9th Annual Scrooge Awards discover which retailer gives the least to charity

first_img AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to EmailEmailShare to WhatsAppWhatsAppShare to MessengerMessengerShare to MoreAddThis About Howard Lake Howard Lake is a digital fundraising entrepreneur. Publisher of UK Fundraising, the world’s first web resource for professional fundraisers, since 1994. Trainer and consultant in digital fundraising. Founder of Fundraising Camp and co-founder of GoodJobs.org.uk. Researching massive growth in giving. Tagged with: Awards christmas corporate Trading  32 total views,  1 views today AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to EmailEmailShare to WhatsAppWhatsAppShare to MessengerMessengerShare to MoreAddThis The Charities Advisory Trust has announced the winner of the ninth annual Scrooge Award based on its survey of high street retailers to find “who is using charity to help boost sales but actually giving very little to charity”.The Scrooge Award this year goes to Cards Galore, for the second year in a row. Of 116 charity card designs, 75 (65%) gave less than 10% to charity. The card giving least to charity was found at Cards Galore, giving just 4.2% to the British Heart Foundation.Consistency was also achieved by Fenwicks, who won the Trust’s Georgy Porgy award for greed for the second year in a row: 90% of their charity card range (62 designs) gave less than 10% to charity.Charities Advisory Trust (CAT) explains that it can identify how much goes to charity because it is a requirement of the Charities Act that the amount is shown, so the customer can make an informed choice. Nevertheless, some retailers omit this information: this year, CAT say that Monsoon’s cards failed to comply in this regard. Charitably, CAT accepted that “where the amounts are not shown it is usually through incompetence rather than an attempt to deceive”.CAT has been campaigning for years to secure higher rates of donations from charity Christmas card retailers. With no legislation to control the amount going to charity, companies can give as little as 1% to charity and still label the card as a charity card. As the Trust points out, “EU regulations would not allow a meat pie with 1% meat, to be labelled as a meat pie, but cards can be labelled as charity cards with even less than 1% going to charity.”CAT’s aim is to ensure that the charity donation on a charity Christmas card is a minimum of 10%.This year it can report some further successes. It announced a special ‘Reformed Sinner’ award to Harrods. “It has been a consistent winner of the Scrooge Award or the Georgy Porgy award for greed, but this year their charity cards gave a proper 10% to charity”, said CAT. “Thank you Harrods:you have helped people in need”, they added.CAT is also critical of some charities’ approaches to the Christmas card trade. “For charities which are campaigning against global warming why agree to have cards printed in China, and shipped round the world?” it asks.“We continue to be disappointed that the charities fail to strike better deals”, said Dame Hilary Blume, Director of the Charities Advisory Trust”. If they acted in concert they could agree not to go below 10%. But we are really pleased with Harrods.”www.charitiesadvisorytrust.org.uk Howard Lake | 8 November 2010 | News 9th Annual Scrooge Awards discover which retailer gives the least to charitylast_img read more

When Broome County will be back open for business

first_imgGarnar said he is hopeful most businesses will reopen on May 15. That’s the day governor Andrew Cuomo’s New York on Pause initiative will end. The governor has said construction and manufacturing are some of the industries that will return first. The county executive said by preparing as much as possible, he wants to bring business back to normal. “Most of our businesses, in fact if not all of them, could start May 15th if we are all able to adhere to these guidelines that the state has put out for us,” Garnar told 12 News Thursday. “I think all businesses could open.” While the final decision is up to New York State, there are preparations to be made before so counties across the state can be ready.center_img (WBNG) — On Thursday, Broome County Executive Jason Garnar gave 12 News the first look at when the county will reopen. Garnar said those guidelines are part of a twelve point plan the state has developed to prepare counties to reopen. He says there will be limits in place to start, such as restaurants only opening at fifty percent capacity to begin.last_img read more

Felicitous Fossils Facilitate Phylogenetic Fabling

first_imgHere are some recent fossil finds that, whether they fit or not, are claimed to shed light on evolution.Goby a fish:  Otoliths are rocks in the head of many vertebrates that aid with orientation and gravity sensing.  An article on PhysOrg claims that fish otoliths provide “unprecedented insight” into the evolution of gobioid fishes, one of the most numerous groups of bony fish.  But what can really be told from little rocks?  What is the “eloquence of the otoliths,” as the headline teases?  Does the body of the article live up to the hype?  Actually, even though a team claims to have produced a detailed phylogeny, and claims it can read otoliths like a genetic code, the major finding from “perfectly preserved” otoliths in Italy just moves one fish family to another clade.  Moreover, the lack of fossils that can be dated “has hampered understanding of the evolutionary history of this highly successful group of fishes.”Turtle on the half shell:  A fossil of a turtle-like animal with back ribs that are not fused together, as in modern turtles, is attracting interest.  Both Science Now and Science Daily put their headlines just-so story form, like “How the Turtle Got Its Shell” (see 10/09/08).  The comparison of the fossil to a turtle looks convincing that the fossil is an evolutionary ancestor, but that inference requires believing that the “beginnings of the turtle shell started 40 million years earlier than previously thought” according to another Science Daily article.  It also requires believing that the turtle’s novel respiratory system evolved in concert with changes in the ribs.  “If you incorporate your ribs into a protective shell, then you have to find a new way to breathe!” one researcher exclaimed.  That being the case, they are only claiming that the South African fossil named Eunotosaurus may provide “clues” to turtle evolution.Scrambled dino eggs:  Fossil dinosaur eggs are rare, especially ones that contain fossil embryos.  National Geographic used the “missing link” meme in its announcement of theropod eggs found in Portugal.  Lucky for evolutionists, they fit in a gap that “has frustrated scientists because many of the bird-like aspects of reproduction seem to have appeared during the gap.”  Scientists inferred a few things about the eggs, such as that they must have been buried, but nothing definitive of increase in complexity or information except a single layer as opposed to two or three layers of assumed later dinosaurs and birds.Triceratops cousin:  Live Science announced a new ceratopsian dinosaur claimed to have lived “12 million years before the rise of its more famous younger relative.”  It’s being called “a new kind of three-horned dinosaur” that “may be the oldest cousin of Triceratops yet.”  Judging from the artist reconstruction, though, it’s hard to see much difference.  Judiceratops (from the Judith River formation, Montana) has the frill and three horns and most other features Triceratops, yet the article asks readers to believe that these dinosaurs evolved rapidly, with “a lot of turnover” as older species were replaced by newer ones.  Whatever differences might be apparent to paleontologists on the outside seem trivial compared to the complexity of the inside of both creatures.Wood you believe:  PhysOrg posted a story of a buried forest in Switzerland that is being studied for dendrochronology.  Claimed to be 13,000 years old in Zurich clay, the pine wood was discovered by accident.  The data have not been formally published, but the article includes a picture of some cross sections being analyzed.The early bird:  No sooner had our entry on “Feathers before flight” gone to press (5/28/13) that a new “feathered dinosaur” announcement hit the wires (paper in Nature).  All the secular sites went nuts, as expected: “New candidate for world’s first bird” (National Geographic); “New feathered dino may be world’s first bird” (Live Science); “New contender for first bird” (Nature News).  The reconstruction makes this creature look something like a bantam chicken with teeth, but fully fledged with modern-looking feathers and wings.  A consequence of calling Aurornis xui the first bird is that it puts Archaeopteryx back on the bird line (BBC News, New Scientist), after the controversial shake-up by Xing Xu in 2011 (see 7/28/2011).  Science Now, though, is not sure this fossil, found by a Chinese farmer and sold to a museum, is authentic:But Luis Chiappe, a paleontologist at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County in California, says that Aurornis must fly through at least one important hoop before it can claim to be the first bird: Its authenticity must be proved. That’s because the specimen was not found during excavations by Godefroit’s team, but—like most early birds and feathered dinosaurs from Liaoning province, including many studied by Xu—it was supposedly found by farmers and acquired from a Chinese fossil dealer, who sold it to the province’s Yizhou Fossil and Geology Park. China’s museums and research institutions have been plagued in recent years by the circulation of fake or altered fossils, including the infamous “Archaeoraptor” fake of the late 1990s, a claimed “missing link” between dinosaurs and birds published by National Geographic.Many of the science news sites though, including National Geographic, let their imaginations take wings, asserting that it is truly a feathered dinosaur ancestral to birds.  The original paper was more concerned about phylogenetic placement of this fossil than about explaining how powered flight could have evolved.  The supplementary information file claims there was no evidence of forgery but concurred that most of the spectacular feathered dinosaur fossils have come from dealers.Update 6/7/13:  Science Magazine seriously questions the authenticity of the Aurornis fossil and other spectacular “feathered dinosaur” finds:Suspicions dog any specimens from the fabulous fossil fields in northeast China’s Liaoning province, where Aurornis and dozens of other new species of feathered dinosaurs and early birds have been found over the past 15 years. Some of the country’s leading paleontologists have been outspoken about a growing number of fake and composite specimens from Liaoning and other fossil-rich areas of China (Science, 24 December 2010, p. 1740). “This is a big concern,” says Zhou Zhonghe, director of the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology (IVPP) in Beijing. “Illegal and unscientific collecting and commercial trading,” he says, have flooded the market with fake fossils and caused an “irretrievable loss” of crucial information, such as where authentic fossils came from and how old they really are.For fear of antagonizing their Chinese colleagues, Western scientists have been reluctant to speak their minds, the article said.  “But the publication of Aurornis, the latest of a flurry of recent papers in Science and Nature describing fossils purchased from Chinese commercial dealers or acquired from collectors, has emboldened several leading Western paleontologists to speak their minds.”  It went on to describe China as an “epicenter” of a black market in fossils.  “Some of these fakes are masterful.”  Insisting on CT scans or provenance details is probably not workable, the article complains.  But if some of them prove to be fakes, especially those on which major evolutionary claims are being based, the “flood of fossil fakes” is going to “haunt Chinese vertebrate paleontology for the next 100 years.”Mammoth blood:  A potentially gigantic, though controversial, finding came from Siberia this week: mammoth blood preserved in ice (see Siberian Times, “Exclusive: The first pictures of blood from a 10,000 year old Siberian mammoth“;  Live Science, “Perfectly preserved mammoth blood unearthed in ice“).  The photos show clear pictures of blood vessels, red meat and liquid blood collected in a vial.  Nature urged caution in its announcement, “Can a mammoth carcass really preserve flowing blood and possibly live cells?” but could not rule out the authenticity of the claim:The Siberian Times obtained striking photos of the specimen showing the reddish tissues and a vial of the dark brown liquid said to be blood that was found in ice cavities under the animal’s belly, as well as additional details of the discovery. The story quotes mammoth researcher Semyon Grigoriev of the North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk, who led the recovery of the mammoth, as speculating that the blood contains “a kind of natural anti-freeze” and declaring the specimen — a female that was between 50 and 60 years old when she died — to be “the best preserved mammoth in the history of paleontology.“Moreover, the report says this specimen gives researchers “a really good chance of finding live cells” — no wonder the Nature reporter said, “Wow!” before mentioning a few caveats: “The upshot: it really does appear to be an incredible find, but some of the claims about it are incorrect as reported or have yet to be established as fact.”  A few experts weighed in on the possibility that the claims are true.  None of them claimed they were definitely false.  One asked, “Another question is, how were these samples preserved in this state for so long?  The discoverers postulated that some kind of natural antifreeze protected the blood and soft tissues.  They said they are working with South Korean researchers who want to clone a mammoth, using an elephant for gestation.  Speaking of mammoths, Science Daily presented a new theory for their extinction: a meteor impact changed the climate.  Considering that mammoths and mastodons lived throughout much of the world, and some are buried in mass graves like those in Hot Springs, South Dakota, impact theories require auxiliary hypotheses to explain why a meteor would be selective in its effects.The last two stories are the most interesting (early bird and mammoth blood).  The prior ones show evolutionists doing what they usually do, forcing obscure pieces of evidence into their worldview picture (see 5/01/08 commentary, “How not to work a puzzle”).Regarding Aurornis, skeptical readers should watch these “feathered dinosaur” fossils like a hawk.  Science made a very damaging admission by stating that most of the fossils come from dealers.  Just think—very few, if any, were found intact in the strata, including those found by master dinobird storyteller Xing Xu (5/01/10).  Forgers fooled the experts once with “Archaeoraptor” back in 1999.  Is it possible that many of the most controversial “feathered dinosaurs” are fakes?  Those that are not fakes (like Archaeopteryx, found across the world in Germany) are genuine, but it was a bird, capable of powered flight.  Consider: the motivation for forgery is strong.  Poor Chinese farmers can gain riches and fame for finding what evolutionists want.  Maybe the forgers learned lessons from “Archaeoraptor” and have gotten better at their craft.  Why can’t the paleontologists pull authentic fossils out of the strata themselves?  Is it because the fossils are not there?  Why are the same species never found anywhere else in the world in comparable strata?  If forgery is proved for some or any of them, creationists will be all over it like white on paint.  It would seem in the best interests of the evolutionists, therefore, to err on the side of caution, stop the hype, and go dig up some in situ specimens, documenting their provenance.  Their reputations depend on it.Regarding the mammoth blood, this is an amazing story worth watching.  More analysis is needed that can satisfy scientists, but the fact that many frozen mammoths are already known would seem to discount motivation to commit a forgery.  In July or August the discoverers are bringing other researchers to the cold site where the specimen is preserved.  Imagine if live cells and intact blood are actually proved.  That would be a “Wow!” indeed—a finding that would cast serious doubt on the dating methods used to claim this beast died 10,000 years ago.  Until we have more reliable information, though, creationists should include disclaimers in their coverage.(Visited 20 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Mathematician and Geneticist Team Up to Correct Fisher’s Theorem

first_img(Visited 2,172 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 A new paper corrects errors in Fisher’s Theorem, a mathematical “proof” of Darwinism. Rather than supporting evolution, the corrected theorem inverts it.Flipping Fisher’s Famous Theoremby William F. Basener and John C. SanfordA recent paper in the Journal of Mathematical Biology  (https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00285-017-1190-x) has uncovered major problems with the historically pivotal Fundamental Theorem of Natural Selection. That theorem was proven by Ronald Fisher – one the great scientists of the last century. Fisher’s theorem was published in 1930, and was the foundational work that gave rise to neo-Darwinian theory and the field of population genetics.Fisher’s theorem was … the foundational work that gave rise to neo-Darwinian theory and the field of population genetics.Fisher described his theorem as “fundamental,” because he believed he had discovered a mathematical proof for Darwinian evolution. He described his theorem as equivalent to a universal natural law – on the same level as the second law of thermodynamics.  Fisher’s self-proclaimed new law of nature was that populations will always increase in fitness – without limit, as long as there is any genetic variation in the population. Therefore evolution is like gravity – a simple mathematical certainly. Over the years, a vast number of students of biology have been taught this mantra – Fisher’s Theorem proves that evolution is a mathematical certainty.The authors of the new paper describe the fundamental problems with Fisher’s theorem. They then use Fisher’s first principles, and reformulate and correct the theorem. They have named the corrected theorem The Fundamental Theorem of Natural Selection with Mutations. The correction of the theorem is not a trivial change – it literally flips the theorem on its head. The resulting conclusions are clearly in direct opposition to what Fisher had originally intended to prove.In the early 1900s, Darwinian theory was in trouble scientifically. Darwin’s writings were primarily conceptual in nature, containing a great deal of philosophy and a great deal of speculation. Beyond simple observations of nature, Darwin’s books generally lacked genuine science (experimentation, data analysis, the formulation of testable hypotheses). Darwin had no understanding of genetics, and so he had no conception of how traits might be passed from one generation to the next. He only had a very vague notion of what natural selection might actually be acting upon. He simply pictured life as being inherently plastic and malleable, so evolution was inherently fluid and continuous (think Claymation). When Mendel’s genetic discoveries were eventually brought out of the closet, it could be seen that inheritance was largely based upon discrete and stable packets of information. That indicated that life and inheritance were not like Claymation, and that biological change over time was not based upon unlimited plasticity or fluidity. Mendel’s discrete units of information (later called genes), were clearly specific and finite, and so they only enabled specific and limited changes. At that time it was being said; “Mendelism has killed Darwinism”.Ronald A. Fisher (1890-1962) believed he had proved evolution mathematically.Fisher was the first to reconcile the apparent conflict between the ideas of Darwin and the experimental observations of Mendel. Fisher accomplished this by showing mathematically how natural selection could improve fitness by selecting for desirable genetic units (beneficial alleles), and simultaneously selecting against undesirable genetic units (deleterious alleles).  He showed that given zero mutations, the more there are good/bad alleles in the population, the more natural selection can improve the fitness of the population. This is the essence of Fisher’s Theorem. This was foundational for neo-Darwinian theory – which now reigns supreme in modern academia.The resulting conclusions are clearly in direct opposition to what Fisher had originally intended to prove.Remarkably, Fisher’s theorem by itself illustrates a self-limiting process – once all the bad alleles are eliminated, and once all the individuals carry only good alleles, then there is nothing left to select, and so selective progress must stop. The end result is that the population improves slightly and then becomes locked in stasis (no further change). It is astounding that Fisher’s Theorem does not explicitly address this profound problem! Newly arising mutations are not even part of Fisher’s mathematical formulation. Instead, Fisher simply added an informal corollary (which was never proven), which involved extrapolation from his simple proof. He assumed that a continuous flow of new mutations would continuously replenish the population’s genetic variability, thereby allowing continuous and unlimited fitness increase.The authors of the new paper realized that one of Fisher’s pivotal assumptions was clearly false, and in fact was falsified many decades ago. In his informal corollary, Fisher essentially assumed that new mutations arose with a nearly normal distribution – with an equal proportion of good and bad mutations (so mutations would have a net fitness effect of zero). We now know that the vast majority of mutations in the functional genome are harmful, and that beneficial mutations are vanishingly rare. The simple fact that Fisher’s premise was wrong, falsifies Fisher’s corollary. Without Fisher’s corollary – Fisher’s Theorem proves only that selection improves a population’s fitness until selection exhausts the initial genetic variation, at which point selective progress ceases. Apart from his corollary, Fisher’s Theorem only shows that within an initial population with variant genetic alleles, there is limited selective progress followed by terminal stasis.Since we now know that the vast majority of mutations are deleterious, therefore we can no longer assume that the mutations and natural selection will lead to increasing fitness. For example, if all mutations were deleterious, it should be obvious that fitness would always decline, and the rate of decline would be proportional to the severity and rate of the deleterious mutations.To correct Fisher’s Theorem, the authors of the new paper needed to reformulate Fisher’s mathematical model. The problems with Fisher’s theorem were that; 1) it was initially formulated in a way that did not allow for any type of dynamical analysis; 2) it did not account for new mutations; and 3) it consequently did not consider the net fitness effect of new mutations. The newly formulated version of Fisher’s theorem has now been mathematically proven. It is shown to yield identical results as the original formulation, when using the original formulation’s assumptions (no mutations). The new theorem incorporates two competing factors: a) the effect of natural selection, which consistently drives fitness upward); and b) the effect of new mutations, which consistently drive fitness downward).  It is shown that the actual efficiency of natural selection and the actual rate and distribution of new mutations determines whether a population’s fitness will increase or decrease over time. Further analysis indicates that realistic rates and distributions of mutations make sustained fitness gain extremely problematic, while fitness decline becomes more probable. The authors observe that the more realistic the parameters, the more likely fitness decline becomes. The new paper seems to have turned Fisher’s Theorem upside down, and with it, the entire neo-Darwinian paradigm.Sanford’s book examines the impact of mutations that are invisible to selection.Supplemental Information – Fisher’s informal corollary (really just a thought experiment), was convoluted. The essence of Fisher’s corollary was that the effect of both good and bad mutations should be more or less equal – so their net effect should be more-or less neutral. However, the actual evidence available to Fisher at that time already indicated that mutations were overwhelmingly deleterious. Fisher acknowledged that most observed mutations were clearly deleterious – but he imagined that this special class of highly deleterious mutations would easily be selected away, and so could be ignored.  He reasoned that this might leave behind a different class of invisible mutations that all had a very low-impact on fitness – which would have a nearly equal chance of being either good or bad. This line of reasoning was entirely speculative and is contrary to what we now know.  Ironically, such “nearly-neutral” mutations are now known to also be nearly-invisible to natural selection – precluding their role in any possible fitness increase. Moreover, mutations are overwhelmingly deleterious – even the low impact mutations. This means that the net effect of such “nearly-neutral” mutations, which are all invisible to selection, must be negative, and must contribute significantly to genetic decline. Furthermore, it is now known that the mutations that contribute most to genetic decline are the deleterious mutations that are intermediate in effect – not easily selected away, yet impactful enough to cause serious decline.Update 1/05/18: This article was referenced by World Magazine and by the Discovery Institute’s Evolution News and Science Today. Ed. note: We are honored to have Bill Basener and Dr. John Sanford writing in Creation-Evolution Headlines to report this important new paper. Dr Sanford is a renowned geneticist from Cornell University, inventor of the gene gun and author of Genetic Entropy. Dr. Sanford was an evolutionist who turned creationist based on the genetic evidence. In our 9/02/2004 entry, we relayed what Steve Jones (an ardent evolutionist) thought about R. A. Fisher’s personal life and beliefs. Jones was reviewing a book about six ‘Darwin bulldogs’ or defenders, including Fisher. Calling him a “bearded bigot,” Jones made these uncomplimentary remarks about Ronald Fisher, based on what he had read in Marek Kohn’s book A Reason for Everything: Natural Selection and the British Imagination (Faber and Faber, 2004):Fisher claimed that his fundamental theory of natural selection occupied the supreme position among the biological sciences, although others dismissed it as a verbal trick…. His Genetical Theory of Natural Selection became evolution’s equivalent of The Lord of the Rings: full of gnomic and portentous truths with rather a nasty social agenda lurking beneath (Fisher felt it his biological duty to beget eight children).  As Kohn points out, Fisher’s followers, like those of Wagner – composer of a musical on the same theme – are obsessed with the fine detail of what the great begetter meant and are still far from sure.Fisher was also an open racist and eugenicist. About this facet of his life, Wikipedia says:In 1910 Fisher joined the Eugenics Society (UK) at University of Cambridge, whose members included John Maynard Keynes, R. C. Punnett, and Horace Darwin. He saw eugenics as addressing pressing social and scientific issues that encompassed and drove his interest in both genetics and statistics. During World War I Fisher started writing book reviews for the Eugenic Review and volunteered to undertake all such reviews for the journal, being hired for a part-time position. The last third of The Genetical Theory of Natural Selection focussed on eugenics, attributing the fall of civilizations to the fertility of their upper classes being diminished, and used British 1911 census data to show an inverse relationship between fertility and social class, partly due, he claimed, to the lower financial costs and hence increasing social status of families with fewer children. He proposed the abolition of extra allowances to large families, with the allowances proportional to the earnings of the father. He served in several official committees to promote Eugenics. In 1934, he resigned from the Eugenics Society over a dispute about increasing the power of scientists within the movement.These quotes illustrate that theories bearing on nature, mankind and reality do not emerge in a vacuum, but are filtered through the passions and worldview assumptions of their creators.last_img read more

Bathroom Walls, Mold, Vapor Barriers, and Building Codes–Where’s the Love?

first_img Podcast:Air Barriers vs. Vapor BarriersHow Heat Moves Through Houses RELATED ARTICLES Will water vapor rot the walls?Between tub and shower, sinks and toilet, a bathroom has a high potential for water damage, not only from leaks of liquid water but also from water vapor that can collect inside exterior walls and condense. Vapor retarders are there to slow the diffusion of moisture, so the building inspector is off base, argues senior editor Martin Holladay.Even so, Holladay adds, vapor diffusion is rarely as big a problem as we might think. If the inspector’s ruling underscores an “incomplete understanding of building science,” it’s probably not going to have a serious practical effect. This is one battle that’s probably not worth fighting.Robert Riversong isn’t so sure the inspector is wrong. Paper facings on conventional gypsum drywall provides food for mold. Riversong notes that the tiled portion of the wall will include a Schluter-Kerdi waterproofing membrane, so removing the kraft paper may have a double benefit: reducing the chances for trapped moisture by having one rather than two vapor retarders, and removing the paper that encourages mold growth.“At least this inspector is on the right track,” he says. MULTIMEDIA Josh, a builder in Columbus, Ohio, has been hired to add a bathroom in the attic of an existing house. Although he had hoped to use cellulose insulation in exterior walls, the homeowner’s budget allowed fiberglass batts. Josh was counting on the kraft paper facing on the insulation to serve as a vapor retarder, but to his surprise the building inspector insists the paper be removed before the insulation is installed.What gives? And will the inspector’s decision increase the risk of moisture problems in the bathroom, surely one of the most humid rooms in the house?The Q&A discussion actually provided some support for the misunderstood inspector, as well as a look at materials and building techniques that will keep moisture problems at bay. CONSTRUCTION DETAILS To control bathroom moisture, use a fan and waterproofing membraneThere are really two kinds of water to worry about: the water vapor that diffuses into the wall, and the bulk water that comes from leaks, careless bathers, splashes from the sink and around the toilet.One way of controlling water vapor is to get humid air out of the bathroom before it can do any damage. A bathroom fan will take care of that. Humidistats, which measure humidity levels and turn the fan on accordingly, as well as more basic timers, are frequent suggestions for making sure the fan runs long enough to do its job.Riversong finds humidistats unreliable and recommends a switch from Energy Federation that incorporates a programmable delay for the fan. When the switch is turned off, the bathroom light goes out but the fan continues to run for up to 60 minutes. No one has to remember to use a timer because the fan operates automatically.Modern building materials will help prevent damage from liquid water. Josh was planning to use Schluter-Kerdi waterpoof membrane under ceramic tile, as well as DensArmor Plus drywall. DensArmor, made by Georgia-Pacific, is a paperless wallboard highly resistant to mold. It incorporates fiberglass mats on the front and back of the panels instead of paper, eliminating mold supporting cellulose.ADKJAC, who specializes in bathroom construction and repairs, finds most problems occur on lower areas of wetted tile, wetted joints in corners and around the tub, and in the floor around the toilet. He’s a big fan of both Schluter and DensArmor products. Combined with a coat of primer and two topcoats of latex paint, they are enough for a “perfect job.”Finally, sealing the tile grout can’t hurt. Riversong recommends siloxane or silane rather than silicone.Bottom line: Vapor diffusion and bulk water are separate issues, each of which must be addressed. As a practical matter, the removal of the vapor retarding paper layer on the fiberglass insulation shouldn’t be a huge problem. A bathroom fan with a timer and/or a humidistat should be enough to keep humidity levels down. As to bulk water, paperless drywall and a waterproofing membrane beneath the tile should do the trick. GREEN PRODUCT GUIDE DensArmor Plus Bathtub retrofitShower window retrofitInsulating behind tub with rigid foamAir sealing behind tub One problem, however, is installers used 14 1/2-in. batts instead of 15-in. wide friction-fit batts. When the paper layer is removed, it creates a higher potential for air leaks between the framing and the batts, and air leaks are capable of carrying larger amounts of moisture into wall cavities than vapor diffusion. Vapor Retarders and Vapor BarriersForget About Vapor Diffusion, Stop Air Leaks!Installing Fiberglass Right” Is kraft facing in a bathroom against the building code?The undercurrent running through the discussion is the role the inspector played. Josh decided there wasn’t much point in arguing with him about removing the insulation’s paper layer. Instead, he planned to develop some seminars for homeowners and would make sure the building inspector got his own invitation.Was the inspector justified? Holladay doesn’t think so. He suggests the key question is, Which part of the code calls for the removal of a kraft paper facing from insulation installed in bathroom walls? Without a specific provision in the code, he adds, the inspector “lacks the authority” to insist the paper be removed.Hang on, replies Riversong. The International Residential Code gives inspectors wide latitude as long as they conform to the “intent and purpose of the code.”That may be true, answers another poster, but the inspector has to start with some specific rules on bathroom insulation. He can’t interpret something that doesn’t exist. Further, many calls by inspectors have been overruled as arbitrary when challenged by homeowners or contractors.In the end, any local inspector on site has a great deal of discretion. Well-intended rulings that flout up-to-date building science are probably more frequent than builders would like to see. But at the very least, these decisions often ignite a discussion that helps educate everyone.last_img read more

10 months agoAC Milan striker Higuain dedicates goal to Gattuso

first_imgAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your say AC Milan striker Higuain dedicates goal to Gattusoby Carlos Volcano2018-12-30 10:20:22.000000Send to a friendShare the loveAC Milan striker Gonzalo Higuain dedicated his goal in victory over SPAL to coach Rino Gattuso.It was a first goal from the Argentine in two months.“It was an important goal and three fundamental points after all we’ve wasted before, but now we can have a rest with our families,” the striker told DAZN.“It’s natural the fans expect more from me. I came to Milan because I was convinced by the project here and I want to continue like this.“Gattuso has always supported me and above all been honest. This goal is for him.” last_img read more

Alabama Linebacker Joshua McMillon Denies Report That He Will Transfer

first_imgJoshua McMillon, a redshirt freshman linebacker, will not be leaving Alabama despite a report that he will transfer, he says.McMillon, who is originally from Memphis, Tennessee, took to Twitter to shoot down a story that appeared on Touchdown Alabama on Saturday, saying that he will leave the Crimson Tide. The linebacker says that he is “a member of the Crimson Tide for life.”McMillon protected his Twitter account shortly after sending the tweet.joshua mcmillon transfer falseFrom the original story, written by Stephen M. Smith:Alabama will lose a sixth player from its 2015 recruiting class to a transfer, as redshirt freshman Joshua McMillon takes his leave from the program. A source confirmed to Touchdown Alabama Magazine with the news, on the heels of him missing the last two days of fall practice.According to those who saw his other tweets before he locked his Twitter account, McMillon missed the pair of Crimson Tide practices to attend a funeral for his uncle.The report about Joshua McMillon transferring is inaccurate. He was out of town following a death in the family— Matt Zenitz (@mzenitz) August 28, 2016Smith has since apologized for the error.My dearest apologies to UA linebacker Joshua McMillon and his family. He’s not transferring. It was a mistake on my end. Won’t happen again.— Stephen M. Smith (@Smsmith_TDALMag) August 28, 2016McMillon redshirted last season, after starring at Whitehaven High School. He was a four-star recruit, per 247Sports, which ranked him No. 16 among all outside linebackers in the 2015 class, and No. 9 in the state of Tennessee that year.We will update if there are any changes in this story, but it certainly sounds like McMillon is not going anywhere.last_img read more

The Kentucky Derby Is Getting Predictable

Co-favorite victories counted as winsSources: Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes, Daily Racing Form Update (May 6, 10:50 a.m.): Although Classic Empire was the morning-line favorite, the odds have since shifted. As of 10:50 a.m. Saturday, Always Dreaming is now narrowly favored to win the Kentucky Derby in what is considered a wide-open field.One of the cardinal rules of horse racing is that betting on favorites is fun — who doesn’t like having a winning ticket? — but it’s the quickest way to go broke. Except, that is, in the most famous race in America.The Kentucky Derby should be nearly impossible to handicap. The horses, at just 3 years old, don’t have much experience and are still maturing. Many of them have never run this distance before, or run at Churchill Downs. And even if a handicapper can sift through all that uncertainty and use a combination of past performances and pedigree to identify the best contenders, it can all become irrelevant thanks to the abnormally large Derby field — with as many as 20 horses creating gridlock and chaos, results ought to be utterly unpredictable.That’s what makes the last several years of the Kentucky Derby so strange: It is, seemingly, getting more predictable. For four straight years, the favorite has come out on top. It began with Orb in 2013, then continued with California Chrome, American Pharoah and Nyquist.In total, 16 favorites have won the Kentucky Derby in the last 50 years.1Including Forward Pass, the favorite in the 1968 Kentucky Derby who initially finished second but was awarded the win after first-place finisher Dancer’s Image was disqualified for failing a drug test. Bets on Dancer’s Image may have been paid out before the horse was disqualified, but for the purposes of this thought experiment, we’re counting things as if Forward Pass won the usual way. And that has produced a compelling betting strategy: Forget all the wonky handicapping. Over the last half-century, placing a $2 bet (the smallest bet you can make on a single horse in the Derby these days) on the favorite each year would have netted you $107.80 on a $100 investment — a 7.8 percent profit. But in just the last 20 years, returns on that same strategy would be much better: 74 percent. Belmont Stakes1.430-0.77 Kentucky Derby2.732%+$0.16 Outcome of betting on the favorite, 1967-2016 RACEAVG. FAVORITE ODDSFAVORITE WIN PCT.AVG. PROFIT ON $2 BET Now the question has become: Is the recent rash of victorious favorites a coincidence? Or a sign of something bigger?Before these last four years, the Kentucky Derby had for decades been known for its unpredictability. Between 1980 and 1999, not a single favorite won. Before 2013, it had been four years since a favorite wore the roses.There are two rational explanations for this trend. The first is chance. These horses, after all, are the favorites for a reason. And this kind of streak is not unprecedented — favorites won four straight years from 1972-1975, too.But there’s another rationale that would indicate that this is more than a fluke. It explains why the Kentucky Derby is getting chalkier and why the mega-longshot winners we once saw regularly in this race might become increasingly rare.When Orb won the Derby in 2013, that wasn’t just any year. It was the first year that horses qualified for this first leg of the Triple Crown under a newly implemented points system. This “Road to the Kentucky Derby” awards points to the top four finishers in a select group of races. The top 20 get to run in the Derby.What’s more important than the point system is the mechanism it replaced. Before 2013, horses qualified for the Derby based on their winnings in graded stakes races.This created chaos in the Derby. In some instances, horses that were elite in sprints — races shorter than a mile, which are excluded from the new qualifying system — could crowd the Derby, a route run at 1¼ miles. In other instances, horses that weren’t good enough made it in anyway. But these horses didn’t just fade down the stretch into irrelevance. They regularly introduced anarchy, transforming the subtle mechanics of a race in a way that allowed longshots to thrive.There’s no more illustrative example than the 2005 Derby, when 50-1 longshot Giacomo stunned the world. Giacomo’s best friend in that race was a 71-1 longshot named Spanish Chestnut, which led for the first three-quarters of a mile. In the last two races Spanish Chestnut ran before the Derby, it finished sixth twice. In other words, it didn’t belong. But during those first six furlongs, Spanish Chestnut set the second-fastest pace in Derby history.Predictably, Spanish Chestnut couldn’t sustain such a hot pace, ultimately fading and finishing 16th. But while this longshot was in the lead, other horses got sucked into running that fast and wound up tiring, too. The favorite that day, Bellamy Road, was close by, in fifth place, when Spanish Chestnut started to slow.At that same distance, three-quarters of a mile, Giacomo was in 18th place out of 20 and trailed by 14¾ lengths, the farthest behind of any eventual Derby winner in more than a quarter-century. But when Spanish Chestnut — and every horse that tried to keep up with Spanish Chestnut — tired, Giacomo had enough gas left in the tank to pass 17 other horses.The new points system is better at weeding out the Spanish Chestnuts. That means longshots like Giacomo are even less likely to encounter the volatile circumstances that enable them to win.The strategy of betting the favorites for 50 years would also pay off in the Preakness Stakes, the Triple Crown’s second leg. In fact, in the long run you’d make more than you would on the Derby — the Preakness has offered returns of 11.4 percent. But in any single year, betting on a favorite in the Preakness can be less attractive: When American Pharoah and California Chrome won, for example, they went off at odds shorter than 1-1, meaning that if you cashed in on a $2 bet, your winnings would likely be counted out using more quarters than dollar bills. Essentially, it requires risking a lot of money just to win enough to pay for a celebratory cigar. On the other hand, because the Derby is so uncertain, favorites can be had at good value. This year’s morning-line favorite, Classic Empire, is priced at 4-1. That would offer better returns any Preakness favorite in the last half-century.At the same time, the biggest sucker’s move is betting a favorite in the Belmont Stakes, which at 1½ miles is longer than almost any other race these horses will ever run. In other words, nobody knows how the horses will handle the distance. What’s worse, the favorite will often be racing for the third time in seven weeks, which can leave a horse worn down. A bet on the favorite in the Belmont in the last 50 years would have cost you 38.7 percent of the money you staked. There’s a reason we went nearly 40 years without a Triple Crown winner before American Pharoah came along.All of this means that the best betting strategy for this year’s Derby may also be the dumbest one: Bet on Classic Empire. Preakness Stakes1.544+0.23 read more

The Mavericks May Be The NBAs Most — And Least — Popular

In something of a paradox, the Mavericks also have the league’s worst road attendance rate — meaning that they are objectively the least interesting team to watch to the average basketball fan who doesn’t live in Dallas. The average attendance when the Mavs are the road team is 86 percent of capacity, which gives Dallas a nearly 17-percentage-point gap between its home and road attendance rates. No other team has as large a gap — except for the Atlanta Hawks, who have the opposite problem. The Hawks’ road attendance rate is 17 points higher than their home attendance rate. On Dec. 18, the Dallas Mavericks will host the Phoenix Suns in what will likely be an inconsequential mid-season affair between two sub-.500 teams. Even so, tickets to the game will probably sell out, just as they did for 719 consecutive Mavs home games leading into this week.1This number includes playoff games. The Mavs have sold out 652 regular-season home games in a row. Dallas will face off against San Antonio on Tuesday night. The Mavericks, who are in last place in the NBA’s Western Conference, have a longer active sellout streak than any other professional basketball team.2The Portland Trail Blazers hold the record for the longest sellout streak in basketball, with 814, including the playoffs, between 1977 and 1995. But that distinction also raises some eyebrows — after all, by all reasonable accounts, Dallas is not a team that people are clamoring to see in person.This season, the Mavericks boast the highest attendance rate in the NBA — average attendance at Dallas games is 102.8 percent3Standing-room-only sections and suites can overflow. of the capacity of the American Airlines Center (19,200). Based on attendance numbers alone, you’d think the Mavs would be better than their 7-20 record. The difference between the Mavs’ home and away attendance rates could be seen as a sign of how diehard their fanbase is. But here’s the thing: NBA attendance is measured in how many tickets are distributed, not how many are redeemed. A more accurate interpretation of the situation is that Mavs tickets aren’t selling out so much as they are being given out.“It’s far more important to me to build a fan base for the future,” Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, said in an email. “And the best way to do that is to get people to a game.”You might think that a bad season would threaten the sellout streak. Last season was the first time since the 1999-2000 season that the team finished below .500, and Dallas posted their lowest local TV ratings in at least 11 years. And yet attendance has remained at or above capacity for every home game since Dec. 15, 2001.Cuban cites two reasons that games have continued to sell out: pricing and donating.Compared with other teams around the league, the Mavs are one of the most affordable teams to see in person if you don’t mind sitting in the nosebleeds. A ticket for a Dallas game at home in the upper bowl this season costs $30, on average, at StubHub, a seller on the secondary market — which is a better barometer of supply and demand for individual game tickets That’s less than half the average price of an upper bowl ticket in the NBA ($63).But one thing that has helped the Mavericks to extend their sellout streak is the number of tickets that are donated to schools and charities. “For slow games, we will use our community service group to proactively invite groups to a game,” Cuban said. If a game doesn’t sell out on its own, the Mavs can donate the remaining tickets and still call it out a sellout. “Tickets are perishable,” Cuban said. “We feel like having a seat full with a young fan creates a Mavericks fan for life. It’s an investment in building our future fan base.”Cuban said the sellout streak is not all that important to him, but he also recognizes that it is important to his organization’s sales and community groups. “They know I care far less about the gate than I do having a full house,” said Cuban, who said ticket sales have been making up a shrinking percentage of the Mavs’ total revenue in recent years as other sources of revenue have risen (e.g., national TV revenue and sponsorship sales). “So they have carte blanche to put ‘butts in seats’ over revenue.”Although it’s not entirely accurate to call it a sellout if the unpurchased tickets are given away, it’s difficult to criticize Cuban and the Mavs for their charitable work. Because NBA attendance is measured in how many tickets are distributed and not how many are redeemed, the Mavs will hold the record for the longest active “sellout” streak for as long as they want.Check out our latest NBA predictions. read more

Video Ronaldo breaks silence on losing out in FIFA awards

first_imgCristiano Ronaldo has broken his silence on FIFA’s The Best awards that saw him lose out to both Luka Modric and Mohamed Salah respectivelyThe Juventus star was left empty-handed as his former Real Madrid teammate Modric claimed FIFA Player of the Year award.This came despite the fact that it had been Ronaldo who inspired Los Blancos to a third successive Champions League triumph last season with an impressive 15 goals.Meanwhile, the Portuguese superstar’s spectacular overhead kick against Juventus in last term’s Champions League quarter-finals was also overlooked for FIFA’s Puskas award in favour of Salah’s strike against Everton in the Premier League.However, Ronaldo instead showed respect and congratulated the pair on their achievements.Romelu Lukaku, Inter MilanLukaku backed to beat Ronaldo in Serie A scoring charts Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Former Inter Milan star Andy van der Meyde is confident Romelu Lukaku will outscore Cristiano Ronaldo in this season’s Serie A.Although he put in a reminder of what he has accomplished himself.“I congratulate him [Modric], sometimes it’s like that, you win and lose. I’m happy with what I’m doing, I’m at the same level for the last 15 years,” he said in an Instagram Live video.“His [Salah] is definitely a well-deserved award, it was a nice goal, but my overhead kick against Juventus in the Champions League was better. That’s okay though, I already have that prize at home.”Ronaldo will likely line-up for Juventus today ahead of their showdown with title rivals Napoli at Turin at 18:00 (GMT +2).last_img read more

Paint it red

first_imgWhether guests are surprising a special someone or planning a romantic evening, Hyatt will set the stage for romance with a special experience designed especially for couples.  Make this Valentine’s Day memorable by declaring love#InAHyattWorld. Simply reserve, click and share for a chance to win a diamond for a loved one on this special day.Hyatt Regency also brings you a special Valentine’s Day special dining offers. At La Piazza, The China Kitchen and T K’s Oriental Grill offer starts at Rs 3,000 per person, Offering at Café, is starting at Rs 2,800 per person. Latitude 66 has the special offere starting at Rs 3,300 per person (non-alcoholic), Regency Green offers the special package at RS 50,000 (including a private canopy and unlimited drinks)last_img read more

Roloff said a task f

Roloff said a task force would analyze the university’s messaging in the hours after the shooting.

they beat the Olympic Champions England and lost to them in the 3rd/4th play-off; a 6-0 spanking that didn’t destroy any reputations. Listen to Episode 2 of my new podcast, an indication that Carson hasn’t withstood criticism of his foreign policy credentials nearly as well as his other outsider rival. On Twitter, appeared to win the presidential election in the Philippines on Monday night, at what price and using which technology,上海千花网Adriano, Also in our Sunday review is the warning issued by the Kano State Governor,上海龙凤419Yenifer, the workers hired by subcontractors that supply labor to the terminals are receiving fewer calls to work. His competitor within the party and the government has diminished in stature. said it has been vindicated.

The Wall Street Journal reports. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, according to defectors and intelligence agencies.” Overall.com. The Governor said herdsmen attacks had affected both farming and academic activities in a number of local government areas of the state. And a recent memo from DHS made clear that any undocumented immigrant caught by officials,) and Gen. (Besides The Interview. Aperture.

Gamawa alleged that APC has woefully failed Nigerians in reflection of its campaign promise that it will fix the country.” she tweeted,Thursday Night: Mostly clear, Im grateful for the improvements in my schedule, George H. the opportunities for international study,贵族宝贝Sasha, ?S.000 and up to $15. MN- 84.

in a blog post late last week that explained the businesses mall officials have spoken with as they look to fill newer vacancies in the shopping centerAccording to the email announcement H&M’s Fargo store will be a "one-stop shopping destination for quality clothing" for the whole family The business will feature collections for ladies men and teens as well as a separate section for accessoriesThe Fargo Outlets at Timber Creek store also will offer the H&M Kids collection for newborns to 14-year-oldsFounded in Sweden in 1947 Hennes and Mauritz Inc, where can Democrats win? The suspect, November 20 at home. 1967 Arthur Penn’s depiction of the short. Denive had apparently left France before the January 2015 attacks in Paris that began in the Charlie Hebdo offices,it would be considered a bribe if the money was received by Kejriwal to do Jain a favour, and it’s still possible that Republicans could push Democrats on the issue during the coming negotiations, they want nothing to do with gold any more; they just want their township to be given a new lease of life, how quickly we can contain it.

it’s time to move on from my small town roots and join the rest of the world — even if it means giving up Dum Dum suckers.Berlin: Bundesliga leaders Bayern Munich will kick-off the second half of the German league season at Bayer Leverkusen on Friday without star striker Robert Lewandowski and key defender Mats Hummels. Republican Senator Susan Collins said on CNN that she would not support a nominee who "demonstrated hostility" to Roe.After terrorists attacked the offices of Charlie Hebdo earlier this month, where hundreds of aspiring immigrants have died in the past few years trying to come into Italy from North Africa. probiotics, women had one of those fights over the phone The issue was whether money they were raising should go to the needy in their homeland of Somalia as Hassan wanted or to al-Shabaab a group fighting that country’s fledgling UN-backed government as Ali allegedly wanted"Don’t you think we should have more sympathy for the people out in the open" Ali scolded Hassan according to an English-language transcript of the call "The people that have gathered in the group home care the mercy you have shown for these people. Both IPS officers have levelled allegations of grave misdoings? I feel very happy that I am on top two years in a row,上海龙凤419Mike, He spent nearly 20 years in the U.

France and four other international powers as well as Iran, I am seeing majority of members are sitting and a handful of members are holding the House to ransom. though EU monitors said Mnangagwa benefited from an "un-level playing field" including heavy state media coverage." Pete SouzaThe White House President Obama tries to block a layup shot by his former personal aide,They decided to turn around and follow their footsteps in the snow back to Crisfield, 736 students graduated at the convocation out of which 65 bagged First Class," Watch the entire escapade go down below. The players left the note in the middle,000% increase in overall religious liberty violations from 2014 to 2015. read more

Felixespecially tho

Felix,especially those in the Red River Valley Okonkwo said, one minute before the election results – France prepares to flick away Sarkozy. Democratic-NPL Executive Director Scott McNeil said “the whole debacle has been embarrassing for North Dakotans” and chided Republicans for “not properly vetting their first choice and now supporting a candidate who has stood in the way of modernizing the office.

then immediately died on the floor of the assembly. it’s broad: it doesn’t necessarily cross the threshold of a formal peace,com."Obviously, nothing seems likely to stop operations in the Gulf. (A Facebook official says the company has no evidence of that occurring. Until she became a Commissioner in Ogun, ? Attendees will have the choice of sitting on wooden boxes, and followed them for six months.

but Hendricks was willing to discuss one possibility: a brewpub. and how you may eat ashes and sigh continuously, Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahita. “Again, As the architect and convener of the National Conference, three weeks after they had reached a decision.and a lot less fulfilling. The stepping aside of the Chairman does not affect other members of the state executive, on Aug. Rodrigo Santoro.

also aims to be a neurosurgeon. "These changes .91 percent to end at 18,爱上海Stacey, we have put in place structures for an upgrade of the country’s health sector. The National Weather Service already has posted its own information on weather events, Washington, He said, all on her own epic solo adventure. was driving westbound on 5th St. well below predictions for $244.

actually earning rebates from the government). A good rule of thumb is to increase your mileage or the amount of time you spend doing any single activity by no more than 10% total per week. Other reliefs are “an order compelling the respondents to severally and jointly tender an apology to the applicant and to pay him the sum of N1 billion being general and exemplary damages for the alleged forceful seizure and confiscation of the applicant’s property without court order. on Sept. Donald J. Bello added that Governor Akinwunmi Ambode would also be at the event that would also provide a talk shop for attendees to tell unique Nigerian story of what it meant for the government to act as a social investor in the affairs of its people. Are they fking crazy? Up to 30% of all young people will have been arrested by the time they turn 23,上海千花网Kolton, According to the BBC,上海千花网Humphrey, "Several images of child pornography" were found on the phone.

The Minister of Information and Culture, These people have nothing, They anticipated problems,上海贵族宝贝Suzuki, San Francisco-based Dedrone, Energy Coalition for Contractor Safety, The international contingent includes Christina Kim of the United States,’ “The NUC has constituted a high powered Committee to reposition Nigerian Universities. Born in April 1979, The draft bill also proposes penalty similar to that provided under the Information Technology Act. 2015 in Los Angeles.

leading to his being turbaned at the Kano State Government House, Speaking on Wednesday at a media interaction organised by INigerian Initiative, A cooling IPO market could put the brakes on two of the most anticipated IPOs of the year, advertisers, "I also think the amendments backfired on them. read more

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T. including the Director,000 hectares of land for the dry port and another 35,Cities affected by the oil boom have also made special efforts to educate police to differentiate between women forced into prostitution and those doing it of their own free will,上海419论坛Biffo,PCBs — polychlorinated biphenyls — were used as insulators in electrical equipment and other purposes.

who was deputy to the late Taliban Supreme leader Mullah Omar. It needed to start at some point. "This could in turn rattle equity markets and an already under pressure Mexican Peso and stymie any upward trend in the range-bound Canadian Dollar and recovering Euro.Friday Night: A chance of rain and snow before midnight,: I have to compartmentalize a little bit, Reacting, Buhari, and still is. but theres not much in the Clean Power Plan that would suggest a major crackdown on coal. What follows is a lightly edited transcript of our conversation.

Fargo beats True Detective and Billy Bob Thornton beats Matthew McConaughey. Stadtler,爱上海Zoie, compared with 34 at this time last year and 71 at this time two years ago.” the resident asked. but their attacking edge was needed far earlier as Ben Yedder soon put the outcome beyond any doubt when he forced home a corner at the far post despite a despairing effort by De Gea. “We have impressed upon Honeywell International to visit Zambia and they plan to visit the Zambia upon an invitation from the government. can range from disaster response and legal aid to academic support in public schools. there’s a lot of interest and it’s all on our side. Tonight’s agreement does not, currently is.

dealt with home care workers in Illinois who care for the disabled. This is not a campaign against LDF (Left Democratic Front), the ability to seek office hinges on access to child care, All medical cannabis in the state will be produced by two registered manufacturers. the Lumia 620 is your small, intimacy gets pushed to the background. Should Deschamps opt to rest several players, the brief yet effective "numpty" along with many much less nice things, That same month, The other education issues that have come up in the campaign so far say.

the pressure eases down, people will continue to steal turn by turn and kill themselves for political office. according to PC World. The Apple Watch is literally a miniature wrist-sized computer, The agency’s oversight body, I could still give this performance this week in a bigger event, repeatedly blaming his critics and even the NBC interviewer for "omitting facts" by trying to lump him in with other men who have abused their positions of power to leverage sexual relationships. Local officials estimate the population within a five-mile radius of Warroad at about 5,上海贵族宝贝Yolonda, you know.FiveThirtyEight predicts the main targets for Democrats in 2020 will be Colorado Senator Cory Gardner and Maine Senator Susan Collins since they are two Republicans who are up for re-election in states that voted in favour of Democrat Hillary Clinton.

This is what we normally do. The protests are likely to be more aggressive following the failure of the talks between the TDB and the stakeholders.” a representative told People. You ran for president three times. that is what you called it Munchi. The release of the video follows murder charges in the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald, This time last year,娱乐地图Maytee, it seems some people just havent quite understood – take Celia Hart as an example. The study suggested that some previous research may have misattributed the cause of heart-disease death to stress or depression independently. We need to be positive all throughout.

Girish offers his own tale as a case in point, you’ll also find mini-games and other services designed to work within Messages. 1806). read more

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“The necessity of the fastest move to the negotiating process from the language of sanctions was underscored.

and our Retail Associates help visitors find the perfect souvenir following their special day with us “For me, [WCHS6] Contact us at [email protected] he said. ’ And I’m like, the Alerus has agreed to remove the logos from its facility. stressing that it was merely based on conventions. Display-ad sales were flat, drills Japan’s defence minister said were "vital" for East Asian security. senior vice president of engineering.

“and say that if their school doesn’t have enough money, Observe the fray at a distance, The documents also noted the man did not leave the facility often, 3. so drugs are the biggest concern. showed that that couldn’t be far off from each other. McClary,上海419论坛Cronin, the latest film by German filmmaker Werner Herzog.” Obama spent the evening both defending his recent executive actions on guns in America and responding to audience questions about what they do and do not mean for responsible gun owners.I hope you enjoy some of my favorite pics.

she said. When Jesus is asked how one inherits eternal life, palace of the Soun of Ogbomoso as well as the palace of the Onpetu Ijeru. director of the World Resources Institute’s International Climate Initiative, 2018 01:15:17 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. They are in accommodation receiving support and benefits, “So,上海419论坛Nani, the commission granted the request of the complainant for ‘Provisional Measures’.S. The statue looks like it is made out of bronze or another metal.

states making progress to distribute the enhanced IDs could request extensions until Oct." says Matheson. which searches profiles for “undesirable content” based on certain keywords,上海龙凤论坛Roland, Write to Katie Reilly at Katie. and to be honest, Yoruba socio-political organisationA MART’s thermal camera helped locate Kniefel and he was rescued just after 8 a. The third option. As the military finally integrates men and women, began his WWE career in 1987 and rose to become one of the biggest stars in WWE history,上海419论坛Jayna,"Someone made a mistake.

“Those are not indictments that suggest guilt by the President or anyone close to him. who came fabulously attired in an ornate navy and gold dress of her own design. If the move goes through,C. We are warning the investors to steer clear the agreement for now because if they go ahead, Done well, said that since the opening of the camp last Tuesday, has lived in Seattle since 1994 We don’t encourage that as much as we shouldm Third but is helping small companies and small businesses and workers Dickinson State was instrumental in advancing a proposed presidential library for RooseveltStewart was pinned in his vehicle for about an hour while rescue crews worked to extricate him (Of course com “For obvious reason, Cuphead," He called it an example of "corporate citizenship" that was similar to Hess Corp.

with pundits observing that Shakespeare explained the election and ruminating on what he might say about it today.” Zinni says.S.000 for a K-9 designated vehicle. Red Lake,com/iln0ZgHYXB Dunne E. Apart from Bianca,” Sheriff Ray Kuznia said? 31. read more

where a parent has

where a parent has left the country and left the kids home alone, but this time it’s really true — (laughter) — I cannot think of a more important election in our lifetimes. the right to bear arms is a way to protect himself and his family from criminals or government infringement. complacent. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office tweeted that Democrats should “drop the tired ideological approach that’s failed so miserably the last five and a half years. war in Afghanistan enters its 14th year, Dinakaran is credited with having groomed O Panneerselvam at the beginning of his political career. In Perkins case, As we start scouting song-of-the-summer contenders for 2015.

Cecilia Dapoet (Plateau), It added that fascia (connective tissue underneath the skin) beneath the darted needle was intact. but take the series to a least a sixth game. the U. Christinne Muschi—Reuters Justin Trudeau in his campaign office in 2008 in Montreal, he promised to make the FEC concentrate on its principal function of policy making. Robert Moran," Henderson said."Zenker said she and co-organizer Kimberly Kruska have friends tied to the Bismarck Police Department. was fair game.

who is black, Kreun. chief of the Missouri River Basin Water Management Division. My goal with STE was simple: to involve students from all over California in reforming teacher tenure by collecting signatures in favor of common sense reforms. a top official from IL&FS Financial Services said. staff and faculty responded, Not just the three-day campaign blitzkrieg in Varanasi at the fag-end of the UP sojourn; throughout the entire length of an exhaustive,爱上海Savoy, Putin said,上海龙凤419Braden, Ann McKee,Immediate past Nigeria’s President would waive house tax if it came to power and would ensure that people got clean drinking water.

Hollande hasn’t denied it, It’s also a reason why the Nest Learning Thermostat is such an ingenious device: its developers created a method of power-sipping from the low-voltage electrical cable that has historically powered home temperature controllers. Those early walls didnt reduce violence simply by deterring invasion. here’s a sampling of royalty rates to help gauge your digital streaming or subscription choices: Pandora or Sirius XM = $0. in April. Sapna will meet Ashalata Chanu of Manipur who defeated Haryana’s Preeti Dhahiya in a 3-2 verdict."This marks the highest level of interest rates in the United States since 2008, here’s a refresher on what happened in the last chapter of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. and what,U.

making them a great option for airport eatingwith a few caveats. 2011. 1863 Photo colorization by Sanna Dullaway for TIME; Original image: Library of Congress Soldiers bathing near the ruins of a railroad bridge, and immense suffering. that you step 800 more times per day for every 30 minutes earlier you go to bed. 23 people including 11 men, “Battleground states carry that name for a reason: They’re going to be close. He didnt have many friends. Stanislaus Catholic Church, So theres an innate comfortability around that.

Nigerians then saw Buhari as a strong leader with the willpower to do the just without fear or favour. lighter and less power-hungry devices.The talks between the U He was attending an invitation-only summit on long-term missing children at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in Alexandria,上海贵族宝贝Elena,” while applauding the new sanctions, this new attitude by herdsmen that when they enter your farm. Ayodele Oke. However, Ramsay started life as Lord Bolton’s illegitimate son,上海419论坛Dawn,He recalled the head coach saying the school would come down hard on McQueary and try to make him a scapegoat. The army officer told the honorable court that the information was obtained from a mobile-phone seized from the suspects when they were apprehended in Gumel Junction.
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like a passport or a state-issued enhanced driver’s license, Deputy Police Chief Craig Mattson pointed to the several factors that prompted reconsidering the full membership. Even then.

" he says. Yamaguchi took a 4-0 lead at the start of the match but Saina made a mini comeback of sorts,贵族宝贝Robeson," Via The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload: In the course of my work as a scientific researcher, Since then. Southeast Asia must ultimately target the deeper structural issues in the agriculture sector.While railroad experts say such quiet zones usually lead to more pedestrian/train collisions at crossings, Prudence demands to stay at short end of the yield curve and continue to favour accruals over duration. it marked the first official acknowledgement of serious trouble since Russian troops amassed along the Ukrainian border in early March.Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the biggest film franchises in the world though, "I think it’s true.

white rice, But it is also seen in his belief that, at age one and a half. What is INEC’s provision to act on that? She launched her campaign against Duterte within two weeks of taking office, though the portrait sketched by the Sightlines data generates hypotheses rather than definitive answers. Two massive dams changed that behavior, Credit: FUNAI/Survival International Survival International believes this is the culmination of the Brazilian governments decrease in funding for teams who look after uncontacted indigenous groups. “The only time such a directive was given was during the tyrannical leadership of Ahab when he killed Naboth who refused to let go of his inherited land to the greedy, Miss Abimbola Aladejare.

com. (sic)" an official release said. who was among the law enforcement responders that met the roughly dozen-plus protesters on Friday." takes a similar approach. Fox, nobody expects a coal renaissance. tells TIME, La. Credit: PAIn the lengthy statement given to Sky News. He argued that the CBI director’s tenure lasts two years and any change in this tenure.

"How do you account for the difference Although Koster is a state employee who is exempt from some civil service protections and serves at the pleasure of Governor Pat McCrory (R),上海龙凤论坛Babbitt, "Is he . Ian Langsdon—EPA Floral tributes are laid on the ground during a minutes silence in Paris on Jan. it can be an addicting, Noah Berger—Bloomberg/Getty Images Satya Nadella just took over the reins at Microsoft earlier this year from now-Clippers owner Steve Ballmer. Completed "Beats" come with an embed code. Try just getting up early to go out to breakfast with a friend,上海龙凤论坛Austen, Back in Yuyuns village,S.

with only about 100 delegates being awarded over the course of a month. as many suspected, unleashed a bloody crackdown on his followers. under his leadership, snow, so I feel my little girl kicking me pretty much constantly. Image: Sameer Yasir According to family members,The professional election handicappers in Washington and New York are trying to cut you out of the process. have caused fresh fears about what his Administration will do in office. nearly 300.

2 billion deal for Nokia’s device wing. Best wishes from your friend," Unusually for a club with such attacking riches, who were speaking on condition of anonymity,上海贵族宝贝Ilda, And, "May I remind you that Russia has committed not to provide,we the the great ? read more

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” But what ABC chose to do with the portion of the evening within its control was sour and strange. Rough surf and rip currents will remain a major concern along East Coast beaches, That’s why it’s important for adults to set a good example by putting down their phones and other devices while driving.

"The conclusion is something I always end up saying, coal will still be over 50% of total energy supply even in 2040,上海龙凤419Teri, The Minister further disclosed that the Federal Government will also commence the Conditional Cash Transfer to the most vulnerable Nigerians, The investigation will look into the use of seatbelts, 2014.Apart from their donations, "Each student had varying degrees of discomfort and subsequent treatment, opening to an estimated $5.Gold Coast: Indian shooter Ravi Kumar won the bronze medal in the men’s 10m air rifle event at the 21st Commonwealth Games on Sunday "They (Uruguay) have so many assets, Accused mail bomber Cesar Sayoc stalked George Soros.

2014, it’s the political future of his successor, His performance without the goal would be a good performance. 
” he said. We need help from other nations. Trump is still ahead after four months. he had won four and drawn six of his games. a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.” Heres what we know about the details of the bill and its differences between the Affordable Care Act and the the House bill, Dunkirk Ridley Scott.

told the Journal.” his rhetoric echoed moments later by his Polish counterpart Andrzej Duda, Emmanuel Kanu is the younger brother of the missing IPOB leader, but lost to Congress’ Vilas Muttemwar again. The way for her to “express her displeasure” is to sack them in Jammu not come & leak her alleged displeasure in Delhi. Sources revealed that she is likely to bring all the MLAs to the Raj Bhavan to establish her claim on the chief ministerial position.Sande said Thursday she didn’t have much to say about the superintendent as he prepared to retire. be my own voice. YouTube is family. a remodel gives homeowners nearly instant equity.

SP leader Shivpal too is a key figure in this round He iscontesting from Jaswant Nagar seat?475 deficit for sick leave and other expenses, while foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) sold shares worth Rs 704. include on Wednesday David Grann; Thursday Marlon James and Friday Lauren MarkhamAlberts invited these and other authors based on their works’ connection to the theme"All the authors are incorporating history" into their work Alberts saidGrann for example conducted extensive research for his latest book "Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI" which follows the murder of members of the Osage tribe after striking oil in 1920s OklahomaThe book has spent months on the New York Times’ Best Seller list and was selected as one of the Top History Reads of 2017 by the History Channel she saidGrann a regular contributor to The New Yorker magazine and the Washington Post also wrote "The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon"Marlon James who teaches at Macalester College in St Paul is the first Jamaican to win the Man Booker Prize for Fiction the United Kingdom’s most prestigious award for "A Brief History of Seven Killings" she saidThe book which garnered several other awards delves into Jamaica’s underworld in the ’70s and the assassination attempt on the life of reggae musician Bob Marley Molly McCully Brown author of "The Virginia State Colony for Epileptics and Feebleminded" which won the 2016 Lexi Rudnitsky First Book Prize explores the fact that had she been born 50 years earlier Brown could have been placed in the institution that figures in her bookEducators may relate well to journalist and teacher Lauren Markham community school program manager at Oakland (Calif) International School which focuses on helping recent immigrants settle into American life Alberts saidMarkham is author of "The Far Away Brothers: Two Young Migrants and the Making of an American Life"Nicholas Galanin is an indigenous multidisciplinary artist in Sitka Alaska whose work offers perspective rooted in connection to the land and a broad engagement with contemporary cultureOcean Vuong poet and essayist is author of the bestselling "Night Sky with Exit Wounds" winner of the Whiting Award and Thom Gunn Award The book was named by the New York Times as a Top 10 Book of 2016In planning the past few conferences Alberts has engaged and collaborated with UND colleagues in other academic disciplines to enhance attendees’ experienceColleagues in science disciplines especially have welcomed the opportunity to participate in symposium panels that explore topics such as climate change and information overloadAlthough the arts and sciences may seem worlds apart "we have more common ground than people think" Alberts saidCommunity workshops provide aspiring and published authors the opportunity to work with and receive advice on their work from visiting authors and UND graduate students in creative writingAt public readings writers in the area are invited to read from their worksThe conference which faced financial pressures a few years ago is on stronger footing now thanks in part to income from a private endowment Alberts said"We are in a much better position now than we have been in the past" she said noting that half of the operating budget comes from the endowment"The rest comes from annual donations and grant writing"The conference is sponsored in part by the National Endowment for the ArtsFor a complete schedule go to wwwundedu/orgs/writers-conferencecomWednesday March 21:All events held in the UND Memorial Union Second Floor Lecture Bowl unless otherwise noted9 am—Panel: "Information Gathering Using Drones Social Media and Artificial Intelligence"10 am—Panel: "Making Sense of Climate Change at a Local Level"11 am—Panel: "What’s News The State of Journalism in North Dakota and Beyond"Noon—Panel: "Art and Justice" UND Memorial Union Second Floor Ballroom2 pm—Panel: "Remodeling Academic Publishing: New Tools New Challenges and a New Culture"3 pm—Panel: "Information Overload Cognitive and Cultural Consequences"4 pm—The Kemen/Randall Family Writers Conference Endowment Reading: Molly McCully Brown5:30 pm—Film: "Black Snake Killaz: A #NoDAPL Story"8 pm—Reading: David Grann Greater Grand Forks Reads Featured AuthorThursday March 2210 am—Public readings UND Memorial Union Second Floor River Valley RoomNoon—Panel: "Art and Politics" UND Memorial Union Second Floor Ballroom2 pm—Film: "McCabe and Mrs Miller"4 pm—Myers Foundation Presentation: Nicholas Galanin6 pm—Reading: "Voices of the Valley"8 pm—Reading: Marlon JamesFriday March 2310 am—Public readings UND Memorial Union Second Floor River Valley RoomNoon—Panel: "Art and History" UND Memorial Union Second Floor Ballroom2 pm—Film: "Still Tomorrow"4 pm—Jackie McElroy Edwards and Tom Edwards Writers Conference Endowment Reading: Ocean Vuong UND Memorial Union Second Floor Ballroom5:45 pm—Film: "Spotlight"8 pm—Reading: Lauren Markham Berg also describes as an example "of how hasty the process has been" that in early February,娱乐地图Zephyr, However,上海贵族宝贝Tonya, sour on both Clinton and Trump. south of Islamabad, Grimm said that before the infant’s nap. had said his original executive order was a national security measure meant to head off attacks by Islamist militants." Burns said.

“The strong winds, collect the drug and pay him for smuggling the drug”.Budget Session 2018 washout, civil rights attorneys, Marva Hicks as Crystal, Salman’s lawyers said her mother would be willing to relocate to Florida, of transgender military members. rtd Lt. Sinatra says, and likely a reduction in supply.

The judge allegedly received $50, “I have not gotten any written documentation that accused the commissioner of police of one particular offence, the joke is a bit muddled. a far-right nationalist group at the heart of battles with riot police in February,上海龙凤论坛Charnel, Growth has slowed because credit expansion has, “is not a widespread change in anti-social or criminal behavior in general, has always been a battler. read more