison following Sunday’s 1-1 draw with Manchester United at Upton Park. The 22-year-old midfielder joined the Hammers in January 2012 after a two-year stint at Manchester United, and made 24 appearances in three years for Sam Allardyce’s side. However, a series of disciplinary problems hampered his progress at Upton Park and he was loaned to Birmingham, Queens Park Rangers and Cardiff City. last_img read more

Spurs see off Swans

first_img Press Association As play was about to restart following Nacer Chadli’s wonderful, early opener, paramedics and medical staff raced onto the field to tend to the French striker after he went down. Hush fell on the ground where Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba suffered a cardiac arrest three years ago, but good news emanated from the Swansea dressing room that Gomis was fine and had not been hospitalised after fainting. Tottenham got their top-four tilt back on track by overcoming Swansea 3-2 on a night when Bafetimbi Gomis’ collapse had those inside White Hart Lane fearing the worst. Garry Monk’s side will have unlikely been aware of the positive news when Ki Sung-Yueng drew parity in a match which Spurs would go onto win, with second-half strikes from Ryan Mason and Andros Townsend securing the result after Gylfi Sigurdsson’s late strike. Having exited the Europa League and lost the Capital One Cup to Chelsea in the past week, this felt like a huge win for Mauricio Pochettino’s side, Defeat to Swansea would have seriously harmed their hopes of Champions League qualification, so Chadli’s fine, cushioned volley got Spurs off to the best possible start. That strike was quickly forgotten, though, when Gomis collapsed – an incident which saw him leave the field on a stretcher, but was thankfully not as serious as first feared. It was a worrying moment Swansea recovered well from, with Ki striking home from an acute angle soon after Sigurdsson sent a free-kick off the post. However, there was not to be a third straight Premier League win for Swansea, with academy graduates Mason and Townsend striking for Spurs in what was for the most part a comfortable second half. Sigurdsson’s late goal led to a nervy ending during which Hugo Lloris produced a wonderful save to ensure Spurs held on for victory – a fitting way to remember great Dave Mackay after he passed away on Monday. Spurs greats led a minute of applause before kick-off and the current squad wore black armbands in remembrance of one of the finest players to ever don the lillywhite shirt. None of the current side are a patch on Mackay but they got a win for him, opening the scoring inside seven minutes. Danny Rose found space on the left to send over a cross to Chadli, who showed wonderful skill and vision to hit an unorthodox cushioned volley past Lukasz Fabianski. It was a fine opener but it was quickly forgotten as the emotion from everyone inside White Hart Lane became one of concern as Gomis collapsed. The striker had four minutes of treatment before leaving the field on a stretcher – by this point conscious and wearing an oxygen mask. All corners of the ground applauded Gomis as he left to be replaced by Nelson Oliveira, with good news later filtering through that he would be fine. The first few minutes after the restart were understandably tense, with the volume only lifting when Townsend saw a low shot saved. By this point Swansea appeared to have refocused and Sigurdsson hit a wonderful, curled free-kick off the post. It was a let-off Spurs failed to heed as Swansea worked the ball back in the box and Ki stole in to prod home from an acute angle after a Jan Vertonghen mis-kick. The 19th-minute leveller led to a more open, end-to-end encounter, with Mason hitting at Fabianski before former Spurs full-back Kyle Naughton fizzed a low strike wide at the other end. Swansea’s former Arsenal goalkeeper was proving a capable last line of defence for the visitors, getting a slight touch to take a clipped Christian Eriksen cross away from danger. A powerful Nabil Bentaleb drive was the next effort to test Fabianski, who was not to be beaten before half-time was called. Jonjo Shelvey saw an effort tipped over when play resumed before Ashley Williams’ tackle on Eriksen only put the ball into Mason’s path, with the midfielder lashing home with his right foot. The 23-year-old’s first Premier League goal swayed the match in Spurs’ favour, with Eriksen slicing an effort before Townsend broke at speed and cut onto his right foot, firing home when many expected him to square for Kane. Kyle Walker came close with an effort which deflected just wide as Spurs pushed for a fourth, with Eric Dier hauling back Oliveira on a rare Swansea attack. Substitute Roberto Soldado glanced a header inches wide, with the Spaniard inches away from directing home a Ben Davies cross – a missed opportunity which allowed Sigurdsson to reduce the deficit, volleying home a Jefferson Montero cross. The visitors pushed for an equaliser but, try as they might, there was not to be one, with Lloris tipping a Federico Fernandez header wide in stoppage time. last_img read more

McGeady has Brady backing

first_img The Paisley-born winger was a target for Scottish fans who have never forgiven him for opting to play for Ireland rather than his native country during the reverse fixture at in Glasgow in November, a game which ended in a 1-0 defeat for Martin O’Neill’s men. However, the 29-year-old former Celtic midfielder, who has always insisted Ireland was the only country he was going to represent, will have the support of the bulk of a bumper crowd at the Aviva Stadium this weekend and Brady is confident he can make a telling contribution to a vital Group D game. Press Association Robbie Brady is backing Republic of Ireland team-mate Aiden McGeady to silence his critics in Scotland by turning on the style in Saturday’s Euro 2016 qualifier. center_img Asked if McGeady has a point to prove to the Scots, the Hull man said: “I’m not sure. Maybe he does himself personally think that, but he has been excellent. I thought he played very well on Sunday (against England) and he is raring to go. “Hopefully if he is asked to play, he puts in a good performance and with his ability if he turns it on, we will be in good stead.” Brady is well placed to assess McGeady’s form after an injury-interrupted season at Everton having lined up behind him in the 0-0 draw with Roy Hodgson’s men in Dublin. A winger by trade, he has been asked to line up at left-back by manager Martin O’Neill in recent games, and the cover provided for him by the likes of McGeady has proved invaluable. He said: “It’s definitely important. At this level when you are playing, you are going to be playing against top players and you are going to find yourself at times where you need to get that right and it can be only a split-second before someone can open you up. “I thought we worked it well on Sunday and hopefully we can do the same. Depending on who is playing on either side, hopefully we can get it right and put in a good shift at the weekend.” Brady effectively marked England winger Raheem Sterling out of the game on Sunday, but freely admits he is still on a steep learning curve as he attempts to get to grips with the role. He is attack-minded by nature, but while his defensive duties are currently a greater priority, he insists he will not pass up the opportunity to get forward if it presents itself. He said: “It depends. There are different times in the game when you are able to get forward, and different times when you have to put the reins on a little bit. It’s just getting that balance right. “But if I do get an opportunity to go forward at the weekend, I’ll be attacking it with everything I have.” last_img read more

Midsummer strike for Midgley

first_img Press Association Paul Mulrennan brought the Paul Midgley-trained five-year-old with a well-timed challenge on the wide outside to hit the front in the final half-furlong. Line Of Reason (4-1) shrugged off Ardhoomey to take the Listed prize by two and a quarter lengths. Russian Soul was third with Line Of Reason’s stablemate Monsieur Joe fourth. Midgley said: “He’s a good horse and is in the Wokingham (at Royal Ascot). “We’ll see how he is when he gets off the lorry, and if he’s bucking and kicking we’ll confirm him. “If not we’ll sit tight for a week or so and he could go for the Chipchase at Newcastle. “With a bit of luck, I think he can win a Group Three. He loves fast ground. “Monsieur Joe ran excellent on the ground. He just didn’t let himself down in the last furlong. He’s in the Rockingham, and there is also the Sapphire and a Listed race in York.” center_img Line Of Reason pounced close home to claim the Midsummer Sprint Stakes at Cork.last_img read more

Paddy McNair finally home after extended hospital stay

first_imgManchester United defender Paddy McNair has finally returned home from Helsinki after spending three nights in hospital. McNair was injured in Northern Ireland’s final Euro 2016 qualifier, a 1-1 draw against Finland, coming off early in the second half. The 20-year-old, making just his second competitive international start, suffered bruised ribs and an abdominal injury while there were also concerns he might have damaged his liver. While his team-mates flew home following on Monday, McNair was kept in hospital for assessment for two further nights with Irish FA doctor David White in attendance. He was allowed to fly back to Manchester on Wednesday but is expected to face at least another fortnight on the sidelines. center_img Press Associationlast_img read more

Remi Garde: Joleon Lescott is key to Aston Villa survival bid

first_img The Eagles are five points adrift of the top four and had the league’s third best away record but boss Alan Pardew admitted they failed to perform. “The goal was disappointing,” he said. “Wayne’s first touch puts him in trouble. He has been brilliant for us and his mistake cost us the goal but we made mistakes in other areas all night. They go unnoticed – as much as the goal is going to be a highlight for everyone else. “I said to the players, there’s not many times I can turn round and say we just couldn’t get going. We have to get ourselves back into the form we showed previously. “I don’t want to take too much away from them. They deserved the win and my team didn’t play well. “In the position Villa are in they are going to have to play and work as hard as they did (to survive) The Premier League would not want to lose a club of this magnitude. I hope they can resolve it.” The defender’s second-half header was spilled into his own net by Wayne Hennessey as Villa clinched a 1-0 win over Crystal Palace on Tuesday. It was Garde’s first win as boss after 11 games in charge and Villa’s first three points since they beat Bournemouth on the opening day of the season. Boss Remi Garde believes Joleon Lescott has nothing to prove after his winner ended Aston Villa’s winless run. Lescott was accused of playing a game involving chewing gum with Brad Guzan while they were substitutes during Saturday’s 1-1 FA Cup draw at Wycombe. The pair were given a mixed reception before the game – with Guzan on the bench – but Garde insisted former England man Lescott is key to his side. He said: “I didn’t speak with Joleon about this stuff. I am pleased the way he gave an answer but not an answer regarding this fact. He is an experienced player and should be very important for the team. “Joleon is a very experience player, he spreads serenity and calm. He knows the game and is a player I can rely on. He is not as young as he used to be, I try to manage him and others as best I can.” Villa are eight points from Barclays Premier League safety and remained bottom of the table and Garde – who gave forgotten striker Libor Kozak his first start for over two years – said they must stay grounded in their fight for survival. He added: “We have to stay very humble, it’s only three points. We are far away from what we all want. Of course this victory could give us a little bit more confidence. “I want to also insist on the way we played. The difference between Villa and Palace didn’t reflect the table. I want my players to be more confident and hopefully that’s what will happen.” Palace were poor and rarely threatened Villa after Wilfried Zaha hit the post after just 44 seconds. Press Associationlast_img read more

13 Killed After Russian Passenger Plane Catches Fire

first_imgAt least 13 people were killed on Sunday on a Russian-made SSJ-100 regional passenger jet, which caught fire mid-air. The plane made an emergency landing at a Moscow airport.According to airport officials, the flight had taken off for the northern city of Murmansk before it was forced to turn around with 73 passengers and five crew members on board. The pilots radioed a call immediately after takeoff.  In a brief statement, Aeroflot said technical problems were the reason for the plane having to turn around.The incident caused several flights to be delayed and one flight to be canceled.last_img read more

633 Divers Set World Record Cleaning Ocean Floor Near Deerfield Beach

first_imgAnother Guinness World Record has been broken, and it happened this weekend right here in South Florida.On Saturday, 633 scuba divers spent part of their morning scooping up trash from the bottom of the ocean near the Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier.Guinness adjudicator Michael Empric confirmed the record-breaking number of participants, saying, “I actually stood there and clicked off everyone as they got in the water.” He added, “It doesn’t matter what happens today with the Guinness World Records. What really matters is that everyone is out there cleaning up around the pier and trying to improve the community.”Divers entered the ocean in groups and were required to stay in the water for at least 15 minutes to be counted.Although the total amount of crash collected is still being counted, diver and environmentalist RJ Harper says the divers recovered 1,600 pounds of lead fishing weights alone.Until Saturday’s event, the previous record for the most divers participating in an underwater cleanup was held by Ahmed Gabr, a former Egyptian Army scuba diver, who joined a team of 614 divers in the Red Sea in Egypt four years ago.last_img read more

WATCH LIVE: Second Day of Testimony by Former BSO Sheriff Scott Israel in Tallahassee

first_imgSuspended Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel continues testifying for a second day during a Florida Senate hearing to get his job back.WATCH HERE.Israel told a special master Tuesday in Tallahassee that his suspension by Gov. Ron DeSantis was politically motivated and that he never even met the governor.“To this day, I’ve never met or had a conversation with Gov. DeSantis,” Israel said, adding that the governor “didn’t even think it was important enough for me to fly to Tallahassee.”Dudley Goodlette, Special Master appointed by Senate President Bill Galvano, R-Bradenton, is presiding over the three-day hearing.Citing “neglect of duty and incompetence” in the aftermath of two mass shootings in as many years, DeSantis suspended Israel, who is a Democrat, shortly after taking office in January. He appointed former Coral Springs police Sgt. Gregory Tony to the position.The Florida Supreme Court has already ruled that DeSantis acted within his authority to suspend Israel.In his opening statements, DeSantis’ attorney, Nicholas Primrose, framed his case that Israel was responsible for the actions and inactions of his deputies during the mass shootings at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in 2017 and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland last year.last_img read more

Should You Wear a Protective Mask?

first_imgU.S. Health officials are debating whether to implement a nationwide face mask guideline to protect Americans from coronavirus. U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams is pushing against it, saying face masks are not an effective enough way to prevent COVID-19 because you can still transfer water droplets containing the virus when you touch your face to adjust the mask. The CDC is considering making the recommendation, but is also expressing concern for the shortage of protective equipment for healthcare workers, adding they don’t want to make it worse. The World Health organization says people who are sick should wear masks to prevent spreading the illness, even if it’s not a medical grade mask. Unfortunately there are an unknown number of Americans who are infected but asymptomatic. Even though they are not sick, they can still spread the virus. For this reason some are arguing that everyone should wear a mask in public. Yesterday, President Trump suggested that people could wear a scarf over their face rather than a mask. This would ensure the dwindling supply of PPE’s will be available to the first responders and healthcare workers.Another problem, according to health experts, is that many lay people are wearing the masks incorrectly which renders them ineffective.WHO Executive Director Dr. Mike Ryan also says there isn’t enough proof to show wearing a mask would prevent a healthy person from getting sick.last_img read more

20,000 fans from Argentina expected

first_imgMoscow, June 9 : Over 20,000 football fans from Argentina are expected in Russia this summer to see matches of the FIFA World Cup, Argentinian Ambassador to Russia Ricardo Ernesto Lagorio has said.“We expect up to 20,000 football fans from Argentina to come to Russia for this World Cup, perhaps more than that,” Ambassador Lagorio told journalists on Friday, reports Tass news agency.“We also expect that Russia will organize an outstanding tournament, since we witnessed how successfully it organized the Confederations Cup last year, and now we are sure that there will be no problems at all.” IANSlast_img read more

Five Assam bodybuilders in National camp for Mr Asia Body Building Championship

first_imgOur Sports ReporterGUWAHATI: Five bodybuilders from Assam are selected in the Indian trial camp for the 52nd Mr Asia Body Building Championship and 10th WBPF Mr Universe World bodybuilding championship.The two-day camp will start at Raipur,Chattisgarh from August 31. Pune will host the 52nd Mr Asia Body Building Championship from October 3 while the 10th WBPF Mr Universe World body building championship will be held at Chiang Mai, Thailand from December 11.The body builders of Assam who will attend the Indian trial camp are:Subhadeep Baidya, Subhankar Das, Monojit Roy, Sahil Swargiary and Hobibur Rahman.last_img read more

You have to be different to succeed in T20s: Rishabh Pant

first_imgMumbai: His innings of 78 off just 27 balls felt like a desert storm at the Wankhede Stadium on Sunday, but the cool and composed Delhi Capitals wicket-keeper Rishabh Pant did not wish to make much fuss about the innings that changed the course of the game and knocked Mumbai Indians out of the match.Speaking at the end of the game, Pant put his whirlwind knock to the need of the hour as Delhi needed someone to up the ante at that stage of the innings, after Shikhar Dhawan and Colin Ingram had provided the platform for a flourish to the finishing line.“I always bat according to the situation all the time. Today when I came in, I had to up the ante and so took my chances. It came off tonight,” he smiled.Seven sixes and most of them whips from the off and outside off stump to the long leg boundary and Pant said that with bowlers looking to keep it tight in T20 cricket, he likes to make ways to take them on and send them packing.“In T20, you have to do something different. Sometimes when bowlers cramp you for room, you got to make your own room,” he said.He had scored runs even last season, but most of those matches ended with Delhi losing the game. But this time, his knock ensured that Delhi beat Mumbai in their first match of the season and Pant said that it felt good to contribute to a winning cause.“It’s been a great journey, trying to learn every day in my cricketing career. Always a great feeling when you score runs and the team wins,” he smiled.Asked if he was happy to bat at the fifth slot, the answer came with quite a pause. “Well, (pauses), glad to bat anywhere the team wants me to,” he said. IANSAlso Read: SPORTS NEWSlast_img read more

‘New Zealand need to win 2 series against India to get pass marks’ Says Craig McMillan

first_imgWellington: Former New Zealand all-rounder Craig McMillan believes Kane Williamson and his men will be facing a “real deal” against “power house” India.India, who will be playing five T20Is, three ODIs and two Tests against Williamson and Co. would be desperate to avenge the semi-final loss of the 2019 World Cup in the semifinals.On the other hand, New Zealand are coming into the series on the back of a Test series whitewash in Australia and thus fans would be hoping for an improved show from them.“It’s big. This whole Indian tour is big after what happened in Australia,” McMillan was quoted as saying by ‘Radio Sport Breakfast’.“This Indian side are a powerhouse. Doesn’t matter if it’s Tests, ODIs, T20s, they are the real deal, so it’s going to be a really intriguing tour. For New Zealand to get a pass mark for this tour they need to win two of the three series.”According to McMillan, it is important for the Black Caps to win in the T20Is in order to prepare for the T20 World Cup slated to be played in Australia later this year.“Five Twenty20s to start and I know it’s not everyone’s favourite format of the game, but we’ve got a T20 World Cup later in the year in October in Australia so straight away these five matches become important,” he said. “Because of the performance in Australia we need to start winning again and get that support back.” IANS Also Read: ‘Sharing’ World Cup Title Must be Considered: New Zealand Coach Gary SteadAlso Watch: Inauguration Ceremony for ONCO Premier League 2.0 Cricket Tournament at B.Borooah Cancer Institute.last_img read more

Sanju Samson’s flop show continues

first_imgMount Maunganui: Despite being handed a golden chance to fix his place in the Indian squad, Sanju Samson failed to showcase his skills once again as he managed two runs in the ongoing fifth T20I against New Zealand.In the fourth earlier, Sanju had contributed with just eight runs for India.Sanju, who was given a chance to open for India, was trolled in social media for another flope show as netizens didn’t found him suitable for the team.”Why Samson is opening instead of Rohit Sharma. He is a set batsman,” a person tweeted.”See just the way I’ve told you Sanju Samson is bad choice for Team India! Very bad decision taken by Team management & Rohit Sharma & Virat Kohli over choosing Sanju over Rishabh Pant! Missing you brother @RishabhPant17, Unfair selection!!! #NZvIND,” another person said on tweeted. IANSAlso Read: Aizawl FC, Churchill Brothers FC share spoils in thrilling drawAlso Watch: Watch | First Reaction of Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal on Union Budget 2020last_img read more

Bancroft guides Australia A to tight win

first_imgCAMERON Bancroft’s patient 58* helped Australia A seal their nervy chase of 159 to beat India A by three wickets on the final day of the first unofficial Test in Brisbane.Wet ground conditions delayed the start of the fourth day for almost three hours, but Australia A knocked off the 100 runs required in 35.3 overs to take a 1-0 lead in the two-match series.(Final scores:Australia A 228 (Handscomb 87, Burns 78, Aaron 3-41) and 7 for 161 (Bancroft 58*, Thakur 3-42) beat India A 230 (Pandey 77, Fazal 48, Swepson 4-78) and 156 (Yadav 46, Sayers 3-21) by three wickets)Australia’s chase looked rather comfortable when overnight batsmen Bancroft and Beau Webster added 57 for the fifth wicket. Varun Aaron provided the breakthrough when he had Webster trapped lbw for 30.However, useful contributions from Sam Whiteman (14) and Chadd Sayers (15) helped Australia inch closer. Offspinner Jayant Yadav and Shardul Thakur, who finished with returns of 3 for 42, picked up the other wickets to fall on the final day.Bancroft struck six fours in his 151-ball knock and ensured he remained unbeaten to help Australia A past the target.“We made that chase look pretty difficult,” Bancroft said after play. “The pink ball was tough work during the game, there weren’t as many runs comared to wickets.“You always want the batsmen to do the job, that’s something we could have done better in that chase. But good teams find a way, and we were able to do that today. At the start of the day Michael Hussey was here, he said ‘pressure in these circumstances is a privilege.’ As a batsman, that’s your goal, that’s what you strive to do.”The second unofficial Test begins on September 15 in Brisbane.(ESPN cricinfo)last_img read more

Khawaja hits ton as Australia take the lead in Adelaide

first_img(REUTERS) – Usman Khawaja hit his country’s first century of the series and Peter Handscomb a half-century on debut as Australia reached 307 for six with a lead of 48 at end of the second day of the day-night third Test against South Africa yesterday.Khawaja’s magnificent 285-ball 138 not out was the glue in Australia’s innings, the left-hander putting on 137 with Steve Smith until his captain was calamitously run-out and then 99 with Handscomb.Sean Abbott (3-38), who took two wickets in the first hour, returned to dismiss Handscomb before Kagiso Rabada bowled another debutant, Nic Maddinson, for a duck and Vernon Philander removed Matt Wade for four.Khawaja will resume with Mitchell Starc (16 not out) on day three, as the hosts look to extend their lead and put themselves in a commanding position to get the result they need to avoid a first-ever 3-0 series sweep on home soil.Now 29, Khawaja has been recalled and discarded with regularity since his debut in 2011 but was retained for Adelaide despite the clear-out that followed the humiliating innings and 80-run defeat in Hobart.After opening in place of David Warner in the wake of South Africa’s declaration on 259-9 on Thursday, he negotiated a difficult opening hour yesterday before mixing fierce concentration with some typically elegant strokes.He brought up his 50 with back-to-back fours and his fifth Test century with a 10th boundary cut through point, whipping off his helmet to take the applause of another big crowd at Adelaide Oval.Smith, dropped earlier by Hashim Amla, had departed for 59 just before his partner reached the milestone, tearing off for an optimistic single and left stranded as Khawaja stood his ground and Quinton de Kock removed the bails.Handscomb, brought into the side on the back of a double-century for Victoria, proved a more than able partner, however, and any prospect of another Australian batting collapse quickly dissipated.The 25-year-old survived a scare when he just dived back into the crease ahead of a direct hit from Temba Bavuma but opened the following over with two drives and a pull for three fours that got him to his fifty and gave Australia the lead.It was the outstanding Abbott who ended Handscomb’s maiden Test innings by bowling the Victorian through the gate an hour into the night session.The 29-year-old, who came into the side in the second Test for the injured Dale Steyn and took 6-77, started the day with a brilliant exhibition of disciplined seam bowling, finishing with figures of 2-7 and six maidens in his first 10-over spell.Australia resumed on 14-0 but debutant Matt Renshaw was only able to add two runs to his overnight tally before he was brilliantly caught for 10 at third slip by Dean Elgar.That brought to the crease Warner, who was unable to open as usual on Thursday after Proteas skipper Faf du Plessis’s calculated declaration caught him off the field having treatment on his shoulder.Warner failed to thrive at number three and was dismissed for 11 when he got an edge off an Abbott delivery that was seaming away from him with Elgar once again snaffling the catch in the cordon.SOUTH AFRICA 1st innings 259 for 9 decl (F. du Plessis 118 n.o.; J. Hazlewood 4-68) AUSTRALIA 1st innings (o/n 14-0)U. Khawaja not out 138M. Renshaw c Elgar b Abbott 10D. Warner c Elgar b Abbott 11S. Smith run-out 59P. Handscomb b Abbott 54N. Maddinson b Rabada 0M. Wade c de Kock b Philander 4M. Starc not out 16Extras: (b-3, lb-7, nb-3, w-2) 15Total: (for 6 wickets, 102 overs) 307Fall of wickets: 1-19, 2-37, 3-174, 4-273, 5-277, 6-283.Bowling: V. Philander 24-4-82-1 (nb-3), K. Abbott 25-11-38-3, K. Rabada 20-3-61-1 (w-2), T. Shamsi 24-4- 79-0, J. Duminy 6-0-25-0, D. Elgar 2-0-11-0, T. Bavuma 1-0-1–0.last_img read more

Fifteen goals scored on day two of Petra/Milo schools football

first_img… Morgan’s Learning Centre find early grooveFIFTEEN goals were scored on day two of the Petra-organised Ministry of Public Health (MoPH)/Milo schools Under-18 football tournament on Sunday at the Ministry of Education ground, Carifesta Avenue.Morgan’s Learning Centre were in the thick of things finding an early groove in the competition by scoring five goals to down Sir Small Lessons, who had no answer.Leon Richardson’s brace on either side of the half (42nd and 57th) led the scoring for his side while there David Coates (3rd), Tyrese Rowley (46th) and Orin Moore (19th) each scored one.Earlier, in the first game of the day, Lodge Secondary dismissed St Mary’s 3-1 with strikes from Simeon Hackett (9th), Shemar Dover (42nd) and Turston Gordon (58th) while St Mary’s had Simeon George (64th) on target.Game two ended in a tame draw with East Ruimveldt and Kingston scoring one each; East through Alwin Franklin (45th) and Kingston responding through Dwayne Jacobs (50th).In game three Tucville also registered a 3-1 win over St John’s College thanks to Rondave Noel (25th and 52nd) and Godfrey Phillips (10th) while Isaiah McPherson 40th minute strike was a consolation goal.last_img read more

Football News Borussia Dortmund considering ‘long and sustainable’ relationship with India

first_imgNew Delhi: German club Borussia Dortmund could enter the Indian market and the Bundesliga club’s chief marketing officer Carsten Cramer says they are looking at a long relationship with their next ‘obvious destination’ in Asia after Japan and China.  Dortmund officials in the recent years have made many trips to Asia and they are now planning to make their mark in India, after observing the market for some time.”India is a market that we have been observing and monitoring in the last few years and the growth of football is very much prevalent. After establishing our Asia presence in 2014 and thereafter China in 2016, India seems the obvious destination,” Cramer told a leading press agency.Cramed further stated that the club will simply not borrow its model in China and Japan as far as india is concerned.”We have made our presence in many Asian markets — South East Asia, Japan, China, and Mongolia and all these cities are unique in its own way. We are not copy pasting our plans and business models from these markets into India.”It will be given its own merits and we came to learn, study and understand the culture, industry from the different stakeholders and at the same time take back some impressions.”We will work out a strategy for the Indian market. It will be a bottom up approach hence it should begin in this fashion.”The German club is looking to lure the Indian market after the country hosted its maiden FIFA tournament – the U-17 World Cup in 2017, during which their was a hike in interest for football in India. The Dortmund officials met a few Indian clubs, including Bengaluru FC during their visit in the country recently.”When the right strategy is in place and most of the boxes in our checklist are ticked, we can address this,” said Cramer, when asked if they are mulling a tie-up with an Indian club anytime soon.”However, we are looking at a long and sustainable relationship in India and we want to make it right from the beginning. We should have something in place in the coming months.””This is the DNA of Dortmund and we stand united to fight against these atrocities. The pain may have disappeared but the memory remains.”Borussia Dortmund finished fourth in the Bundesliga and were able to secure a Champions League spot. “It has never been easy having to replace one of the best managers in world football (Juergen Klopp in 2015) but as they say, the show must go on. We did pretty well thereafter for a couple of seasons and then injuries, player movements and some poor form last season got us into a bad patch and that cost us.”However, with the challenging campaign last season, we still manage to get into the champions league and that I must say was a bonus. Hopefully the difficult times are behind us.” For all the Latest Sports News News, Football News News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps.last_img read more

Cricket News IPL Chairman Shukla’s aide resigns following bribery scandal

first_img For all the Latest Sports News News, Cricket News News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps. New Delhi: A member of IPL Chairman Rajeev Shukla’s personal staff was on Thursday forced to resign after he was suspended by the BCCI due to a sting operation, which alleged that he sought bribes to facilitate selection of players in the Uttar Pradesh team. A Hindi news channel telecast an alleged phone conversation between Akram Saifi, an executive assistant of Shukla, and cricketer Rahul Sharma in which Saifi is heard seeking favours in “cash and kind” to ensure Sharma’s selection in the state team.Shukla is currently a Director in the Uttar Pradesh Cricket Association (UPCA).“Saifi has tendered his resignation. When Mr Shukla’s view was sought on this, he said that it should be accepted with immediate effect,” a top BCCI official told PTI.The development came after the BCCI decided to investigate the matter as per its established regulations.“…pending the appointment of a Commissioner under Rule 32 of the rules and regulations of BCCI, we are seeking an explanation from Mr. Akram Saifi regarding the allegations made against him,” an internal communication of the BCCI, which is in possession of the PTI, stated.“Mr. Saifi’s reply shall be examined by the Commissioner once appointed,” it added.“Regarding any issue pertaining to the UPCA, the UPCA would have to deal with the matter under their rules.”The Rule 32 of the BCCI regulations states that any complaints of misconduct are to be decided by a commissioner, who will be appointed by Board President C K Khanna in this case.The commissioner is mandated to submit his findings within 15 days, which will then be passed on to the BCCI’s disciplinary committee.The Board’s Anti-Corruption Unit chief Ajit Singh said the audio tapes are being sought from the channel and will be examined.“We have taken note of the sting and will examine the entire matter. Until we speak to the people involved, it is difficult to say anything as of now,” he said.The player in question, Rahul Sharma, has never represented India and has not been a part of the state team either.He has alleged that Saifi sought bribes and other favours to ensure his selection in the team. He has also accused Saifi of issuing fake age certificates. Saifi has denied all the charges.  “We are open to any inquiry. We follow a very transparent selection process at the UPCA. I can’t comment on the conversation between the two as it is their personal matter,” said UPCA Secretary Yudhveer Singh, dismissing the charges of corruption in selection. “I have checked about Rahul Sharma and found out that he has never even been a part of the state probables. He has no credibility,” he added.Shukla has not yet reacted to the allegations.Earlier, the BCCI had sought to steer clear of any association with Saifi even though it admitted that his salary was being paid from the Board’s funds.“The BCCI only allocates funds for its office-bearers’ personal staff. They are free to appoint people of their choice as executive assistants and their salaries come from this fund. However, the Board has got nothing to do with these staffers,” a top Board official said.Former India player and UP captain Mohammad Kaif said the allegations have stunned him and demanded a probe into the matter.“Shocked to hear about the extent of corruption in UP Cricket. Young talent being curbed by corrupt agents asking for favours. Hope @ShuklaRajiv ji  ensures a fair investigation and justice to the young talent & helps restore UP Cricket. I stand by all those who have been exploited,” he tweeted.Kaif, who recently retired from all cricket, had captained UP to its maiden Ranji Trophy title in the 2005-06 season. last_img read more

ICC World Cup ICC Cricket World Cup 2019: India must understand the kind of surfaces they will get – Sachin Tendulkar

first_imgIndia will take on Bangladesh in their last warm-up game before the World Cup.India will take on South Africa on June 5 at Southampton.Ravindra Jadeja smashed a fifty for India in the game against New Zealand. India squared up in overcast conditions and had to encounter the swing of Boult and Tim Southee. In the New Zealand innings, Jasprit Bumrah bowled just four overs and conceded two runs and took one wicket. Tendulkar said the team was trying out different combinations but they needed to be aware of what kind of pitches they were going to encounter in the tournament.“Many times, teams are trying different combinations, batting line up. Almost all teams are not sure about their front-line, playing 11, several bowlers and batsmen are rested. Nobody is wanting to expose their proper playing XI. All the teams are preparing and trying different combinations in those conditions, which would work for them. (The Oval) was a different kind of pitch with a bit of grass cover on it and the conditions were slightly in favour of bowlers upfront and as the time went by, the wicket settled down little more. I think the wickets will change, they will get little flatter and spinners will come into play much more,” Tendulkar said.India begins their World Cup campaign on June 5 against South Africa at Southampton and is one of the favourites along with England. However, Tendulkar said Afghanistan can produce some surprises.“I have said it earlier that Afghanistan will throw up surprises in the World Cup because they have one of the best spin bowling attacks. Even if they treat it like Test cricket, they will still take wickets in the middle overs,” Tendulkar said. New Delhi: Virat Kohli’s Indian cricket team did not get their ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 campaign to an ideal start as they suffered a six-wicket loss to New Zealand at The Oval. In overcast conditions and with some swing available for the new ball, Trent Boult wrecked the Indian top order with Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli falling cheaply. Hardik Pandya looked good but Ravindra Jadeja’s attacking fifty gave them some respectability. Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor smashed fifties as New Zealand coasted towards victory but India legend Sachin Tendulkar has said the team need not panic.“I will not judge the team after each and every game. It’s a tournament and things like these will happen. The main tournament has not even started yet.  I think, we need to settle down, one or two games may go here and there. India should make most of the practice matches leading to the World Cup. They should understand what kind of surfaces they might get. I won’t panic at all as of now,” Tendulkar said at a round-table conference on the sidelines of the Mumbai T20 League in Mumbai on Sunday. highlights For all the Latest Sports News News, ICC World Cup News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps.last_img read more

Update on the latest sports

first_imgTiger still not ready, will miss The Players ChampionshipORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Tiger Woods will miss The Players Championship for the first time when not recovering from any of his nine surgeries.His agent says Woods is still bothered by a back issue but adds that it’s not a long-term concern.Woods decided at the last minute not to play the World Golf Championships event in Mexico and has skipped last week’s Honda Classic and this week’s Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill, where he has won a record eight times.PGA TOUR CHAMPIONS-HOAG CLASSIC Hatton fired a 3-under 39 and Kang shot a 68 that puts them 7 under through two rounds, one stroke ahead of Danny Lee.Matt Every ballooned to an 83 that allowed him to join the wrong list in PGA Tour annals by going from the 18-hole lead to the weekend off.Rory McIlroy is two strokes back following a 73, tying him with Harris English and Sungjae Im.Jason Day had to withdraw after five holes Friday because of back issues that have hampered him in recent years.PGA-PLAYERS-WOODS Associated Press March 7, 2020 Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditNBA-SCHEDULELakers win showdown with BucksUNDATED (AP) — The Los Angeles Lakers have won a matchup of NBA conference leaders by getting a combined 67 points from LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Update on the latest sports TRACK AND FIELD-LAWSON CLEAREDLawson cleared for competitionUNDATED (AP)— American long jumper and sprinter Jarrion Lawson has been notified by the Court of Arbitration for Sport that he has been exonerated of a doping offense, according to his agent.The agent says details of the decision are expected to be released next week, adding that Lawson was awarded around $10,000 to help offset his legal fees.Lawson was notified in August 2018 that he tested positive for a substance frequently used in the U.S. to promote the growth of beef cattle. The agent said Lawson ate what they believe to be tainted beef at a Japanese restaurant in Arkansas before the drug test. — Amid widespread concern about the coronavirus, Cubs pitcher Yu Darvish decided to be extra careful after he developed a cough this week. The Japanese right-hander visited with at least two doctors and stayed away from the team for a day before throwing three innings in a simulated game. Darvish said he feels good now, but he’s still coughing a little bit.— Diamondbacks infielder Domingo Leyba has been suspended 80 games for a violation of baseball’s performance-enhancing drug program. The 24-year-old from the Dominican Republic played 21 games with the Diamondbacks last season, hitting .280 with five RBIs.— Tim Tebow has been reassigned to minor league camp by the Mets after going 2-for-13 in spring training, including his first extra-base hit in four years of exhibition play. The 32-year-old outfielder batted .163 in 77 games last season at Triple-A Syracuse in his second straight injury-shortened season.NFL-NEWSPay bump for Chargers’ Ekeler T25 MEN’S BASKETBALL-SAN DIEGO STATE/BOISE STATEAztecs reach conference title game againLAS VEGAS (AP) — Fifth-ranked San Diego State is 30-1 after advancing to the Mountain West Tournament title game for the third straight year.Malachi Flynn had 22 points, five rebounds and five assists as part of the Aztecs’ 81-68 comeback win over Boise State. San Diego State trailed by 16 with about five minutes left in the first half before outscoring the Broncos, 64-31 the rest of the way.KJ Feagin added 21 points and six rebounds for the Aztecs, who made 15 3-pointers and shot 49.1% from the field. The West-leading Lakers are 48-13 after James delivered 37 points, eight rebounds and seven assists in a 113-103 victory against the Milwaukee Bucks. James had 14 points while the Lakers outscored the Bucks, 39-28 in the third quarter to take an 11-point lead.Davis had 30 points for Los Angeles, which won for the 10th time in its last 11 games and gained a split of the two-game season series.Giannis Antetokounmpo (YAH’-nihs an-teh-toh-KOON’-poh) had 32 points and 12 boards for the Bucks, whose league-best record dropped to 53-10.Checking out Friday’s other NBA action:— Mike Conley Jr. nailed six 3-pointers and dropped in 25 points to carry Utah past the Celtics, 99-94 in Boston. Jordan Clarkson finished with 17 points to help the Jazz overcome Marcus Smart’s 29 points. The Jazz handed the Celtics their third straight home loss and moved into sole possession of fourth place in the West, a half-game ahead of Houston. Vince Dunn and Jaden Schwartz scored for the Blues, whose winning streak began with a 3-0 victory over New Jersey on Feb. 18.Elsewhere on NHL ice:— Connor Hellebuyck (HEH’-leh-buhk) picked up his league-leading sixth shutout of the season by handling 29 shots in the Jets’ 4-0 win over the Golden Knights. Patrik Laine (LY’-nay) and Nikolaj Ehlers (NIH’-koh-ly EE’-lurz) each had a goal and an assist, while Kyle Connor added his team-high 36th goal to help Winnipeg prevent Vegas from padding its two-point lead over Edmonton in the Pacific Division.— The Avalanche remain two points behind the West-leading Blues after Zack MacEwen scored twice in the Canucks’ 6-3 win over Colorado. J.T. Miller and Antoine Roussel had a goal and an assist as Vancouver ended a four-game losing streak.Matthew Tkachuk (kah-CHUHK’) assisted on goals by Johnny Gaudreau, T.J. Brodie and Mikael Backlund in the Flames’ 3-2 win against the Coyotes. Calgary has gone 6-3-1 in its last 10 to move within three points of the Pacific Division-leading Knights. — Carter Rowney and Adam Henrique (hen-REEK’) did the scoring for the Ducks as they sent the Maple Leafs to their third consecutive loss. 2-1. John Gibson made 26 saves before coming off with an apparent injury midway through the third period.— Tyler Bertuzzi and Robby Fabbri (FAB’-ree) scored to give the Red Wings a 2-0 lead in a 2-1 victory over the Blackhawks. Jonathan Bernier stopped 32 shots for Detroit, which has a league-low 37 points.MLB-NEWSYanks’ Judge has broken ribUNDATED (AP) — New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge has a broken rib that could require surgery, leaving doubt when he’ll be back in the lineup. Yeshiva University tipped off against Worcester Polytechnic Institute Friday afternoon in an empty gym occupied only by players, employees and media members in the first-round game.Johns Hopkins said it was “prudent” to take this step after Maryland’s recently confirmed COVID-19 cases and CDC guidelines for large gatherings.In other sports news involving the virus:— The NHL has sent a memo to teams urging players to limit contact with fans because of the coronavirus outbreak. The move follows a similar directive this month by the NBA, which has told its players to stop high-fiving fans and strangers and avoid taking items for autographs.— Chicago State plans to send its men’s and women’s basketball teams to Las Vegas for the WAC Tournament next week after canceling regular-season games because of concerns about the spread of the virus.center_img UNDATED (AP) — Los Angeles Chargers running back Austin Ekeler (EHK’-lur) has been rewarded with a four-year, $24.5 million contract that includes $15 million guaranteed.Ekeler had a breakout season while scoring 11 touchdowns for the Chargers last season, finishing seventh in the league and fourth in the AFC this season with 1,550 scrimmage yards. He has gone from an undrafted rookie in 2017 to special teams standout before becoming a featured part of the Los Angeles backfield.PGA-BAY HILLHatton, Kang share Palmer leadORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Tyrrell Hatton and Sung Kang are co-leaders at the midway point of the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill. UNDATED (AP) — The NBA has fined Dallas owner Mark Cuban $500,000 for “public criticism and detrimental conduct” regarding officiating.Cuban twice walked onto the court to challenge officiating calls during the Mavericks’ loss to Atlanta on Feb. 22. The league says Cuban spoke to reporters in the arena after the game and tweeted several times that night and into the next day with comments that were highly critical, personal and demeaning to the league and its officiating staff.The NBA announced that the Mavericks’ protest of that game was rejected Friday. The league also sent a memo to teams reminding them of rules that govern conduct of owners, coaches and other team personnel during games.In other NBA news:— The Lakers have signed guard Dion Waiters, who had been a free agent since Memphis waived him last month. He was let go by the Grizzlies three days after acquiring him from Miami in the three-team trade that landed Andre Iguodala (ih-goh-DAH’-lah) (ihg-ah-DAH’-lah) with the Heat. Waiters was suspended three times while playing only three games for Mami, but his 3-point shooting prowess could be valuable as the Lakers head to their first playoff appearance since 2013. The drug test has prevented Lawson from competing for 19 months.OHIO STATE-TEAM DOCTOROhio State settling some suits over doc abuse; cost unclearCOLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ohio State has reached an unspecified settlement with nearly half of the roughly 350 men who say they were sexually abused decades ago by a team doctor who was jokingly known among some athletes by nicknames like “Dr. Jelly Paws.”The settlement is the first for accusers of the late doctor, Richard Strauss, who they say groped and otherwise mistreated students for two decades while school officials who knew of concerns did little to stop him. Strauss died in 2005. — Chris Paul had 21 points and 12 assists as the Thunder hammered the Knicks, 126-103. Danilo Gallinari had a team-high 22 points for Oklahoma City, which outscored New York in each quarter and stayed 1 ½ games behind Utah for the fourth seed in the Western Conference.— Kristaps Porzingis (KRIHS’-tahps pohr-ZIHN’-gihs) had his fifth straight game with at least 20 points and 10 rebounds, providing 26 and 11 as the Mavericks clobbered the Grizzlies, 121-96. Luka Doncic (DAHN’-chihch) added 21 points for Dallas, which outscored Memphis, 34-16 in the third quarter and moved 14 games over .500 for the first time this season.— Domantas Sabonis (doh-MAHN’-tahs sah-BOH’-nihs) shot 11-for-14 while contributing 24 points and 12 rebounds to the Pacers’ 108-102 decision over the Bulls. Victor Oladipo (oh-lah-DEE’-poh) scored 16 in Indiana’s fifth win in six games after missing the previous two games because of a sore right knee.— Jrue (jroo) Holiday dropped in 20 points and Brandon Ingram missed 15 of his first 17 shots before scoring five points over the final 62 seconds of the Pelicans’ 110-104 victory against the Heat. New Orleans rookie Zion Williamson scored 17 points, ending his string of 20-point performances at 13.— Caris LeVert recorded a triple-double of 27 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists in sending the Nets to a 139-120 pounding of the Spurs. Brooklyn rang up 75 points in the first half, put eight players in double figures and led by as much as 33 in front of former Net Julius Erving, one of the greatest players in franchise history. — Aron Baynes established career highs with nine 3-pointers and 37 points as the Suns beat the Trail Blazers, 127-117 to end a four-game losing streak. Baynes was 9 of 14 from long distance and 12 of 23 overall while also grabbing 16 rebounds.— The Magic rolled to a 132-118 win over the Timberwolves as Nikola Vucevic (VOO’-she-vihch) had 28 points and 12 rebounds to lead Orlando. Markelle Fultz added 24 points for Orlando, which played most of the second half without coach Steve Clifford due to illness.— Bradley Beal shot 7-for-10 from 3-point range while scoring 35 points for the Wizards in a 118-112 win against the Hawks. Davis Bertans added 17 points and Jerome Robinson had 14 for Washington, which was 15 of 31 from beyond the arc.NBA-NEWSNBA fines Cuban, sends teams memo on proper conduct Manager Aaron Boone says he thought the star right fielder hurt himself making a diving catch late last season. Judge will rest two weeks while recovering from the stress fracture to his first right rib. He hasn’t played in any spring training games while dealing with soreness in his right pectoral muscle and shoulder.Since winning the 2017 AL Rookie of the Year award, Judge has been limited to 112 games in 2018 because of a broken right wrist and to 102 games last year due to a strained left oblique.In other MLB news:— Christian Yelich (YEH’-lihch) has finalized a $215 million, nine-year contract with the Milwaukee Brewers. His new deal adds seven years and $187.25 million to his current contract. Yelich won the NL batting title and MVP award in 2018 as the Brewers reached Game 7 of the NL Championship Series.— One day after signing with the Red Sox, pitcher Collin McHugh says he regrets he didn’t do more to stop the Astros from breaking sign stealing rules in 2017 and 2018. McHugh is worried about the impact of the Astros’ actions on young fans. He said pitchers were led to believe other teams were stealing the Astros’ signs. Qualifier leads at Newport BeachNEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (AP) — Monday qualifier David Morland IV fired a 10-under 61 at Newport Beach Country Club to take a two-stroke lead in the PGA Tour Champions’ Hoag Classic.Morland had five birdies on each nine, closing with a birdie on the par-5 18th. He was a stroke off the course record set by Tom Purtzer in 2004 and matched by Nick Price in 2011 and Duffy Waldorf in 2015.Defending Charles Schwab Cup champion Scott McCarron and Ken Duke are tied for second.GOLF-PRESIDENTIAL MEDAL OF FREEDOM Ohio State wouldn’t disclose the dollar amount. NHL-SCHEDULEDevils surprise BluesUNDATED (AP) — The St. Louis Blues’ eight-game winning streak has been stopped by an unlikely team.Dakota Mermis scored his first NHL goal and fellow defenseman Connor Carrick got his first of the season as the Devils doubled up the Blues, 4-2.Cory Schneider made 31 saves to help the worst team in the NHL’s Metropolitan Division end a 12-game skid against the defending Stanley Cup champions. MONTREAL (AP) — Former Montreal Canadiens star Henri Richard (ahn-REE’ ree-SHAHRD’) has died at 84 following a battle with Alzheimer’s disease.The speedy center won a record 11 Stanley Cups during a 20-year career spent entirely with the Canadiens from 1956-75. Richard played a team-record 1,256 regular-season games and is third in club history with 1,046 points.VIRUS OUTBREAK-SPORTSMore sporting events affected by spreading virusUNDATED (AP) — A Division III men’s basketball NCAA Tournament game at Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins University is believed to be the first U.S. sports event held without fans because of the new coronavirus. Sorenstam, Player to be White House honoreesWASHINGTON (AP) — The White House has announced that World Golf Hall of Famers Annika Sörenstam and Gary Player will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom during a White House ceremony on March 23.Player won 24 PGA Tour events and 118 international tournaments. Sörenstam completed her LPGA career with 72 tournament victories.NHL-OBIT-HENRI RICHARDHabs great Henri Richard dieslast_img read more

Steve’s Jewellery sponsors gold pendants for Guyana Softball Cup MVPs

first_imgSEVEN years, seven pairs of gold pieces for the Most Valuable Players (MVP). That’s the commitment from Steve’s Jewellery to the Guyana Softball Cup, the seventh edition of which will be held from November 3-5.At a simple ceremony yesterday, proprietor Steve Naraine presented the prizes to executives of the Guyana Floodlight Softball Cricket Association (GFSCA), the founding and organising body of the tournament.As is customary, Steve’s Jewellery has provided the MVP prizes for the top player in both the Open and Masters categories. This year, the prizes are two gold pendants in the shape of a cricket bat. Proprietor Naraine was delighted to once again be on board with the international softball event, which will attract teams from Guyana, Canada, Florida and New York.“Last year we did similar gifts and this year we do the bats with the diamond pendants and they’re worth at least $100,000 each. We’re proud to be on board once again with this organisation because we know over the years what it has been doing in terms of giving back to the community,” Naraine said.Naraine pointed out that there are many reasons why Guyanese should come out and view the three days of games, especially the final day, which will conclude under floodlights at the Demerara Cricket Club (DCC) ground, Queenstown.Among them are the high quality of cricket that is usually played and the fantastic organising by the GFSCA. The GFSCA was understandably elated to once again partner with the Church Street jewellery store.GFSCA member, Surendra Nauth, commended Naraine and his company for devotedly supporting the premier international softball tournament, noting that the prizes will go a far way in encouraging the players to play to their optimal.The champion team in the Open category will receive $800,000, while winner of the Masters division is assured of $600,000. Matches will be played at the Police, Guyana Defence Force (GDF), Demerara Cricket Club (DCC), Malteenoes and Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) grounds.In 2016, Speedboat XI pulled off a massive upset by dethroning defending champions Regal All-Stars to win the Open segment, while Floodlights XI outplayed Fishermen XI to win the Masters category.The tournament has received corporate support from Stag Beer, Rubis Guyana, Trophy Stall, Steve’s Jewellery, Clear Waters, Busta, Rohan Auto Spares, A&R Jewanram Printery, WJ Enterprise, Mike’s Pharmacy, Ramchand Auto Spares and Survival Group of Business.last_img read more

Ntini resigns as Zimbabwe bowling coach

first_imgZIMBABWE will begin the search for a new bowling coach after reluctantly accepting Makhaya Ntini’s resignation.Ntini has stepped down from his role as Zimbabwe bowling coach after two years with the African nation, including a short spell as interim head coach.Ntini filled in following Dav Whatmore’s departure in May 2016, with Heath Streak taking on the permanent head coach role five months later.The former South Africa seamer originally signed a two-year deal with Zimbabwe, but the 40-year-old has opted not to renew terms.“It is with regret that Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC) announces that Makhaya Ntini, the national team bowling coach, has tendered his resignation from ZC with immediate effect,” read a statement from the governing body.“Makhaya has brought a wealth of experience and practical knowledge to ZC, and ZC and its players and coaching staff were fortunate to have had an opportunity to work closely with him during this period, and to learn from his many years of playing for Cricket South Africa at the highest level.“While reluctantly accepting his resignation, ZC fully appreciates and respects the reasons behind Makhaya’s decision, and wishes him all the very best for the future.”Ntini’s announcement came on the same day that Streak named his one-day international squad for their tri-series with Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.Brendan Taylor returns along with Kyle Jarvis after their international exile ended in the recent Test series with West Indies, while there are also places for Brandon Mavuta and Ryan Murray.Series hosts Bangladesh have made five changes to their squad for the first two matches of the, with Mustafizur Rahman included, while Taskin Ahmed and Soumya Sarkar have been dropped.Zimbabwe: Graeme Cremer (captain), Hamilton Masakadza, Solomon Mire, Craig Ervine, Brendan Taylor, Sikandar Raza, Peter Moor, Malcolm Waller, Ryan Murray, Tendai Chisoro, Brandon Mavuta, Blessing Muzarabani, Christopher Mpofu, Tendai Chatara, Kyle JarvisBangladesh: Mashrafe Mortaza (captain), Shakib Al Hasan, Tamim Iqbal, Imrul Kayes, Anamul Haque, Mushfiqur Rahim, Mahmudullah, Nasir Hossain, Sabbir Rahman, Mohammad Mithun, Mustafizur Rahman, Rubel Hossain, Abul Hasan, Mehidy Hasan Miraz, Mohammad Saifuddin, Sunzamul Islam. (Omnisport)last_img read more