First NH90 Step B Delivered to Italian Navy

first_img First NH90 Step B Delivered to Italian Navy November 12, 2013 Share this article Industry newscenter_img Back to overview,Home naval-today First NH90 Step B Delivered to Italian Navy The first NH90 NFH Step B has been delivered to the Italian Navy. This fully operational naval helicopter will be assigned to the 5th Helicopter Squadron of the Italian Navy at the Sarzana-Luni base. The Italian Navy has ordered 56 NH90s, 46 of which in the NFH variant.“This NH90 Step B will allow its crews to fully take advantage of its tremendous mission system” explains Xavier Poupardin, Delegated Managing Director of NHIndustries.The Step B configuration features a range of significant advancements in mission capability including mission systems integration for both air-to-surface missiles such as the Marte MK/2S and torpedoes, advanced satellite and encrypted communications, radar and avionics capability enhancements. Next year the five previously delivered Italian Navy NH90NFH in Step A (MOC, Meaningful Operation Capability) standard, will begin to be retrofitted to bring them to the final configuration.“The NH90 NFH is the most recent and versatile helicopter for naval warfare” it is designed according to precise NATO Staff Requirements. It is equipped with a state of the art weapon system combining on a modern platform several types of sensors with a complete weapon suite. The NH90 NFH is able to perform a wide range of missions such as Anti-Submarine Warfare, Anti-Surface Warfare, SAR, Transport, Special Ops support, Boarding, Medical Evacuation, Maritime reconnaissance and Anti-Piracy In any type of environment. It can safely operate from a ship even in rough weather.The NH90 is the optimal choice for tactical transport, naval operations thanks to its large full composite airframe, its excellent power to weight ratio; and its wide range of rôle equipment. It features a redundant Fly-by-Wire flight control system for reduced Pilot’s workload and enhanced flight characteristics.As of today, more than 164 helicopters have been delivered and are in service in Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Greece, Oman, Australia and New Zealand.The twin-engine, medium-size NH90 helicopter program is managed by the consortium NHIndustries, the Company owned by AgustaWestland SpA (32%), Eurocopter (62.5%), and Fokker Aerostructures (5.5%).[mappress]Press Release, November 12, 2013; Image: NH Industrieslast_img read more

Meet the new burger-flipping owner of Pat Rafter’s house

first_imgMediterranean white-on-white luxury was the theme here.And given he and wife Louise’s newest digs on the beach plus the business’ expansion plans, it’s probably safe to say he’s achieved that.Mr Hales has seen his Betty’s Burgers concept grow from the first outlet in Hastings Street to seven across South East Queensland including Newstead, Chermside, Surfers Paradise and Pacific Fair, one in Darling Harbour and one in Melbourne — and the firm has been flagging “more locations coming soon”. FOLLOW SOPHIE FOSTER ON FACEBOOK FREE: GET THE COURIER-MAIL’S REAL ESTATE NEWS DIRECT TO INBOX More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus19 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market19 hours agoPat Rafter and wife Lara had initially wanted $18m for the property. The “concrete” in the business refers to frozen custard offerings.The business — which has a similar name to the infamous Betty’s Beach Burgers that plied its trade in Noosa’s main street from 1978 until several years ago — was reportedly named after his grandmother Betty Anderson and not Noosa legend Betty Wallace.He told The Sunshine Coast Daily when he launched the business that it had “no association with Betty’s Beach Burgers”.He continued “if I can be even half as successful as Betty Wallace and her burgers were, I would be more than happy”. David Hales’ offer for Pat Rafter’s beach house is equivalent to about 1.4 million of his classic burgers. Picture: Eric Blaich. David Hales, 38, of Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co is the new owner of Pat Rafter’s house. Picture: Eric Blaich.A NOOSA resident who began a boutique burger chain has been revealed as the buyer of Pat Rafter’s jawdropping Queensland beach house.The man behind Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co paid $15.2m for the stunning Mediterranean-style luxury home — equivalent to about 1.4 million of his $11 classic burgers. Tasmanian-born entrepreneur David Hales, 38, paid one of the highest prices the area has ever seen. His successes had previously spanned pizza and burger food businesses, restaurants and pubs in his birth state. The Sunshine Beach home is one of the most stunning houses in an area where luxury properties are aplenty. The home was custom built for Pat Rafter’s family.last_img read more

Midsummer strike for Midgley

first_img Press Association Paul Mulrennan brought the Paul Midgley-trained five-year-old with a well-timed challenge on the wide outside to hit the front in the final half-furlong. Line Of Reason (4-1) shrugged off Ardhoomey to take the Listed prize by two and a quarter lengths. Russian Soul was third with Line Of Reason’s stablemate Monsieur Joe fourth. Midgley said: “He’s a good horse and is in the Wokingham (at Royal Ascot). “We’ll see how he is when he gets off the lorry, and if he’s bucking and kicking we’ll confirm him. “If not we’ll sit tight for a week or so and he could go for the Chipchase at Newcastle. “With a bit of luck, I think he can win a Group Three. He loves fast ground. “Monsieur Joe ran excellent on the ground. He just didn’t let himself down in the last furlong. He’s in the Rockingham, and there is also the Sapphire and a Listed race in York.” center_img Line Of Reason pounced close home to claim the Midsummer Sprint Stakes at Cork.last_img read more

What we learned about the Raiders on Thursday

first_imgALAMEDA — Of the Raiders’ next six games, no opponent currently owns a winning record.That group includes the Chargers twice, Seahawks, Colts, 49ers and Cardinals.Despite an abysmal 0-3 start, the Raiders have a chance to go on a run and make everyone forget about the Khalil Mack trade and the slow start and everything else that doomed the start of Jon Gruden’s second go-around in Oakland.That stretch starts Sunday in Carson, California with a 1:05 p.m. PST kickoff with the Chargers (2-2). …last_img read more

Sperm Cells Gain Respect

first_img(Visited 43 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Millions of tadpole-like sperm cells rush to fertilize one egg.  They deserve more respect than they often get.They look kind of adventurous in a way– sperm cells, like marathoners in a contest to the finish line, with only one winner.  We humans are ambivalent about them.  Our attraction to sex is mixed with squeamishness about its details sometimes, particularly the male’s ejaculation of sticky seminal fluid with its seeming wasteful profligacy of millions of competing sperm cells.  It’s a fact of life, but not often the subject of polite conversation.  We can learn to appreciate sperm more by applying the more detached attitude of doctors and scientists who see the incredible design involved.Researchers at MIT, for instance, found that sperm cells are “extremely efficient at swimming against a current,” comparable to salmon leaping the falls heading upstream to their spawning grounds (where the males will ejaculate sperm, incidentally—a wonder within a wonder).  Like a salmon, each sperm cell is equipped to travel a long distance, often through difficult terrain.Of the hundreds of millions of sperm cells that begin the journey up the oviducts, only a few hardy travelers will ever reach their destination. Not only do the cells have to swim in the right direction over distances that are around 1,000 times their own length, but they are exposed to different chemicals and currents along the way.While we know that sperm cells can “smell” chemicals given off by the egg once they get very close to it, this does not explain how they navigate for the majority of their journey, says Jörn Dunkel, an assistant professor of mathematics at MIT, and a member of the research team.So how do they do it?  “We really know effectively nothing about how sperm cells navigate, so this gives us more information about a potential mechanism that may be important,” the MIT scientists said.  They investigated the question by observing live sperm cells traveling through artificial microchannels they made, a kind of sperm obstacle course.  They were able to control the flow of fluid and watch the cells react.They discovered that at certain flow speeds, the sperm cells were able to swim very efficiently upstream. “We found that if you create the right flow velocities, you can observe them swimming upstream for several minutes,” Dunkel says. “The mechanism is very robust.”One difference they noted was the way the cells swam in a spiral pattern rather than a straight line, and swam in the slowest flows near the walls of the channel.  This is different from the motions of other things that propel themselves with a tail.  There’s also an element of cooperation in the competition:“It is a commonly held belief that there is competition between sperm cells, with the fittest reaching the egg first,” Dunkel says. “But recent studies by our team and others show that sperm practically always accumulate at the surface of a tube, and you can end up with a high local concentration of sperm cells, so there could actually be cooperation among these cells that allows them to swim faster collectively.”Sperm BotsThe MIT work is not the only research that might pay off in fertilization enhancement technologies and engineering.  The BBC News reported a successful “artificial sperm” robot that can be manipulated with magnets, demonstrating that engineers find the design of sperm cells worth imitating.  Scientists in the Netherlands believe their work “will be useful in medical and manufacturing applications.”  Impressive as this feat is, though, it’s a far cry from the living counterpart:For its size, the robot can hardly compete with its biological inspiration for pace: it wiggles along at up to 0.5 body lengths per second, whereas a human sperm can cover several times its body length in that time.Human sperm are also 6 times smaller than the engineered robots, named MagnetoSperm.  The imitations are also far simpler, consisting of just a polymer and magnet, lacking the genetic code and proteins that sperm deliver to the egg.  Furthermore, the robots have to be manipulated by external controls, whereas live sperm are self-contained.Sperm EpigeneticsOne other source of respect for sperm cells comes from considering their information content.  Sperm are more than tails with DNA packages to deliver.  In a new open-access paper in the intelligent design journal Bio-Complexity, developmental biologist Jonathan Wells of the Biologic Institute demonstrates that sperm and egg cells deliver much more information, independent of DNA.  One example:After fertilization the dorsal-ventral axis is established by a process of “cortical rotation,” in which the cortex rotates approximately 30º relative to the interior of the zygote. The movement is microtubule-dependent, and the cortex normally rotates away from the sperm entry point, which has suggested to some that the aster nucleated by the sperm centrosome initiates cortical rotation. The rotation movement orients microtubules in the vegetal cortex, and these form a parallel array that provides tracks to transport various proteins from the vegetal pole to the future dorsal side of the embryo, thereby establishing a dorsal-ventral axis.This means that in addition to the vast library of information in DNA, each gamete passes along additional epigenetic information vital to the proper spatial development of the embryo.  In this case, the sperm cell gets things rolling along the proper axis.“Sperm” simply means seed (a plant metaphor), and egg is the animal metaphor.  For centuries, they were just terms used as placeholders for ignorance.  Semen doesn’t look like seeds, and egg cells were too small to be seen (except for large ones, like bird eggs or fish eggs).  Until Leeuwenhoek and the invention of the microscope, followed by its phenomenal development and the dawn of era of molecular biology, people really didn’t have a clue what was going on.  Even after Leeuwenhoek made the first drawings of sperm cells with their long tails, some thought they housed a miniature version of the adult: a homunculus.  What a bombshell it was in the 1950s to discover that gametes carry a molecular alphabetic code!  That was the secret: information.  What a phenomenal thought to realize that the information in trillions of cells of one generation can be squeezed down into a single cell that can grow back into trillions of cells again in a new individual.  That speaks of intelligent design on a scale unfathomable to human minds.The discovery that both sexes contribute half of the vital information to create a new life represented women’s liberation at a molecular scale.  No longer is a woman just a vessel for the man’s seed; both contribute equally to the next generation.  Both sperm and egg cells are equally well-designed, too.  Individual sex cells, containing just half the human complement, can be lost without harm, like many other tissues of the body; the number doesn’t matter until fertilization takes place.  So what if hundreds of millions of sperm are continuously molded in the male, only to be ejaculated into oblivion?  We don’t question the purpose of millions of skin cells that are continuously created, only to be sloughed off in the outer layers, or the blood cells that come and go.  Here, though, we see a glimpse of design in the apparently wasteful numbers.  If the collective sperm actually cooperate in delivering the information to the egg, they can be considered a kind of fluid “tissue” with a collective function.Many a sperm and egg cell is born to die without consequence.  This design is necessary to allow sexual union under a variety of circumstances.  Once the gametes fuse, though, the critical mass of genetic (and epigenetic) information is reached for a new, unique, individual life.  A marvelous sequence of events dedicated to its development ensues.last_img read more

Arad Texts Confirm Widespread Literacy in Judah

first_imgAnalysis of 16 texts written on pottery shards confirm that ordinary people were literate in Old Testament times.The Bible is not often mentioned in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. A paper by scholars including Israel Finkelstein (advocate of a late chronology) concludes that ordinary soldiers at a remote desert outpost called Arad were literate. By doing handwriting analysis of inscriptions on 16 pottery shards, they deduced that six different individuals, each of which knew how to write and spell correctly. Rachel Pells writes in The Independent:The writing, dating back to around 600 BC, details nothing extraordinary and consists mostly of shopping lists and broken military commands.  By comparing the different handwriting however, historians were able to deduce that the messages had been written by several different people across a range of social classes.“In other words, the entire army apparatus, from high-ranking officials to humble vice-quartermasters of small desert outposts, was literate,” the academics wrote in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS).What this implies is that Judah had an educational apparatus capable of teaching these representative individuals reading and writing. “We’re dealing with really low-level soldiers in a remote place who can write,” Finkelstein told Live Science. “So there must have been some sort of educational system in Judah at that time.”600 BC was just before the Babylonian Captivity (586 BC). Advocates of the late chronology used to believe that most of the Old Testament was compiled after the return to Jerusalem. This new analysis supports the idea that literacy was widespread earlier, meaning that Judeans were capable of compiling lengthy Biblical texts before the invasion. The paper states,The spread of literacy in late-monarchic Judah provides a possible stage setting for the compilation of literary works. True, biblical texts could have been written by a few and kept in seclusion in the Jerusalem Temple, and the illiterate populace could have been informed about them in public readings and verbal messages by these few (e.g., 2 Kings 23:2, referring to the period discussed here). However, widespread literacy offers a better background for the composition of ambitious works such as the Book of Deuteronomy and the history of Ancient Israel in the Books of Joshua to Kings (known as the Deuteronomistic History), which formed the platform or Judahite ideology and theology (e.g., ref. 25).Arad is a desert outpost west of the southern tip of the Dead Sea. The paper did not make clear if these ostraca are new discoveries or re-analyses of existing finds from the site. The inscriptions mention the “king of Judah” and “the house of YHWH” (the temple)—a reference to the first temple built by Solomon, validating its existence.Of course people were literate back then. This is a small acknowledgement by liberals that Old Testament people were not stupid. Other inscriptions and texts date back even further. Conservatives believe Moses wrote the Pentateuch in 1440 BC, many centuries before, very probably relying on earlier texts for Genesis from records kept by the patriarchs and possibly even by texts kept by Noah from the antediluvian world. These are long, complex books, full of details, names, events and places that can often be independently corroborated. God told Moses to command the people to write His word and wear it on their wrists and foreheads. He commanded them to teach their children His laws and statutes. It assumes they knew how to read and write.And, of course, there is the matter of inspiration. God is, and always has been, a communicator of His revelation to mankind. He created people as intelligent communicators from the beginning. What is surprising is not that soldiers in Arad were literate in 600 B.C., but that skeptics continue to doubt the clear evidence of the Bible itself after so many repeated falsifications of their skepticism. That skepticism often takes its root from evolutionary beliefs that people were gradually becoming intelligent from their ape-like past. For many examples of extraordinary knowledge among ancient peoples, see Bruce Malone’s fascinating book Brilliant: Made in the Image of God. (Visited 37 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Seven questions with ProVerb

first_imgThe Black Consciousness Movement is at the heart of his music and has shaped him as a man, says ProVerb. He has taken the words of Martin Luther King Jnr and the writings of Steve Biko and used them as the basis of his songs to get a message across to his many fans. Media Club chats to the rapper. From rapper to Idols producer, ProVerb’s career has been varied and vast. (Image: Supplied) • Swan Lake: the South African adaptation • Hashim Amla: a life in cricket • Prince Harry’s royal tour of South Africa and Lesotho • Rural Southern African doctors go the extra mile• Suzelle’s DIY takes South Africa by storm  Media Club South Africa reporterProVerb has been in the music business for more than a decade. Best known as a rapper, he has also done time as a presenter on Idols. His music and lyrics are influenced by the black consciousness philosophies of South African activist Steve Biko and American leader Martin Luther King Jnr.Considered by many to be one of the luminaries of South African hip-hop, he is a reference for those who look to the music as a means of keeping themselves informed and of sharing their ideals. He speaks about how black consciousness – both the Black Consciousness Movement started by Biko in the 1970s and the philosophy with roots across the black diaspora – has shaped him as a man and influenced his music.Media Club South Africa: What is your definition of black consciousness?ProVerb: Being aware of who we are from an identity point of view, in terms of ideology and our roots. Also what our aspirations are not only as individuals but as a community. Black consciousness as a mindset structured by knowledge of self and forward-thinking.MCSA: Is black consciousness relevant today?PV: Black consciousness is more relevant today than ever before purely based on the direct link between the ideology and our identity. Modern black South Africans have grown conscious of their roots and further embrace the reality and beauty in being black.MCSA: Judging by your hit I Have a Dream, it is clear that the Black Consciousness Movement has a direct influence on your content. How accurate is this observation?PV: The forefront of the Black Consciousness Movement is composed of aspiration, confidence and forward-thinking. This is clearly evident in my song I Have a Dream that I not only titled after Martin Luther King Jnr’s speech, but continued to glorify it by quoting it in the chorus. The subject matter in the song further validates my interpretation of the movement through lyrical content where I intertwined the ideology with rap music, successfully capturing the essence.MCSA: In I Have a Dream you are fixated on the ideals of King. Which other pro-black activists have made this sort of impression on you?PV: Martin Luther King Jnr made a tremendous impression on me and so did the likes of Steve Biko, Che Guevara, Oliver Tambo and Tata Nelson Mandela. The common thread that links these great leaders is that they fought for the benefit of the greater rather than their own. In essence I draw inspiration from their selflessness.MCSA: Is there a link between your recent hit Writers Club and Biko’s words in his compilation, I Write What I Like?PV: Steve Biko coined the line first but he gave birth to a new concept using the line, thus illustrating my in-depth understanding and awareness of the roots of the movement as a whole.MCSA: In your opinion, why is it necessary to use hip-hop as an avenue to explore and promote black consciousness? And has hip-hop successfully interpreted the essence of black consciousness?PV: Hip-hop is a powerful tool and medium to communicate to peers, youth and any like-minded, forward-thinker. Hip-hop has, in fact, successfully interpreted the essence of black consciousness.MCSA: What can we expect from you in relation to black consciousness in the near future?PV: One of the cornerstones of the Black Consciousness Movement is forward-thinking, identity and aspirations. As long as I am consistently moving forward and growing as an artist and as a man who not only understands but also embraces my roots, I will always be about black consciousness.last_img read more

10 months agoNnamdi Ofoborh pens new terms with Bournemouth

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Nnamdi Ofoborh pens new terms with Bournemouthby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveNnamdi Ofoborh has signed new terms with Bournemouth.The 19-year-old penned a deal which will keep him at Vitality Stadium until at least 2021.Nigeria U20 international Ofoborh trained with the first-team over the past year and captained the under-21s side this season.”We really like Nnamdi,” said Howe. “He has such a great outlook on life. He is a hard worker and always has a smile on his face.”He stays behind and is probably one of the last players off the training pitch every day. He has a chance to make a good career for himself.”He is still very young but he has been around the first-team players for a long time now.”As long as he can stay close to them, keep learning and be competitive in training, his career is only going to go upwards.” last_img read more

20 days agoTottenham boss Pochettino: I won’t run away like a kid

first_imgTottenham boss Pochettino: I won’t run away like a kidby Paul Vegas20 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveTottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino says he won’t walk out on the club.Poch is under fire after Tuesday’s 7-2 thrashing at home to Bayern Munich.But he claims when he told his players to “man- up” afterwards he was referring to himself.He said: “I am responsible for the situation of the team. I cannot escape or run away like a kid.“You need to behave like a man, face the problems and stick to your ideas. Be the leader the team need.”Poch added: “This is a moment to stay all together.“I accept the opinions when you don’t win. In the end, all that happened is that we lost a game.” TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Photo: WVU Great Tavon Austin Posted A Selfie While Having The School’s Logo Tattooed On His Chest

first_imgGeneric photo of footballs in an end zone.(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)Tavon Austin was one of the most exciting players in college football during his time at West Virginia, and now he’s ready to rep his alma mater forever. Austin posted a selfie while getting the West Virginia logo tattooed on his chest to Instagram. That is some serious dedication.Austin’s former WVU teammate Bruce Irvin is also a fan of the Rams receiver’s new ink.I see u ! RT @CHIEF_24_: First @BIrvin_WVU11 and now @Tayaustin01 so awesome to see these athletes show #WVU love— Bruce Irvin (@BIrvin_WVU11) February 18, 2015 It would be hard for Austin to become even more popular with Mountaineer fans, but he may have pulled it off.last_img read more

Reddit’s ‘Most Popular College Football Team In Every State’ Is Rather Inaccurate

first_imgA map of the most popular teams on Reddit.reddit most popular football teamThe folks over at Reddit often put together some pretty cool maps that show college football fandom across the country. But the latest graphic will leave you scratching your head just a bit.The below photo shows the most popular college football team that plays in each state. The problem? Anyone could vote – not just people who live in that state.As a result, we have UAB beating out both Alabama and Auburn as the most popular team in the state of Alabama. And Georgia Tech beating out Georgia in Georgia. Check it out: We’re not sure what we learned here – but we’re ready for college football season nonetheless.last_img read more

Children are going to die Manitoba Child Advocate calls for change

first_imgBrittany HobsonAPTN National NewsA new report released Tuesday outlines the life and tragic death of Tina Fontaine, and subsequently the many systems that failed the young First Nations girl.The Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth released her 115-page report, “A Place Where it Feels Like Home: The Story of Tina Fontaine,” during a special ceremony in the teen’s home community of Sagkeeng First Nation, located 120 km north of Winnipeg.Daphne Penrose, the province’s children’s advocate, said the report focuses on Fontaine but could represent many of the children her office deals with.“Not enough has changed since Tina died in 2014…this report mirrors the story of many, many other kids,” she said.On Aug. 17, 2014, Fontaine’s 72-pound body, wrapped in a duvet and weighted down with rocks, was pulled from Winnipeg’s Red River. This came days after she was reported missing.Fontaine, who grew up in Sagkeeng, was in the city to spend time with her birth mother when she became a victim of exploitation.“People come to understand the indicators of exploitation,” said Penrose. “When on the streets, nothing comes free.”Penrose made five recommendations in her report, including the need for better access to mental health and addiction services and a new protocol to address missing youth and sexually exploited youth.Fontaine was in the care of child and family services (CFS) at the time of her death.During her murder trial the jury heard CFS consistently didn’t know where she was, or if she was in danger.In February 2018, the jury found Raymond Cormier not-guilty in Fontaine’s death.In the 10 months prior to the teen’s death, seven missing persons’ reports were filed with police, including one the day after she was last seen.This is too common for kids in care, Penrose explained.“We need to be able to pull that apart and understand when a child is missing with risk those kids need responses…so that work can be prioritized and joint child welfare and police systems can work together to find kids and bring them back to safety,” she said.Lack of services was also a major theme throughout the report.Fontaine began to struggle with mental health issues and self-harm after the death of her father, Eugene, in 2011.The report said support from victim services was not offered, nor was any counselling.She was being raised in what was, by all accounts, a loving home by her great-aunt Thelma Favel.When Favel reached out to CFS for help addressing Fontaine’s behaviour she was referred to several different agencies.It was a common theme throughout Fontaine’s life.The teen never received any counseling and eventually became an exploited runaway bounced through the system.Penrose urged the government to take immediate action.“What’s at stake is the lives of children,” said Penrose. “Children are going to die if we don’t make changes.”Sagkeeng Chief Derrick Henderson was on hand for the release and called the report a start.“Do what you have to do. Protect those children,” he said. “Jurisdiction should have no issue. It shouldn’t be provincial, federal. We’re talking about kids here.”“If we can get to that where the communities are being listened to, I’m sure the numbers would go down.”Fontaine’s death was a catalyst for change.It renewed calls for a national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, saw the re-emergence of the Bear Clan Patrol and saw the formation of Drag the Red, a Winnipeg group who patrols the Red River in the summer.Penrose applauded these grassroots organizations and called for the rest of Canada ensure the protection of youth in care.“It is not this report that changes it…we all have a responsibility,” she said.The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) released a statement calling for an independent inquiry into Fontaine’s death.“The recommendations, and the public tracking and monitoring of the compliance of them by the MACY, are a start to finally deal with the death of Tina Fontaine,” AMC acting Grand Chief Betsy Kennedy wrote.“However, it does not respond to all the questions and concerns. Manitoba not only must have the political will to only implement these recommendations, but also implement what Manitoba First Nations have identified in ‘Families First’, as well as fully respond to the report of the National Inquiry into MMIWG.”Favel, Fontaine’s great-aunt and primary caregiver, did not attend Tuesday’s event. The family has asked for privacy during this time.On Monday Favel told APTN News by phone that she wants Tina to rest now and hopes the release of this report will help with [email protected]@bhobbs22last_img read more

Netflix has launched a TV series and film streamin

first_imgNetflix has launched a TV series and film streaming service in the UK, its first roll out outside the Americas. Netflix will cost UK customers £5.99 (€7.25) a month and rival streaming service Lovefilm immediately responded with an introductory £4.99 (€6) a month streaming deal, heralding the prospect of a price war between the two.
Netflix’s UK content partners for the service include Hollywood studios Disney, Fox, Paramount and Sony. It has also struck TV and movie deals with NBC Universal, CBS and MTV as well as domestic UK players All3Media and ITV.Netflix offers delivery and streaming services in the US, but its UK and Ireland service will be streaming only. It is offering a free one-month trial and touting the fact there are no contracts, unlike with UK pay TV providers, and that the service can be cancelled with ‘three clicks’. Content can be streamed through connected devices including TVs, games consoles, tablets and smartphones.Reed Hastings, co-founder and chief executive officer of Netflix said: “Now you can enjoy as many great films and TV programmes as you want, when you want, where you want, for one low monthly price with no contracts or commitments.”The company has about 21.5 million customers in the US, but not broken out subscriber targets for the UK and Ireland service. However, on the day of the Netflix UK launch, Amazon-owned Lovefilm took the opportunity to announce that  it had reached the two million subscriber mark after a record fourth quarter in 2011.last_img read more